lol percy is one of his girls

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Hey Minuiko :) So first of all I wanted to thank you all your beautiful art as well as your meta analysis because I eat it up, it's that good. So I wanted to ask your opinion on how exactly Percy and Piper are simliar? (which is what you said if someone were to dislike Piper they would have to dislike Percy) I would love to see your take on it. Much love!

They’re not actually THAT similar - my point is more that 95% of the reasons I’ve seen people give for why they dislike Piper are things that can be attributed to Percy. Most of those people adore Percy, and I know a lot of that is just due to a lot more time spent in his POV, nostalgia, etc - but it’s still unfair to her. I got an ask today about how Piper doesn’t seem to really struggle before resolving her issues and insecurities? Exact same thing could be applied to Percy. Piper seems to think about her significant other a lot? She gets real “insecure over Jason and is needy?” Percy thinks about Annabeth at least as often, and is pretty insecure about it too (there’s that line about how their relationship feels still new and fragile to him so he treads carefully), and he’s always trying to get her attention even when she’s ignoring him. Piper feels like Jason is far away sometimes, and Percy feels the same way about Annabeth who frequently gets deep in thought and uncommunicative (“one of the challenges of dating an Athena girl”). Piper is “full of herself (i.e. not a doormat)?” Percy’s cocky as hell and people laud him for it. Piper’s “whiny and useless?” Percy spends the majority of Mark of Athena feeling/being useless (whether that’s being unable to help Annabeth on her solo quest or getting his ass kicked by Chrysaor or drowning in his own element (and look, I’m not knocking Percy, it’s just a fact. A fact that Jason shares, since he spends most of the book knocked out or in recovery lol)) and inappropriately mouthing off to gods and monsters.

Piper’s “manipulative and uses people?” Percy is constantly thinking about people in terms of their utility to him (minus the few people he’s actually close to, like Annabeth). Let’s talk about how he wishes Frank were there so he could fly them across Tartarus (“He would’ve given a thousand golden drachmas to have Frank Zhang with them right now—good old Frank, who always seemed to show up when needed and could turn into an eagle or a dragon to fly them across this stupid wasteland.” Good old Frank, like he’s a dog or something). Or about how he wishes Leo would invent an anti-dream cap for him in MoA (but otherwise, he never thinks about Leo at all). Or about how the only time he thinks of summoning Mrs. O'Leary is to help him out against monsters in Tartarus. That’s not even touching on how he basically manipulates Bob into helping him and Annabeth the whole way through Tartarus and never (until the end) truly thinks of him as a friend. The difference between them is that Piper’s more self-aware when she manipulates people (and she only does it to enemies if she can help it - when she charmspeaks friends, it’s to calm them down or encourage them) - Percy does it unintentionally most of the time. They both feel immense guilt over it when they realize what they’re doing.

Let’s look at more positive similarities - they’re both the heart of their respective teams, and they bring people together. Things are calmer when Piper’s in the room, Leo misses her presence because she helps smooth things over: most everyone likes her and she makes the team more cohesive. Percy’s presence also lightens the overall mood of the crew and bridges the gap between Roman and Greek (way more than Jason ever could). He inspires confidence and incredible loyalty from the people who know him, so he’s also indispensable to team morale. They’re both worriers and pessimists, but they’re the comparatively laid-back and fun-loving ones in their respective relationships. They both have independent streaks and pretend not to give a shit about their godly parents (though they both secretly appreciate them all the same).

That’s all I can think of for now, will let you know if I think of others :). Like, they’re obviously different characters - Piper’s more tactful than Percy is, and would never bait a god, and is less oblivious about people. She’s also not a powerhouse or a leader, so she has less on her shoulders than he does, and she’s not a snarker. And there ARE some valid criticisms you could give of Piper (being judgmental of her Aphrodite siblings for being vain and shallow, for instance; being selfish, for instance). But the vast majority of traits that seem to annoy people about Piper are things she has in common with Percy.

PJO characters as things my friend has said part 2
  • Leo: Im crying over a girl in my palm tree underwear DO I LOOK OKAY???
  • Percy without his memories: Who is this? And i can't?? And why???
  • Will: Babies shouldn't be screaming
  • I'm the one with problems
  • It should be me
  • Jason(again): im getting my meds switched and school sucks and my mom's a bitch???
  • Octavian: omg they keep trying to convince me they're better than me and im like lol okay stinky idiot boy
  • Chiron: i can't feel my legs when i'm with you, CUS I'M CRIPPLED
  • Piper: i'm the straightest gay person you'll probably EVER meet

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Nico and Leo friendship?

i gotchu (we got another request for this too so)

  • theyre the friends that will shit talk people behind their backs a lot
  • leo totally cooks for nico
  • leo is the one who teases nico about crushes and ‘who do u like tho’ 
  • nico punches him in the shoulder and tells him he likes some random girl to which leo snorts and tells him to be serious
  • he totally teases nico so much when whoever he likes comes out (choose ur ship lol)
  • leo will light on fire occasionally and nico just glances in his direction and pats the fire out with a napkin
  • they have the worst mouths out of everyone but percy like nico occasionally jsut screeches “MOTHERFUCKER THAT’S MY GODDAMN JACKET” “LOOOOOL FUCK YOU ITS MINE NOW BIIIITCH”
  • leo introduces nico to pokemon. nico never goes back
  • theyre fucking ridiculous
  • spicy boys