lol pee

Recently I’ve been loving the idea of characters like -making it to the toilet, but..also making a mess.

Like, imagine your Fave, who has been holding it for the longest time, rushing to the bathroom. They slam the door close and stumble over to the toilet, trying to unbuckle their belt, unbuttoning, unzipping-

They are shaking and blushing, and can already feel themselves leaking, tears welling up in their eyes

And then, just as they can finally get their pants down, they just go . Full force. The pee splashing on the floor as they moan, dribbling on their pants, and onto the toilet seat, while they desperately try to stay put and aim / sit down properly

They get their relief, their pants aren’t eye catchingly wet..but the entire bathroom is an embarrassing mess, and they blush so, SO hard

I live for relief centered omo

my art vs gritty 40′s noir-esque/club swing vibe  ♫ ♪ 😎 👊
bcos fuck u that’s why