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sm rant

lately there’s been a lot of posts about sm being careful about gay ships and how they kind of hiding it by breaking off news of one of the member being paired dating. well i have a theory and i want to rant about it a little bit.

i heard that jonghyun’s news of dating shin sekyung was in the midst of shinee’s booming years and when i came to shinee the ship that came to mind right away is jongkey. when this ship became so famous sm just kind of throw us the news of jonghyun dating and cut all our hopes that jonghyun is gay. and then they broke up with the excuse of ‘busy schedules’.

and then chanbaek came to the scene and i must say with no biased point of view, that chanbaek is one of the realest and most shipped otp i’ve known so far (and i’ve been into kpop since 2010) even much more than jongkey. when exo started booming, and chanbaek’s shippers were raising up, sm just when bam and we got baekyeon dating. tbh it was the toughest time because chanbaek was so real and i just couldn’t. but then they broke up after just a year with the same lame excuse of 'busy schedules’.

and then next is kaisoo and kryber. maybe kryber isn’t as well-known as the other ships i’ve mentioned, but kryber was a hit. like if you like fx you’ll love kryber. that’s kind of like a math formula that can’t be changed. last year there were a lot of kaisoo and kryber moments and most of them were offstage. it made a lot of shippers went crazy but sm just had to pair up another couple and we got kaistal.

but one thing that confused me is that all the dates that had been stated. jonghyun and shin sekyung were officially confirmed they were dating after a couple of weeks(i think but the pics weren’t released as soon as it was taken), baekyeon was 4 months after and a lot of theories said their 'date’ was a set-up and it was faked, and lastly kaistal was also late but i forgot how long.

but what REALLY confused me was what’s with all the dating scandal pics? a lot of celebrity couples confirmed their relationships just by saying it officially, and there were no obvious looking pics of their dating scandals. all baekyeon kaistal and jonghyun pics were so obviously taken and they were in public with no masks or whatever on. like if you don’t want to get caught why would you go on dates bare-faced and stuff, unless if the company was forcing them to do that. we never know. 😕


hello it’s me, the person with least aegyo i seriously cannot aegyo..(or should i say idk how to???) even my irl friends said they just don’t see me as the type of person to do any aegyo lol

i haven’t really been on here much coz i’m still on hiatus (but just 3 more weeks guys!!) and i was tagged by @jisoonyoung @seoftmin @jeonwoooo and @hanniesgf for selfie and selfie gifs, so i thought i should come up and do this, and to say hi! i’m combining again lol and rip the poorly made gifs coz i really don’t know how to make gifs and they aren’t even in sync *cries* ;u; and rip your eyes i’m sorry you have to look at my badly done cringing aegyo attempt

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hope you guys are all doing well and i miss everyone a lot!! plz wait for me and i’ll be back very soon :D