lol oh internet

overweight characters

“ baaddd ENGLISH ”

Ok so I will say this and I hope nobody will attack me or say mean things to me

* Sighs *

When an artist draw skinny character but in canon it’s overweight character

“that’s doesn’t mean they are fat shaming them”

Drawing body types is HARD people think artist can draw anything so easily but we are learning

when you see someone do that and share the drawing that’s mean they really care about that character so much even when they don’t know how to draw their body type

I mean before you go to my ask and scream

“ THeN tHEy SHouLDn’T drAW tHIMe”

Like who are you the president of Tumblr or the fandoms


When someone draw a skinny character to overweight character you don’t really mind do you

Stop hurting artist the way they draw any character

The character is only a fictional so when you say mean things to it nothing’s happened

But when you hurt an artist a real human that’s maybe affects him to do something worse

If you saw a drawing you didn’t like you can easily scroll down

Ok 👌

###### MY OPINIONS ######

Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)
Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)

Hey everyone///// so…I have worked on a piano arrangement of Beautiful by Oh Sunshine lately, and since it’s not anime related, I was wondering if people would maybe be interested for a score….? (like a “guitar chords” version or a full score?). If yes, I would post a full cover with a download link for it ^/////^

This audio is only a quick extract of how it would sound, so you can have an idea sorry for the little mistakes I still have to work on the synchro piano/voice/////

The signs as ACOMAF characters
  • Aries: Cassian
  • Taurus: Tamlin
  • Gemini: Lucien
  • Cancer: Amren
  • Leo: Mor
  • Virgo: Azriel
  • Libra: Tarquin
  • Scorpio: Jurian
  • Sagittarius: Elain
  • Capricorn: Hybern
  • Aquarius: Rhysand
  • Pisces: Feyre

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aesthetic: hakyeon surrounded by flowers as beautiful as he is (i didnt know he made candles as a hobby, thats so cool!)

he really is something, isn’t he… :) #happynday


It’s weird how this obscure little avatar chat website was my world for so many years, and now there’s hardly any evidence it even existed.Our community was so small. I had some of my first heartbreaks and real friendships. I had the same two outfits for all… what, 7 years of my membership? Everything played out like a little story. I guess it’s a little sad that we’ll never see it again, but in a way it was special because only a few people got to experience this really unique social game.

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The next 2 pages of my doujin :D / kill me for being so unstable

if things went well, the next one will be 3 short chapters… =v=)/
*HOLYWOW there’s useless “the” in the 2nd strip “since THE your brothers are here blahblahblah” @A@ i’m so sorry maybe i was so sleepy when i typed it*
Hello Tumblr!

Wow, oh my gosh, something has just DAWNed on me. *heuhehe*  I made this blog a week ago and we have just surpassed the 800 follower mark … WHAT THE FUCK?? That is amazing, this fandom is amazing and you guys are amazing. I figured I’d let you know more about me because, you know, internet friends👋

1. My name is Katie
2. I am 17 (soon to be 18)
3. I live in England
4. I am 6ft/1.8m/182cm
5. This is a side blog - my main blog is here so if you see a follow from that account, any likes or a message then, it is I!
6. Josh Washington deserved a better ending (don’t even fight me on this)

This be my face *I am not a twin like the Washington sisters, just a funky effect - I was also going out this night so most of the time you will find me in a hoodie stuffing my face with food. Imagine Wendigo Josh - it’s not pretty*

Okay, so there we go! If you want to know anything more, want to request anything (another iPhone post is coming tonight) or just want to chat, I don’t mind! Thank you so much for following me and taking the time to care so much about these characters and this game like I do!

Speak soon,
Katie x

Sometimes i just hate it when you are trying to take a picture with your iPod but then it is on the video mode accidentally then it just looks super awkward but apparently i thought this was a pic for the longest time but its actually a video haha i have this of Darren being all sarcastic .. “i have the internet” LOL