lol on the other hand i don't think he's a very good actor

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Ok I know people don't like Messer for the things she says in interviews but is there a deeper reason that I just haven't been around long enough to pick up on? She seems kinda... hated (?) for just some poorly thought-out sound bites.

okay, a little history.

though erica has been with cm since the beginning, she didn’t become co-showrunner until 2010. you know what else started in 2010? season six. now, to be clear, no one blames her for all the shit that went down re: the ladies, that is 110% on cbs execs and pretty much everything that has gone wrong since 2010 can be traced back to their ~grand~ idea that was criminal minds: suspect behavior in some way or another.

she became a co-runner, presumably because ed bernero, the showrunner from the beginning of the series, was full timing for suspect behavior. chris mundy was also taken over to suspect behavior. they were argueably two of the best writers on the team (the fisher king 1&2, aftermath, sex birth death, profiler profiled, the big game/revelations, gideon’s exit episodes, legacy, penelope, lo fi, the instincts, masterpiece, demonology, to hell, and back, nameless faceless…to name a few lol) and from what i saw of ed during s6 (which is when i came into the fandom, lucky me), he was a good showrunner, in terms of talking to the press, though idk how much actual control he had over the show. considering seasons 1-5 compared with 6, i assume he had very little control. iirc, erica did not speak with the press or had very little contact with them.

when suspect behavior got canceled in 2011, ed and chris were fired. yes, instead of moving two of their best writers back to the main show - which, reminder, was suffering - they fired them. again, 110% on cbs execs and their ~grand~ idea for a spin-off that inevitably didn’t work bc they didn’t understand why cm was so popular.

BUT during most of this, i feel like fandom was somewhat comforted by the fact that they passed the torch to someone who had been there since the beginning (esp since they hired a handful of new writers for s6 who, btw, were not required to watch the prior seasons and the characters have obviously suffered for it) and who had, arguably, written a decent number of okay-to-good episodes as well. i remember a few of us looking up her eps during the summer between s6 and s7 and being like “okay, maybe it won’t be too bad.”

now. a quick reminder. a showrunner holds the “ultimate management and creative authority” for a tv show (thx wikipedia).

so. when a show takes a creative dive that appears to mostly be due to execs trying to ~stir shit up~ for shits and giggles instead of leaving a very profitable show in the capable hands of its original showrunner, reasonable people tend to put the blame on the execs. as such, i don’t blame her for a lot of the missteps that happened in season 6. even some of the stuff that was clearly the showrunners’ decisions is forgivable because it makes sense within the bts context. for instance, barely giving any characterization to seaver makes sense because they needed to focus on characters we already knew/loved who were leaving and they thought they could develop her character in s7.

but when the network execs stop mucking around where they don’t belong and the show doesn’t really turn it around, the blame starts falling rather squarely on the showrunner’s shoulders because they are in charge of the direction the show goes. it’s like when people talk about shonda in relation to grey’s or scandal. yes, she doesn’t write every episode, but she sure as hell is the one who plots out where the show is heading and she has final say. that’s erica’s role on cm. she plots. she has final say.

so when you get poorly plotted episodes (what the actual fuck was season 9’s openner and finale episodes???), episodes that don’t fit the tone or message of the show (THIRTEENTH STEP GE T OUT), poorly placed episodes (a ~fake rape~ case after morgan’s final confrontation with buford, route 66 being 2-3 seasons too late), characterization that doesn’t make sense…yes, a lot of that is on the writers, but ultimately, erica could veto that stuff. erica knows what good finale cliffhangers look like because she was there for all of the really good finales…and yet we keep getting shitty ones.

so. there’s that.

and i think “some poorly thought-out soundbites” is…an understatement, especially the…“some”…portion. three and a half seasons as full time showrunner = plenty of soundbites that could go horribly wrong. you have to remember too…all of the things she says to the media are things that are ultimately under her control, so it’s not just her missteps in wording. when she announces, for instance, that we won’t find out how prentiss feels about having to fake dead until episode TWELVE…that’s generally more about the content of said announcement (content that, again, she has control over), regardless of how she words it. when she says reid/maeve ~will be a relationship like nothing we’ve ever seen~ and then they fridge maeve…well, that’s a double punch (triple punch?) in the gut.

other issues:

  • drops just about every spoiler that the cbs promo’s don’t or drops them in tandem. not cool.
  • girl shipbaits like no one’s business. thing is…rule has been from s1…no on the team is hooking up with anyone else on the team. literally a show rule. so her shipbaiting takes on an extra level of aggravation because she riles people up (many of whom do not know about this rule) only to have them be let down time and time again. not cool. also, the actors end up getting practically harassed by it as well. pretty much every interview, shemar has to say that morgan and garcia are like siblings. extra not cool.
  • similarly, fanservice. my stance? i want the show to make me happy because the characters are in character, they are engaging, and the story is engaging. if that means i start squealing like a tiny child because morgan is teaching reid to hit a ball? COOL. if i’m seeing morgan half-naked in a towel for some ill-conceived and ooc drama (with a dose of shipbaiting on the side)? NOT COOL.

finally, a more direct explanation of reasons i was not okay with the latest announcement:

  • i’m still aggravated as hell about last season’s “jj doesn’t have ptsd bc she’s a strong woman” and “that story is over with” (very) poorly worded soundbites
  • which makes this feel like she’s only doing it because fans complained
  • which i could maybe be okay with
  • (because, really, the idea that someone could be waterboarded, beaten severely, and sexually assaulted and then be 100% fine is so incredibly unrealistic and is totally lazy writing)
  • except between the things she AND aj said last year, i’m severely worried that things are gonna fall flat and just feel fake
  • so i’m already not looking forward to this because i have very little faith in it being done well
  • then you’ve also got erica saying jj and reid are gonna hash it out
  • and saying she “loves” jj and reid’s relationship
  • personally, in recent seasons, i haven’t seen that supposed love she has for their relationship from the way they’ve been written
  • because reid doesn’t seem close to her at all
  • and because jj’s reactions to reid come off as antagonistic and passive aggressive
  • and i like the idea that their relationship never fully recovered from jj keeping the secrets she kept
  • that’s interesting character development to me
  • i think it’d be much more interesting to have her hash it out with hotch whose ptsd is more recent
  • (since apparently reid’s near death experiences have happened so often that he is no longer affected by it!!!)
  • and whom she used to have a closer relationship with before she was a profiler
  • as it stands, it currently feels more like shipbaiting/fanservice than actual storytelling
  • especially because 200’s massive plot holes make it feel like fanservice and basing fanservice on fanservice just seems like a downward spiral
  • which is really disappointing
  • so far, i’ve been pretty satisfied with this season and the idea that this is could crash and burn for even more reasons than before is disheartening
  • so yeah

TL;DR - if you’re new-ish to the fandom or at least new-ish to the behind the scenes stuff, then yeah, i feel like there’s some stuff you’ve missed. clearly.

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So what's something that makes you agree with team delusional? Like what's your thoughts on her being alive or not? If you don't mind answering.

Wellll… It wasn’t something I was gonna get into but since you asked nicely, hun, I guess I can explain my main reasons for why I’m okay with Team Delusional.

1.] I’m a Theatre/Cinema communication major. I graduate (hopefully) in may with a BS in my field. Part of my required classes has me - as a hopeful actress - study the rules of contracts and obligations. One of the first ones we studied was TV Show contracts. Now I’m not gonna say I know the full details of TWD/AMCs contract deal, but I do know that there are rules. And one of the rules is for shows like TWD - where characters can get killed off on episode one or episode eighty in the blink of an eye - there is a certain requirement that a contract rule meet and that’s preparation. They are required by law of the contract to inform their actors/actress that they will be killed off on the season in advance so that said actor/actress can be allowed time to move out (like Emily with her apartment) of their settings and so they can confirm with their scouting agents to open up potential job offerings… So with that said, this whole story/shock that Emily expressed about not being informed ahead of time while others have been required to be informed of their cut, makes me reel back in alarm and goes against what I have been taught. And even law students can tell me that if Emily is under contract, they’d have to follow through with it.

2.] There is the possibility that the rest of the cast was not informed of her death. Think about how raw, how strong a performance can be from other actors if they’re thrown for a shock loop. It could be possible that they were not informed of anything until AFTER the fact, thus why we’re seeing such strong reactions. There isn’t a rule in contracts that states directors can’t help “tweak” their performers emotions to make a scene look even more powerful.

3.] Acting is amazing. I love acting. My concentrations for my BS are Scriptwriting and Performance. Acting requires pulling a lot of yourself inside-out. Directors and Producers are aware of this. Remember when I talked about how there’s no rule of fucking with your performers? Well Producers/Directors can also get with the performers to fuck with the audience. It’s what they do. And TWD likes to fuck with people, make them wonder things. And this season has been a jumble of “Holy shit, WTF” moments. Now Emily is also a very good actress. We’ve seen her break into tears - real tears - as Beth more than once. Seen her pull at heart-strings… Who is to say she isn’t doing it her as instructed.

4.] Scott Gimple. He’s got his hands on the most popular show on TV next to Sons of Anarchy (which finished out it’s final season) and he’s come from making things pretty off course to being crazy. When you listen to his interviews, you know he knows what he wants from these characters and this show. And since he has his hands on one of the number one shows right now, AMC IS NOT going to let him do something so out of it that it sends fans reeling and leaving. At least not something like this… Also, we learn pretty quickly in the producing/directing class that producers/directors have to learn to be performers themselves.Especially if they’re TV Show runners. Because they have to be careful not so share to many things and spoil the show. It’s what can make or break their work on something. So Gimple acting so cut off could very well be his way of not wanting to spoil things.

5.] How do you make a show win an award? You make it stand out. And we can all say that Beth’s death stood the fuck out. Especially with all the reviews and fan outbursts. Seriously, again, goes back to my classes. Your piece - your work - needs uniqueness. And you need individuality. And the show is based off a comic with a lot of twists and turns so why not fuck around with some of the plots and twist them to your advantage? Make them stand out.

6.] The Sneak Peak of the next episode. Seriously something about those images… They’re not right. It’s not like what we’re use to with this show. Everything is so lucid, so strange. And then there’s Morgan showing up at the end of Coda. Now the MORGANS WALL debate is fascinating and hey maybe it means something, but the fact it’s MORGAN we’re seeing at the end - the first person Rick saw after he woke up, the man who saved him after a nice shot to the head by a shovel from Duane - is pretty freaking on point to be just coincidental. SOMETHING is going to happen. Something big, and Morgan I feel plays a big part.

And those are my main reasons why I’m okay with Team Delusional. Now of course I have heavy reasons why I’m on Team Acceptance but I wont go into that lol.

Hope that answers everything.