lol of course it is of course she has a drawing of him

Random piece of information from the Mitsurou Kubo autograph session

Translating PASH is taking some time so in the meantime have this. I didn’t go to the autograph session because of course I didn’t win the lottery for it (it was only about 120 people out of 30,000 applications, and still reports say that over 10 people didn’t show up, aaaahhh give me your luck if you don’t need it seriously). However some people are sharing pics of the drawings they got at the event, and one person also shared one piece of information which I’m sure you want to know.

I’m translating this person’s tweets exactly as they are but I decided not to post her name because she’s a normal person and maybe she might get scared and erase the tweets if she starts getting replies in lots of languages (and I don’t want to be the source of that lol). It’s one of the most retweeted posts about the session even though it has no pic attached so you might spot it if you’ve been looking at them…

By the way I think “AOI” is “Art on Ice”, the ice show that was recently held in Switzerland. Kubo was in Switzerland with Yamamoto until the other day and she posted pics of her with Deniss and he and Lambiel’s manager, so I think she went to see it.

Translation in bold:

What I earned at today’s autograph session was, beside of course the autograph, that I could directly thank her, that I could talk with her about AOI, and that I found out that Victor knew Yuuri from before the banquet & was aware that Yuuri was his fan.

(another person asked her “oh I guess it’s because of when Yuuri ignored him?” and below is the reply)

He didn’t notice him because Yuuri ignored him, it’s that sometimes one person’s performances might have some elements that resemble the ones of the skater they like, and apparently Victor, watching Yuuri performing, thought “oh, he’s my fan ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎ ” .

Now, it’s not clear how long “before the banquet” means, because it wasn’t specified whether she’s referring to Yuuri’s performance in the GPF or in general (though well, unless Yuuri has never been in the same tournament as Victor I guess Victor might have had other chances to see his performances), but still it’s cute that Victor would notice that. I wonder what would Yuuri think if he knew this, lol.

P.S.: The emoticon is Victor’s “official” emoticon, lol. She used it in the tweet so I used it too.

abriaashley  asked:

Who do you think fell in love first and at which moments do you think Dany and Jon realized they loved each other?

Oooh I love this question! Bless you haha.

I think Dany fell first and it happened in 7.05 when Jon touched Drogon. She’s never seen a man exhibit that kind bravery or acceptance of her dragons and the power she has as their mother. 

In ADWD Dany even wonders if she’ll ever find someone who really accepts her like that:

“And who would ever dare to love a dragon?”

You can just see from the way she’s looking at Jon that she’s so surprised, she’s not quite sure what to make of it. She isn’t smiling, she isn’t angry, she’s just … intrigued.

And then Jon looks up at her, and they have this intense eye contact while he’s got tears in his eyes. It’s a moment of pure understanding where they both wordlessly acknowledge how amazing it is that Drogon even exists, that Dany is RIDING him, and of course, that Jon is brave enough to face him down and pet him like he’s a puppy haha.

I think that Dany, whose past love interests have been confident and powerful men, sees in Jon the kind of thing that draws her in–courage. But she also sees tenderness and a lack of judgment. Yes, he calls her dragons beasts. But he likes them and admires them. He admires her, too. 

So I think that this is when she falls for him. And unfortunately it’s right after this that Dany has let Jon go since he volunteers for the wight hunt. Her immediate and emotional reaction to his plan to leave just further proves that she’s already caught feels by this point haha. She does not want him to go. Because if he should die, where else is she going to find a handsome, kind, brave man like Jon who is the exact sort of leader she needs by her side politically and romantically?

I think Jon falls for her when she shows up to save them at the wight hunt. He had seemingly lost all hope in that moment and was facing down the horde of wights with this angry look of acceptance, like he was trying to rationalize that they’d failed and this is where things were going to end for them.

But then Dany shows up with all three dragons and you can just see so much awe and gratitude on Jon’s face when he’s gazing up at her on Drogon. 

My personal favorite moment is when he shoves Tormund out of the way to get a better look lol. 

This scene allows Jon to see that Dany isn’t just some queen who has others take care of her. She flew North of the Wall, a dangerous place completely unknown to her, to save them herself. She’s willing to fight for her people just like Jon was proud to do (unlike Ramsay) at the BotB. And he also gets to see here that the dragons aren’t just tools of destruction–they can be used as a force for good. 

And of course the aftermath of this scene confirms his feelings when he is the one to initiate physical contact with her by reaching for her hand on the boat, and he calls her “my queen” basically as a term of endearment. I know he was swearing fealty but the way he said it as a substitute for “Dany” and the sweet little lazy smile on his face… I die. Dany is the queen of his heart haha. 

“I had a... n-not a dream... i-i-i-it was a n-nightmare.”

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(let’s just pretend he’s hugging you, not Aunt May, okay? K cool)

Written by Christina

Word count: 2442

Category: angst and fluff, y’all. nothing new here lol 

Requested by anon: hello i would like to request a peter parker x reader imagine where there dating and he has a nightmare about her dying and he goes to her apartment and cuddles her and the next day he’s all clingy but she doesn’t mind it at all? can you make it really cute please? 

A/N: Oh my gosh I am so sorry it’s been so long since we’ve written, let alone post, a new fic. Danielle took 15 credit hours this quarter and worked about 25 hours on top of that. I took 13 credits and worked 20 hours a week, plus I got my crap with the MDD and SAD, so doing school work was hard for me. Long story short, we were busier then we’ve ever been. But we’re free! Both of us had our last final today, so y’all are gonna get something real special;) 

Anyway, I’m back and I hope this is cute enough for you, anon. Enjoy!

Man, it’s good to be back. 

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Tap tap tap tap tap tap. 

You groaned and rolled over, unable to open your eyes. You were in the middle of the best sleep you had in a long time, and you had no energy to get up and satisfy your curiosity of what was making that noise. 


The tapping became louder and more furious, finally making you open your eyes and sit up. What in the world? you thought angrily the house better be on fire or something because honestly, I just want to go back to sleep. You rubbed your eye and glanced around the room. No flames or smoke. Good, no real emergency. You shrugged and laid back down. Your head just hit the pillow when your phone went off. Of course, it was one of those nights where you forgot to put it on silent, so the loud ringtone of Left Hand Free temporarily stopped your heart as you jolted up, snatching your phone. You already know who it was because of the custom ringtone. 

“Peter,” you started, your fatigue hindered your ability to hide your irritability at your boyfriend. “If this is to tell me about some stupid new web fluid formula, I swear I will-” 

“Y/N,” Peter said. That was all he said. His tone made you stop. Something wasn’t right. He never sounded like that. You started to get scared. What was going on? Was Peter crying? Why was he crying? He almost never cries. Something must really be wrong. Your brain was waking up enough to start formulating horrible catastrophes in your head. Tears welled up in your eyes as you tried to shake out the thoughts and focused them on what you needed to fix. 

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I just love you too much!

Not Langst today, my friends. Today I bring you ‘LaFluff’  :v 

Also, guess who hasn’t finish writing their other stories just to make a new one? That’s right, me. 

Part 2

Ao3: Click me to read my love ♥ 

In the contrary of everyone thinks, Lance is really shy and doesn’t like to talk about feelings. Yes, he may talk about a lot and say lots jokes, but feelings are a hard subject for him. He loves his friends, a lot, and would do anything for them. Anything but telling them ‘i love you’.

They started telling ‘i love you’ to each other thanks to a bonding exercise that Allura gave them to help them realise they were something more than just a team. Shiro and Hunk were the first one to say the words. Pidge followed not long after them and to eveyones surprise, Keith did too. 

But Lance never did. 

Lance loves all of them! He truly does! But everytime he tries to tells them those three little words, he frezees. 

Shiro and Hunk are always telling him ‘I love you’ and looks a little bit hurt when Lance says nothing back and just smile. Pidge and Keith looks disheartened and hurt as well. 

To be honest, Lance feels guilty. 

They never complained or pressure him, but he could see how it was affecting them. Lance felt thankful for to them for being so kind and patient, but he needed to find a way to express them without words how much he cared. He needed to let them know he loves them as much as they love him. 

Lance has always being an affectionate person, so his hugs and cuddles didn’t surprise his friends anymore. If he wanted to make a point, he needed to do something really special. 

Hunk was cooking when Lance arrived. They started talking and joking like usual. The only different thing was that Lance was being more clingy than other days. Not that Hunk minds at all, he enjoys being the one Lance looks for when he needs a hug or some kind of affection. But there was something different… Hunk could tell. He wasn’t sure what was it, but Lance was acting a bit different. A little fidgety. 

“Are you ok, buddy?” 

“Me? I’m fine, dude. Don’t worry.”

Lance helped him around the kitchen. Hunk gave him ony the easy tasks not wanting to take any risks. Lance was a terrible cook both on Earth and space. He learnt that the bad way. 

“Well, i think we’re done. I’ll tell the others the food is ready!” Before Hunk could leave the kitchen, Lance took him by the wrist. 

“Hunk, wait! I need to… To tell you… Show you something… I think.” He murmured.The yellow paladin looked at him with some confusion before finally understanding what his friend was trying to do. 

“You don’t have to say it, Lance. I can say it enough for the both of us, ok? Until your ready to say the words. No need to rush.” Lance’s eyes widden at this. Hunk chuckles. “I love you, so you don’t have to worry–”

Suddenly, a pair of lips were over his, and Hunk mind goes completely blank. It takes him a few seconds to finally comprehend what’s happening. 

Lance Mcclain was kissing him. 

The kiss was slow, sweet and full of tenderness. When they broke apart Lance gave him a soft smile and without any explanation, he left the kitchen. 

Hunk’s heart was beating fast. 


“… Wait, Lance?! What was that? Buddy?!” But Lance was already gone. 

Hunk spends the next few days trying to talk about what happened with Lance with no success.

He doesn’t know how, but instead of talking, they always ends up kissing. 

Hunk stops caring after a while. 

Pidge likes to work at night alone. She enjoys how quiet the castle is when everyone else is sleeping. It gives her time to think and to concentrate in some of her projects. Sometimes, Shiro arrives to try to convince to go to bed early or just to give her some company. Sometimes, instead of Shiro, is Hunk. Bringing her some midnight snacks. 

Tonight, to her surprise, it was Lance. This wasn’t something new. It was weird when he joined her, but it usually happened when he was feeling homesick or just lonely. 

“Hello, Pidgeotto. Mind if i stay here with you for a while?” He asked in a sleepy voice. Before Pidge could say ‘Yes’, Lance was already sitting beside her like he always did, but much closer. 

She didn’t complain though, she only looked at her friend with curious eyes before smiling at him softly. 

“Do you want to know what i’m working on?” 

“Enlighten me, tell me what fantastic stuff have you been doing.” Pidge laughs. 

“Sure you want to know? You know once i get started i don’t stop.”

“We have all night darling. I’m all ears.” 

Lance could be very talktive during the day, but when it was only the two of them, he would often encourage Pidge to talk about whatever she was working at the moment. Pidge noticed that when Lance was feeling down, he prefered to listen to others insteat of talking. 

Hours passes. And they are now laughing about some stupid little joke Pidge made about space. Lance was now hugging her from behind and his chin was resting on her shoulder. Pidge doesn’t feel uncomfortable with this new position but everytime Lance’s whipers near to her ear or his breath hits her neck she feels… Funny. Everything is too intimate, it isn’t like anything they’ve done before. 

Lance tightens his grip on Pidge and she sighs as she leans more on him. “I love you, Lance.” Her voice is small, but Lance is capable of listening the words thanks to how close they were. 

There’s a shift. And suddenly Lance was pulling apart from her. Pidge panics, thinking she messed up the moment. She turns to him, trying to say an apology but Lance was alredy kissing her. 

Unlike Hunk, Pidge reacts fast, and clings to Lance joining the kiss with eagerness. She doesn’t know what came over her or the reason behind Lance’s actions, but she was going to accept his show of affection. 

There’s no need to say, that from that night on, they kiss every time they have a chance.

Shiro knows there’s something going between Lance and Hunk. Everyone with eyes could see it. Their bond was stronger than ever and Shiro couldn’t be happier for them. He also knows Lance and Pidge have become closer. They talked more and spent more time together.

Shiro was proud of Lance. He had been worried for him since the bonding excersice Allura gave them. Shiro is not stupid, he knows Lance have his reasons for never returning their feelings.Yes, it surprised him. He was expecting something like from Pidge or Keith, never him. But he was understanding, everyone was. They did not pressure him or criticized him for anything, they all agreed to wait for Lance to feel comfortable with the situation. 

Still, it didn’t mean they weren’t hurt by his silent. Shiro tried and told the others not to let it show a lot, since he didn’t want to make Lance feel guilty or anything like that. But as more time passed the team grow more insecure thinking it was them the problem and that Lance truly didn’t want to be a part of Voltron. 

Thankfully, that was not the case. Lance was finally feeling comfortable around them again and that was a huge relief them. 

Shiro finds Lance in the hangars and a big smile draws on his face.

“Lance!” Shiro calls his name and the paladin jumps in surprise. 

“Shiro, hey! You scared me, what are you doing here?” 

“I wanted to talk with you for a bit.” 

“Oh… Did i do something wrong?” Shiro frowned at this. 

“What? No, of course not! I came to tell you how proud i am of you!” Lance’s eyes widened. “ You have strengthen your bond with Pidge and Hunk on your own way and you’ve been great on the battlefield. You have improved a lot, Lance. Your aim is amazing and you hand-to-hand combact is much better now, have you been practicing?”  

“I ha-have, umm, yeah, i have… y-you notice?” There was a soft blush on his cheeks. 

“Of course i did. Sorry if i didn’t comment it before. I’m glad to see your commitment. Just don’t strain yourself too much, ok? I don’t want you to get hurt in training. We need our sharpshooter protecting our backs.” 

Shiro was happy, and meant every word. Lance was improving, and he needed to know his efforts didn’t go unnotice. But his smile drop when he saw a few tears rolling down Lance’s face.

“What’s wrong buddy?”

Lance shook his head and hugged Shiro. “It’s nothing… ”

“Lance… You’re crying.” There was a murmur. “What was that, buddy? I didn’t catch that.”

“I said i’m happy… I thought… I dunno. I wasn’t good enough for Voltron, you know?” 

Shiro looked at Lance with disbelief. "What?”

“But having you here… Telling me i’ve been doing a good job… It’s reassuring. Sometimes i just… Doubt my position in the team and… I don’t know. I’m glad to know i’m doing something right. ” And Lance looked truly happy. Shiro cupped his face.

“Lance… I want you to listen to me. You are a big part of this team, you were already good enough.. You may not be strong as Hunk, or fast as Keith, but you are a great sharpshooter and can create awesome plans! You don’t to doubt you position in the team, but if it truly helps to make you feel better I tell you everyday how much i love you and what an important part you are to this team, ok?” 

The boy nodded. "Ok… ” Lance’s eyes were shining and looking at him with so much wonder that Shiro couldn’t help but blush and smile with fondness. 

“I love you…” When those words left Shiro’s lips, Lance launched himself to the black paladin. To seal their lips together and wrapping his arms around him.

Shiro was so surprised he didn’t even move. Lance broke the kiss, and they both stared at each other in silence. The look in Lance’s eyes was enough to make Shiro understand the meaning behind the kiss.

The words he couldn’t say were they, tingling on his lips.

They kissed again, and again and again. Always sweet, always soft. And sometimes, with their grip in each other strong.

Shiro quickly figures out what Lance has been doing with the other paladins.

He can’t truly complain when he enjoys so much of Lance’s special way of telling them 'I love you’.




Ok, i know you are wondering, “Where’s Keith part?” Well, i didn’t like it. So i decided to write it later. (it was becoming harder and harder to write for some reason????) 

So, i hope you like this. Love you all.  

Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 2

Awfully behind schedule due to my throat dying because of all the air conditioning at work and other stuff stealing my time, but here it is finally, the last part of the BD/DVD vol.2. Once again it’s a translation of the complete script. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo. This time it’s Yuri’s SP and Yuuri’s FS.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.

I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo.
Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
K: Ah, Kenji-sensei. It’s been a while.
M: It’s been a while.
K: Ok, today we are going to look back on the choreography of Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”. This time, for the first time, Kenji-sensei is not the one performing the choreography. But you created it, didn’t you?
M: Yes, I did.
K: This time, Yuri Plisetsky still has the body of a 15 years old boy, so you know, we thought that if possible we would like to ask someone else to perform it. The reason is that this footage is an important reference when translating the choreographies into animation, and changing Kenji-sensei’s body into that of a young boy would have required quite a lot of work.
M: Ah, so it was for that reason.
K: Yeah.
M: I see.
K: So basically we said that a girl, a girl of small build, would be nice, and we asked Kenji-sensei to look for a person like that.
M: Yes. Honoka Kawanishi-chan.
K: Yes. She’s a 20 years old university student, and she even participated in the university’s Miss Campus contest…
M: Really?
K: Well, isn’t she really pretty?
M: Yeah, she’s a beautiful girl.
K: I was like, nice job Kenji-sensei for bringing such a girl!
M: When she was still a competitive figure skater she impressed me because she could dance really well.
K: You didn’t do choreographies for her at that time?
M: No, I didn’t. This was the first time, but really, she learned the choreography very quickly.
K: That’s right.
M: Yeah.
K: He was creating the choreographies at night, we had very little time, and I guess, there are skaters who learn faster and skaters who are slower, right?
M: Yes, and also, I think she was moving very close to the way I was imagining the choreography, so we could go on very smoothly.
K: We also had that impression watching, like, she was absorbing everything so quickly and she danced very boldly, she was really amazing.
M: And this hairstyle, too.
K: Yes, we wanted to draw Yuri with flowing bobbed hair, so we asked her not to tie her hair, to let it loose when she was skating, and you know, skating with loose hair is something that you don’t see in tournaments, so it was really nice to watch~.
M: It’s nice, it looks very dynamic.
K: Thank you. Hah~. So this was Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”.

K: “Really nice to watch~”, I made a face like an old man (LOL). Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s free skating. The song is “Yuri on ICE”. Uh.. (LOL)
M: Everyone’s laughing at me (LOL).
K: This part, of course the ones who watched the anime know it already, but we asked Kenji-sensei to start from the point where Victor hugs Yuuri from behind..
M: Yes (LOL).
K: Sorry, it’s just somehow amusing (LOL).
M: When I turned around everyone was laughing.
K: (LOL). But actually, it became a really nice scene. Ok. Regarding this “Yuri on ICE”, when we were creating the story later on I decided the title and made it “Yuri on ICE”, but in fact, when we filmed this footage the title hadn’t been decided yet, we just had the song ready, and the story wasn’t finished either, so we just asked Kenji-sensei to do the choreography in the meantime. This time I couldn’t physically be there, but what instructions did the director give you?
M: I’d say, “director, what do you think about this?”, and she’d be like “yeah, that’s good”.
K: (LOL)
M: I said “And this, what about this?”, and she was like “yes, I think that’s nice”. No matter what I said she always replied “yes”.
K: In other words, you were also kind of anxious too.
M: Yes, I didn’t really understand the story completely, so..
K: Yeah.
M: But I was asked to create a program that could win in a tournament, a well done program, and when I listened to this song, this delicate music, I wanted to create a choreography that would look like an ink painting, like thin streaks that vanish as they stream.
K: Hearing this, you know, I’m not sure whether it’s actually connected, but the opening is really that way, like an ink painting, with colors that spread out as the song plays, and I thought that it looks like it’s connected.
M: I was very surprised when I watched it.
K: Ah!
M: I was like, “ah, so they made it like this”…
K: But seriously, this choreography is really… In the beginning, Yuuri Katsuki has just started figure skating and has many worries, then in the scene where he meets Victor the sounds become richer, and we asked to make the choreography so that it would leave a stronger impression too, but the way you glide in that smo~oth line is really nice. Even in the animation version it’s breathtakingly beautiful. And…
M: Today’s socks are lime green (LOL).
K: (LOL). Yeah, we have explained this in vol.1 too, but basically it’s not like Kenji-sensei fancies this kind of fashion, he wore different gloves and socks to make the left and right legs different. Normally he’s a fashionable person.
M: You don’t have to say that (LOL). But this, you know, I really used up a lot of stamina to skate it.
K: Ooh.
M: That axel after a forward counter is quite difficult.
K: (LOL). Indeed, we asked to create a FS that could win the Grand Prix Final, so the movements leading to jumps, and all the other elements, are all made so that you can get a high level. Kenji-sensei did a lot of things (LOL).
M: Yeah (LOL).
K: Sorry for saying it a bit vaguely.
M: That’s ok. This part too, it has an outside rocker cluster with combined movements of the upper body, though my foot touched the ground a little (LOL). It’s made to get level 4, I mean, I’m not sure one could get it, but it’s made so that it’s possible to get it.
K: I heard that some real figure skaters said they wanted to skate this.
M: Yes, that’s true. I was asked to make a choreography for this song, but I replied that it would be better to wait some more time. It’s quite popular actually.
K: I really want someone to skate it! Seriously, the song is a bit too short for a competitive program, but someone could like, make it a bit longer, edit it, and skate it.
M: (LOL).
K: Ah, yes, in the end, he looks in Victor’s direction, points his fingers at him, and the song is complete.
M: My hair is so flat (LOL).
K: Yeah, kind of…
M: It was night in the end.
K: Yeah, it was night. All the clocks visible in the footage are showing past 12:00, but that’s not 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, you know.
M: It was pitch black (LOL).
K: Yeah, it was. But really, now that I hear from Kenji-sensei that there are real skaters who are watching “Yuri on Ice” and want to skate this song… So is it popular?
M: Yeah, this song is popular, and, it’s a different story, but at the rink I went to the other day there was a boy who started skating after watching “Yuri on Ice”.
K: Great!!!!
M: When I told him that I was the one who made the choreographies, he was like “uwaaah”.
K: I’m so happy.
M: It’s nice to see things like this happen.
K: Yeah, I mean, of course grown-up women like this anime too, but I hope that young male skaters who are thinking of starting now or who are already skating, people from all over the world, can feel figure skating as something closer to themselves and continue it.
M: Yes.
K: You also said that you’d like people to feel figure skating as something closer, right?
M: Yeah, I think so.
K: You know, I’m really happy to hear that in some way, even just a little, this is becoming true.
M: I agree.
K: Ah, sorry, I’m wrapping it up a bit in a hurry. So, we have watched the choreographies of vol.2. Let’s meet again in vol.3! Please say something too (LOL).
M: (LOL).


Cody Christian

Tbh we all know and think Cody has a daddy kink like come on now. And I’ve always always ALWAYS wanted to write a cody imagine/smut with him having a daddy kink and I”M FINALLY DID IT! proudasf enjoy! I’d love to be his bitch (; I mean come on who wouldn’t want to be?

Warning - daddy kink galore damn, spanking, slight bondage just using his tie to hold your wrist together, just lot’s of stuff happening. Just drink holy water… please & first smut ever so spare my life and dignity and feelings.

p.s feed back is much appreciated this is my first smut don’t hurt my feeling please

Word Count - 2,375

A/N The “butt hurt little girl.” part my ex told me that once when I was annoying him when he was asleep lol. & named the waiter after him omg what’s wrong with me


(Y/N) sprawled across the king size bed that her and Cody shared her hands ran up the side of the silver sparkly dress “Cody!” She called knowing he’d be quite angry that she changed her outfit that Cody had picked out for her. They were suppose to meet up with her parent’s that were in town and had made dinner, (Y/N) knew that Cody would be quite pissed especially since it was almost time to meet up with her parent’s. He walked out dressed in a suit fiddling with his tie  “Princess, do you mind helping me?” his eyes were set on his tie not minding (Y/N) who stood before him “Of course love, but I have a question.” Cody hummed “Do you like my dress?” he didn’t look up at her but said “Oh of course baby I love your dress I picked it out for-” He eyes finally came in contact with the dress “Now, that’s not the dress I picked out (Y/N).” you knew it made him angry but continued to push at his buttons “But daddy I like this dress! Isn’t it lovely.” (Y/N) said in awe “But you know what’s my favorite part of the dress?” She placed her hand on Cody’s chest removing his hands from the tie allowing myself to fix his tie “the choker is my favorite part.” I whispered.

Cody hand wrapped around her throat causing (Y/N) to moan “Now (Y/N) that’s strike one” He squeezed a little on both sides of your neck you were wet by the sensation he was giving you “if you continue to be a bad girl you’ll be punished.” this caused (Y/N) to smile that was her main goal for that night “Now go change into the outfit that I picked out for you.” 

Once she got the dress on Cody came up from behind her to zip up the dress (Y/N) rubbed her ass lightly against his crotch Cody grabbed her hips staring at their figures through the body size mirror in their walk in closet “Strike two (Y/N) now we’ll make this quick. Come on now kitten.” Cody sat on the chair in the corner allowing her to bend over “Count for me kitten.” Cody’s hand came in contact with her plump round ass “One, thank you daddy.” by then her panties were soaked “Twenty, thank you daddy.” he pulled her up to wipe the tears away “Now grab your purse babygirl, we’re late.” (Y/N) ass was so numb Cody could read it on her face he scooped her into his arms “You see, if you weren’t being a butt hurt little girl we would’ve been with your parents by now.” 

“Hi Mr & Mrs.(Y/L/N) we’re so sorry we’re late.” Cody said pulled the chair out for (Y/N) who secretly rolled her eyes she had a plan for him. The waiter came by “Hello I’m Gabriel I’ll be your waiter for tonight, what will you folks be ordering tonight.” (Y/N) placed her hand on Cody’s thigh resting it their while her parent’s ordered Cody glanced at (Y/N) who was looking through the menu he leaned in placing a kiss behind her ear “What do you think you’re doing kitten.” she inched her hand higher near his crotch “Be careful love, you don’t want another punishment do you?” She smiled “Maybe…maybe I want to be punished.” She unzipped his pants running her finger over his bulge “What would you two like?” the waiter asked “I’ll have a Ceaser Salad & a long island ice tea.” She felt Cody grab onto her wrist shooting her a glare “I’ll have a Shrimp Scampi & a Coke.” The waiter nodded and left to put in their order.

(Y/N) pulled out his dick that was already erected she pumped it slowly running her fingers over the pre-cum slowly taking it into her mouth keeping eye contact with him as he clenched his jaw  “So, how are you enjoying the L.A weather?” Cody questioned trying to distract himself from his girlfriend. “Oh it’s lovely, it’s humid but manageable.” They went on to talk between (Y/N) and Cody, his dick twitched in her hands causing (Y/N) to smile picking up her pace watching Cody draw in a sharp breathe drinking his water trying to suppress his moans “Cum for me baby.” she cooed in his ear watching him come undone in front of her and her parents who seemed to be in their own world. 

Once the food came Cody hadn’t said a word to you till you felt his hand rest on (Y/N) thigh she glared at him slapping his hand away. He hiked her dress up brushing his finger’s against her wet core she had no time to put on underwear so Cody had easy access to run his fingers along his slit “Cody, stop.” she pleaded grabbing a hold of his wrist “Stop.” she whispered again.

“(Y/N)?” her parents called “How’s school going?” She opened her mouth to answer but quickly shoved some salad moaning “This is some good salad.” Cody slowly pumped his fingers into her aching core “School’s great school is fine.” she began to stuff more salad into her mouth trying to cover suppress the moans. Cody added another finger then used his thumb to brush against her clit she grabbed her drink choking on a moan Cody began to pump faster curving his finger against her g-spot as he continued to use his other hand to eat, she grabbed onto his wrist warning him that she was about to cum “Cum for be baby.” he tone was raspy he watched as she came undone. She cleared her throat excusing herself to use the restroom. “Well, look at the time! Cody would you like to order a cheesecake to go?” (Y/N) father asked “Oh, yeah I’ll get two celebration cheesecake.” 

Cody went to check on (Y/N) her parent’s said they’d wait outside for them  he knocked on the women’s restroom “(Y/N) let’s go.” Cody demanded she slowly opened the door stepping she knew that Cody was going to punish her for the way she’s been acting tonight “Strike Three kitten, now let’s go home so I could fuck you senselessly.” He whispered in her ear as they left the dimmed hallway to the restrooms to bid (Y/N) parent’s goodbye.

The ride back home was silent Cody’s grip on the steering wheel made his knuckles turn white “Babe?” (Y/N) whispered “Baby?” she tried again, “Daddy?” He gave her a quick glance then turned his attention back on the road “Babygirl, if you’re trying to apologize to get out of your punishment just know that’s not going to work.” she clamped her thighs together trying to create some friction to her aching core. Cody pulled up to their house pulling into the garage once he got the garage door closed he quickly got out and helped (Y/N) out of the car only to push her up against the side of the car his hand wrapped around the back of her neck causing her to gasp “Now kitten, I’ll give a head start. Go pick out your favorite tie for me and I want you to be naked got that kitten. Oh and keep those heels on” She nodded falling submissive under him “Got hit kitten?” he squeezed the side of her neck slightly “Yes daddy.” He released her allowing her to enter the house slapping her ass playfully as she made her way up the stairs.

Cody’s footsteps echoed through the hallways he entered dim master bedroom that he and (Y/N) shared he walked towards her every step he took she grew wetter by the minute and needed him. He walked towards her taking in the sight of her naked body “Turn around kitten.” she obeyed handing him her favorite tie of his “Is it too tight princess? I don’t want to hurt those pretty little eyes of yours.” He whispered bitting onto her earlobe “No daddy it’s just right.” She felt him turn her around peppering kisses on her shoulder blade working his way up to her sweet spot she let out a sweet moan causing cody to smile against her skin kissing along her jaw making his way to her lips.

His lips ghosted over hers (Y/N) let out a sweet cry “Please.” she whispered “What is it love?” he asked “Please, please daddy kiss me.” she answered his hands rested on her hips pulling her into a passionate kiss his tongue ran over her bottom lip allowing him access as they fought for dominance. Cody tapped the back of her thigh telling her to jump she moaned when her folds came in contact with Cody’s pants “Kitten, don’t even try to make a noise.” she bit onto the bottom of her lip her back came in contact with their king size bed.

“Hands up kitten.” she felt her hands being tied to the head board of the bed “Now, kitten you will not speak nor will you cum without my permission.” Cody’s voice was filled with dominance full of authority “Got it kitten?” she nodded not knowing if she could speak up or not. Cody’s hand came in contact with her ass cheek “Kitten, use your words.” she nodded “Yes daddy, I understand.” 

He trailed kisses down her body leaving lovebites on her neck, boobs, stomach and inner thigh. He licked a bold strip through her slit (Y/N) couldn’t help but choke back a moan she brought her bottom lip between her teeth drawing holding back the sound of pleasure.

Cody sucked on her clit inserting a finger into her pumping slowly curving his finger upwards towards her g-spot adding a second finger adding more pleasure. Her breathing became heavy as she felt a familiar knot in her stomach “You’re close aren’t you kitten?” Cody’s voice echoed through the room she nodded “What is it kitten?” Cody asked as he harshly sucked on her clit pumping faster hitting her g-spot constantly “Come on now use your words.” she gasped her chest raising up and down due to her heavily breathing “I’m so close daddy please, please let me cum!” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Kitten why should I?” Cody asked attaching his lips to her left boob while his other hand massaged her right boob feeling the bud harden under his fingers twisting at it while he used his teeth to tug at the other “Because, I’ll be a good girl daddy. I’ll use what ever you say, please daddy please.” He lowered himself back to her aching core sucking harshly on her clit “Come on kitten cum for me.” she finally released he licked up her juice leaning back up to connect his lips to her’s. “You taste amazing princess, but I waste no time.” Cody quickly undressed himself and without warning slammed into her (Y/N) let out a scream of pleasure.

Cody undid the blindfolds looking into his princess’s eyes. Which quickly closed due to the pleasure he was giving her “Princess open your eyes look at me.” her eyes remained close he wrapped his hand around her throat causing her to moan as he pulled out quickly. Her eyes shot open “But daddy I-” Cody slammed into her without any warning “Open your eyes princess let me see those pretty eyes.” They kept in contact their foreheads resting against each other Cody lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and grabbed onto the headboard slamming into her endlessly their moans filled the room “Daddy, I’m gonna.. I’m gonna cum!” (Y/N) cried out looking into Cody’s eyes she kissed him hungrily she pulled at the ties around her wrist wanting to run her hands through his messy hair “Hold on kitten not yet.” he cooed leaving new lovebites on her neck.

“Cum for me princess.” (Y/N) soon became undone under Cody who not so long after reached his high. Cody took off her heels and took off the ties from her wrist kissing them due to the redness and the way she tugged and pulled against it. He grabbed his dress shirt placing it on her body like she was the most fragile human being on earth. He grabbed his underwear slipping it back on “Baby did I hurt you?” he asked in a hushed voice (Y/N) smiled kissing him passionately “Of course not.” she brushed her fingers against his cheek she kissed his jawline making her way down to his neck peppering kisses here and there as he pulled her onto his lap she placed her head in the crook of his neck “You know I love you.. I’d never hurt you.” Cody said holding her in his embrace she leaned back to look at his face “Of course I do. I know you would never hurt me. I love you more.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips laying her down beside him. “Goodnight princess. I love you.” “Goodnight babe, I love you.”

(Y/N) woke up to an empty bed her body felt weak she touched her neck looking down at her body the art work Cody had done. Just then Cody walked in with a tray of pancakes and bacon “Morning princess.” He placed the tray at the on the desk when he notice (Y/N) trying to stand up but her legs ached from last night “I’m sorry love, does it hurt?” he asked scooping her into his arms placing her back in bed “Just feel a little weak, baby you didn’t hurt me.” she kissed his cheek he went to grab the tray “Breakfast in bed with my princess.” 

Cody leaned in to place a sweet passionate kiss on her plump lips.

“I love you.” Cody whispered 

“I love you more.” 

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Rfa+V+Saeran. Valentines day!! how would they spend it with Mc? Fluff with a little bit *cough* steamy time *cough*

~I’ve been thinking about this since it’s coming up!

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re his first Valentine so he is like freaking out
  • Asking his guild friends what he should do but they don’t know, either
  • Asks Saeyoung but ends up getting pranked
  • Finally he calls his mom and his sister to get some advice
  • And when you come home from work you see the house is spotless
  • A candle-lit dinner is on the table
  • Music is playing
  • And he is waiting there with a bouquet of your favorite flowers
  • He feeds you a little bit between kisses
  • After dinner is a romance movie!
  • And snacking on some chocolates
  • He smiles as your hand gets closer and closer on his leg
  • It’s time for you to give him his gift! ;)

◉ Jumin

  • Of course he has an elaborate date planned
  • You guys start the morning with breakfast in bed (heuheu)
  • A little more bed than breakfast…>.>
  • Then he is whisking you away to a private vineyard
  • You guys spend the day walking around together
  • You have a very light lunch with some wine, picnic style
  • And for dinner its a formal fancy meal with a live orchestra
  • Lots of wine
  • He’s had a bottle named after you
  • And just before dessert he slides a box over to you
  • It’s an incredibly expensive diamond necklace and some matching earrings
    • “I can’t wait to see you in nothing but those diamonds tonight, kitten.”

◉ Zen

  • He wants to spend a good part of the day going out with you
  • Wants to show you off!
  • You guys take his bike up to the shopping district and then walk around holding hands together
  • Get a nice lunch and then go see a movie!
  • But you end up making out in the theater the whole time
    • “Let’s skip dinner and go right to dessert,” he smiles
  • Takes you home as fast as he can
  • You guys end up eating a lot of sweets…
  • ……off of each other
  • Before you fall asleep together he reaches into the night stand and pulls out a box
  • It’s two rings with half a heart on them
  • One for you and one for him
    • “The heart is completed when we are together”
  • You fell asleep holding hands

◉ Jaehee

  • You both worked a long day at the coffee shop
  • Of course you exchanged flowers but you’ve literally been too busy for much else
  • It’s all about relaxation when you get home
  • She draws a nice bath and you light the candles
  • You both just soak together and give each other foot rubs
  • Oil massages when you get out of the tub
  • Which leads to…you know
  • And then you both pass out cuddling each other, not even bothering to get dressed

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s sending you files that shower your phone with hearts all day
  • Gifs of him blowing kisses and winking
  • He’s wearing so much red when you get home
  • Bouquet of flowers next to your side of the bed
  • He’s also ordered you an edible arrangement
  • And you guys end up feeding each other from it
  • In bed >.>
  • You don’t have clothes on much that night
  • He has you close your eyes
  • And places a necklace around you and clasps it
  • Its a moonstone
    • “I wish I could give you the real moon”

◉ V

  • Okay this guy is a romantic
  • He’s literally put together a book with a poem a day for a year, all written by him about you
  • Packs up a nice big basket of yummy food, blankets, some glasses and champagne and you guys go to the beach
  • He’s feeding you chocolate covered strawberries while you listen to the waves crash
  • You two are cuddling together for warmth, sitting in silence just enjoying the brisk day (it’s feb V jfc kinda cold omg)
  • You think the gifts are done but he hands you a piece of paper
    • “What’s this? Another poem?”
    • “Just read it, love.”
  • It’s a confirmation of his appointment
  • He’s getting the eye surgery

◉ Saeran

  • He is kinda lost on what to do
  • Thanks to the internet he sees that flowers and cards and chocolates are the usual
  • He refuses to do the card thing but the chocolates seem nice
  • He orders some in advance from a fancy chocolatier
  • But he wants to do something more personal
  • He spent a few weeks painting up something for you
  • It was both of you sitting together at your favorite cafe sharing a drink, each of you had a straw and your noses were touching-something you often did
  • But a real gift, just as a backup, was a must
  • He scoured jewelry stores until he found it
  • When you came home you both ordered some takeout from your favorite place and just ate together in bed, naked
  • He fed you chocolate with his mouth
  • Between bursts of doing it he pulled out the box, even though you loved all of your other gifts he wanted to give it to you
  • A charm bracelet with 3 charms
  • one heart (for V-day), one skull(representing him lol), one crown(because you’re his princess)
    • “I thought I could give you a new one every year”
Ink and Grease

A/n: So this is a play on the soulmate AU where you write on your skin, and it shows up on your soulmate’s skin too. Basically any little mark or dirt or whatever can appear on your soulmate’s skin. I had another way I wanted this to go it kinda deviated from my original idea, so I hope you still like it. Requests are open, and we don’t have any atm so don’t be afraid to send some in! -G

Warnings: I still can’t fluff

Pairing: Tony x reader

Originally posted by maximumstarks


You were a child when it started, you’d notice grease on your skin and dirt under your nails. You were too young to know what was going on but when you asked your parents, they told you not to worry about it. You were always asked by your teachers what you had gotten into and to wash your hands. When you turned 13, you and your friends decided to research what exactly was wrong with you when you found a book on soulmates. Your friend explained to you that some people had special connections and that due to said connection marks on your skin would show up on your soulmate’s and vice versa.

“Damn you’re lucky” one of your friends, Jane, commented as you looked at the small burn that had appeared on your skin the other day

“Are you kidding that is, like, the worst thing ever,” Leah exclaimed, “now she has to get married and like, have kids!”

“I’m sure he’s great,” Mads commented

“Whoever he is he needs to learn what soap is,” you joked.

“Maybe it’s time for a little revenge,” Jane smirked pulling out a sharpie

“Oh you’re evil,” you giggled as the girls drew all over your body. Some doodles were good, like the amazing portrait of Yoda that took over your shoulder. Others were crudely drawn dicks in various places or innuendos.

Little did you know that the poor boy that was fortunate enough to be your soulmate had a very important meeting at MIT the next day to see if he could get into the school early. Tony walked into the living room in search of his mother, there was no way that Howard would take this well. Unfortunately for him both of his parents were sat at the table eating breakfast.

“What the hell is all over your skin!’ he father yelled “Do you know how important this meeting is? Are you trying to ruin your life?”

“I swear I have no idea how this happened,” the boy tried to explain “I went to bed and when I woke up they were just there.”

Howard looked at his son in disbelief as his wife looked at him “Maybe he has a soulmate?”

“You know how rare that is,” Howard said looking down at her

“Well it happened to us,” she shrugged

“Wash up as best you can and put on a nice suit or something to cover that up,” The boy’s father sighed “we’ll figure out something for whatever is on your hands.”

Tony walked down the stairs in his best suit hoping that it would compensate for the doodles covering his hands.

His mother held out a bottle of concealer “This should do the trick” she smiled as she blotted it to his skin. Tony just hoped it would hold up long enough.

He must’ve done something right because here he was a few weeks later at MIT a new sleeve of doodles covering his forearms. His parents had explained to him that he had a soulmate which meant somewhere in the world some girl was lucky enough to call him hers. It wasn’t long before he was trying to flirt with you, writing little messages on his arm and waiting for a response. It was a few weeks before you responded with a simple “Fuck off” scrolled in beautiful calligraphy.

It had been a few years since you discovered your soulmate and even though at first he seemed like an ass he grew on you. You had been writing notes to each other almost every day. You would try to find out as much about each other as you could without breaking whatever rules there were. For some reason, the universe had decided that you weren’t able to tell each other your names or whereabouts so you’d drop as many hints as you could. It wasn’t long before you were getting questions from your fellow classmates as to why there were notes written all over your arms. At first, you would tell them that you had a soulmate and while some would call you crazy or tell you that you were lucky most grew jealous. And that made high school a living hell for you. Somewhere along the way instead of you thinking that you had something special you became to think of yourself as a burden.

“You only have a soulmate because you’d never attract a guy on your own,” one of the boys told you

“Poor guy is stuck with you now,” his friend called as they waited for the bell to ring

“Dude, kick his ass,” the third boy in the group muttered to you noticing how on edge you were

“I would,” you paused “but someone as pathetic as him isn’t really worth my time.”

“Oh yeah,” the second boy said, “Well, I don’t even know you!”

You had to hold in your laughter till the bell rang and you exited your class with Leah. After that, you figured it’d be best to keep your predicament a secret.

Years had gone by, and for some reason, your soulmate had stopped writing you little notes, you hadn’t really thought anything of it. At first, it worried you, but you noticed the grease marks that appeared on your hands still and knew that he was ok, maybe he wanted to keep it a secret too. You had managed to get yourself a degree and further your education at an academy for an agency called SHIELD. You hadn’t heard of them before they approached you for their academy. Apparently, your research had caught their eye. You had gone through years of your life and thousands of milestones and not one moment had you thought of your soulmate. It’s not like they had seemed to think of you with the lack of letters written on your arm.

It wasn’t until you had been recruited to work in the lab for the Avengers that you began to think of the mystery man again. You noticed that as you’d jot down notes on your hands, you’d see little doodles around them that you hadn’t drawn.

“What are you doing?” Bruce had asked you as he watched you doodle on your forearm

“Nothing’ you replied continuing to scroll out a “hey” on your arm in the fanciest font you could think of

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” your friend said watching you “you have a soulmate don’t you?”

“Maybe,” you smirked, “don’t tell anyone though, I don’t need people to hate me.”

“And you trust me with this information why?” he asked

“Because you’re too nice to hate me,” you responded, “besides you’d have to deal with Tony on your own if you did.”

“Speak of the devil,” Bruce muttered as Tony waltzed through the door in a long sleeved tee.

“You look happy,” you commented, “how much alcohol have you consumed this fine morning?”

“None thank you very much,” the man shot back “I just got a very important letter from a very important person regarding some very important things.”

“Care to share with the rest of the class?” you asked raising your brows

“Nope,” Tony said turning to Bruce “we’re going to lunch I need to talk to you.”

“But science?” Bruce attempted to argue

“Your work can wait this is important.” and with that Tony was dragging the man out of the lab.

“See,” Tony said pulling up his sleeve excitedly

“I see,” Bruce said hiding a smile the word ‘hey’ was written out beautifully on his friend’s forearm, just like the one you were drawing back at the lab.

“She hasn’t written to me in ages,” Tony said smiling at his arm “what do I say back?”

“Why not a simple hi?” his friend replied

“Hi?’ Tony questioned “Hi. This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then why did you come to me?” Bruce asked

“Because you’re my bro” Tony smiled

Bruce sighed “Just talk to her. Say anything if she’s your soulmate does it really matter?”

“Of course it matters” Tony rolled his eyes

“She was pretty much born to love you, Tony. She’s dealt with you this long I’m sure you could say anything to her, and she’d be happy to write back.” Bruce assured him

“Fine,” Tony said taking out a pen and writing out a measly ‘hi.’

‘What are you up to’ she wrote back

‘Lunch with a friend’ he replied

‘I could use some food lol’ her handwriting seemed familiar, but he dismissed his thoughts, he had been writing to her since she was a teen so of course, he recognized the writing

‘I’d bring you some, but I still have no idea who you are’ he wrote down

“Really,” Bruce commented

“I thought you said it didn’t matter what I wrote,” Tony exclaimed as his friend rolled his eyes

‘I’d tell you if I could’ she replied ‘these rules are stupid how are we ever supposed to meet if we can’t even set up a date.’

Tony chuckled ‘the world is cruel.’

‘You can say that again.’

You were clutching your hand when Tony walked back into the lab after lunch.

“What’d you do this time?” Bruce asked going over to examine your hand

“It’s just a small burn,” you said

“Huh, Tony come here,” Bruce commented “look at this,”

“Looks like a burn,” Tony said casually

“Looks like your burn,” Bruce said

“I don’t-” Tony paused noticing a small burn forming on his finger “you’re-we’re.”

“Soulmates?” you looked up at Tony pulling up your sleeve as he did the same. The conversation from earlier was still present on both of your arms

Tony looked at Bruce “how in the hell did you know before I did?”

“I saw her writing on her arm,” Bruce shrugged “good thing Y/n already likes you.”

You’re face flushed “I do not,” you said “I mean- I- I hate you” you scowled at Bruce


A/n: I hope you guys liked it, sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. School is starting soon, and work has been hell. Love you all -G

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 21 REVIEW

Note: These are just my thoughts and opinions and I am not trying to change someone’s POV or opinion. :D

One of the topics I’m going to talk about will be divided in to 8 parts for better understanding. Lets get on with it

1. Sasuke as a father/husband

I want to talk about his facial expressions 

This is Sasuke we are talking about, before his is a person full of hatred and only wants revenge, but  you can clearly see the REGRET, PAIN and SADNESS on his facial expressions. He changed a lot ever since he was saved and freed from the curse of hatred.He is deeply affected by it.

We can also see in this picture how he reflected from his actions. He was about to hurt her own daughter and regretted that action.

I also love this part 

Am i the only one who sees the shadow of Itachi in Sasuke? Itachi sacrificed himself for the sake of the future and the entire village, just like what sasuke is doing right now. It’s also for the safety of his family. Imagine not seeing your family for many years and your travelling alone. He really is a father right now and I still can’t believe it.

We also get to see this gentle side of him, like before he push those people away from him haha

And this scene, he admitted his mistakes and that he is not a perfect father and is responsible on why sarada acted that way, he is not blaming anyone but only himself. He used to be an arrogant and pride type kind of brat though. So this is a huge character development for him.

Another eyesmex for SASUSAKU <3

2. Sarada’s Sharingan

SARADA AWAKENED THE SHARINGAN IN AN EARLY AGE!! WHAATTT!! SP is playing with my feelings. I guess that would explain this:

I definitely would love to see Sarada awakening her sharingan when she was a child, that would maybe explain why she wore glasses and the time when she had a fever in the gaiden. Remember when himawari awakened her byakugan and boruto said she had a fever later on that day. Damn, cant wait for this arc to be finished haha.

I REALLY LIKE SARADA’S VOICE ACTRESS,, KOKORO KIKUCHI. She was able to portray sarada’s character really well. Especially at the end scene where she shouted “Mamaaa”.

3. Sakura as a mother/wife

DAMMNNNNN SAKURA WAS A BADASS, you better not mess with mamakura especially when you hurt her family and of course naruto hahaha.. Look at shin’s face after she punched him. 


DEARY YOU ARE NOT. This was sakura admitting her mistake even though in reality it wasn’t her fault, Sasuke and Sakura chose to sacrifice, instead of having a normal family for the sake of the future and peace. Since “peace is secured through greater huge sacrifices” - Naruto. She did everything she could, heck, she’s a mother that works and does household chores ALONE. I really dont understand those people who watches/loves naruto series but is ignorant about Sakura. 

4. Uchiha Family

Sasuke and Sakura doesn’t need words to know how to other feels. Basically in this panel in my point of view only. Sasuke was saying in his mind “I’m a failure as a father, I’ve hurt Sarada,go comfort her, I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done” while Sakura was saying “It’s alright, everything is gonna be okay, I understand don’t worry” you can see in the panel that sakura was being positive despite of what is happening to their family.

In my understanding, if we look at Sasuke’s POV this was him being sad and broken for he cannot comfort Sarada himself but Sakura can. It hurt him to see sarada being that way but he can’t do anything, i think this was the purpose of the scene it was to emphasize that Sasuke as father is struggling how to interact with sarada. Although, i honestly i admit, i don’t really understand the purpose of this scene.

I also love the way how sakura then comforted sarada and reasurring her that everything now is gonna be okay. 

5. “Sasuke and Naruto in their weakened state” -this is what other people said not me

I’ve seen some people especially in youtube that hates this scene because both of them were so weak even though they had destructible god like powers.

First of all, Naruto and Sasuke wasn’t able to move because of Shin’s ability to restrain them while they are pierced by a blade that he marked. Secondly, sasuke was weakened or doesn’t have enough chakra to perform susanoo or greater jutsu because he hasn’t recovered yet due to the reason he was travelling from another dimension.

As we can see, he doesn’t have the tomoe in his rinnegan. But those are people doesn’t have any idea what happened in the manga. So i understand and we can’t blame them. Although sometimes, they lack reading comprehension. 

6. TEAM 7

We get to see them again!! wohoooo.. really love..They are in their badass moves. Though, the upcoming episodes will be more amazing.

Sarada deary you just dont know how your parents and uncle naruto worked together to defeat kaguya and how deadly this team can be when group together. hahahahaha..

7.  Chou chou 

Awwwhhhhh chou chou, i just can’t help but adore this kid she’s such a cute cinnamon roll. She’s not even afraid of Sasuke and just went and grabbed his hand and even naruto’s clothes LOL.

8. Hokage Summit

I actually talked about this in my other post here it is:

Over all, i love the episode mostly because i love the way how the SP was able to add more scenes and will be revealed later on because i kinda felt like the manga is rushed because of course kishi can only draw limited pages but i still love kishi. And yo, the music at sasuke and sarada’s reunion i played it over and over again, its in the youtube actually though the version is different, instead of a female voice in the new ep its only instrumental but they are still the same. Its actually called  Boruto OST 1 - Track 24 - Aibo (Patience)

And the voice actors people, gosh, they really did a great job. Sasuke’s voice (sugiyama) is really soft. And sakura’s (chie) voice has matured to motherly way. even sarada (kikuchi) my they have such amazing talents.

Until on my next review. Have a nice day!! :D

Student Council Prez [15]

Episode 14 - Episode 15 - Episode 16
Words: 4.9k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Productivity in the student council room had significantly decreased ever since Jungkook brought in a flat screen television and the latest console that wasn’t even opened to the public yet, given to him from a father’s friend to test out. But it’s not too much of a concern since productivity had never been high to begin with and it’s not like teachers or students ever knew; the council room was closed off to everyone who wasn’t a member - except for you.

‘Slaves need special rights too’, Yoongi had said before you stepped on his foot.

And now everyone was gathered around the screen, set on the table and hooked up by Namjoon (since Jungkook had no clue), watching as you and Taehyung were head to head in a match. Yoongi was nowhere to be found but he had no place in your mind when your character on screen was winning and Taehyung’s control clicking became more frantic.

“Can I ask you something?” Taehyung mumbles out, eyes still stuck to the monitor.

“Don’t distract me kid.” You spit shortly.

There’s a long pause, soaked up by the music playing from the stereos and the ‘ohh’s’ of the members when you use a special attack on Taehyung, making him lose over half of his health bar. “Are you really dating Yoongi?”

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why do I ship NaruSaku? (aka my narusaku megapost)

[My submission for the final day of the NARUSAKU AUGUST EVENT, 2017]

This post is dedicated to all my fellow NaruSaku shippers, the ones who have gone down with this ship and yet continue to hold on to it, submerged in a sea of our perfect fanon. Enjoy this extremely long post about the pairing of Naruto and Sakura :) x

You may want to sit down with a cup of coffee/tea, find a comfortable environment, and just fill yourselves with shipper feels in order to read this.

So, why do we ship NaruSaku when it isn’t even canon?

Because it’s about a relationship that involves two individuals harbouring healthy feelings for each other, showing great respect towards each other and putting great trust in each other, facing great adversities and only coming out stronger than ever before, having developed an even stronger connection.

It’s not just the big, flashy, seemingly-romantic moments between them that draws me to them. It is, in fact, the smaller but significant interactions that makes me admire whatever Naruto and Sakura share. Throughout the manga, there have been several moments signifying the development of their bond, paving the way to the depiction of a more grounded and realistic relationship (at least, with respect to the Narutoverse and its foundation of “bonds”). 

Here’s a collection of some Naruto and Sakura moments from the manga, moments that make my shipper heart go squeee. Seeing them in a romantic light or not is up to you! I mean, NaruSaku as a BroTP is unbeatable, but this post will be more OTP-oriented. Feel free to keep these moments for yourselves ;)

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Incoherent Screeching about 403

We start with SO MUCH BRAVENLARKE I am enjoying this even if they’re bickering.

I honestly can’t decide if Clarke’s snappish reaction to Bellamy’s “I’m not going to be one of the hundred” is a sign that this is an argument they have been having for days and she’s sick of it because you will live if I want you to live, dammit or if it’s the first time she heard of it and she’s caught off guard.  Either one would make me flail like a turtle on its back, though.

So @ponyregrets pointed out that the way Bellamy knocks on the window of the rover and makes Jaha get out is a clear sign he watched a bunch of cop movies on the Ark, and we both agreed that this was because Octavia was super into Lethal Weapon and both Blake siblings probably really liked Speed and long story short, it’s now officially canon that Bellamy Blake has a crush on Sandra Bullock and Miss Congeniality is the official movie of the Blake family as it unites Bellamy’s two great loves (Sandra Bullock and feminism) with Octavia’s two great loves (makeup and punching.)

I am going to deal with the Raven arc in one fell swoop because eventually I’m just gonna be screaming about bellarke, so here goes:  I feel AWFUL for Raven.  She’s making decisions entirely on her own because she’s literally the only person who can, and fucking no one is stepping up to be her shoulder to cry on.  I was definitely on her side over Abby in the medicine debate, and it really hurt to see her sort-of-mom challenge her, even if Abby truly believed she was doing the right thing.  Raven’s arc is clearly not over and I do like where it’s going, but god, someone draw her a bubble bath and pour her an entire bottle of wine because my girl needs it.

I also really, really, REALLY loved the brief scene with Bellamy and Luna.  I was surprised by how it was initially presented with Luna thinking she doesn’t deserve their help because she didn’t help them with the flame, though, because I never saw her decision as wrong?  Like, yes, it would have helped them immensely, but the way they went about it was SO AWFUL and TERRIBLE that I felt Luna was totally justified in being like “no fuck you get off my rig.”  So to have Luna frame her decision as having hurt them was surprising, but also very in character for our lovely pacifist mermaid.

HOWEVER, what I loved about that scene was the genuine remorse and understanding on both their sides.  Luna basically admitted she would get it if he saw this as her just rewards, and Bellamy flat out refused that interpretation.  His “no one deserves to suffer” was just the right amount of heartbreaking, because he probably does resent her a little but he never, ever wanted this.  I also think he understands her pain better than most, and I have to move on now because if I don’t this will be too fucking long so check back this afternoon for 2k on Bellamy/Luna parallels.

To conclude the radiation arc: absolutely none of us are surprised that Luna’s nightblood makes her resistant to radiation, but that pales in comparison to that gutwrenching death scene.  I cried and cried and thank you show, for remembering what you’re good at.

Murphy and Emori: god I love those two grifters so fucking hard, and I am really glad they at least addressed the complete lack-of-consent bullshit that was Murphy/Ontari.  I also love that Murphy is ingratiating himself to Abby as a way of making sure he and Emori survive because that is On Brand for those two assholes and I could not be happier.

Before we finish with the bellarke flailing, back to Polis!  ROAN’S ELVEN CLOAK IS EVERYTHING TO ME as is Indra having a daughter and backstory and an arc for this season that has almost nothing to do with the Skaikru.  I am here for it, and I am here for Indra and Gaia having a complicated mother/daughter relationship that is just as deep and nuanced as Clarke and Abby’s.  I am also really pleased with Octavia’s “fuck it, she’s family” decision to go against Roan, because that is insanely reckless and probably the wrong call politically but it is from the heart and in that respect it is 100% Blake and that makes me happy.

Also making me happy: Murderous Elf Prince!  He’s so handsome and angry and yeah, I’m into it.

Okay, so….The Road Trip and the List.  First of all, I laughed at Jaha sitting in the back while people young enough to be his kids drive the van, because….god, Jaha.  Of COURSE you would think a cult can save everyone.  That’s literally your first instinct: You know what could fix this? A cult!  However, (and there will be MUCH MORE IN DEPTH FLAILING ABOUT THIS IN A SEPARATE POST) I really appreciated that his role in that scene was to a) present Bellamy with an easy option to assuage his guilt and b) lampshade the role that Bellamy fills in Clarke’s life, and then Bellamy rejected them both.  He does not think that “it was for my people” is sufficient justification for the massacre (which: agreed, it isn’t) and I think that line was more about Jaha than Bellamy.  Jaha has decided that so long as he thought he was doing the right thing, it’s okay, but Bellamy is following Beard Dad on this one, which I think is the right call.  Bellamy also cannot see how important he is to Clarke, but he can see how important she is to him.  It’s like, instinctive– Jaha says “you center her” and Bellamy is like “lol no she centers me.”  He doesn’t even take a beat to consider it, it just is.  However, while he was right to reject Jaha’s solution for guilt, he was definitely wrong to reject his place in Clarke’s life buuuuut it’s also understandable because a lot of Clarke’s feelings for him are still buried deep down inside of her and only come out when he’s sleeping.

Sidenote: so clearly, some of Second Dawn survived and guys, this means Grounders are descended from Scientologists.  I find this utterly delightful.  Thank you, show, for being bonkers.

And then, we get a brief moment of peace.  I am going to go with “Bellamy fell asleep and Clarke chose that moment to write out the list”  as my headcanon for this scene because I don’t see a scenario where Bellamy is like “you do this awful thing; Big Boy needs his nap.”  That’s not how they operate, and while I could maybe see him falling asleep due to pure exhaustion while they work on the list together, that also doesn’t feel very likely to me.  So unless I hear otherwise, that’s the interpretation I’m going with.

So Bellamy falls asleep and Clarke watches him, glad that he’s getting a moment of peace in the oncoming hell.  I suspect she kept his name off the list for several reasons, but the most important one here is she knows he doesn’t want to be on it.  She’s trying to honor his wishes, but then she looks at him and is like, “I cannot imagine a world where he doesn’t deserve to survive.”

And then she breaks down.  Because Clarke is never going to put her own name on that list, and it means she’s going to lose him.  (Of course, she’d also lose him if they BOTH died, but she has already decided that is Not An Option).  The weight of everything hits her at once, and Bellamy’s Clarke Alarm goes off and he wakes up.  (Aside: Bellamy being kind of snort-y and noisy when he wakes up is like, the cutest fucking thing in the universe A+ work Bob).  He knows right away what’s going on and he does the only thing he can think of: he offers his life in exchange for hers.

Except this time, they’re not dying– they’re living.  He’s saying “fine, you want me to survive?  I’ll survive– but only if you do too.”  Clarke just can’t bring herself to say “yes I deserve to live” so Bellamy does it for her, and then he touches her– gently, and just the once– to show her she’s not alone, and then he makes himself leave.  I have SO MANY thoughts about why he chose that moment to walk away, but I think the main reason was that he needed to, because he’s on the edge too and breaking down in front of Clarke wouldn’t help her.  And that’s his only goal in that scene– help her, lift some of that burden, remind her that she’s not alone.  She’s his center, so he does what he can for her and then he walks away before he has to ask her for something, because to him that would be adding to her burden and that is unconscionable.

Because guys…he loves her so much.  And she loves him too.  

My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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Yuri on Ice BD booklet translation (with Kenji Miyamoto interview) - Volume 2

Finally a new translation… This is a full translation of the booklet contained in the BD/DVD vol.2. This time I also decided to translate the captions under the pictures in the “TOPIC” sections because some of them actually have important information (like the one about the 3 sisters). Since it would be weird to only translate some based on what they say, I just translated them all and added them to the translation of the vol.1 booklet as well (you can find that here). If you check it you will understand why I hadn’t thought of translating them in the first place…

Like vol.1, the booklet has 3 parts:
1) Character introduction for Yurio and (short ones) for most characters living in Hasetsu like Yuuri and Nishigoori’s families. By the way, regarding Makkachin’s voice actor listed as “?”, I read in a recording report on Otomedia Plus that (at least in one of the scenes) Suwabe offered to voice him, lol. (I’m writing Makkachin as “he” but actually the gender is not officially confirmed yet)
2) “Topics”, in other words random curiosities. This time this section has some interesting information, especially if you are not too familiar with figure skating. (It also clears up why Yuuri and Victor are always alone in the rink and why they necessarily need to practice very early in the morning)
3) Interview with the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. It explains more in detail some of the things that were mentioned in the commentary to the choreography footage of vol.1. The parts in round brackets are exactly like they are in the original text, it’s not something I added.

Hopefully I will be able to translate the audio commentary and choreography footage (which I still haven’t even had time to watch of course) too by the end of Sunday…

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

A beautiful monster that continues to grow

Yuri Plisetsky
voiced by Kouki Uchiyama

Height: 163 cm
Date of birth: March 1st
Blood type: B

Past record:
2 times consecutive winner of the Junior Grand Prix Final
2 times consecutive winner of the Junior World Championships

He debuts in the senior class at the age of 15 after repeatedly winning the Junior Grand Prix Final and Junior World Championships. Now a pupil of the noted scouter of young talents Yakov, he is Russia’s new hope. During his junior years he already mastered quadruple jumps, but his coach prohibited him from using them in matches. With his sharp jumps, he is in the focus of attention as everyone is curious to see how far he will be able to go in his first year as a senior.
His talent was noticed when he was still little and he left his family in Moscow to train under coach Yakov in St. Petersburg. On the ice he is as beautiful as a fairy, but off the ice he is quite mischievous and is known for the striking aesthetic sense of the outfits he wears in the selfies posted on his SNS. He’s also famous for his devoted fan group Yuri’s angels, who cheer on him wearing cat ears. His favorite food is his grandpa’s pirozhki.

Katsuki Family

Mari Katsuki
voiced by Kyouko Sakai
Yuuri’s older sister who works at “Yutopia Katsuki”. She likes idols and has a thing for blond boys. She named Yuri “Yurio” when he came to Hasetsu.

Toshiya Katsuki
voiced by Souryuu Konno
Yuuri’s father. He owns “Yutopia Katsuki”, the only day onsen in Hasetsu. He is not very familiar with figure skating and actually likes soccer.

Hiroko Katsuki
voiced by Kei Hayami
Yuuri’s mother. She runs “Yutopia Katsuki” with her husband. She knows Minako-sensei from when they were students, and Hiroko is the younger one.

Nishigoori Family

Takeshi Nishigoori
voiced by Jun Fukuyama
Yuuri’s childhood friend and former rinkmate. He works at “Ice Castle Hasetsu”, is Yuuri’s good supporter and helps him with his basic training.

Yuuko Nishigoori
voiced by Mariya Ise
She is Nishigoori’s wife, works at “Ice Castle Hasetsu” and Yuuri has always admired her. She is Victor’s fan and doesn’t only care for Yuuri but for Yurio as well.

Axel, Lutz, Loop Nishigoori
voiced by Akiko Yashima
The 3 twins of the Nishigoori family, also known as the “3 skating otaku sisters”. They skillfully use their parents’ smartphones to post on the SNS and they organized “Onsen on ICE”. Their potential is bottomless.

Minako Okukawa
voiced by Yuka Komatsu
Former ballet dancer who currently teaches a ballet class in Hasetsu, she is Yuuri’s strict but affectionate teacher. She travels around the world to support Yuuri and as a personal hobby.

voiced by ?
Victor’s pet dog, a standard poodle. He came to Hasetsu together with Victor. He is quiet and friendly to people, but is a bit greedy when it comes to food.


TOPIC 1: Skate Otaku Sisters
The triplets of the Nishigoori family. Since they can do anything people tend to forget that they’re still 6 years old kindergartners. Axel, Lutz and Loop can be distinguished by their hairstyle and personal color. The reason they are called “skating otaku” sisters is that they use their parents’ smartphones and PC to check information about skaters on the social media and enjoy watching real time live streamings of international tournaments. By watching their behavioral pattern you will be able to understand how skating otaku all around the world live. Their parents work at an ice rink, but it’s not clear whether the 3 sisters can skate too.

*Each of them has an assigned task: taking movies, pictures or uploading
*Their carefree action strongly influenced the story
*A perfect spin. Maybe they can skate…?
*They are even good at drawing, but they use crayons
*Axel has pigtails and her color is purple. Lutz has a bun and her color is light blue. Loop has a ponytail and her color is pink.

TOPIC 2: Off ice training
Of course, figure skating is mostly practiced on the ice. However, there are also many kinds of training that must be done off the ice, like fitness training, stretching exercises, core training and so on. Beside running and stretching, many skaters also incorporate ballet lessons into their basic training. In addition, some of them take lessons or hear the opinion from dancers and performers of various genres, to improve their expressiveness and understanding of the program. Sometimes they might even go stand under waterfalls to train their mental strength… maybe. There are no restrictions on the types of training, as long as they can improve their skating skills and expression.

*It’s a tough sport that requires lots of basic training
*It’s important to have a trainer that supports you
*Stretching exercises at any time
*Russia is the home of ballet
*Training your mental strength might be the hardest

TOPIC 3: Music
Choosing music is important to create a program. Cases where music is created from scratch, like for Yuuri’s FS, are actually rare, and most skaters choose existing songs and have them edited so that their length is according to regulations (in case of the men’s senior class it’s approx. 2:40 min. for the short program and 4:30 min. for the free). Usually songs are edited by either the choreographer, music professionals or skaters themselves. Most of the times they use the original title of the song, but in cases of original songs such as “Yuri on ICE” or when the skater wants to deliver a certain message they use a different title for the program.

*It’s important that the song gives you an image
*Sometimes they choose from what are called “standard songs”
*The CD is an important object that they must hand out at tournaments

TOPIC 4: Choreography
Program choreographies are commonly created by coaches or professional choreographers, but there are also skaters who create them on their own like Victor, and some who order them from professionals unrelated to the skating world, like for Yurio’s FS. When a choreography is created by a dancer or someone who doesn’t skate, usually the steps and exact footwork will be thought by the coach. Most professional choreographers aren’t always by the skater’s side, therefore skaters practice the choreography on their own and then have the choreographer come over a few times during the season to adjust it. Yuuri is really lucky to have a coach & choreographer teaching him on a one-to-one basis every day.

*Victor was already creating his own choreographies when he was competing
*Yurio’s choreographer is a legendary prima ballerina
*A choreographer that skates together with you is very precious

TOPIC 5: Ice rink
Every skater has a home rink that they use as their base, but rink conditions are very different depending on the country. In Japan, except for the rinks owned by a few universities, most rinks are open to the public, therefore if athletes want to reserve a rink for personal training they need to book it outside of normal opening hours. Yuuri and Victor also look like they’re comfortably training alone in a large rink, but actually that’s usually in the early morning or late at night**. In some countries with better conditions there are many rinks and some of them even have different training hours depending on the level of skaters, therefore some Japanese skaters choose to have their home rink abroad. Yuuri must be really grateful to Nishigoori.
[**translator’s note: for your reference, most normal rinks in the Tokyo/Kanto area are open to the public from 10:00 to 18:00]

*The Detroit rink Yuuri used to belong to
*Yurio’s home rink in St. Petersburg
*The Thai rink is downtown

Figure skating choreography
Kenji Miyamoto interview

I said that if I was going to do it I would do everything myself, and choreographed about 20 songs.

The first time I was asked about the choreographies was in the summer of 2015. The first meeting was around October or November. My first thought was that it sounded like fun. There were countless possibilities, and I thought that we might get more people interested in figure skating, therefore I was really looking forward to it. At that time I didn’t think about the difficulties, and replied that I definitely wanted to do it.
When I received the first request there were lots of songs and I was told that since it was hard schedule-wise they might have to ask someone else, but I said that if I was going to do it I would do everything myself, and adjusted the schedule.

-Choreographies were created at night, over a short period of time-

If I were working with a skater normally it would take about 3 days to create a program. We talked about the fact that it would have been difficult to create programs for dozens of songs right away, but since I was going to just skate them myself (instead of teaching them to a skater) I guessed it would have been faster. In the end I created choreographies for about 20 songs.
I left 2 weeks of my schedule free from any other job. Every day I’d sleep during the day and we’d start from 23:00, after the rink’s business hours, until about 5:00-6:00 in the morning. It was still early spring, but everyone was freezing and every time we’d come out of the rink all clad in down jackets. We must have looked like some suspicious gang (LOL).

-Programs were conceived based on the songs and a little information-

On the day I had to choreograph a song I received information from director Yamamoto and Kubo-sensei, like what kind of person the skater is, where he’s from, what kind of songs he likes, the way he usually lives and so on, and I would get into his role and create the choreography.
I only received 2-3 songs in advance, and the rest all came basically the day before choreographing. The songs were mostly original so it took longer to work on them, it was really a tight schedule. In some cases they said “today we were going to choreograph 2 songs, but 1 isn’t ready yet”, so on that day we only did 1 song and the next day we choreographed 3. If I were working with a skater it (3 songs in 1 day) would be absolutely impossible (LOL).
All songs were difficult to choreograph. I was told that the programs need to be used in tournaments and skaters must be able to get levels for them, so even though the songs were edited slightly shorter than what you would normally use in a match, they include all necessary elements (required in a competitive program such as jumps, spins etc.).
A program that was easy to picture is the protagonist Yuuri-kun’s. Also, Victor-san. About Victor-san I was told that “he is an absolute champion with a stately presence, a skater that no one can surpass”, so I created “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” as a majestic and excellent performance. I made him raise his head in a way the line of his throat would look beautiful, like a white stone statue. It’s not something I was told by Kubo-sensei and the others, I came up with that idea myself.
A program that was hard to imagine was maybe the FS of Thailand’s Phichit-kun. The reason is simply that I’m not familiar with Thai folk songs, so I had to look up pictures and movies and it took some time. Just at that time I couldn’t lift my left shoulder anymore and had my trainer come over and tape it, I guess that was really when I had the hardest time. I had to do movements for many different skaters, some of which are not movements I normally do myself, that’s why I ended up injuring my shoulder a little.

-Trying different camera angles and clothes-

There were 4-5 fixed cameras on the side of the rink, and Kanako Odagaki-sensei skated after me with another one. The sense of speed feels different when looking through a camera compared to looking normally though, so whenever I sped up I would end up going too far from the camera. In the beginning it was difficult because I kept leaving too much distance between us, but we got better with each time and in the end we were able to basically move in synchrony. For every program I told the director and the staff what the skating course would be in advance, and depending on the choreography we discussed on what would be the best way to film it, for example if it was better to film it from the center of the circle or from the outside, and I discussed with Kubo-sensei as well.
Even for the clothes, in the beginning I was skating with a pitch black outfit, but I was told that it was hard to distinguish left and right and so I wrapped tape on one side. Also, since all athletes skate with costumes, I tried to wear clothes like large blouses so that the staff could see how they flutter in the wind when you skate. I always used to set my hair, but I also skated without setting it so that they could see how it moves when you turn around, how you sweat and so on.
(We didn’t only film each program once,) I repeated every program a few times. However, doing everything again from the start to the end was difficult, also because my body wouldn’t last. (When I felt that it was difficult) there were times when I asked them to film as best as they could because I was only going to skate the full program once. If it still wasn’t enough, I skated just the parts they needed to see again the next day.
(As it also happens when I create choreographies for real skaters) sometimes I would realize that I needed to shorten the skating part, or that even though the sequence was very difficult there was still a chance that they could land a jump. The rink was small, so jumps were done differently than normal ones, and I thought it could be fun to change the curve too.

-People who started skating after watching Yuri-

To be honest, I thought that once it became animation it would look very different from the actual thing, but in fact it was almost the same. Of course flat pictures are not the same as tridimensional reality, but it got really close to the essence of skating. I was surprised at how realistically they recreated muscles and other details. The staff is seriously amazing.
Some shots were different than what I had created, because when the director, Kubo-sensei and the staff watched it they thought that another form would look better and so they changed it. It was interesting to see how different people see things in different ways. But they really did a wonderful job, because when I watched the programs they were indeed beautiful.
I see a lot of response now that the series has started airing. (The other day when I went to a tournament) a foreign coach grabbed his pupil just before they were going to skate and told them “you know, Kenji did all the choreographies for Yuri!” (LOL). I replied “you don’t have to tell them now” though. It’s great that it’s having so much response, and I’m very happy about it. I was asked to do choreographies for those songs, and there was even a boy who said he started skating after watching “Yuri on Ice”, that really made me happy. Looking back, I’m glad that I said I would do everything myself.

Kenji Miyamoto / Born in 1978 in Hyogo.
Ice dance winner of the Japan Figure Skating Championships in 2001-02.
After retiring from competition he became one of the leading choreographers in Japan, creating programs for skaters of all ages, from children to world champions, both Japanese and foreign.

Fourth Period - Part Two

A/N: I apologize for how long this took me to write, my schedule has been packed and lately, the words aren’t flowing as freely as I would like them to.

I’m getting back in the groove, do not worry.

Also, I’m thinking of one more part after this one, what do you think?

Have a lovely week.

Part One Part Two Part Three

You weren’t sure how your parents would react to you clutching to Baekhyun for dear life on the back of his bike as you rolled into your neighborhood because that’s the opposite of how that went down.

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oh look another oliness fic
actually, this is more of a scene that would fit probably pretty nicely somewhere much later down the line. it’s cute fjflksfd and it doesn’t really have too much direction but its CUTE

this is completely sfw btw!!!! also a couple notes:

-PDA makes nessa so embarrassed lol
-Oliver speaks Aelish, a language from the country of Aelia, which is where this takes place

i think that’s about it lol i hope u enjoy it!


She wonders how Oliver would kiss her if there was no reason to hold back.

Nessa draws forth the memory of how he looked today. He’d been wearing a loose, white shirt with short sleeves and a slight v-neck to give him better mobility as he swung his sword around to parry off Adam’s blows. He’d carried a smug air of confidence and it was incredible, she thought, how he was able to hold his own so well against someone she knew was military trained. His slick brown skin had been warm with the flush of exercise. Even now, she can still hear the chorus of his laughter as he stumbled and narrowly missed being cuffed by Adam’s sword.

She shivers. He hadn’t known she’d been watching - Nessa hadn’t even meant to stop and stare. She was merely passing the training yard on her way to the stables when she saw him. He was mesmerizing and he’d made her weak. All she could do was remember how good it feels to kiss him, how he graciously responds to her touch, the way he chases after her even as she pulls away to breathe.

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I don’t know why I’m making this post but I thought’d it be fun to introduce some youtubers to people who haven’t heard/seen them before and highly recommend them! 

Just to note, these youtubers I watch aren’t really “youtubers” like the “story-time” kinda stuff, I mostly watch people who review/analyse films, games, books, and so on for fun and educational purposes. 

1. Cinemasnob- I freaking love this man. Out of all the movie reviewer people I watch he’s my number one. In fact his whole show is kind of my aesthetic. He reviews mostly exploitation films, and just plain horrible movies from the 60s, 70s, 80s, you name it. His dry and sarcastic humor also makes his reviews hilarious to watch. And he has a cute cat named Lloyd that appears in a few episodes every now and then -Stone Gremlin Productions 

2. Phelan Porteous- This guy also has a sarcastic sense of humor when reviewing shitty movies. I find his style of humor quite interesting, it’s very meme-y and derpy. He mostly reviews horrible horror movies and, even better, Disney knock-offs which are my personal favorite.My favorite thing he does is that he plays this goofy music over pointless or drawn out scenes from dumb movies where nothing is going on. He also review bootleg games and other trinkets as well. -Phelan Porteous 

3. Glamourdaze- This youtube channel is very unique as most of it is just videos or clips from different retro eras about lifestyles and fashion. There’s all kinds of videos like how women did their hair in the 40s, or how to get a date in the 60s. As a history nerd, these clips are enjoyable to watch as it truly feels like it’s a blast from the past. Plus, it’s just fun learning how people did stuff back then.-Glamourdaze 

4. Lessons From The Screenplay/Nerdwriter1- These guys were are on the same boat about analyzing movies and giving tips on story-telling. These guys go in great depth explaining and describing how and what to do with creating a story. I find these dudes helpful as I create stories myself and lowkey would like to be in the movie/TV business someday. Not only do they educate how to direct a film but they make videos about all kinds of great subjects like how to make a great antagonist, how certain movie genres are getting old, or how to tell a story through visuals instead of dialogue; fun stuff that I really love learning about. -Lessons From The Screenplay/Nerdwriter1 

5. History Buffs- Pretty sure a lot of history buffs (PA TUM PSS) watch this dude, but if you don’t I highly recommend checking him out. He reviews histroical/period drama films and sometimes TV shows. What he does is that he breaks down a historical movie to reveal the real history behind the film and I find it very entertaining and also educational. He has reviewed great period classics such as Amadeus, Dances with Wolves, Lawrence of Arabia, Braveheart and a lot more. -History Buffs

6. KrimsonRogue- This guy is a real treat and I’m honestly quite surprised people haven’t heard of him, especially book lovers. He reviews movie adaptations of books and differentiates between them. Of course many of them he reviews are horrible movies about great books; a great reminder that the Book was Better (The name of his show haha). He’s reviewed Percy Jackson, that one Mortal Instruments movie no one likes, and even Twilight. Plus he’s adorable, has a cat named Leia, AND liked my fan art I did for him that I think is currently still his Facebook’s page background. -KrimsonRogue

7. Lindsay Ellis- One of my favs, Lindsay Ellis, otherwise known as “Nostalgia Chick” makes great videos talkin’ bout movies. My favorite of her series, Loose Cannon, is a fun segment breaking down a popular character in many versions of said character. For example, there’s one about the Greek god Hades, in which Lindsay talks about the many different film adaptions of the god. Or another one where she talks about the “idea” of Marylin Monroe in many different biopics or movies about her. Lindsay is pretty laid-back, as if she is personally discussing a movie with you. -Lindsay Ellis 

8. Maven of Eventide- I just discovered her last night and I’m glad I did because I watched all of her Vampire Reviews. Yep, she reviews vampire movies, the good and the bad, and I love it. Not only does she review vampire movies but she also does a great job telling the history of the popularity of vampires as well as vampire lore. I also admire how she owns her vampire-loving attitude as she dresses the part in cute outfits every episode. She’s silly, bright, and passionate about blood-sucking demons. And she worships Interview With The Vampire for it is a great portrayal of vampires as well as being a damn good movie. -Maven of Eventide 

9. RalphTheMovieMaker- I love this kid, he is my son. Like most people I watch, he reviews movies of course and is one of the best. He is mostly popular for making fun of dumb reality TV shows such as Mystery Diners, Bigfoot and Ghost shows, and even LifeTime movies (my favorite video from him actually). He’s actually a film student, I believe, and I gotta say he is very impressive, especially at such a young age and I bet he inspires younger audiences everywhere.-Ralphthemoviermaker 

10. Drawing Tutorials Online- Finally a guy to inspire the artistic side of me, a college professor at NYU (?) who gives tips on making art AND showing off his student’s cool sketchbooks AKA The Best Part. Seeing these student’s work is SO inspiring, all of them have different styles, they’re colorful, and design really neat things. It inspires me to just let go in my sketchbooks and go crazy with colors and draw all kinds of weird shit. Especially for struggling artists out there, I highly recommend this guy’s channel to explore other people’s work and see what inspires you.-DrawingTutorialsOnline 

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Hello ! I love your blog and really appreciate your head cannons ! Could I ask how the RFA+V would react to an mc who has a hard time looking into the eyes of others because it gives them anxiety and how they would help them get over it ?

Hi there! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like my stuff(´∀`) oh, and thanks for messaging me earlier! feel free to anytime 

and of course, love~


  • at first, he thought it was because of his flirty comments. which he did say a lot
  • but he noticed mc also did it when in normal conversation, as well as with other people too
  • so one day, he uses his scripts as a way to ask them
  • “mc! help me practice this one scene?” “of course! I’ll be right there”
  • he picked a quite intimate scene, one where the characters has to be face to face
  • it wasn’t even his character smh
  • mc walked in and zen smiled, pulling them over and resting his forehead on theirs
  • mc’s cheeks go red. zen smiles to himself, but shows them the script
  • “all you have to do is listen and look at me…make sure my expression is alright” they nod quickly
  • and so he starts. the line is romantic and hinting at sad, kind of sounding like a goodbye
  • he actually gets into it lol but he notices mc looking away from him in the middle of it. he finishes the scene before he asks
  • “mc..can i ask you something?” they beat him to it. “i didn’t keep eye contact, did i?” he smiles again. “is it embarrassing?” “well, no…it just stresses me out when i do that.”
  • he used to be the same way. he still kind of is. he understands
  • “come here” he teaches them how he got over it - for the most part - because of his job by pretending they’re a different person, a character
  • it works out!


  • he actually has the same problem
  • but he really wants to look into mc’s eyes, especially with zen telling him how romantic it is 
  • so he does some research and tries to find a method that fits him
  • and he got it down! but then mc has the same problem…
  • so he tells them what he came up with! 
  • “ok, so. what I do is first…” “…but if this doesn’t work for you, I found others!”
  • they eventually find one that works 
  • the first time they both maintain eye contact with each other for more than a full minute, they are so happy and hug each other
  • when they get even more comfortable, they get really affectionate
  • the both of them are only really comfortable with each other 


  • can’t relate, but understands
  • she still gets anxiety attacks every once in awhile
  • so to help, she cheers mc every step of the way
  • she makes them start with glances. a small smile while looking at her before they turn away
  • makes sure to always give mc a reward by a small shoulder kiss
  • look, i love those 
  • when it’s just the two of them alone at home, she takes mc’s hands and gives them small encouragements
  • this is where jaehee tries to make them have full on conversations
  • when they manage to have one, jaehee is non-stop grinning
  • she’s so proud of mc aww 


  • it probably frustrates him at first 
  • because he’s so used to this sort of thing. looking at people is easy for him. he’s been trained to do it
  • but mc mentions anxiety and he takes it much more seriously 
  • jumin doesn’t have anxiety, but he knows how to handle people around him that does
  • he’s been in these situations before
  • however, he puts 10x more care into his actions with mc
  • this, he takes care of himself. he makes it a gradual process. looking at his neck, chin, nose, forehead, and finally eyes
  • jumin does the same, to make them more comfortable that their not the only one doing it
  • mc can probably draw him with their eyes closed
  • he’s also very patient, never snapping at mc 
  • they make time to do it after he gets home from work

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • never pressures mc 
  • doesn’t even mind that sometimes they won’t look him in the eye
  • in all honestly, he gets anxious about that sometimes too 
  • but if mc really wants his help, he’s there
  • he actually starts by using pictures of himself
  • holds it in front of his face while they talk, making mc look into his eyes on the picture rather than his actual eyes
  • it really helps, which mc thinks is amazing
  • one day, he cut the picture so his mouth was still the picture, but his eyes were his own eyes
  • they had a 10 minute conversation
  • saeyoung puts the picture on the table after and mc sees that it was cut
  • they look at him, shocked. saeyoung is grinning
  • “you did it, angel!” he’s met with a tackle hug

v / jihyun

  • these two didn’t really have this problem until after V got the surgery
  • because right after the doctor took the tape off, he looked for mc
  • of course, they were right there in front of him
  • he stood up and cupped their face, smiling widely and kissing their forehead
  • mc is blushing so hard and so would i tbh
  • he lifts their chin to look at him, he’s still grinning 
  • “sweetheart, please don’t be nervous when you’re looking into my eyes..i want to show you how much love I have for you..”
  • so mc gives in and looks into his eyes for a bit
  • at first, they’re as scared as they always are. but they warm up to him and his eyes
  • they’re just so…comforting
  • of course, this really only works for jihyun
  • with others, jihyun squeezes their hand and steps closer to them
  • the problem doesn’t go away, but it lessens around him

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Can you give me your opinion on Touken? Why do you ship them?

Can I talk about Touken?

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

Why yes, yes I can.

Shipping preferences are personal things, and probably very few people ship a pairing for the same reasons, so I’m going to explain why I love this ship. For me, I’m actually not terribly invested in ships I like being canon (though that’s always ideal haha) but tend ship them because of interesting dynamics between their characters, and specifically, the ways in which they help each others’ characters grow, and the ways in which their interactions exemplify the manga’s themes.

As for Touken: I’ve literally shipped them since the third chapter of TG, and they were foreshadowed in the very first chapter thanks to Hide:

Posting the rest under a cut because damn this got long:

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