lol or lack of

Melissa Benoist is adorable...

This cutie right here:

I love how her eyes disappear when she smiles. :D She reminds me of hedgehogs (which are also freaking adorable) for some reason lol

Exhibit A:

I don’t see the difference tbh


301216 / i’ve visited half of the muji stores in california now wooOo ʅ(;◔ᴗ◔)ʃ

i’ll be using one of the black B6 notebooks as a bullet-ish journal for this year, so i’ll probably post spreads come january~~ besides that, this is most likely going to be my last post of 2016, so!! cheers to 2017🎉


hanamaki takahiro wallpapers ➽ requested by: @sugablossoms