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I can't believe I just found you >< Well, I do have requests!! SOME AU maybe? Himuro being this little yankee dude at high school (in the States) while Mukkun is the lazy but smarty one (who hides a totally pervy side) lol

Hi <3 It took too long but there it is 

P.S. Sorry @ maiubou-lover-atsushi  I’m not sure if i got your idea correctly =_= But i’m really glad you’ve found me and I’m tottally in love with AUs

Ryuji's sexual harassment

Ok I’ve seen many hate posts about Ryuji and in most of them the reasons, well lets just say I could see where they’re coming from

But recently I found more and more posts about Ryuji sexually harassing girls, hell even him abusing them! Well I guess i’m blind then, cause I’m before what seems to be final boss in a game and I never seen him being abusive and sexually harassing girls.

I will not write whole essay why is that wrong on so many levels and I’ve never said he was perfect. I just want to say, please read the freaking definitions before saying stuff like that. He is just pervy. Like really pervy but to be honest, he’s 16 yo. Most of kids are really perverted in this age and think about stuff like that. Srsly you could say Yosuke from previous game harassed girls more. I’m talking about this scene when he buys swimsuits for girls and beg them to put them on. Still it isn’t harassment but it’s closer then anything that Ryuji did in my opinion.(and my goal here isnt to hate on Yosuke. He’s one of my faves so yeah i’m just putting an example)

I guess most people take it from hawaii trip and also how game makes us believe he cares only about looks in women??? Just remember guys that being pervy doesn’t equall sexually harassing women. He’s just a kid that still learns about that stuff!

Oh and him being abusive? No. Just no. Once again google the definition of “abuse” plus his whole backstory with being abused??? Don’t change freaking victim to abuser! That’s just really not okay guys! He sometimes can act like a jerk too but he isn’t abusive! Hell I would say most of the team was more “abusive” to him then he was to others but that’s my opinion.

Please before you say things like that look up some things. By saying misguiding informations, you just sprade the hate and hate in fandom isn’t good. You don’t like this character? Cool keep it to yourself, block the tag or whatever and don’t try to make people angry or make them hate character too. Someone else likes this character? Let them enjoy it and post fanart fanfics or other things with out sending them hate ( i’m talking to you anon hate I’ve never answered cause it wasn’t just worth it) and that’s all.

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What do you think Bucky's first sexual experience post-CW was? How did it go? How long did it take to get him there? Who was it with? IM SO CURIOUS OF WHAT YOUR HC IS HERE BDJNDJDKSKSK


I’m putting them under a read more bc it’s a long-ish answer. Full of thoughts on Bucko jacking off, and LOTS of Buckynat (also Barbershop Quartet but mostly Buckynat lol)

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Morgana: Miss Anne, I never looked

Anne: it wasn’t that you didn’t look, it was you COULDN’T look because you transformed into the car


😂😂😂 One of the best #OhMyGhostess moments hands down #sorrynotsorry 😈 Stay tuned for the final episodes tonight and tomorrow! 🙌🙌 #kdrama #showerscene #funny #korean #drama #fun #lol #pervy #hot #love #haha #tooreal

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do you really think the bangtan baes are pervy?? *wiggles eyebrows*

this is namjoon literally saying on television that when he downloads porn on to the rap line comp, they all watch whatever he downloads 

hobi LEgit raps about vag in war of hormones 

they have a song named war of hormones

namjoon has maNY SONGS in which he talks about how pervy he is 

he’s acctually recced literotica oN problematic me

yoongi’s tongue will send u to hong kon


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Female s/o telling dirty jokes (face to face) to Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai, Tokiya, Masato, Natsuki, Satsuki with a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pervy face? LOL - I forgot to mention: Scenario please

Jokes are found here! I wasn’t sure what you meant by with a pervy face. I’m sorry.

Reiji and his girlfriend had been sitting on the couch telling each other bad jokes in an attempt to get the other to crack. Loser would have to wash the dishes. His jokes had all been pretty bad but they were clean. Her jokes on the other hand, were the complete opposite. Reiji nodded, “Alright, your turn.” She smiled, “Sex is like a misdemeanor, the more I miss, da meaner I get!” Reiji burst into a fit of laughter, not because it was funny but because it was somewhat true.

Sighing he listened to his girlfriend dish out some of the worst jokes he’d ever heard. She had been laughing uncontrollably but he hadn’t cracked a smile. She clapped her hands and gasped, “Oh, I’ve got one for you!” She rubbed her hands together and smiled, “What the difference between you and nail?”Ranmaru narrowed his eyes at her. “A nail gets hammered all the time but you don’t!” He walked away leaving her alone calling out, “Hey, come one! That was pretty funny!”

Ai had been reading a book and his lover had grown quite bored of sitting quietly. She decided to entertain herself by telling jokes. She poked Ai’s leg and said, “When I think of books, I want to touch my shelf.” He flipped the page, not looking up for a moment and said, “Well, you obviously don’t think of them often because the bookshelf was ridiculously dusty.”

She and Tokiya had been laying on the couch watching a movie. A very interesting scene had come up that reminded her of a joke. “Hey, Tokiya. What is the metric equivalent of 69?” she asked. He looked up the ceiling as he tried to think of an answer. She giggled, “One ate one.” He felt the couch for the remote to change the channel, “Alright, that’s enough of that.”

Masato had been preparing dinner and his lover decided to hang around to keep him company. He accidentally sliced one of the potatoes a bit thinner than the rest. He sighed, “That’s a shame. I can’t use this one. I’d hate to waste it.” She smiled. “Masato, do you know the difference between a sin and shame?” He had been fairly focused on the task before him so he hadn’t looked up, “What’s that?” She giggled, “It’s a sin to stick it in and shame to take it out.” He stopped mid-chop and looked at her with red cheeks, “W-What’s with you all of a sudden?”

Natsuki and his s/o had been folding the laundry together. She’s been making jokes that he just could not for the life of him understand. “So, I was in math class and my teacher asked, ‘What comes after 69?’ Apparently ‘I do’ is not the correct answer.” she laughed. Natsuki tilted his head at his girlfriend, “Well, of course that’s not the answer. It’s 68, 69, 70.” he said. She blinked her eyes that the blonde and tossed a shirt at his face.

Satsuki and his lover had been laying in bed after a steamy session. She rested her head on his chest “Do you know what it means when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?” Satsuki sighed, “Um, maybe it’s because he’s–” Before he could give his answer she said, “You didn’t hold the pillow down long enough.” He rolled his eyes and attempted to nudge her off of him, “That totally ruins the mood now, doesn’t it?”