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finally taking care of the waifu *-*

The scars represent the love and importance they feel and represent each other, so neither of them wants to remove them with magic. This is so beautiful <333


Only when the gray spoke of asking Wendy to remove the scar from Juvia did I realize that maybe she removed the one from natsu. Thank you Hiro, my natsu baby’s face is cute again.

Chapter 406 Thoughts

It’s been a while since I did one of these eh? ^^

Ok, I’m going to talk about the fight between Mard, Natsu and the Twin dragons. First of all, I really think Mard is going to eventually regret putting E.N.D.’s book down. Second of all, it is nice and surprising that Natsu +Sting and Rogue aren’t even able to really touch Mard now that he’s supposedly gotten serious. It probably wont (and shouldn’t) last for long, since he does need to be defeated, but it would be kind of cool if Gray joined the fight at some point and gave them an advantage because of his demon slaying abilities.

Next was Lucy separating from her group (and her mini flashback to Aquarius :( ) as she meets up with the rest of the guild and Wendy. It was funny to see the Lamy fight still going on. ^^; There was really no surprise for me when Mavis showed up in the crystal as Makarov talked about Lumen Histoire, but it does make me interested to see how she got in that state, and especially considering FT Zero gets more interesting by the chapter IMO. I guess we’ll find out there. No wonder she’s still a 12 year old girl, though, even in death (if she really is even dead now).

This leads me to the panel of Levy, Gajeel and Juvia finally heading off with the blood so that Porlyusica can make an antidote. As pretty much everyone else already said, it made my heart so happy to see Gajeel carrying Juvia, as she again muttered Gray-sama, and he corrected her with his “it’s Gajeel-sama.” My BrOTP<3!  Seriously, I need more moments with these two interacting, because they are so adorably weird together.

Also, just an aside, it’s interesting to me that Juvia always ends up getting carried (whether she needs to be or not lol) by someone at some point during every arc (minus Phantom Lord) that she’s participated in.  

Wally carried Juvia in the TOH (and Milliana dragged poor Lucy lol):

Elfman carried her in the Fighting Festival arc after she sacrificed herself in order to not hurt Cana:

Gray carried her twice because she broke her own leg in order to save Gray’s life in the Tenroujima arc:

During the GMG arc Lyon carried her for reasons known only to himself lol!:

And now here, because she took out the Necromancer and got herself poisoned.

Juvia is too reckless. ^^;

Also, it looks like Juvia is INDEED poisoned still. Which is super confusing to me, because she seemed perfectly fine a few chapters ago, when she was commenting on the dragons. My guess is, that she’s accompanying Gajeel’s group because she can’t be left in harms way all vulnerable like that, but also because she’s likely going to get the antidote along with Laxus and his group, and return to fight. Or I’m hoping that’s the case, because I really think they will need Laxus and co. especially, and I can’t see Juvia sitting things out if everyone else is cured and returns to the fight, you know? The dragon slayers are all probably going to be called on again for one reason or another.

Also, on a Gruvia note, I like that Mashima essentially is continuing to remind us that the whole thing between Gray and Juvia is still in play, and needs to be resolved, which is why Juvia is still saying “Gray-sama.” It’s still on her mind, and will continue to be until she gets to properly speak to him, which looks like it wont be until the end of the arc at this point, because there’s just so much else going on. 

And speaking of Gray-sama, there he was in the very next panel finding something, which again, most everyone else has already guessed is probably Natsu’s scarf, since that thing has been missing for ages, and Gray’s reaction definitely seems to fit that being the item. If Natsu does turn out to be E.N.D. maybe the scarf works as some kind of magic seal, keeping him in check, and that’s why Igneel gave it to him. Not just to protect him, but others as well. Just a theory. 

Anyway, yeah, I wonder if/when the FACE drama will come into play again, and if it will be allowed to play out, or will Lumen Histoire or something else counter it almost immediately, which will be kind of anticlimactic, but also probably necessary, since how will they function without magic?