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He wanted to feel cute!

  • <p> <b>Chat Noir:</b> Hey Bugaboo!<p/><b>Ladybug:</b> Hey Chat.<p/><b>Chat Noir:</b> You know, that my name is Chat Noir. But you can call me..<p/><b>Chat Noir:</b> *puts sun glasses on*<p/><b>Chat Noir:</b> ... anytime.<p/><b>Ladybug:</b> <p/><b>Chat Noir:</b> <p/><b>Ladybug:</b> <p/><b>Chat Noir:</b> <p/><b>Ladybug:</b> <p/><b>Ladybug:</b> *walks away*<p/><b>Chat Noir:</b> My Lady, I'm sorry! Please come back!<p/></p>

Great minds think alike? Lol I have a Yoongi tattoo



OOOOOOHHHH MY GOODDDD i cannot believe this happened wtffff!!! I was SOS chaining for a shiny eevee so i could get a shiny vaporeon,and i was on a pretty long chain,too. I encountered one espeon earlier,and then a little while later, a fRiCKiNg shiny espeon just pops up! like what are the odds of that,cause it’s hard enough to get an eevee to call in an espeon or an umbreon,but for it to call in a shiny one is just jsjfjskskasksj! i think this is my luckiest shiny i’ve ever gotten,even more so than the shiny female salandit omg. But it was kinda bittersweet cause i had been in that chain for a couple hours,and i really wanted to be able to get a shiny vaporeon,but when a fricking shiny espeon pops up you can’t really say no to that lmao!xD anyways i thought i’d share this cause i still cannot believe this happened omgg!!

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Hi!!! Can I request headcanons for how todoroki, bakugo and kirishima would react to finding out there s/o (female pls) has a diary/journal that they like to write about their day and stuff in, and they're also really private about it and hate when people call it a diary cuz it sounds girly lol. Thank you!!!!! Have a nice day and you are awesome!!!! Ok I'll stop now lol


  • Once he found the book, he wouldn’t dare open it
  • He wants his s/o to have some privacy, so he won’t go reading through their book unless he got verbal permission
  • When he does, his s/o will tell them that they’re free to read it, but there’s nothing really interesting to find in it
  • Opposite to what they believe, Todoroki finds some useful information about things they like and other things they like to do so he makes a little note of said things to surprise them


  • He would smirk to himself and begin reading the book, specifically looking for juicy things to read about his s/o
  • Once he witnesses his s/o’s mortified face once they see their book in his grip, he’ll hold it high above their head to where they can’t reach and begin to read embarrassing passages
  • He would eventually stop teasing them and hand them back their book
  • Occasionally would mention things that he found in their book just to get a reaction out of them



He would at first fight the urge to read the book because he knows its wrong to do that but he gives in and starts to read it
  • He mainly wanted to learn if there was anything that he might not’ve known about them
  • When he’s about three pages in, his s/o walks in and panics
  • He panics too, apologising over and over again and tells them that he didn’t read much
  • He hands them back the book, which they hide, but he’ll start to tell them some of the cute things he found in their, making them blush

Ok so I made this for @asksodiumchloride cuz I love her freakin blog!!! I’ve been meaning to draw these two cuties for a while now, so..uh..yeah! Take my trash!!

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