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I can't believe I just found you >< Well, I do have requests!! SOME AU maybe? Himuro being this little yankee dude at high school (in the States) while Mukkun is the lazy but smarty one (who hides a totally pervy side) lol

Hi <3 It took too long but there it is 

P.S. Sorry @ maiubou-lover-atsushi  I’m not sure if i got your idea correctly =_= But i’m really glad you’ve found me and I’m tottally in love with AUs

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What do you think Bucky's first sexual experience post-CW was? How did it go? How long did it take to get him there? Who was it with? IM SO CURIOUS OF WHAT YOUR HC IS HERE BDJNDJDKSKSK


I’m putting them under a read more bc it’s a long-ish answer. Full of thoughts on Bucko jacking off, and LOTS of Buckynat (also Barbershop Quartet but mostly Buckynat lol)

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Morgana: Miss Anne, I never looked

Anne: it wasn’t that you didn’t look, it was you COULDN’T look because you transformed into the car


😂😂😂 One of the best #OhMyGhostess moments hands down #sorrynotsorry 😈 Stay tuned for the final episodes tonight and tomorrow! 🙌🙌 #kdrama #showerscene #funny #korean #drama #fun #lol #pervy #hot #love #haha #tooreal

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So i have combined thoughts. He walks in furious, and whips out his whip. Pedro's so pissed that he didnt even answer your question of whats wrong babe? He says just take off your underwear leave your skirt on. You do as told. Then he grabs your arm and pushes you into the table and you feel his jean covered hard on into your ass. Then grabs your arms behind you and bondages them with the whip. Smacks your butt then leans into your ear, have you been a bad girl? -pervy anon

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SO after serious stalking of your roman!percy tag i found a AMAZONG little one shot smut thingy w percy being handcuffed to the bed. is there a chance we'll see some bondage on the big long au?? lol i sound so pervy in this sorry about that i'm JUST WONDERINg

Oh, anon. You stalked the tag and somehow missed that the entirety of the roman!AU is like a 30K excuse just to write bondage? 



Natsume was corralled into being one of the folks to run the school event for the culture festival. Around this time, stuff started happening with youkai running around school, so he’s been acting upset and stressed out. His friends notice and ask him about it and he deflects like usual.

But they are SO CONCERNED they come over to his house, telling him that they’re worried he doesn’t actually want to do the store deal and reassuring him that he doesn’t have to do it and that if it’s not going to be fun for him they don’t want to force him into it. They know he has trouble expressing himself, they know he struggles socially, hides when things are bothering him and tries not to burden people, so they make extra sure to reassure him that they want him to be honest, that they want him to tell them when he’s struggling or doesn’t want to do something, and they are happy to accomodate him. They make sure to let him know they’re thinking of him and he doesn’t have to suffer alone.

And it is honestly so sweet. In most other anime, these two would just be forgettable and generic- they’re the show’s representation of the “normal friends”, the average teenage boy who isn’t the slighest bit involved in any of the supernatural drama. But in this anime, they constantly impress me and make an impact in how by being sweet and protective of Natsume and there for him they are. They both don’t fully understand him, but they do know he’s been through a lot and that he struggles a lot with things, so they do their best to help him and let him know it’s okay. And the show goes out of the way to show how these small gestures are monumentally important, how the most average of average people can make a huge impact just by being kind. It seems especially important that the show is demonstrates that teenage boys can be emotionally supportive and openly vulnerable with each other in ordinary circumstances and it is a good, wonderful thing to do that. 

Like, Nishimura (shorter kid with the bangs) is the closest thing the show has to the typical “lol immature pervy teen boy” character, yet he repeatedly shown to be really attentive, affectionate and emotionally open with his friends and encourages them to do the same. He’s “the crass,reckless one” yet he’s still really sensitive to his friends needs and doesn’t try to pull any macho bullshit- and his “perviness” is very low-key, he never harrasses girls or crosses a line, it’s really limited to him bringing up porn jokingly once in a while and being fake-jealous when his friends spend time with cute girls. He’s treated as a character with emotional depth of his own and somone who has an important part to play in Natsume’s life, rather than an old stale joke, and that says a lot about how this show respects its characters and avoids stereotypes and gross tropes. 

ANYWAY, basically Natsume is so moved by this he cries softly all night out of happiness and relief he’s truly found people who love him and who not only accept his weaknesses and struggles but want to share in them and help him and IT MAKES MY POOR HEART MELT.