lol poor dog


there are two types of dogs

akingslayerx  asked:

"Is there a reason why you left poor Taco out in the cold?"

RIP TACO | @akingslayerx

       “It’s only rain, Jaime.” A pressed point to return the pressing look received as she moved to put a knee at the cushion of the couch just next to his thigh; settles weight there as she takes another short sip of wine and sets the glass upon the coffee table. “Unless you’ve forgotten he has a dog house.” Cersei never liked dogs, of any sort, the scar at her wrist was always a fine reminder of that. But Taco she tolerated because she loved his owner; “It’s not like he’s going to be out there all night.” She mused with the swing of her leg to straddle his thighs with movements to settle completely against him. If Cersei was honest she didn’t want to look up while in the heat of passion to see little black beady eyes staring at her; nope.
Not happening.

My cousin’s pitbulls had 8 beautiful pups yesterday! (sorry for my grandma talking on the phone in the background)

Bella, her small blue nose is the mother (no like, she’s so small. She must’ve been a runt or something. We waited so long for her to get big and it never happened haha)

And Rasta, a huge brindle American pit is the father. (Literally the most gentle dog I’ve ever met. He hides behind my cousin and I when he meets new people)


…. A bunch of Reigens! Click to enlarge.

I drew these to cheer me up. These are all my recent random thoughts (lol you can maybe see that I have been alone for two weeks). I wanted to give these thoughts to Reigen to add some hilarity to them. This was so amusing (and oddly therapeutic), this could be my new art project, haha! (I’M SORRY REIGEN!! Now you must suffer the self-consciousness awkwardness and sweating problems. Wait, I guess you already have that latter one)

(Reigen wears a skirt much better than I do tbh)