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BTS reaction to u grabbing them when u get scared

Lmao i just noticed i put ‘u’ instead of “you” in the title, does that bother anyone? I’ll fix it if so.

Idk. I’m tired asf and i actually can’t remember if i came up with this bc of the thunder or saw it somewhere at some point so if i saw it creds to u thinker of the idea. (Btw the gifs aren’t their reactions. Just cute gifs of them)


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-I feel like Hobi would giggle for a bit and wrap his arms around you because he loves cuddles and hugs (especially from you)
-Then he would probably see what made you scared and get scared himself
-He would make a little squeak noise and pull you closer
-probably hide his face in the crook of your neck
-all in all you being scared leads to him being scared


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-Yoongi would probably just give you this unamused look
-Then sneakily slip his arm around your waist and turn his head away
-But he’d keep sneaking looks at you out of the corner of his eyes
-He would pull you into his side with that one arm and just hold you there
-But for the sake of swag he would hold in his smile until you looked away
-Or closed your eyes
-Or hid your face
-Just any way you wouldn’t be able to see his smile because he’s too swag


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-I feel like Namjoon would just shrug like “alright” and kiss your forehead
-Whatever scared you wouldn’t bother him like at all 
-Neither would you cuddling him
-He’d just pull you into his lap and sit there with his arms around your waist and his lips against your forehead until whatever it was went away
-He literally would just sit there with his lips on your forehead 
-The epitome of adorable and chill all at once


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-Kookie loves it
-He LIVES for when you koala on him
-He is the maknae so it’s nice for him to feel like the bigger, stronger man for awhile
-He’d just grab your waist and tug you into his lap
-One arm would go around your waist and the other around your back
-He’d plant a very quick kiss on top of your head and then just sit there and smirk
-Later he’d be a little shit about it 

Poor jagi got scared of a little ____. You’re alright now, aren’t you? Or should i hold you again?”


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-Lets be honest, Tae would just see it as an opportunity to cuddle
-He would be in awe of how adorable u look all curled up against him
-He would be the koala honestly
-He’d wrap his arms and legs around your body and lay you both down on the couch
-He would hold you to his chest and grin
-The two of you would probably fall asleep like that
-You wouldn’t even need a blanket bc he was basically covering you
-Then you’d wake up to see his smiling face and just be happy


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-Jimin being Jimin (Otherwise known as the big bad ball of fluff and tongue flashes) would probably giggle
-He’d cross his legs and pull you into his lap where u could curl up in a ball
-Depending on how bad u got scared he may or may not kiss your forehead
-If u were a little scared he would
-If you were a lot scared he’d probably just kiss you
-Like full on makeout session bc how could you not with that beauty
-The movie would be forgotten
-Whether that be because you took it further or because you cuddled until you fell asleep would depend on both of your moods


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-Precious angel
-He’d stare at you thinking like ‘Why is my jagi so cute’
-Then he’d hug you and smile and that’d pretty much be it
-You’d just sit there together and hold hands but you’d sit way closer to him the rest of the time
-He’d probably feel bolder thanks to your fear and pull yous legs across his lap
-For the sake of closeness
-And just because he’d do anything to keep you from being afraid

Note: Okay so some of their personalities are hard for me to master in general but different ones have different things. In the thing i’ve been working on for the past few days (will be posted soon, it’s how they react to you being sad but it keeps deleting all of my progress for Jimin so i’m just like y’know what i’m taking a quick break lmao) it was Taehyung but now it’s Jin and who knows who i’ll have trouble with next lol. Message or ask me how you think he’d react! I’d love to know! Love to all

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your retelling of angelos was amazing, do you have any fic recs

thanks bee! 🐝 i’m glad you liked it

i might have a few recs up my sleeve :-) these are gonna be all of my favs. maybe take a look at my AO3 (even though i’m trash and have SO MANY WIPS whoops), if any of y'all show love for a work on there i might be inclined to actually work on it

since you didn’t state any theme/preferences this list is gonna be all over the place so hold onto ya socks:

Evolve by All_I_Need (5k) - MY HEART HURTS! s4 fix it, sherlock basically somewhat confesses that he WANTS to confess, and tells john to let him know when he’s ready. that’s like one of my favorite tropes that is so underused, where one of the MC is open about their feelings and giving the other time. and this one was super in-character and i felt the eventual confession in my stomach, nowamean? like it’s so easy to imagine it playing out like this. short and perfect. there’s a shorter unofficial part 2 from sherlock’s POV.

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of (series) by 1electricpirate (38k) - canon compliant potter!lock. you heard me. this isn’t teen!lock or anything (i’m not a big fan of teen!lock), so no hogwarts, but it implies that john was at hogwarts right before harry potter and everything that happened. it’s BEAUTIFUL! it has an amazing variation on TRF, one that you really need to see for yourself. i have a magical realism fic i’ve been working on and this fic is the best motivation on how i’m going to write it. handles magic in such a believable way. you don’t need to be a big HP fan to enjoy this (i’m not a huge fan myself). it’s a great little set of fics!!

A Study in Winning by Jupiter_Ash (106k) - a classic. i’m a hoe for super AUs, the ones that literally have nothing to do with canon. this is one of them. the famous tennis AU where sherlock and john meet in wimbledon. in fact, i’m due a reread. the story really draws you in as much as the romance, so much so that you can imagine this being a movie. super awesome (and hot), and you get super sucked into cheering on for the characters while you read. it is AWESOME!

Residuum by AuthorGod (7k) - after S2, an alternate reunion scene. short and sweet. a bit of angst, but john is just so happy that sherlock’s back and sherlock isn’t cocky, they just missed each other so much and it feels very organic. mary’s not in the picture either, so it all works the way it’s supposed to!

State of Flux by Atiki (25k) - were you wondering where our john watson went? i found him in here! post s3, and plays with a wonderful trope where they are in each others space and intimate BEFORE the first kiss. john moves back in after mary and alladat, and pining. sherlock is a virgin and pretty overwhelmed about sex, but they get there eventually. these idiots are so in love with each other it makes me physically ill. LMAO all honesty, though, our john has returned from war and i forgot how much i missed him during the s4 mumbo jumbo. this is a beautiful, nicely-sized read.

A Fold in the Universe by darkest_bird (153k) - okay so. this is A Lot. let the record show that i intensely dislike A/B/O fics bc they weird me out. but um. this was SO GOOD! basically in one universe, alpha!sherlock and omega!john are bonded, and in another our normal john and sherlock are regular flatmates. and then the johns accidentally switch places due to a warp in parallel time and space. this has sci-fi elements (FAV) and is overall so funny, meaningful, and just entertaining to read. it’s a big un but i mean, if you also don’t like A/B/O dynamics you might be pleasantly surprised. i absolutely loved this.

The Thin Line by Odamaki (11k) - FUCK LMAO AO3 TOLD ME I’VE READ THIS 10 TIMES. oh god it’s so great. picture this: our boys hiding in a wardrobe during a case, john gets a boner, and awkwardness ensues. oh god it has THE funniest scene i’ve read in a fic: they hop out of the wardrobe and sherlock is like “do you need a…” and john is like “YES” and sherlock fuckign gropes him and john is like “JESUS CHRIST I MEANT A MINUTE NOT A HAND”. do yourselves a favor and READ THIS! hot and hilarious my lordt.

I Want to Hear You Say It by LolipopCop (8k) - after TLD (and especially after That Morgue Scene), we were all pretty pissed at john. since i’m an angst queen for both of our boys, this fic was great! instead of “i don’t want to die”, culverton makes sherlock say “i love john”. john hears the recording. crying and confessions ensue. happy ending, and my heart broke and rebuilt itself while i read this!

(Never) Turn Your Back to the Sea by DiscordantWords (40k) - oh my GOD. saved the best for last. i just read this and it has now undeniably become my favorite EVER fanfiction (i don’t say that lightly). it’s post S4, parent!lock, beautiful, and in-character to such a degree that i’m still about 1895% sure that one of the creators wrote it. it doesn’t take into account any theories, meaning it takes S4 at face value, but fuck. it handles eurus so well and actually ADDS things that i’m going to have issues with mentally separating from canon because it fits so well. just. i can’t say anything more about it. the best thing i’ve ever read.

i hope this helped you out!! majority of these i’ve read more than once, and honestly about to read again. i’ve read so many more awesome fics, these are just the ones that’ve made an impression.

happy reading! 😘

boyfriend6: sungjin

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a/n: this initially seems like my meanest post but listen….. i do 100 bullet points for every post so don’t expect one aspect to be focused. not edited, so i apologize if there’s typos and stuff!! {warning: contains a little bit of smut}


  • honestly, like really honestly, i think sungjin would make the best husband out of all the boys!! truly the best life partner!!!
  • if you want someone who doesn’t sweat the small things, someone who will do their best to stay strong + someone who is humble while also being driven, dedicated and honest!!! he’s your guy!!!!!
  • if you want someone who you’re going to get married to and stay married to, like it doesn’t phase me that he will always want to work on it
  • but….. if you want to go, honestly he would have the cleaniest break ups bc he doesn’t want to hold either if you back if your lives no longer agree
  • would be the best dad as well!! a man who can teach tradition but is flexible to change to suit the times!!!!! and also the most sincere dork who really does have a gentle voice and heart of gold!!!
  • plus if we’re real here, sungjin is also the most charming out of the five. it may not seem like it but if you watch their radio interviews, he’s really natural and knows how to be sociable (that’s why he’s the leader!!)
  • he’s definitely an old soul that carries perspective but the way he dances lets you know that his heart will always be timelessly youthful tbh
  • and with all that being said!!!!
  • this busan man would be the most lousy boyfriend ever LOL ok he’s #5 in the boyfriend ranking and i’m not even gonna apologize
  • but before you drag me, sungjin is very good long term and again, he would make the most stable life partner. the problem is that unless you’re as secure and can handle criticism well, you’re going to be fighting with a damn wall ok!!! he’s just a no bullshit type of person……… and i’m not sure if that works for dating when you’re supposed to be bullshitting a bit LOL

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Who do you think tops? Kai or Kyungsoo?

well, anon, i think it’s kai, bc im forever #teambottomsoo

and let me explain why

look at that majestic butt sway

i wonder what jongin would do if it was him who stood behind soo

just look at it, his butt looks so plump 

is it bad that i want to slap that butt?

and also we have seen how jongin eyeing that butt, btw ^this is the view that jongin enjoys

i wonder what he was thinking when he saw ksoo’s butt, why he giggled like that?

this too, near the end of the gif his body already turn to the left but his eyes still fixed on soo’s butt (he bit his lower lip when he looked at soo)

jongin was being very subtle here 

shake that booty

jongin plz (and for those who say “omg kai-oppa didnt stare at d.o-oppa, he looked at the floor!”, then why the fuck did he look away when ksoo got up?)

i heard that when we hug our friends (friend in the meaning of platonic friend, not we-are-friends-but-i-have-feeling-for-you friend), we tend to keep our crotch/genital area away from touching our friends’ body (whether the hug is back hug or front hug or side hug), jongin could just lean his upper body and create a little gap between soo’s butt and his crotch so they wouldnt touch, but he didnt, and pressed his crotch to soo’s butt instead,

idk what happened here, i guess this is just another pict that means nothing since camera angle and timing do powerful magic to our shippers’ eyes

tapping the butt

his crotch touched soo’s side

very subtle there

kaisoo innocent hug? aww so cute


lets see it from another angle

another reason why i think jongin tops is bc of his powerful hips trust movement

damn that hips movement imagine him grinding on soo with that move 

also i think soo likes it when jongin does the hip thrust 

look at how soo got so happy…

…when jongin did this

soo didnt fix his eyes on jongin’s butt, instead he focused on the whole movement (body wave)

near the end of the gif, when jongin turns around, soo’s eyes/gaze went down, did he look at jongin’s crotch? giggity 

there is this gif set when kaisoo doing hipsthrust when they were facing and eyefucking each other, sadly i cant find the gif in my stash folder but i bet y’all have seen it

another reason why i am in #teambottomsoo bc the way they latch on each other is different, this is prob just me being very biased about ‘who tops and bottoms’ ordeal, 

but i notice when soo latch on jongin, he clings on him, like um how do i explain this? umm, like he treats jongin as his fav big teddy bear (personally, whenever i see him does this [latch on jongin], he gave me clingy and needy koala impression)

they backhugged each other on those picts, but each pict gives me different impression, 

left pict = jongin had his right arm circling soo’s body (waist) - idk i interpret this as protecting back hug? like ‘this guy is mine’? idk how to explain it

right pict = soo rested his head on jongin’s shoulder, basically he leaned his body on jongin, his arms didnt hug jongin tightly (like jongin did in the first pict), i interpret this as seeking comfort back hug? like a lazy back hug, “let me lean on u babe~” idk how to explain it  (idk maybe im overhinking shit as always im deluded so i have the right to do so hah)

do u get what am i saying, man i need an expert here

while [imo] when jongin does this (latch on soo), he has this protective/territorial aura. he likes to drape his entire arm on soo and he also has manhandled soo a lot

omg i just notice ksoo held jongin’s hand 

sure he didnt hug/touch soo here, but he managed to separate yeol from soo with his shoulder

he didnt even do the thumb up pose, whats the point of showing off his hand on soo’s shoulder? they were taking picture, ppl will see it, it wouldl be uploaded/seen by lots of ppl, there were also fancams, imo he did this on purpose

manhandling bae

the point is i sense a lot of dominance from jongin in their relationship, not to mention he is the vigorous one in this ship, and he has this protectiveness instinct towards soo? like that BR event where ksoo fell and jongin ran to make sure soo was okay. also he seems to pamper/adore soo a lot (giving soo chen’s straw [chen didnt want to give it to soo, jongin took it from chen and gave it to soo], he has called soo cute few times, praising soo, when soo does something he has this loving stare [he often smiles when he stares at soo], like “awww”-ing, etc) 

there is a high chance that they switch, bc according to my gay friend, there are more “switchers” in the world (he used the term: ‘vers’ - which is derived from 'reverse’ - to call gay males who take turn) than those who do “only topping” or “only bottoming”

also, for me ksoo seems to be the type to enjoy bottoming, i think he wouldnt want to waste jongin’s hip thrust skill and i think he likes to be manhandled by jongin, beside jongin is one of the main dancers in the group, and i think he wouldnt want to hurt jongin’s bottom (he loves his jonginnie, mmkay?)

and um, my view of ksoo is that.. um, he is kinky and he seems braver to do this. lol it’s just that he seems to be quiet and dont talk a lot; and lots of ppl have said, “its always the quiet ones”

plus there is nothing manlier than taking a dick up in your ass (it takes some balls to do that, again no pun intended), i applaud for those who do the bottoming for their partners /claps/

anyway, i didnt intend to answer this with another super damn long bullshit essay. and sorry for this long post eh not really and sorry to the anon who had asked this for i have neglected your ask, please dont blame me, blame my assignments instead 


btw tbh im glad there are lots of ppl who think kaisoo aren’t legit…less attention is better, they seem to be very private individuals, low-key is a must,

i see some ppl are angry on kaisoo tag, please dont feed those haters, just ignore them and be happy inside our delulu bubble, so what if people call us crazy trash? we’re happy this way and its not like those haters who have called us crazy know us irl anyway… it’s internet after all, haters are bound to exist. 

BONUS (why? bc i can): 

totatlly not staring while biting his lip


totally not asking for a kiss from jongin (look at him puckering his lips while he pointed at them and he glanced at jongin)

pointed his lips while puckering them, then sucking them in

still nibbling his own lips 

nibble nibble (did jongin see this shit? did he see how thirsty his bae was?)

totally not looking at each other lips (praise the caption)

the way jongin came to him like he wanted to kiss soo instead of whispering

i see soo’s nose tip touched jongin, that waving hand cant cockblock me from seeing them ha

an anon told me that jongin’s hair got pulled by soo’s lips (his hair stuck on soo’s lips cuz soo’s whispering method) and jongin leaned when soo did this

another version


this is just a very casual thing to do between platonic friends

look at jongin pushed away soo’s hand from his [soo’s] knees, then jongin changed his stance (like he was ready to trap soo’s body with his legs), (un)fortunately yeol stopped them to go further (SUCH A COCKBLOCKER WHYYYYYYY GO HAVE FUN WITH BAEK U DORK DONT COCKBLOCK THEM)

maintaining eye contact

the caption says it all

why his hand on soo’s back tho? here seemed to enjoy soo’s singing and dancing


i hope u understand why i put the bonus gifs in that particular order  ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

i love this^ gif btw (the others backed away and jongin gave soo his butt) idk why this gif always makes me giggle

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(going on anon bc I don't wanna reblog) is it possible to have a fic where leafy is sick and you come over and take care of him and just fluff please?

V old request and I am sorry for just now getting to it haha. This one was requested earlier this week so I was reminded I needed to do it lol. Let me know what you guys think of it ^-^ I am going to try to post a couple this morning. I have an interview this afternoon, so I will see how many I can fit in. 

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Sick

You and Calvin had recently been hanging out quite frequently. The two of you had become fairly close friends but you didn’t know if he was looking to be more or just wanted to stay as friends. Hanging out at your house, you get a text from his current roommate. “Hey, Y/N, can you come over and take care of Calvin? Your boyfriend is sick and won’t shut up about you.” Laughing to yourself, you text back, “We aren’t dating lol but yeah I guess I can swing by.” Receiving a reply of “THANK GOD,” you quickly grab your keys and head over to his house, only stopping at a store to pick up some medicine and food just in case. 

Upon arriving and knocking on the door, his roommate quickly answers the door with a relieved face and greets you, “It’s about time, I can’t stay here any longer. Have fun!” And then decides to leave the two of you in the dust. ‘Can’t stay here any longer?’ you ask yourself. You set your stuff down in the kitchen and head to Calvin’s room. 

Carefully and quietly knocking on the door before entering you say, “Calvin? Your roommate asked me to come over. He said you were sick or something?” 

All you hear in response is a groan and him saying, “You can come in.” Walking in, you laugh at the state he is in. His hair is all over the place and he is wrapped in about six different blankets. Not to mention, there is a large amount of tissues that are strewn about the room. His nose has a red tint and he is letting in small sniffles. Annoyed with your laughing at his misery, he says in a nasal voice and with a pout featured on his face, “It’s not funny, Y/N! I’m really sick.” 

“I can see that. It’s pretty evident from your burrito wrap job and rudolph the red nose reindeer cosplay; or maybe it was the funeral tissues that gave you away” you say in a teasing manner. He groans in response, childishly pulling up one of the blankets to cover his face. “Can you please just help me? My roommate was no help.” Reaching your hand over and placing the backside over his forehead, you are surprised at how high his temperature actually is. “So, you really should take a shower, you’re really hot.” Calvin looks up at you smirking and says, “If you really thought I was attractive why didn’t you just say something?” Letting out a short laugh, clearly surprised by his comment, you shove his shoulder a little bit and say, “I meant your temperature is a little high. You should take a shower to cool yourself off a little.” “Care to join me?” He is quick to reply. “You turn into quite the flirt when you’re sick, huh? I’m going to have to decline. Have you eaten anything yet?” You are surprised at how suggestive he is being with you. Sure, Clavin will make slick comments but they never seemed like legitimate requests until now. 

He slowly removes himself from all the covers and walks over to the bathroom as you are walking towards the door. “Is it bad to say, ‘no?’” He turns and asks you. You sigh to yourself, “Your roommate couldn’t have made you any food?” “Oh no, he did, I just refused to eat it,” Calvin says. “Calvin! How do you expect to get better?” You storm off, leaving the room and complaining under your breath about how he doesn’t properly take care of himself. He chuckles at your antics and heads into the shower. 

About twenty minutes later, he emerges into the kitchen and sees you are sitting at the counter reading something on your phone, these fan fictions. Quietly, he strolls behind you and wraps his arms around your shoulders and places his head on top of yours, “Whatcha reading?” Completely ignoring his question, you say, “Cal, you’re sick. If you so much as get me sick as well, we are going to have some issues.” He chuckles and removes himself from you. He walks over to the stove where you have fixed a healthy breakfast; including: a fruit salad, some eggs, toast, and a couple other items. It is the evening by now, but you figured a small breakfast would be better for a stomach that hasn’t had anything yet. Looking over the food, he groans and says, “Do I really need to have this?” You look up at his from your phone and say, “If you want to get better, I suggest you do– especially the fruit.” He groans once again at your last comment, then looks up at you and asks, “can I just have you instead?” You let out a quiet laugh in response to his question, ‘where is he getting all these remarks from’ you ask yourself. “No, please at least eat something.” Giving a small whine, he finally agrees and picks out a minimal amount of each thing. You hand him a couple of cold tabs and after arguing with him for about 5 minutes about them, he takes them on the condition that you stay until his roommate got back. 

About ten minutes into talking with him while sitting in the kitchen, he starts to let out a few yawns and you suggest that you guys move to his room in case he falls asleep. Getting into his bed, he looks and sees that you have pulled over his chair and are sitting in it. He looks a little confused and asks, “you’re not going to get in the bed with me?” You simply chuckle and say, “I may have changed the sheets while you were in the shower, but I’m not going to get that close to someone as sick as you. Being in this chair is fine.” “C’mon, pleeeaaaaase” He asks you in a childish manner as he is pulling the covers up. Laughing at his present state, you simply move the chair next to the bed and explain that this was the closest you were getting. You two were talking for about another five minutes, you could tell Calvin was on the verge of falling asleep, finally. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little tired. 

Just as you were sure Calvin was getting ready to sleep, you both hear the door open and close, signaling his roommate was back. You slowly get up to leave, looking at the door, but are stopped by a hand weakly grasping onto your wrist. Looking back you see Calvin looking up at you with pleading eyes. He says, “Please, just stay? It’s late now and you’re tired, I don’t want you driving back like that. Plus, I sleep better when you’re here. At least take a nap with me or something and then drive home? Just don’t leave just yet.” He has a bit of a reddened face and your face heats up a little bit to match his. Looking back at the door to avoid him seeing how flustered you are, you say, “I guess I can stay for a little while longer. But only until you fall asleep and then I’m leaving.” He smiles slightly and removes his hand from your wrist, but instead intertwines his fingers with yours. He replies saying, “Okay, I can deal with that.” 

After about 15 minutes, Calvin’s breathing slows down a bit and you are pretty confident he is asleep. When he first closed his eyes, you placed your head over your other, unlinked, arm and started to doze off on his bed. Just as you fall asleep, you try to justify to yourself that you will take a quick nap and then drive home. 

Fluttering his eyes open, Calvin notices you have fallen asleep in the chair, leaning onto his bed. Removing his hand from yours, he carefully pulls you into the bed with him. Wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling into you, he takes in how warm you are. His chills were no match for how warm he felt around you. Letting out a faint, “I think I’m in love with you,” he falls asleep knowing he will probably get a lecture about getting sick the following day from you. Not that he cared, he knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for very long. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and have a great day today :D I will maybe get to posting another one this morning, idk. 

100 Notes and I’ll cure your sickness  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)