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More help with “said”

Anonymous asked:

I hope it’s okay to ask for a little more help with ‘said’. Your post was fantastic and I feel like it could’ve been made because of me if I didn’t know better, lol. I struggle with this a lot because I use too many mannerisms in place of 'said’. How should I show what the character is feeling (if the character isn’t the POV one) without the 'trembled’ and all that?

Of course it’s okay! :) <3

So, to be clear, I did not mean that you couldn’t use words like “trembled” in your description. It’s absolutely fine to bring mannerisms like trembled (aka visual cues) into the description around dialogue to illustrate how a character might be feeling. You just shouldn’t use those words as replacements for “said.” So, for example, you wouldn’t want to say:

“I did my report on the Civil War,” Ted trembled.

You wouldn’t want to say that because “trembled” isn’t a synonym of “said.” Trembling has nothing to do with saying words. You can’t walk up to someone and tremble a greeting. You can tremble WHILE greeting them.

To illustrate how a character is feeling during dialogue, you can use visual cues to set up and explain the dialogue:

Ted went to the front of the classroom. As he stared out at his audience, he began to tremble. “I did my report on the Civil War.”

As long as your narrator can observe the visual cue, they can report on it. In the above example, “tremble” is used to set up the dialogue. 

You can also use other sensory cues like sound and smell:

Ted went to the front of the classroom, leaving the stench of nervous sweat in his wake. He began to tremble as he stared out at his audience. “I did my report on the Civil War,” he said, voice shaky.

So, to break this down…

Ted went to the front of the classroom, leaving the stench (sensory cue - smell) of nervous sweat in his wake. He began to tremble (sensory cue - visual) as he stared out at his audience. “I did my report on the Civil War,” he said, voice shaky. (sensory cue - audio)

From these three words we understand that Ted is nervous about this presentation.

Also, if you wanted to say the above without the “said tag,” you can do it like this:

Ted went to the front of the classroom, leaving the stench of nervous sweat in his wake. He began to tremble as he stared out at his audience. “I did my report on the Civil War.” His voice shook with each word. “It all started back in 1861 when Confederate war ships turned back a supply convoy headed to Fort Sumter.”

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. You can buy it on Amazon on Kindle or in paperback. You guys know I’ve been writing forever and even I find this resource incredibly helpful. Sometimes you just can’t conjure the visual cues that go along with certain emotions. This reminds you of what they are. Plus, it offers internal cues as well. Another book that has some handy emotional and body language lists is Bryn Donovan’s Master Lists for Writers. It’s also available in both paperback and on Kindle. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

anonymous asked:

okay this is probably one of the dumbest asks you've probs gotten, but im so confused and I can't find any shits to clarify because all of the descriptions are the same. So, this is a sexual ask (just a forewarning, but it's not bad or anything and there will probs be two parts because I've already used up most of the fckng characters), but anyway, I'm v confused on the descriptions of cancer mars. Most descriptions are like "this bich is super basically a mom, and literally actually--

Gets turned on by the thought of having children. p.s. literally everytime they have sex it’s about emotions.“, but like not to be a hoe, but I’m a #hoe. I do relate to having to be emotionally attached to someone to have sex, but the super gentle shits, and the nurturing????? I want 2 b fckng rawed 2 deth, tf. Like I’m so kinky, but I have a cancer stellium??? I mean, I do have a pluto-mars aspect, but it’s just a biquintile. I also have mars conjunct venus, but it’s a lil bit past 8° so,– 2/3 It’s loosely conjunct. Could me having venus and moon in the 8th house be the reason why I’m a huge hoe, or??? I can’t really figure out anything else, dude. Like I just sometimes really don’t relate to the descriptions of cancer mars being so family-oriented and conservative around sexual matters. And basically my whole freakin chart is water (other than scorp, but it’s still my asc), so??? This is basically just me venting tbh, and it’s way too long, sorry that it’s so scattered, lmfao. 3/3

First things first. Sex is complicated. We can all agree on that. There’s a few places to look if you’re curious about yourself sexually:

  • Mars - can show the physical act of sex
  • Pluto is somewhat a good place to look but the manifestations can go to other places
  • 5th House - casual sex for fun (I’d recommend you look here)
  • 5th and 8th lord and the aspects made to those lords are a good place to look
  • 8th House - intimate sex
  • Eros and Psyche
  • Aspects to Mars and the house placement of Mars is a great place to look

Now, with Cancer Mars… Cancer Mars is misunderstood, and that’s because I’ve found that Cancer as an archetype itself is misunderstood. If you can’t understand the archetypes, you can’t understand the planets (That’s why I’m such an ass on it lol)

Sure, the whole emotional/gentle aspect can make sense for Cancer Mars, but I personally think that Cancer is more emotionally charged than anything… Emotions drive you out either in or out of your comfort zone. I feel like people only consider the in part because yeah, Cancer likes comfort, but also, Cancer knows that you gotta get out of comfort to get comfort in again… It’s a cardinal sign lol. Cancer is a sign of constant change and fluctuation.

Cancer can go crazy if it wanted to - it just needs an emotional approval. If they ain’t feelin’ it, they ain’t doing it.

And tbh, it does not make sense to me when people try to tie the “family” aspect when it comes to sex… That’s just really awkward and disturbing, and I don’t think Cancers would actually do that. Like yeah, Cancer is associated with family, but there’s just some things that do not tie together. Maybe Cancer likes the idea of having sex to make a family, but like… the thought of having family when you’re having sex when you’re not currently planning one makes no sense at all.

Like Gemini is associated with children and youth… are you gonna be thinking about little kids with you have sex with someone? No, lol - same goes for Cancer and the whole family dealio

12 New Anime Shows From 2016 To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Watch if you like: competitive sports, romance, men so beautiful that you will weep”

I love opening up buzzfeed and seeing these two 

Okay but surrealism aside all of these Southern Gothic posts are literally how the South is and I’m cackling. 

We’ve got creepy ass 24/7 diners that say open but you can’t find the staff for half an hour. 

There’s a haunted house and a murder/ghost story in every town. 

There’s always a fishing hole no one goes to because of a tragedy living in the waters. 

The woods are dark and hunting season is the only time you enter them. So many ghost stories. Haunted everything. 

The mountains are alive with the sound of screaming. 

Devil’s tramping grounds, hollers, woods, stones, you name it, we got it. 

The old people may be racist and bigoted, but they have skin-crawling tales of caution and they’re all true. 

Everyone knows someone who’s drowned. 

We’ve all got a weird cousin who left the family and never came back. No one knows the circumstances of their disappearance but they were always an “odd duck.” 

Community is a foreign concept to many until autumn. People come in droves from the mountain valleys and hollers bearing crafts and baked goods for sale. Apple butter can be smelled from half a mile away and the sound of fiddles fill the air. You will not see these people again until next autumn. 

There are cemeteries everywhere, but the ones unloved are left for a reason. 

Do not step on the graves, but behind them. If you step on them, apologize to avoid haunting. 

Old oak trees = do not fuck with the tree. 

100% Facts, I’m not even joking. 

The Trampoline

Summary: Dan’s very gay and very in love with Phil, who has always been 100% straight. Also, there’s a trampoline.

Word Count: 5.3k

Genre: smut

TW: underage drinking


read on ao3

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Okay, so I didn’t want to post this yet, but I really really REALLY wanna show you guys what I’ve been working on for months. AND since it’s Aaliyah’s birthday… might as well post it lol. So SURPRISE!!! I’ve been working on an animation of Aaliyah! This was supposed to be for the 20th anniversary of her album ‘One In A Million’ in August, but let me tell you something… animating is hard, and it takes a lot of hard work. Even with my hand cramping right now, it’s all worth it. And that’s what Aaliyah taught me. My passion is art, and even though the work is painful, or it makes me bone-tired, it’s all worth it because just seeing something that I created come to life, it’s the best feeling in the world honestly. So, yeah it’s not fully finished yet, but I am planning to finish it by the end of this month or next month. Just wanted to show you guys what I was working on, and that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Babygirl and her music. I’ve been listening to her music for over 20 years, since I was little (and her music video, ‘One In A Million’ was the first video I’ve seen of hers on MTV lol), and she was the only artist I really admired, and her music helped me find what I truly love doing, and I thought an animation would be a perfect tribute for me to pay my respects and thank her for inspiring me and millions of other fans out there. 

Happy Birthday, Miss Aaliyah!! Love you and miss you always!!!! 😘💕

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


  • Percy: my goal is not to be the best, but to inspire someone enough to one day surpass me
  • Annabeth: Percy, you can't just say that every time I beat you at connect four
how the signs feel about their stereotypes
  • aries: "wHAT?!?!?!?! I AM NOT ANGRY ALL THE TIME!!!1!!1! FIGHT ME!!!!!"
  • taurus: "omg i dont like food THAT m--wait a minute. yes i do."
  • gemini: "*reads horoscope* damn i really am a dick."
  • cancer: "okay yeah. I pretty much am a crying mess. sometimes. okay always."
  • leo: "*sobbing* i'm so upsetttt why does e v e r y post say i'm selfish and that i think i'm better than everyone when really i hate myself and think everyone is a beautiful flowerrr *sobs more*"
  • virgo: "This is extremely illogical."
  • libra: "lol"
  • sagittarius: "LMAO K"
  • capricorn: "According to recent studies and scientists, science suggests that..."
  • aquarius: "IM NOT AN ALIEN OK"
  • pisces: "*smirks evilly*"

Okay but can we talk about the fact that even Victor has insecurities?

And this is huge because Victor knows that he’s beautiful, and he knows that he’s irresistible, and he knows that he’s extremely skilled and he knows that no one can hold a candle to his skating and we’d be ready to think he’s confident about literally every part of himself.

But then it turns out that even the great Victor himself has things he’s self-conscious about - his receding hairline, or more accurately, his age.

Because he may be only 27 but that’s old for figure skaters and he should really be retiring now. His body won’t be flexible for very long now and soon he just won’t be able to keep up the skating class and quality he had had for his entire life. And it very much seems like he doesn’t have much more in his life than skating and once that’s over, he’ll be nothing but an ex-figure skater with a dog and absolutely no plans for the rest of his life.

And his hair is a reminder of that fact. It’s a reminder that once he stops being the best, he’ll have to quit skating because the moment someone beats him on the podium he will become irrelevant because he’s just too old and it’s time for the next generation to shine. And remember that he’s surrounded by people who are younger than him and he’s the oldest (iirc) skater in the senior division. The pressure he’s facing is extreme.

Maybe I’m reading too far into this but keep reading if you think you might feel the same about what the show is trying to say.

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Spell me out of this

Hey hello so I’ve been making false starts on this idea for a fic for MONTHS now and I attempted maybe five different versions of it with vastly different storylines, none of which really worked, and in the end I just spent three days on this and meh okay here goes. Simon can’t deal with his feelings for Baz so he uses magic to repress them.

(Sixth year)


Agatha is upset with me, because I didn’t ask her where she’d been. I think. She’s been gone the entire day, and I just figured she had something she needed to do or she was sick or she needed a day off, and I pushed it out of my mind, and I didn’t say anything. She thinks I don’t care enough about where she is, or what she’s doing. She thinks that if I like her, those are things I should worry about.


Agatha is upset with me, because we’ve barely spent any time together over the last week. She thinks I’m too busy following Baz around to care that I’m never around her. She thinks that as her boyfriend, I should want to spend time around her. But I do want to spend time around her. I just know Baz is up to something.


Penny keeps nagging at me, because she thinks it’s weird that I don’t talk about Agatha much. I don’t think she has a problem with it, but she’s convinced that I don’t like Agatha the way I did in fourth year. In fourth year, I wouldn’t shut up about her. I told her that liking Agatha doesn’t mean I have to think about her all the time.

‘Well, no, but it’s a known symptom,’ Penny said.


Penny says it’s strange that Agatha doesn’t seem to get under my skin. The other day Agatha got frustrated with me for botching up a spell, and Penny said she was surprised when I didn’t seem really worked up about it.

‘That’s because you guys know what my magic is like,’ I said. ‘Agatha’s just frustrated, she’s not judging me.’

Penny says I used to try so hard to impress Agatha, but now she thinks I’m just going through the motions. I told her I’m trying to be a good boyfriend, and she said I’m only doing it because it’s what I’m supposed to do.

‘What are you saying, Penny?’ I finally ask. I know she’s getting at something.

‘I just don’t think you two are that into each other,’ she says. ‘What she said didn’t bother you?’

‘No. Why would I be pissed at her? She wasn’t trying to upset me. Not like when Baz says things like that.’

It does bother me when Baz insults me. (Not to mention the fact that he does it all the time. It’s his favourite hobby.)

‘You barely hang out together anymore.’

‘We do, I’m just busy…’ Following Baz. Trying to figure out what he’s plotting. There have been weeks where I barely let him out of my sight.

‘You never talk about her,’ Penny continues.

‘What do I talk about, then?’

She sighs. ‘You talk about Baz.’

I shrug, because, fine, she’s right. I probably do talk about Baz too much. I probably do think about Baz too much. A lot more than I think about Agatha.

‘Where is Baz?’ I say. ‘What’s he up to? I need to know where he is.’ I need to see him. I need to be around him.

I look at Penny. Penny stares back.

I gulp.



Well, shit.


You have to help me.

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Giveaway - Enter to win Vintage Glamour Stuff!


Okay, so I’ll do this (TS4 Vintage Glamour) gifting cuz what do I have to lose! (except 10 dollars). I wanna try this out and see what this giveaway deal is all about. Plus this gave me a reason to play in photoshop and make a stupid Christmas card of the new stuff pack cover, lol (credits to måns-grebäck for fonts and all).


  • You must reblog this post (doesn’t matter how many times since only one entry matters)
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  • All this must happen during 1st of December to 6th of December
  • Attention (if it wasn’t clear already) you must have an origin ID because this is a digital giveaway through origin only.

That’s it. You don’t have to follow me. Unless you want to! I always appreciate support and new sim friends ❤

After the 6th of December is over, I’ll pick the winner (by honest methods) It might take me a while if there are plenty of participants. But if not then easier for me and easier to whoever wants to win a free game XD 


“It is okay for me to be alive.”

“I am not a waste.”

To kick off my new witch blog I’m posting some personal sigils I made! They’re a little messy but they have definitely helped me so I hope they might help someone else as well.
( ´ ▽ ` )

On Saturday (11/2/17) I finally got to see The Cursed Child! It was absolutely amazing, such a work of art! 

I went to the stage door that night and managed to meet a few cast members but the one I really wanted - Anthony Boyle - didn’t make an appearance so I decided to go back last night as well. I’d gotten to know one of the security guards pretty well by now and when I said I was there to see Anthony, he just nodded and said something about knowing his family quite well. 

Cut to about an hour later and they’re taking away the barriers, that was all for tonight, no more cast, and Anthony was a no-show. Before I could leave though, the security guard very subtly held up a hand signaling me to wait and he ducked into the theatre. A moment later he returned and asked if I could wait for just one minute, so obviously I said yes, and he went back inside. He was being very sneaky about it all!

A couple minutes later he comes back out and gestures me through the stage door and inside the theatre, so I followed him inside (while screeching internally) walking past Jeremy and a few other cast, and the security guard goes into the dressing room and a second later Anthony is coming toward me! I literally said, “Oh my god, it’s you?!” And he laughed and offered a hug, and we talked about the show and how much I enjoyed it, and when I mentioned how I’d been hoping to meet him that night he apologised for not coming to the stage door because he had to hurry to get ready for a BAFTA party! We also chatted about Ireland before the security guard told us to hurry up, so he signed my book and we got a photo (wtf is his face) and that’s how I left the Palace Theatre crying my eyes out while also smiling like a crazy person!

Anthony was so so lovely, and I’ll forever be grateful to the security guard (I never caught his name!) and his act of pure kindness.

College Things

- The guy in front of you in class is shopping for a charcoal grill on ebay. why. sir. we have a test next week. 

- Squirrels just….have no fear. None. Only on college campuses though. Are they okay? 

- Finding condoms, packaged and not, in various places. 9 times out of 10, if there’s something inside, it’s not what the condom is supposed to have inside of it. 

- Water balloon condoms. See above. 

- That one guy who wears the same hat every day and you see him every day and you don’t understand why he’s so attached to this hat what is he hiding 

- *single flake of snow appears* “Maybe campus will shut down tomorrow.”

- Campus doesn’t shut down. There’s three feet of snow and the wind chill is below zero. 

- That one corner of the library basement that no one goes to. It smells old and there’s probably a ghost there. 

- When you’re a pedestrian, you hate the cyclists. When you’re on a bicycle, you want nothing more than to run every single person over. 

- You see someone violently acting out a music video with their headphones in. You leave them alone because you were doing the same thing thirty minutes ago.  You hope it goes well for them. 

- Theater majors. Just…theater majors. 

- do the science kids???? ever leave the science buildings???? where do they sleep? 

- There’s a dog. It’s surrounded in seconds by over-caffeinated, under-hydrated students who haven’t slept in three days. 

- you find articles of clothing in really weird places and just. stop caring. glove in a tree? Cool man. Sock on the street? Hope no one needed that. Pants on the stairs of the dorm? Use a condom bro. 

- The dorm lobby television only ever plays sports, news, or The Food Network. No one is ever actually watching what’s on. 

- how are the art students even alive 

- that one professor that EVERYONE on campus knows, even if they have a completely different major than what they teach. 

- there’s a class. you know you had it. you know you have a grade for it. you can’t remember a single second of your time in it. 

- Where did that cat come from? No one knows. It’s always been there. You can’t pet it. Only stare from afar. 

- what is tipping? how does it work? idk tip the pizza guy five bucks for the ten dollar pizza. he looks tired. he’s dying on the inside. he saw a guy naked tonight. 

- Inevitable “pinned condom on the bulletin board goes missing” gag

- Your whiteboard markers are missing again. You put them out yesterday. 

- someone stole an entire skeleton from the science buildings. it got returned a week later without the skull. 

- Vocalist majors. Almost as bad as the theater majors. At least the theater kids don’t sing during breakfast. 

- there’s a piano in the student lounge. no one can play anything but Chopsticks and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

- your garbage is four feet tall and has been there for two weeks. you add more to the top. you took the recycling out yesterday.

love is a word (you gave it a name) | harry/louis | 21 400 words

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

for inkedrope; written as part of the h/l winter exchange

Little Dance - Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 1033
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Featuring: Harrison Osterfield (aka his contact name is “Better Than Spider-Man)
Warnings: its lowkey really cringe
Requested by @jaderz-mega-yikes
HEY BITCH (ha I can never say that with a straight face) Can you write an imagine based off of that one gif of Tom dancing in the airport? Maybe YN (hehe me😏)picks him up & there’s a shit ton of fluff. From yours truly - Dumbass (aka MegaTriggered)
Authors Note: So this is the post it was loosely based off of, lol! I had a much harder time than I expected I was going to, but i think it turned out okay xD

Cast Members Masterlist. Masterlist.

To: Better Than Spider-Man
How long will it take for Tom to stand up?

From: Better Than Spider-Man
I give him five more minutes tops.

You turned to look at Harrison and leaned closer to him. “He does have some long legs; he’s going to need to stretch them soon. These seats are small.”

Haz laughed and nodded, both of you stealing looks over at Tom. Within just a few more minutes, he stood up to stretch.

“Geat, now that you’re standing, you can get me food!” A big smile flashed across your face, along with an eyebrow dance.

Tom sighed and rolled his head to look over at you. “Are you serious?”

“Yep! Hurry along Tom, just because you’re famous does not mean you aren’t my servant,” You moved your hands to shoo him away.

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