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Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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Okay while I’m at it (i mean talking abt my art policy w someone laughs)
I would like to share this thing happened to me from months ago.
Something I rlly have to tell to all my followers or people who visit my page.

To begin with, I’m a really flexible kind of artist regarding my own art’s policies.

Use as icon? Use it. Use as header? Use it. Repost? Redraw? Trace? Reference? Yep, totally don’t mind, go ahead. I see those stuff as ways to appreciate my art, instead i would like laughs at it and “wow why would you like my ugly art cries, thanks tho.”
There is only one thing I ask from you all, “a credit”, yep, a link back to my tumblr. Or my twitter, or my name, just anything.

Because all I want is “respect and honesty” alright, you don’t need to ask my permission, but if you respect me & my art you surely would at least write down my name on the caption right?

Lol i became too sappy im sorry.
And well so, it’s not rare, but not often either for me to saw my art getting reposted. But this one particular haikyuu page in fb reposted my art without a credit to me. I wouldnt tell which art and which page bcs i don’t want problems. Please don’t look it up either i beg you.

Ok so, ofc my friend is like “haru isn’t this your art?” So I’m like “oh yes it is”
So i went to the page, and comment, kindly and politely, to put my link to tumblr on the caption. Thought, honestly, i wouldnt mind if they don’t do it either bcs if you see the comment section, the link is there, right there.
But this page, instead of choosing to just ignore the comment, which is already quite rude, choose to delete my comment.
My friends are like “whoa wtf, do u need a hand” but I’m too tired of shits already so I’m like “nah it’s cool.”

Ok, so, I’m no big artist, and I’m totally cool with this kind of thing. But it’s rlly unrespectful to the artist to do this kind of thing man. If you can’t support the artist by buying their stuff, commissing them, well excuse u, at least pls support them by respecting them.

To the admin of that page, i forgive you but please don’t do it anymore cries.

I’m sorry for rambling too much, i just feel like i need to make this post so some ppl would know all i want is my name written on the caption
Here have a KageHina :’) i haven’t been drawing so much lately cries //rolls away

anonymous asked:

P.S. You're a dick sometimes 😊😊😊😊😊 calling people out on "stolen art" when it was obviously not the intended purpose was bullshit. These artists don't always get stolen and not tagged so one person in the hundreds that doesn't know or doesn't understand the guide lines is not reason to go all out and explain the details. Its one account honestly

Ooh no i am a diiiick   Σʕ゚ᴥ゚ノʔノ

(also it’s a ps but there was no message before, was that intended?)


Okay, sorry,time to be serious.Don’t get me wrong adorable anon but ofc  there is a difference between stealing and misunderstanding. (。•́O•̀。)

Let meh explain u very clearly.I don’t “call out” everybody i see and in fact,i talk to them privately before anythin’ else. U don’t kno’ that because yes,indeed,it’s private and i always try to keep it that way and not make a fuss.

Respect the rules, if u don’t kno’ them,i’ll take my time and explain .This is my choice and also my duty as artist to make ppl understand this. You can’t kno’ to not touch the electric plug if your parents doesn’t warn u. this is how i consider the situation. This is very traumatizing for somewahn to be called out. i understand and i always keep it in mind when i ask them to delete the reposted art.  (;*△*;)


Stealing stuff ,mostly art is very hard to handle. They usually doesn’t kno’ the rules (which i can understand) or break them purposely (which is dangerous).

Now, the lol lmao “it’s one account” , you can absolutely forget this. it’s pretty naive. I don’t care about mah art, i care for all artists around there. Hundreds and hundreds of uncredited repost accounts exists. The common answer i receive when i ask them to take down the reposted art is “i’m not the only one, why do you annoy meh? bc i have a lot of followers isn’t it “ 

No.Mainly because it’s illegal. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

This is despicable to reject the fault on somewahn else. Be an adult ,understand ur mistakes and don’t it ever again . That’s ok when it happens. I won’t get mad but it’s rude to not listen to the ppl who share their art for free just for entertaining your day.


I remember for somethin’ like plagierism in france, you can risk 3 years of jail and 300 000 euros of compensation to the person you stole/repoduced the art.

 one or one hundred reposter(s),if you’re discovered and don’t remove the art, you’re exposin’ urself to a lot of problems.

Be reasonable kyote anon.I’m talkin’ to you in a adult way. Don’t forget to credit an artist.Young or not, It can goes very far and the borders of a country won’t stahp an artist to sue a reposter. 

 i had to call out 3/ 4 people but that nothin’ compared to the number of accounts i contacted for removing the reposted content. There is still a hope, i believe when ppl say “i didn’t kno’” Since they are understanding,i’ll neveh be rude to them. I try to understand their issues so i hope they would understand mine as well.

Don’t forget i have a life too.As artists, one or one thousand, this is the exact same thing. We have feelings. we’re not robots. Take this in consideration. I hate doin’ this but if i don’t stahp that, other ppl will repost art from the person who reposted it at first and that shiet will neveh end.  ( ≧Д≦)

It’s better to kill it in the egg before it become out of control. 


At this moment.i can tell u, that would be impossible to stahp this.

Dear reposters (warning terrible language)

Hello my beautiful followers this is not addressed to those of you who aren’t permissionless reposters

My “do not repost” text that I write directly under my signature is not a fucking decoration????
And honestly even if I or other artists didnt write it you shouldnt just think it’s ok to take someones hard work just to earn yourself some attention.
Just check the artist’s profile or even description first to see if they allow reposts?? And if it doesnt say anything on the topic then ASK…???? I don’t feel like i should even have to teach you to be a decent person… you should know this???? Stealing…is bad?? is that so hard to understand…

Also don’t continuously insist that I let you keep your stolen artwork up just because you want to keep your “likes” lol. Like wtf does that have to do with me?? Do you think artists work so hard and make so many mistakes and pick ourselves up so many times for your irrelevant lil ass to steal it for “likes”?????? Gtfoooooo im so mad….

Insert that spongebob meme “I have respected you crediting and i want to continue doing it but respecting fans here too” - person who stole my artwork with a clear “DO NOT REPOST” on it. Who insists i let them keep it up for the “likes” from their fans…. excuse me what the actual fuck.

Do. Not. Repost. I could give less of a shit about ur fans who like reposter accounts anyway lol… we dont draw for your sleazy ass we draw for ourselves and for our followers…not u lol … how is this hard to understand.


↳ Hi
↳ who am I
↳ I won’t tell you
↳ 1. alpaca 2. horse 3. muscle pig 4. heodang (satoori; clumsy/silly/easily confused) 5. grandma 6. monkey 7. rice cake
↳ shall I give more hints
↳ listen well
↳ banggeulie (Jin’s nickname)
↳ Uh, my mistake
↳ again
↳ 1. aje 2. grandpa 3. muscle bunny 4. horse 5. kim army 6. cheeky monkey 7. It’s me
↳ sorry my typing is slow😭
↳ 😢
↳ I can send emoticons fast
↳ 😁
↳ 😘
↳ 🙂
↳ 😛
↳ 😂
↳ 😯
↳ 😢
↳ I can do it now
↳ heh
↳ I
↳ am going to practice now
↳ I’m going ok?
↳ Ah, and I’ll take food

trans; @hobuing | do not repost


Ryoutarou, my boyfriend

“I’m on a date with my boyfriend now.”
Feel free to use these photos.  

Translated by @nimbus-cloud
Please do not repost my translations

Ryoutarou is also giving everybody permission to call him their boyfriend and use these photo lol.  This is actually a Japanese meme right now (started by a seiyuu) where you post a photo of yourself and tell everyone ‘it’s ok to call me your boyfriend’ type of meme.  

Kenta’s version is here (x

ayyy bts B))

drew jimin for a friend I actually don’t know if I like it as a gif it looks kinda weird LOL but w.e its ok I spent 5 mins playing around with it on gimp so >I

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Shouyou always jumps to where there are no blockers.  So we limit the areas he’ll go to.  After that, it’s one-on-one between middle blockers.  Inuoka, keep at it.”

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things ppl could totally say to kit that rhyme with his name

OK LMAO idek why i’m doing this but i just feel like it’d be really funny if it happened to kit lol. feel free to repost and add ur own :))

kit: hey, when will you be ready?
person: in a bit, kit

kit: and what do you want me to do?
person: um… just sit, kit

kit: nope, i don’t actually know that song
person: HOW?! it was a top hit, kit!

(repost from my old blog)

what people assume the life of a fictive and their system is like: lol it is so cool!! to purposefully create or pretend to create someone who’s my favorite fictional character, all they do now is spit out Funny rp shenanigans and say catchphrases

in actuality: i am afraid to say anything, at any moment, because if I think I sound “OOC” I’ll doubt my validity of existence and quickly spiral into hating myself and denying being who I am