lol percy is one of his girls

PJO characters as things my friend has said part 2
  • Leo: Im crying over a girl in my palm tree underwear DO I LOOK OKAY???
  • Percy without his memories: Who is this? And i can't?? And why???
  • Will: Babies shouldn't be screaming
  • I'm the one with problems
  • It should be me
  • Jason(again): im getting my meds switched and school sucks and my mom's a bitch???
  • Octavian: omg they keep trying to convince me they're better than me and im like lol okay stinky idiot boy
  • Chiron: i can't feel my legs when i'm with you, CUS I'M CRIPPLED
  • Piper: i'm the straightest gay person you'll probably EVER meet

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Nico and Leo friendship?

i gotchu (we got another request for this too so)

  • theyre the friends that will shit talk people behind their backs a lot
  • leo totally cooks for nico
  • leo is the one who teases nico about crushes and ‘who do u like tho’ 
  • nico punches him in the shoulder and tells him he likes some random girl to which leo snorts and tells him to be serious
  • he totally teases nico so much when whoever he likes comes out (choose ur ship lol)
  • leo will light on fire occasionally and nico just glances in his direction and pats the fire out with a napkin
  • they have the worst mouths out of everyone but percy like nico occasionally jsut screeches “MOTHERFUCKER THAT’S MY GODDAMN JACKET” “LOOOOOL FUCK YOU ITS MINE NOW BIIIITCH”
  • leo introduces nico to pokemon. nico never goes back
  • theyre fucking ridiculous
  • spicy boys