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M!A: Have neko ears for 5 asks.

~ Le poof.~

M!A : Start. 0/5

Alfred: I’m going to Hell.



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Headcanon. There were times where Severus was mistaken as a girl from behind, especially after Lily and her friends giving him a makeover. James had cat called him before draining of all color when he realized it was "Snivellus."

“That’s what you get for subscribing to outdated gender roles, Potter!” Severus shouted after James, as the Gryffindor boy ran in the opposite direction, his face scarlet with mortification.

“all of these people I blocked for being biphobes years ago wound up being exclusionists, surprising no one”

“umm names?”

“no i dont want to give them bc this isnt a callout”


“fine here”

“uhh wheres your receipts you cant do a callout and have no receipts lol”

“wasnt supposed to be a callout just search their blogs yourself jfc”


“Fine, this was super triggering but FINE here, proof that they’re biphobes”

“umm sweaty there’s no evidence that theyre exclusionists (:”

“so you want me to trigger myself again because you dont know how to /search/asexual?”


“fine. You now have proof that they are biphobes and that they are ace exclusionists.”

“ummmmmmmmmmm these blogs are outdated lol”

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Hi!! I saw that you said that Sophie was pregnant, making it a teen pregnancy. I was wondering if you do mind saying what mod do you use of that? I'm in need of a new one since the one I was using is outdated lol. Keep up the good work :)

I use the MC Command Center (story progression mod) that allows sims in the town to marry and get pregnant from other sims on their own. 

Here’s the mod : click this .

If you are not familiar with this mod or just simply confused… I only downloaded the two highlighted parts ! (NOT THE REST OF THEM… you can but I don’t know exactly what they do.)

In order to get teens pregnant with this mod: 

  1. Click on the teenager (They don’t have to be apart of your household. Matter of fact, they don’t even have to be near you. You can do this by clicking on them in the “Relationships” panel.)
  2. Select “MC Command Center”

***EDIT : So, it didn’t actually work for teens, I had to ager her up into an adult BEFORE doing the next steps (4-5)…. okay, continue…

  1. Select “Pregnancy”
    1. “Start Pregnancy” means the teen/sim will get pregnant from a random person, or someone you select (I think).
    2. “Start Pregnancy Use Active” means the teen/sim will get pregnant from whoever you are actively on in YOUR household. (IE: the plumbob was over my son’s head while I was doing this…)
  2. Choose the number of babies you want (maximum of 3)
    1. You can also select their gender… if you don’t want a certain gender make sure you put “0″ instead of leaving it BLANK! because BLANK means RANDOM.
    2. You can always change the gender later.

Now they are pregnant! 

After the teen has the baby, you can then age them back down to a teen & the baby will still be theirs! lol.

* You can always go back in and repeat steps 1-3 and change the trimester, gender, etc. 

* Remember , this mod works for teens , adults , & even males too . 

If you need further help , let me know :)