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We had a spy on the inside. That’s right.

Okieriete Onaodowan in rehearsals and in the Tony performance! He’s so freaking incredible!!!


Part 3 - The Dream Synopsis

Isn’t it boring when I talk about my dreams?

Harry was twenty years old when he first saw the blue room.
Yet nothing had changed.
Three years on, nothing had changed.
It came from nowhere. It wasn’t like he had a sudden change of lifestyle. It wasn’t like anything tragic happened. Everything was as it always was.
It just happened.

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Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

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Aight let's play a game

Send me a word and a ship and I’ll write you a super short (two sentences - a couple paragraphs) fic/headcanon/AU

anonymous asked:

Tbh, I want to say it's Free just because they have water droplets on their faces, but then what kind of outfits would you need to hide at the shoulders...?


Looking at this, and all the replies, the majority of you seem to have guessed sweat and/or water drops, and water = Free, and sweat = sports?? Because apparently fantasy/action has no sweat (which is…oddly true…). And then people guessed i was hiding clothing, so sports + clothing = basketball or volleyball???

This was honestly fascinating, you’re all detectives XD

Answer coming right up!……

….is what I’d like to say.

BUT AS USUAL i am behind schedule, this time mostly because I last minute (and by last minute, I mean like 4 hours ago) decided to upgrade from black/white to color…

SO I’M STILL CRAMMING. But it’s a lot of content so I don’t feel too bad making you guys wait ^ ^;;;;

Will probably go up in 1-2 hours, will keep you guys posted OTL

You can kinda see the eye makeup I did in this shot