lol okay i go to sleep

  • Me: Okay,
  • I'm actually going to go to bed at 9. No crying. No binge watching Netflix. No fanfics. No worries, just sleep.
  • Me at 3am: Going through the 5 stages of grief as I'm crying, watching the last season of my favorite show, while reading a fic of it and thinking of my own.


Streaming counts for so much, since there will be no MV until 6pm KST, you can focus all your time on streaming.

For a lot of people, these times are awkward (In europe the streams starts at 3am and the mv is realised at 9am. For the eastern coast of the US, the streaming starts at 11pm and the MV is released at 5am)

If you are able maybe wake up, please try play a playlist of beautiful that will last a few hours, and go back to sleep till the MV is released (lol this is what I’m doing).
But if you cannot, do not worry. It is such an awkward time for us so it is okay!!

It will make all the difference if we can do this! I believe us monbebes! We will get our first win :)

Sleep deprived texts

Paraphrasing sleep deprived text between BFF & I just now bc I’m on less than 3 hours of sleep, for reference she is my Genos and I’m her Saitama:

Genos: You should go back to sleep, I’ll call you later when you’re less grouchy.

Saitama: I’m a Saitama egg, but I’m not a hard boiled egg I’m not a soft boiled one either.

Genos: whut

Saitama: I’m a scrambled egg softly saying “please don’t hurt me”

Genos: LOL WTF? 

We did end up briefly speaking via phone and this exchange occurred:

Genos: Okay at first I thought you said you were SCRAMBLING eggs and saying “please don’t hurt me” out loud at the stove while you were doing it.

Saitama: No, I was saying I AM a scrambled egg.

Genos: You sound like Jon H. Benjamin when you’re tired, I can barely understand you.

Saitama: I had a nightmare before I woke up that I bit into a cabbage and it had caterpillars and I started screaming.



“suffering is humbling. it pays to know how to get your butt kicked.”

7+ miles (though… trail miles and road miles, not at all equivalent lol), 1,100+ feet of elevation gain, and a beautiful group of humans to suffer through it with. similar elevation gain to last week but prior to checking my app i expected it to be less because my body handled it so well. can’t wait to see how much i improve by the time ultra training starts.
i almost didn’t go today. my legs were incredibly sore after this week (they feel okay now? it’s false. i know it, tomorrow will hurt but for now i’m embracing it). and i was unable to sleep most of the night (4 a.m. club whatup). i figured i’d be exhausted and sore and feel BLAH in the morning and i was prepared to allow myself a later run solo if my body needed to rest. but when my alarm went off, i bounced out of bed and the only thing on my mind was “trails trails trails trails trails YES!” i have a feeling i’ll be in bed early tonight though lol. 
the first two miles were straight up, then lots of rolling hills. and SO MUCH MUD. and that kind of clay that when wet, sucks your shoes nearly right off your feet. i stayed right with the leader of the group i went with, and he chatted about the trail system to me the whole way which was awesome.
everything is so wonderfully alive (aside from several trees who sadly did not survive recent storms but made for fun obstacles). i am so wonderfully alive. i am eternally grateful to have discovered this group. i can’t even tell you.

also, edit. one of the guys said to me, “you handle the cold well!” and i died. it’s like 50 degrees, and i was the only one in shorts and a t-shirt. californians ya kill me.

okay but imagine how crazy the marauders would go with muggle stationery

like james and sirius would absolutely attempt to draw twirly moustaches on the fat lady’s face in permanent marker when they found her sleeping after returning from some night time adventure

or an elaborate prank where remus meticulously papers every inch of james, sirius and peter’s bed with post it notes (including them) while they sleep (FFS MOONY YOU HAD TO PUT THEM ON MY EYES TOO?? I HAVE PAPER CUTS ON MY EYELIDS)

and peter covers them all in glue and showers them with glitter until they are absolutely covered and vvvv sparkly - both sirius and james embrace the glitter and james absolutely uses the opportunity to hug lily and rub up against her so she’s sparkly too (LETS SPARKLE TOGETHER LILY YAAAAAS) and it takes ages for all the glitter to be gone (sirius james and peter swear up and down that remus had been an awesome glittery werewolf that full moon ‘we even took pics look moony’ ‘YOU WHAT’ ‘from a safe distance ofc chill pls’)

one time remus and james decide to prank the entire school by switching all their quills and parchments with notebooks and pens and paper and cackle when the purebloods (who didn’t take muggle studies) struggle for ages with clicky pens and pencil sharpeners

or hmm how about the time where peter fucks shit up with a stapler and uses it to threaten older students who pick on younger ones (I HAVE A STAPLE GUN AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT) (the bullies tend to just back away slowly bc ‘wtf is pettigrew waving around now’ ‘idk but i dont wanna be here when he decides to use it’)

and it turns out that sirius is an origami PRO bc lets face it parchment is way too thick for this kinda shit and it’s so much easier just using muggle paper and the results are hella cute so for his next birthday remus buys him two massive packets of printer paper and sirius is delighted

and james does research to find a good stationery shop when in london (basically he asks lily) and they all go in and make loud exclamations about everything in there ‘MOONY LOOK ITS AN OWL ON A NOTEBOOK HOW DO MUGGLES DO THIS SHIT’ ‘THEY HAVE PINK PAPER?? OMG BLUE TOO? ALL THE COLOURS?????? ITS LIKE A RAINBOW WOW’ ‘so. many. PENS.’ ‘guys LOOK these pens have FOUR COLOURS IN ONE - THAT’S FOUR CLICKY PARTS WOW’

(and lily is standing in the background regretting ever introducing the boys to stationery in the first place)

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Okay so I’ll tell you like 5 random facts about me: 

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 1. My name is Sandra! But you can call me San, and I’m in Spain while oppas are in Korea #sad 💜 

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 2. My bias is Jimin & my bias wrecker is B.I (and I might have a thing for Bobby too hehe) 💜 

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3. I fucking love memes lol that’s why I started this blog 💜 

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 4. I always go to sleep at like 3am and then regret all my life desicions in the morning 💜  

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5. And I want to dye my hair purple but I’m a bit nervous about it 💜

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Okay but like.
My Anti self (Agnes) would actually be a nice person.
They would bake cookies, put on make up every day and use a lot of cute outfits.
Go out, socialize with people, hell they are a social butterfly.
And then at the end of the day they would eat healthily and go to bed early.
Thinking how wonderful the day was.

And then there is me.
The mess.


For @weeklystarcoprompts “Love Potion” prompt! Lol it’s been so long since i’ve submitted any starco prompt art sorry and idk this might have been funnier in my head because its really late and i’m tired but oh well! Hope you enjoy this messy starco comic where Janna also happens to make her own placebo :P


Okay so I thought for once I might have a normal play through in Skyrim but no, Kameo is just problematic. So it starts with Kameo killing Arnbjorn (she was extremely pissed he cut Cicero) then she dumps the body in the lake right…(lol nope!) but I thought she got away with it because in the last save I played her in, it didn’t happen, So I got to Cicero and Remained Silent because by Sithis him saying I get it. BUT THEN HE’S LIKE NAUGHTY NAUGHTY LISTENER. So I go back to the Sanctuary and Astrid starts nagging about the rules. BUT AS I’M WALKING IN THE MAIN ROOM FUCKING ARNBJORN’S BODY IS RIGHT THERE AND LUCIEN IS GOING ON ABOUT PURIFICATION (which was what I was doing. Thanks Oblivion Lucy). So finally I pay the fine and talk to Astrid. “ARNBJORN IS SAFE”. ASTRID HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE FUCKING MAIN ROOM YET BECAUSE I HAVE SOMETHING SHOCKING TO TELL YOU. Click the pictures for Kameo’s (inner) and outer dialogue.

Hungry (M)

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Requested scenario by anon! ; Hi! Could you write a smut scenario where [male reader] and Jimin are left alone at home while the others are out buying pizza? I’m not good with details.. :(

Jimin x Male Reader (I named him “He” throughout this whole scenario, so yeah XD)

Okay, so like this whole week I’ve been updating a lot of sexy-ish stuff, so to end off my weekend and before I go to sleep for the day, here’s a Jimin smut, requested by an anon. :) It’s my first time writing a smut, and especially with a male reader, so if it’s bad, I am so sorry. I will continue to improve my smut. So yeah. :) Enjoy! Legho! ~

WARNINGS: Gay between two males, if you are uncomfortable with this, please ignore this scenario. lol - Also it’s a smut. so yeah.

Jimin had called him over to hang out, since he missed hanging out with him. He gladly accepted, yet felt a bit odd that Jimin had made the first move. He knew Jimin was always busy, with his schedules piling everyday, he didn’t believe he had some time to hang out with him on a day he was free. But he still went, because it was Park Jimin. Someone he had always admire and secret developed a crush on. He was excited yet nervous.

It was a little after a while when Jimin had called him - that he arrived at his dorm. As he entered, he noticed the boys were still there. He greeted them, and they did the same back. But then he noticed Jimin, and started to get all shy about seeing him after such a long time. He heard Jimin saying hello first, and then so did he.

“Let’s all watch a movie.” Taehyung suggested, and they all followed along.

He sat down on the couch, and Jimin slyly had sat himself down next to him. He pulled out a blanket from the side, and shared it with him, making him blush, but thankfully the lights were off as they movie began to play.

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I was tagged by @cleaetpauline60, thank you! :D Sorry I’m so late to do this lol

  • Name: Jade-Maree
  • Nicknames: I guess, Jade? I go by that mostly, or sometimes Maree.
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 164cm
  • Orientation: Bi
  • Ethnicity: Australian
  • Favorite Fruit: Mandarins
  • Favorite Season: Autumn
  • Favorite book: The Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch
  • Favorite Flower: Don’t really have one
  • Favorite Scent: None
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Animal: Pygmy Possum
  • Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea♡ But hot chocolate is good too
  • Average sleep hours: 8-ish
  • Cats or Dogs: Both, but I might be a bit more of a dog person
  • Favorite Fictional Character: Ryugamine Mikado (DRRR)
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: One
  • Ideal trip: I’m currently torn between travelling around Europe or going back to Japan again lol
  • Blog Created: 2017

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Okay guys, prepare yourselves. I’m gonna make a post about why I’m not going to be as active and it very well could be quite long. So just…brace yourself.

So, idk if I posted about specific things on here (I probably did because that’s just me) but I have really not been in a very good mindset the last few weeks. Ever since I came home from my trip to Florida, I’ve just been in this pit of depression and anxiety. I cried myself to sleep almost every night the first week I was back, and since then I stopped crying and went back to apathy and pretty much lost the ability to cry.

Then I got my period and since then I’ve just had really bad dysphoria. I’ve gotten so self conscious about the fact that I’m seen as female and not as anything besides that. I’ve just had a lot of self hate and completely despising how I look and how I am just in general.

Basically, the depression is taking over my life. I’m super dehydrated and hungry all the time because I haven’t been drinking enough water or eating enough. I haven’t done my laundry in over 3 weeks; I’m just wearing dirty clothes and wearing clothes for too long. I haven’t been sleeping enough, but when I do it’s extremely hard for me to get up. My grades are slipping, and school is just so hard for me mentally lately.

I just want to improve myself. I want to do more creatively and I want to give you guys more writing and maybe drawings too. I want to work on being nicer to my siblings and being better to my family in general. I want to try and do some more exercise and drink more water and eat better with less junk snacks. I just want to do better in general for myself 

So, that’s why I probably won’t be as active in the near future. I want to start trying to make my life better and try and reduce my depression and anxiety. I just hope that you all will be there by my side to support me in these decisions. I love you all so so much.


the signs as dad jokes

aries: i’ll call you later. > don’t call me later, call me dad!

taurus: “did you hear about the kidnapping at school?? it’s okay, he woke up.”

gemini: what time is it? > “time for you to get a watch.”

cancer: dad, i’m cold. > “go stand in the corner, it’s 90 degrees.”

leo: “i stayed up all night wondering why the sun went down, then it dawned on me.”

virgo: “what do you call jay-z when he’s sleeping? jay-zzzzzzz.”

libra: “wouldn’t you say that whiteboards are quite… remarkable??”

scorpio: “why doesn’t dracula have any friends? because he’s a pain in the neck.”

sagittarius: tell me a dad joke > “you.”

capricorn: ”what do you call a fish with no eyes? a fsssssh.”

aquarius: dad, i’m hungry. > “hi hungry, i’m dad.”

pisces: “singing in the shower is fun until you get shampoo in your mouth – then it’s a soap opera.”

I’ve been in a weird place lately? I’ve been kinda lonely but also not? Like…the idea of dating seems kind of okay but the thought of actually having to deal with people and emotions still seems horrible? I’m kinda like…I could go for a character anon but I’m still not ready for real human commitment. Is this just me or?