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Bakugou’s internship with Best Jeanist; manga vs anime

It’s been a week since the beginning of Bakugou’s intership with Best Jeanist has been aired now, and I took my time to do a short analysis on their first meeting because the anime staff did change the scene and it kinda bugged me since. I’m being really picky here so it’s alright if you didn’t think anything about this scene and don’t agree with me, feel free to ignore everything I’m about to say. I’m not writing that in any attempt to defuse Bakugou’s responsibilites and the issues he still needs to address; I already wrote about that on multiple post such as this one.

In the manga, Bakugou is clearly shown being surprised the first time he and Best Jeanist talked. He didn’t expect Best Jeanist would have sent an invitation for him so he could ‘reform him’, and what I liked about this scene was that Bakugou was pretty cautious around Best Jeanist, and didn’t actually talk back to him. 

There’s one thing about Bakugou that’s interesting to notice; as aggressive as he can be, he respects pro-heroes and behaves correctly with them (unless they’re trying to enter his personal space like All Might did when he tried to comfort him). Here for example, at the beginning with Aizawa.

It’s a trait of him I appreciate and that helps understanding his character. He’s not only an arrogant kid who thinks nothing of others and is convinced they’re all trash no matter what they do. Bakugou admitted after their first exercise with All Might that Todoroki was strong, that Yaoyorozu’s analysis were on point, was wary of Uraraka during the sports festival, and later told Kirishima he was strong as well. Bakugou is knowledgeable and smart, he realizes others’ good and weak points and acknowledge they can be strong. He begins to act violently when he feels weak because of his inferiority complex, and it happens most of the time with Izuku, who was supposed to be the weakest- if he’s stronger than him, then what does that make him? Bakugou is strong, but because of his complexes and anxiety, misreads reality and accumulates strong negative emotions that make him flares up. During his internship, he didn’t felt that way in front of Best Jeanist. Bakugou respects Best Jeanist and holds him in high regards, that’s why he went there. Best Jeanist assumed Bakugou went to his agency because he was popular but, Best Jeanist is popular because he’s strong, and Bakugou must know that. In the manga, Bakugou took the comment and didn’t say a thing in return. His stance shows he’s being careful, even though he’d probably want to say something back, and he’s being driven into a corner, as Best Jeanist exposes what he’d need to change about his attitude and he knows that he’s ultimately right. Though combing hair and changing clothes didn’t really do the thing after all, did it.

Now in the anime, something completely different was shown and I’m kinda disappointed with the way it was handled. Unlike the subtlety of the manga, in the anime Bakugou flares up and has an aggressive stance as he scoots closer, like he’s ready to fight Best Jeanist, which is on total contrast with how it was pictured in the manga. 

Bakugou appears irremediably violent and ferocious, just as Best Jeanist said, proving his point where it wasn’t the case in the manga where Bakugou behaved. Even though he was more on the defensive side in the manga, here Bakugou’s trying to be intimidating towards Best Jeanist, and as a result, Best Jeanist uses his powers on him to… Tie him up and restrain him, once more. 

There’s really less subtlety than in the manga where Best Jeanist didn’t use force against Bakugou and was trying to ‘reform him’ elegantly, according to his ideals. Best Jeanist is right when he tells Bakugou he needs to be careful of appearances, they are in a society were how you appear in mass media is crucial and can determine your fate (the system Stain militates again coincidentally), and more importantly he wanted Bakugou to be more careful with people. His intentions were correctly oriented, but his methods were already useless even in the manga, and became ultimately wrong in the anime where it was some kind of an uncomfortable struggle for authority. Best Jeanist is a cool and strong hero, I liked the tension that was in the manga, and I find damageable for both him and Bakugou how that interaction was changed in the anime.

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