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Okay so uuuhhh several people asked me for a part 2 of this comic and I??? tried??? Had to lose another night’s sleep to do this so I apologize for the terrible sketchy and not really great drawings and handwriting?? I’m not even thinking properly rn so I actually have absolutely no idea if this is good or not lmao fuck, but this is most likely getting a part 3 if you guys enjoy it so????? yeah LOL


Dammit I should be sleeping but this came into my brain for some reason I don't even know why and its too important not to share so

Inukag AU where Inuyasha brings Kagome home for the first time and instantly Inuparents are distrustful because she looks so much like his ex that screwed him over big time and they don’t want to see their precious puppy go through that again so they try everything they can think of to get to her leave like being mean, then overly nice, being embarrassing, weird, or just whatever but all their ideas fail because it turns out Kagome just agrees with everything they do and think they’re pretty awesome/fun/responsible/protective and all that and Inuparents are just like “???? um” and they keep trying but Kagomes just like “lol cool” until eventually mom and dad start to see that she’s nothing like his ex and they start to like her and they all live happily ever after.

Meanwhile Inuyasha is making eyes at his new gf and doesn’t even notice his parents being mortifyingly embarrassing and trying to drive her away because he’s too busy imagining making babies with her and only comes back to the real world when the words “baby pictures” enters his brain and that’s when the shit REALLY hits the fan.

Jikook [0917]: September Special Moments ~

So I’ll be doing this thing where at the end of each month I’ll do a round up of Jikook moments and I know I’m late but better late than sorry right? HAHA, anyway I hope you like it!

This may not have anything to do with Jikook but WHY IS JUNGKOOK’S BIRTHDAY ON the Serendipity trailer that JIMIN sang?! (I had to add it seeing as though Jk’s b’day was the first and serendipity came out 3 days later)

Jikook being cute asf on BTS’ Life in Seoul

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Jimin sticking Jungkook’s Hawaii picture on the wall and saying it “gives [him] healing.” (we’ll come back to this later…)

This moment we CANNOT ignore…like it’s so subtle yet so sweet T.T sings can’t keep my hands to myself*

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Trying to ignore the fact that Jungkook had a single yellow shirt in his cupboard amongst all the white ones I’m not saying it’s because that’s the colour that reminds him of Jimin but that’s exactly what I’m saying

Jikook being fucking all over each other at fansigns  cuties, right? Like bless the seating arrangement…or so we though there was one…until you realised they got to choose

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Can be talk about Jm singing Serendipity right at Jungkook’s face and then turning away shyly?

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Look how happy he looks…remember the photo?


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Okay, so I was gonna go in order from the earliest to latest but fuck that, there are too many moments anyway…CHIMCHIM CHANGING THE LYRICS OF BEST OF. ME JUST TO HAVE JUNGKOOK’S NAME INSTEAD

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Who said Jikook had no moments in DNA???? (+ other live performances, because they can’t seem to get enough of each other)

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Okay Jimin we get it…lol

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…okay you too Jungkook

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Army I present you stares that can kill!! ft. jikook (those sneaky smiles though)

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NO?? No one’s gonna mention the butt grab?!!! This was ICONIC, I am still not over it…

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Seems like Jungkook still hasn’t learnt his lesson…

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...still imitating his hyung

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Then there’s JM exposing Jk for sleeping in their room…and you wonder where the boy sleeps though, like they’re single beds right?

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Jikook being extra together AFTER performances as well???

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Should we zoom in a bit??

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Ah, now that’s better

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Sometimes I wonder if Jungkook knows his staring…

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…then again, it seems to go both ways


Jungkook grabbing Jimin’s hand…hears in the distance, “We’ll be back with more moments.” ;)

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(Credits to all GIF owners who made this possible)

I spend about 80% of my time thinking about Kpop, and the other 20% of the time, I’m praying for someone else to bring it up so I can talk about it too.
—  When people ask me what I do for fun (totally a mean girls quote lol)
Reaction: They Realize They’re In Love With You - Hyung Line

Hyung line. Maknae line.

Don’t forget to send in your requests!

(Gifs are not mine, credit goes to their owners/makers)


Min Yoongi:

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Yoongi knew he was in love with you way back when he was admitted for appendicitis in 2013. With the exception of the guys, you were the closest friend that he had. He had been worried and scared about what was going to happen so he asked someone to send you text, hoping that you could offer some type of comfort even if you weren’t there in person. However, he was rushed to surgery before he was able to get a reply.

When he opened his eyes, the first person he saw was you. You had dragged one of the hospital chairs over to his bed, getting as close as you could get. Your legs were pulled onto the chair and your chin rested on your arms as you slept. Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you. It appeared as if you just threw whatever you had on, a pair of pajama pants that had frogs printed on them, a tank top and a thin sweater over that.

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Living In A Fantasy (Land)

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : you and two friends win a trip to Disneyland, with Chris Evans himself!

Song : Heart by Sleeping At Last

Warning : language and lots of flirting lol.

A/N : okay, I am in love with this. I hope you are too! Please let me know what you think!

The room lit up almost immediately, once the sun peaked through the blinds.

It woke you up before your phone could.

A smile formed on your lips and you couldn’t help but feel the excitement grow inside of you. Today, you were going to Disneyland, one of which is your favorites, and you were going with none other than Chris Evans.

You could remember the phone call you received when you found out, and the letter from Chris himself, along with some Minnie ears.

This was a crazy dream come true and you couldn’t believe it was happening to you. Of all the people that entered the contest, you won.

Which was a first for you. You were never the one to win anything. Not even at birthday parties.

You were so excited for months, and it is finally here.

Jumping out of bed, you basically ran to the bathroom to begin the day by doing your hair. You want to look good but didn’t want to seem as if you were trying too hard.

The sound of the water woke your best friend up from her slumber.

She made her way to the bathroom, almost as excited as you were.

“Good morning sunshine.” She said, slightly yawning.

You flashed a soft smile at her, almost wincing. “Did I wake you up?” You asked.

She nodded and shrugged.

“Yea but it’s cool. You have ever right to be excited!” She said. “We are about to meet Chris freaking Evans!”

For a moment, you both squealed. Freaking out together and waking up your other friend, Betty.

“Seriously?” She groaned, definitely not a morning person.

“Oh come on! You should be excited!” Rashelle, your best friend exclaimed.

“I am, it’s just too early to be that excited.” Betty lightly chuckled.

After a while, all three of you started getting ready. With music blasting and laughter filling the air, it felt almost too perfect.

Once you finished your hair and makeup, you changed into the outfit you had picked out since you found out you won the contest.

You decided on your favorite grey Mickey Mouse shirt, with light blue high waisted shorts, along with your MU hat you bought two years ago.

It was cute and comfortable which you loved.

Before you knew it, your phone went off. Catching your attention.

It was from the number that called you when you found out you won. So you weren’t hesitant to answer this time.

“Hi!” You said a bit too excited.

“Good morning Y/N.”

Suddenly, your stomach felt like it were in knots. The second you heard the voice, you knew who it was.

“H-hi.” You forced out.

You heard a little chuckle coming from his end of the phone.

Your furrowed your brows, glancing at your friends who were mouthing the words ‘what’ and ‘you okay?’

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Mhm–yep.” You said, hesitantly. Hoping you wouldn’t sound too nervous.

“Awesome! Well, Come down to the lobby! Your ride has arrived!”

And just like that, you felt your heart begin to beat rapidly. You were about to meet the actor you had loved for so many years.

“O-Okay!” You said, your lips curving more and more.

“See you soon.”

The phone hung up and you were brought back to reality. Looking at your friends who were worried.

“You okay?” Betty asked.

“Yeah, you look sick.” Rashelle added.

You nodded, pulling your small Minnie Mouse back pack on and also placed your Minnie ears on your head.

“Yea–yea.” You said. “I just talked to Chris Evans.”

The girls shared a glance before looking at you with wide eyes.

“Oh my god! What did he say?!”

You flashed a smirk, and slipped your phone into your pocket.

“He’s waiting downstairs. So we have to go!” You said, voice slightly raising from the excitement.

Once you and the girls left the room, neither of you could contain your squeals. Which was fine, you all wanted to get it out before you met Chris.

The elevator ride wasn’t long and before you knew it, you were in the lobby.

You could feel as if your stomach was doing flips and your palms were clammy.

It was hard not to be nervous.

The car was outside in the front, with a driver smiling, and holding a sign with your name written out.

“Ms. Y/L/N?” He said.

You nodded, and smiled. “That’s me.”

The driver opened the door for you and helped you and your friends get in.

When you noticed it was empty inside, you felt your heart sink just a bit. Chris was nowhere to be found.

“I thought you said he was here?” Betty asked.

You shrugged your shoulders. “I thought he was.”

Before the door closed, the driver began talking to someone who was behind the car.

“That was fast!” He said.

“Right? I thought it’d take me a lot longer than that!”

There it was, the sound of his voice which caused your heart to pound profusely all over again.

Your body stiffened and before you knew it, your eyes met.

“Hey!” He said with a cheeky grin.

The very second he saw you, he was taken aback. You were beautiful, and mesmerizing. And he knew he wanted to know you more than before.

You almost forgot how to breathe, trying hard not to get lost in his alluring blue eyes.

“H-Hi.” You forced out.

Chris climbed into the car, sliding next to you which made you feel even more nervous.

“I got you this.” He pulled out a small box of donuts, handing them toward you.

“Thank you, I’m starving!” You said, picking one.

Chris chuckled, gazing right at you, until Betty cleared her throat. Snapping you both back into reality.

“And I have some for you girls as well.” He smiled.

“Thanks!” Rashelle smiled.

“Yea–thank you!”

“Well then, are we ready to go?” He asked.

You nodded, looking at the girls who agreed with you as well.

“Sweet! Then off to Disneyland we go!” He chuckled.

The ride to Disneyland wasn’t too long but it gave you all a chance to talk for a bit. Talked about Disney and his role as Steve Rogers.

It was nice and actually getting to talk to him, you got to see how down to earth he really was. And it was like a breath of fresh air.

In this small time of talking to him, you couldn’t help but fall for him even more.

“We’re here!” He said, rubbing his hands together before clapping once.

His smile expressed how excited he was. Which was the same way you felt. Not only were you with your favorite actor, you were at your favorite place in the world.

The car stopped in the front, and the drive opened the door for you. But chris spring out and sprinted to your side.

“I got it from here, thanks Ralph.”

He looked down at you, flashing a soft smile with his hand out.

You placed your hand in his, and immediately felt a shiver ripple up your spine. Creating something to ignite, not only in you, but in Chris as well.

It was like a spark flickering within.

“Holy crap, I can’t believe we’re here!” Rashelle exclaimed, snapping you out of your daze.

She and Betty came out the other side of the car.

Chris waved at Ralph before he drove off, leaving you at the park. It all felt like a dream, you had to pinch yourself.

“Alright, what ride should we get on first?” Betty asked.

“Space mountain!” Both you and Chris spewed, which caused you to glance at each other and chuckle. “Damn, do you want to think about it first?” Betty teased.

As all four of you started for the entrance of the park, the feeling of excitement grew stronger. This was more than just a place for fun. It was somewhere you felt safe and felt like you could be yourself. It was like a second home. Disney had been such a big part of your life, so with that, you couldn’t help but feel whole.

Chris noticed the way your smile grew when you gazed around. He saw the little gleam in your eyes and somehow, he was hooked in that moment.

“And so it begins!” Rashelle said.


“I fell in love with the idea of the ‘One Bad Night’ video becoming a story of human compassion,” explains Kiyoko. “With the issues going on in our world right now, it’s important for us not to turn our backs each other. Anyone we come across could be an unlikely hero. Even the simple things in life can make or break your night, whether it’s a smile at the grocery store, an acknowledgment of support… just being seen. I wanted this video to be a reminder that humanity is looking out for you.”

tuesday mornings

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: your terrible habit of sleeping on the subway actually lead you somewhere.
requested: yes! (finally) but this is actually based on my irl experience and horrible habit of sleeping when i commuted to school except i didn’t have a cute boy like daniel around…
a/n: it’s daniel fic week on my blog for my constantly writing a soulmate au fic soulmate’s birthday week @deepdickdaniel !!! happy birthday bitch. (also thank you @onlyjihoons for helping me with my writers block)

  • university has been cutting into your sleeping time.
  • because of all the group projects, essays, and assignments, you developed unsafe habit of sleeping on the subway, 
  • you’d often get older but really kind strangers shaking you awake, telling you it’s unsafe for someone so young to sleep on the subway alone.
  • honestly, you couldn’t help it….
  • there were many times where you missed your stop so you started to tape a sign on yourself saying “wake me up at xxx station”
  • that’s when you had a regular (?) waking you up every tuesday in the same subway cart at Your Seat™ (yes you had your own seat)

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pll characters reacting to their fetus selves
  • alison: okay i know being a bitch is sort of your thing and all and that makes you cool but like would you rather be dead (or fake dead) or cool? actually CHILL GIRL
  • aria: maybe don't with the pink streaks? it's not as cute as you think it is girl, either go all out or not at all
  • caleb: lol what a nerd, who even wears beanies anymore, also you're going to fall in love with this one girl so remember NOT TO SLEEP WITH HER BEST FRIEND thx bro
  • charlotte: *can't react because is dead*
  • emily: you're super mega ultra gay, just embrace it girl
  • ezra: just...wait until aria is legal, okay? okay. actually, just forget girls, cake is much less complicated and more cake = less heartbreak
  • hanna: girl you fab don't let anyone else tell you otherwise...but like don't steal those sunglasses, love yoself (and yo mom, the things that woman will do for you o m g)
  • jason: lol we've changed quite a bit haven't we
  • lucas: you will become very very rich. but you still can't get girls. your life is sad
  • mona: don't play dumb. you're a badass. also toffee tango is a great lipstick color on you you should wear it more often queen
  • paige: you're gay and that's okay but plz get a new haircut, anything that makes you look less aggressive
  • spencer: you need to take a chill pill no more like a thousand chill pills well actually no don't do that we have a problem with pills
  • toby: what a smol bean, stay gold ponyboy. also your life sucks, but it will suck significantly more if you don't date spencer hastings. you're welcome.
  • wren: you handsome devil you, you don't know how much you're going to fuck up, good luck mate
The Differences Between Real Couples and Kaist*l(ft.Dispatch)

Hello everyone i was looking at Netizenbuzz today then i saw the dating news of Uee and Gangnam( Congratulations to the couple ^^ ) and again who did reveal the couple? : Yes Dispatch ^^

Let’s look at the photos:

(cr. to Dispatch)

They are hugging and they don’t realize Dispatch is taking photos of them.

Now let’s look at another couple( i think they broke up now, i dunno); Seolhyun and Zico :

(cr. to Dispatch)

Can you see how Seolhyun is wearing a mask to hide herself and running( like in a panic or rush idk)? ( Btw a Kaisoo suppporter friend made an analysis of SeolCo and Kaist*l and talk about the differences but i couldn’t find it, if you find it pls add it or message at me ^^) . It seems like Seolhyun doesn’t wanna be caught while in a date with Zico, mmmm…..

Now SongSong couple ( they are going to marry this October,congratz ^^ ) :

(cr. to Dispacth)

B*ekyeon :

(I’m sorry but i’ve always believed that they dated or they are still dating i don’t know.)

(cr. to Dispatch)

Lee Min Ho and Suzy :

(cr. to Dispatch)

Hani and Junsu:

(cr. to Dispatch)

They are trying to hide themselves,it’s so obvious.

Taeyang and Min Hyorin :

They are wearing masks and enjoying their date like a REAL couple.

(cr. to Dispatch)

There are so many couples revealed by Dispatch but i will end it here.

Now look at our FAKE couple( they are not anymore. Btw they weren’t in the beginning what am i saying lol. Don’t mind me :D ) :

Did you see the differences? They don’t hide themselves like other couples does. They don’t wear masks like other couples does. Dispatch did not catch them. Look at Kryst*l in the last photo. She is like “Oh are you there? that’s good.(smiling) Okay let’s do this!” and look at our poor baby Nini ‘cause he was put in a fake realationship because of his bitch company SM( you know they must hide the gay….) He is like “ okay take some photos, i wanna go home and sleep..” He doesn’t even look at her Come On???!!! Can’t you see there is sth wrong in these photos? Doesn’t this remind you a photoshoot? They don’t in a panic or rush. They are like they wanted to caught deliberately.. As a Kaisoo supporter myself nearly 3 years, when i first saw these pics last year, i realized they didn’t look geniune and this was all fake. Even the accounts about them seemed so fake.And now, after i saw a new couple this year revealed by Dispatch and after i looked at their photos(how they are hugging) i again remembered how SM tried to make us believe this all over fake relationship :D . Now i’m glad they also confirmed their fake break up 1 month ago ( because u know they were never a couple hihi :D ) You tried SM but we are not kids u know? :D.

In conclusion, i just wanted to show how their photos seems fake and different from other couples. :) 

Take Care of Yourselves and Love And Support Real Couple aka Kaisoo :* 


August 18, 2017// work-in-progress university tips (also applicable to high school)

typed version below the cut! (once again, these are a compilation from other masterposts, which you can mostly find under my tags #reference, #tips, #university)

life tips post

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16/100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Pairing:Best Friend! Kang Daniel / Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 435

A/N: This is my first attempt of expressing my love for wanna-one. I know it’s not that good, but on the off chance you like it, please follow me for more content. Or not lol it’s up to you.

16) “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.”

Daniel lay against the wall pressed against his bed, eyes wide, staring blankly at the cream-coloured ceiling. His arms lay motionlessly, crossed protectively across his chest.

He was worked up, anxious and just a tad bit agitated. And it was only… 2:42AM. Great… tomorrow is going to be living hell.


Well it was really all your fault. How could you lay so peacefully, so beautifully, and so completely unaffected by his presence, while he can’t even bring himself to breathe, let alone heaven forbid sleeping. How could he, when every breath reminded him of just how close you were? It was taking all of Daniel’s will-power to refrain from unlocking the arms entwined in its own prison. Because if he could embrace you, running his palms across your smooth skin to map out the stars from your eyes, he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to stop.

Your scent was an intoxicating concoction of vanilla and strawberries, driving him completely and utterly insane. And just a tad bit closer to the wall.

Glancing over at your slumped figure, sprawled across over 90% of his bed, the corners of his lips tugged upwards on its own accord. Daniel’s eyes roamed over your face before shifting his attention to the stray strands of hair laying delicately across your forehead.

Insisting that it was only for the comfort of your sleep, he finally lifts his arms, trailing his fingertips across your forehead gently. Absentmindedly, he continued to stoke your hair, admiring its texture beneath his hands before you stirred quite abruptly.

Panicking, Daniel let his arm go limp above your head as he screwed his eyes shut. Did you notice? Can friends do this? He wasn’t sure. But being caught stroking your sleeping best friend was not how Daniel intends for you to find out about his life long crush.

As you lift the blankets off you, stepping of the comfort that was Daniels bed, you made a bee-line towards your water bottle on the other side of the room. As you returned, you noticed as Daniel’s figure stirred from beneath the blankets.

“ Oh. Sorry Daniel, did I wake you?” You mumbled half-awake, unable to notice the pink tones that dusted the apples of his cheeks. “I just had the weirdest dream!”

“It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” He chuckled nervously raking his fingers through his hair as he dragged his body into a sitting position.

Sending a smile towards you, he patted the empty spot next to him.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

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Seventeen: Sex with Joshua

Hello fams :^) It’s been a long time and i’m really sorry but please don’t be angry with me.
I’m going through a rather hard time and sort of am constantly tired??? I just feel like sleeping the whole time but it’s okay :)
I’ll be fine. I just need time.
And this turned out pretty long which is good i think. Lol i got carried away.
For anybody who is easily triggered please don’t read it.
As always thank you and enjoy!




•Ya’ll don’t understand how much i love Joshua
•Especially sub Joshua :^))))
•You guys really think that he is innocent?????? That he is a pure smol bean?????? WELL THEN YOU THOUGHT WRONG
•He is so lewd needy and dirty it amazes me tbh
•So first things first
•He is 100% sub material and there are probably zero times where he doms
•Don’t get me wrong he has nothing against it but why destroy when you can get destroyed???? probably his motto
•He is l o u d
•And so whiny it’s beautiful
•If you told him that he’d get so flustered and shy
•He’ll look so innocent in these moments and it’s weird because you’ll be teasing him and making a dirty mess
•But he’ll look so angelic??????? like boi get your act together
•At the beginning he won’t have a high stamina
•He’ll cum by the lightest touch he’d be so ashamed which i don’t understand but ok
•But he loves sex way too much so he’d try really hard to build his stamina
he can get really unsure of himself sometimes so always tell him that you love him!
•He loves BDSM
•Bondage, Overstimulation, food play and spanking are his favorite
•Just imagine him under you, tied up and with rosy cheeks
•And you slowly lean down
•He starts whining and writhing because you’re not fast enough
•And to torture him a little bit more you lean away look down at him and blow cool air at his wet nipples for a few minutes
•Them you get the whipped cream and put it on his nipples just to lick it offi dare you to kink shame me
•He moans so loud you have to stop
•Like i said he’s enjoy BDSM
•Probably has a mommy/daddy kink
•Cute lingerie on him or you doesn’t matter for him
•Just wants to beg tbh
•But let’s talk about the next thing :^)
•This boy has so many he couldn’t use them all in one night
•His favorites would be
•His cockring, vibrators, buttplugs and whips
•But he has much more ;^)
•After your loooong nights he can be so tired and you have to take care of him
•please remember that this is just my opinion i don want make him look bad in your guys’s eyes
•There could be nights where he is really soft and just wants to make love to you

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