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in light of tonight’s Events who are the players that everyone thinks is attractive but you just dont see it

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“This is American Gods, and we are all obsessed with Melissa McBride. So how much do you love her and why? And do you love her more than me? I don’t think you do.”
                                    - Bryan Fuller asks the cast of The Walking Dead at SDCC 2016

ok but im honestly so proud. its been almost been a year since got7’s flight log series has started and im seriously so impressed. especially with the storyline and all. like i knew got7 would slay all these comebacks but holy shit, the flight log eras are definitely and forever will be one of my ultimate favorites. their choreography and music videos always exceeds my expectations but wow, the albums themselves are such a work of art. it truly represents got7 and their style, which is so unique and stands out from other groups. they’ve come a long ways since they’ve debuted and are always improving each comeback with their dancing and vocals. i respect them so much and admire their hard work that they spend on doing to make music for us nonstop, despite them being sick, tired, busy, and barely getting any vacation time. im sad that the flight log series has come to an end but i want them to know how great their music truly is and how it has impacted positively to so many people around the world and made them happy. these eras were amazing to witness and be a part of and i just can’t wait to see what else got7 has in store for us in the future. i love and appreciate them so much and i mean it when i say that they honestly and truly deserve everything. thank you got7 for being you, thank you for existing, but most of all, thank you for doing what you do. ♡


You sure can anon!! ty for the request!