lol ohio

People who voted Trump because “I couldn’t get out of my home town or get a factory job!” Eh, dudes, plane tickets are a thing. You could have gone anywhere in the world. You had options.

You just never wanted to admit you had options. 

That’s why you hate immigrants so much. They did realize their options

anonymous asked:

YOU DIDNT HAVE TO DO THE PACER???? It's hell. You just run back and forth between a basketball court. Every time a beep goes off you run to the other side. You have to make to the other side before the next beep goes off. The second time you miss the beep, you are out. It's a living hell because the time between beeps gets shorter and shorter.

I did not. I was a VERY SPECIAL person Anon. Why am I special?

I grew up in Ohio. LOL. That apparently meant you didn’t do the Pacer. At least me and my friends in Ohio never had to do it. 

I actually wanted to try it. Especially now that I’m hearing it’s been banned for child cruelty. But all my friends at college that did do it think I’m crazy. I probs am. But I’m curious you know? And curiosity killed that cat.