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1-8-17: Robin and precious son Morgan, with prompt from here

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Keith and Hunk in C1 (babe im sorry i just wanna see hunk in ur style really)

(Boo don’t even worry about it, I love my sunflower boy)

“Is that as far as you can reach?”

“H-Hey, don’t make fun of me!”

Asahina and Naegi’s friendship is so important so here’s Asahina training Naegi!! he wants to be stronk for Kirigiri!! But he can’t touch his toes and Asshina is laughing at him how rude this is self insert Naegi since i can reach about as far as he can loL

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Palette 13, pose 4A, Elricest? Love your works!

aww thank you! lol nose kiss pose for the noseless armor alphonse

Imagine that Person A is cooking in the kitchen. Person B walks in and sees A crying. They immediately rush over to comfort A and insist on doing anything to stop their tears, worried about what could’ve happened to cause this.

A points down to the onions they were chopping.

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another chat-fic I wrote talking to @smergrl3495!

Summary: Blackwatch-era McCree on accepting gifts from Gabe.

Well, that depends. Are we talking McCree who’s just out of Deadlock and still a little wild? Or McCree whose accepted gabe as a father figure and found his place in blackwatch? Both? Alright here we go.

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