lol oh clark


(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)

Okay honestly… that bootleg mobile version of Overwatch where they had a character that looked like Hanzo, but had the same abilities as McCree—??? That was a look ngl… fake Hanzo looked good. LMAOO

valentine’s dodie 💖


AU: Instead of the 100 delinquents sent to Earth, the Ark sends 100 children who tested positive for the Lycan gene. When they arrive, Clarke quickly becomes the alpha of the 100, keeping them all alive despite the trials and tribulations they come in contact with. Unbeknownst to her, Bellamy’s pack watches them from a distance, trying to gauge whether the new group of sky people is a threat to them. Bellamy and his wolves aren’t the only ones who are watching, though, and after a month of no contact from any human lifeforms on Earth, Mountain Men come and ravage the dropship, gassing Clarke and her pack and taking them to Mount Weather.