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People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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So basically Oliver being a series regular character was the best thing to ever happen to this show, sign me up for a two way trip on the feelings train.

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hi, i was just wondering why you dislike sheith? i can see why myself but i was just wondering why u do?

okay so let’s pretend that the ages weren’t confirmed.

  • it fucking decimates keith’s character and makes him out as the Ultimate Uke Pinup Boy™. a soft delicate flower made to be touched by shiro only (gagging). and gal/ra!kei/th in sh/eith is like, why would shiro think it’s hot? shiro has ptsd from his time with the galra. and shiro is such a good guy but the shippers make him out as some “sex god dad/dy” and i’m like, well, wherever you fucking pulled that out from.
  • like even if the ages were not confirmed, their behaviors are clearly one of a mature man who has seen shit and a hotheaded teen. and the fucking size difference IDK!!! squicks me out
  • Yaoi Tropes. fucking everywhere. yaoi is pretty heteronormative in the first place, with the Big Buff Seme and the Waif Uke. (ties into the first point but w/e it still grosses me out!!). one half of the relationship is “manly” while the other is “feminine” like what kind of fucking shit is this (and all the time!! keith is the feminine one) 
  • Favors white-passing boys instead of the interracial relationships (k/lance n sh/allura) and aLWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS THEY FUCKING. MAKE LANCE OUT AS LEAST DESIRABLE. Like keith prefers shiro and it fucKING KILLS ME BC I SEE YOU, PPL WHO MAKE FICS N COMICS ABOUT LANCE GETTING HIS HEARTBROKEN. like that is so fucking colorist. just say straight up that you think lance is ugly because of his skin.
  • asian fetishization, especially light-skinned asians. i’ve seen so many “”””headcanon posts”””” where they hc keith as korean and shiro as japanese and they are grossly stereotypical and lack research put into the fucking cultures.
  • also, asian men are often portrayed as feminine, especially in (white) western media, so showing either of them (usually keith) as excessively demure only plays into stereotypes and tropes.
  • also pre-kerberos ship is gross bc keith was a student and shiro was definitely graduated. like definitely canon. (ew)

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Your drawings make my heart feel so good and warm *sigh* I love them, keep it up! Do you think Plumeria and Moon became good friends after Moon and Guzma got together?

They do gal things like make their hair look like Sailor Moon’s and Plums dresses her in girl gang clothes sometimes when Moon wants to feel tough lol

Klaine has had a bigger impact than Brittana?

Are you sure about that? Because if that’s what you actually think, please allow me to debunk that little myth right now.

Now, it’s no lie that Klaine has a lot of fans, right? It’s no lie that Klaine has made some kind of impact, right? But to sit there and chant that Klaine’s impact is bigger, and because of that, that makes your ship and your fandom infinitely better is just silly.

First and foremost, if you Klainers actually cared about ships having impacts, then you’d show support for not only Klaine, but all lgbt couples in TV shows. Instead, you guys make it seem like representation is some sort of competition and that whoever has the most representation is better. Totally ridiculous, right? I mean, straight white men have the biggest representation of all in the media, but I doubt you’re all acting like they’re better than everyone else.

And speaking of representation, you really want to know why Klaine hasn’t had a bigger impact? Because gay men are better represented in the media than gay women. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “If gay men are better represented, then doesn’t that mean that they do have a bigger impact?”

Uh, no.

See, TV shows and movies are dishing out gay characters left and right, but guess what? Those gay characters have a much bigger chance of being male than female. In fact, there are so many gay men in today’s media that they’ve actually become more represented than people of color. Yep. Not a black person for miles, but you can bet your ass that there are gay men (who are usually also white, might I add). Gay men have become so prominent in media that many people overlook the others in LGBT+ and only focus on the G. Klainers mistake having a big impact with having more representation because gay men are taken far more seriously than gay women. (Especially when it comes to gay women of color and bisexual women, because lol, apparently bi people just don’t exist, right?)

Now, speaking of gay women of color and bi women, let’s talk about Brittana, because we were all thinking of it. Now Klaine and Brittana shippers often go head to head, for reasons like Klainers thinking their ship has had a bigger impact, therefore Brittana is just irrelevant. We all know Brittana is a ship between two females. What? Two girls dating? That’s so weird, right? Because according to the media, girls can only be “gal pals” in spite of there being legitimate proof of their romantic relationship, and everyone who does think that two girls are dating is just “looking too far into their relationship” (I mean, just look at how so many people acted towards the Legend of Korra finale. Two bi, women of color being in a relationship? Clearly not. They’re just good friends, right?)

Queer women are so poorly represented that we have to quite literally beg for them to be in TV shows and movies. Hell, RIB didn’t take Brittana seriously until the fans rallied together and even Naya had to go up to them and tell them that it’s not a joke, because people actually live their lives like this. Yeah, sure, RIB made Brittana happen, but guess what? They were always in the background, overshadowed by couples like Finchel, your average heteros, and Klaine, the token gay couple. RIB made Brittana happen, but they did not care about Brittana the way they cared about their precious gay men and their leading guy and gal. RIB made Brittana happen, but they were still the butt of every joke episode after episode. RIB made Brittana happen, but they still didn’t have Brittany say a word for nine episodes in season 3, even after her girlfriend got outed by Finn. Even now, yeah, Brittana are getting married, but guess what? So are Klaine. RIB made Brittana happen, but they still hijacked half of their wedding and gave it to Klaine at last minute. Brittana can’t even exist properly on their own without someone else stealing the spotlight.

So, if you’ve made it this far and you still think Klaine has had a bigger impact, let me be frank with you. It hasn’t. Why? Because gay men in the media are common. Klaine is common. Maybe they weren’t when they first started out, I’ll give you that, but as of now in the year 2014, going strongly into 2015, Klaine is just another gay grain of sand on a beach filled with all the other gay men in the media. Gay men have become so common that whenever I see one on TV, I’m like, what else is new? But gay women in the media is so sparse that I actually get surprised whenever I see one. How sad is that? I actually get excited whenever I see someone like me, because that sure as hell doesn’t happen a lot. Sure, there has been progress in the representation of queer women (see Orange Is the New Black, The Fosters, and pretty much all those shows from Canada) but still, even on extremely popular shows like OINTB, the word ‘bisexual’ has yet to be used while describing a character, and even on The Fosters, Stef and Lena’s relationship takes a backseat to the ever so hetero Brandon and Callie.

The media just does not give a damn about the gay female community the way it fauns over it’s precious gay men. So saying Klaine has had a bigger impact than Brittana is like saying you won a race fair and square when you had a 5 minute head start.

I have seen so many Brittana shippers stick with their ship, no matter the amount of shit it has been through, because they need to see people like them. They don’t just ship Brittana because they love their relationship, they do it because their community needs a chance to shine. They have fought for their ship to be taken more seriously, they have fought for better storylines and equal treatment, they have fought to not be written off as just another joke. They have fought for Brittana to be real because bi women and gay women of color just don’t get a chance at anything.

So yes. Brittana has had a bigger impact than Klaine, because sorry guys, but your fandom has been handed everything. Even when Klaine broke up, you knew they were getting back together because Ryan Murphy and co have made it very clear that they love Klaine. And when they lost Finchel, Klaine was given the spotlight. I mean, Ryan’s a gay man, why wouldn’t he show favoritism to a gay male couple than to gay females? Ryan doesn’t give a shit about Brittana. How sad is it that on Glee, a show that’s supposed to be about acceptance and promoting equality, Brittana shippers have actually had to beg for Brittany and Santana’s relationship be taken seriously?

I mean, if it weren’t for Brittana shippers fighting for their ship to become canon, I’m sure half of Santana’s character development wouldn’t have even happened, seeing as most of her storyline revolved around her coming to terms with her sexuality, and she’d still be that same background character from season 1, who occasionally had a line or two. And poor Brittany, a character who’s main purpose has been to provide comedic relief with her wacky lines, has been taken the least serious of all. I don’t know about you guys, but a bi woman on a popular TV show? I would have loved to see her have proper storylines with proper dialogue, not just whatever random crap the Glee writers came up with. I mean, we didn’t even get to see how Brittany came to terms with her sexuality, or see her come out to her family, or even comfort her girlfriend after their relationship got outed. No, instead, she just didn’t say a word.

So, do you guys get it now? You can’t say that Klaine has had a bigger impact, because Brittana is a ship that people had to fight for. Literally fight for. Kurt’s sexuality was established at the very beginning of the show, then Blaine came around and you all just knew what was going to happen then. Brittana was never planned, and I don’t even think the Glee writers wanted to put in a relationship between two girls, until the Brttana fans came around and begged them because our community lacks representation. And as I’ve said, gay men in the media are common now. Gay women still aren’t getting taken as seriously years after Brittana was made a thing.

So, you want to talk about impact? Look at the lesbian women who get sexualized instead of treated properly, look at the bi women and men who get told their sexuality doesn’t exist, look at the trans men and women who rarely get represented on TV, and when they do, they have about two seconds of screen time. Look at all these people who have to stand up and shout that they deserve to see people like them in the media, and that there is more to the LGBT+ community than just the G. Look at shows like Legend of Korra (which I mentioned earlier) where it’s two main female characters, Korra and Asami, have made a bigger impact in the few days that they have been proven to be canon than Klaine has made in years because when’s the last time you saw two bi, women of color get a happy ending on a children’s show, no less. Look at those people who are constantly fighting, trying to make their voice heard, only to be drowned out by the people who only spend time focusing on their precious gay men, who then have the nerve to say that they have made a bigger impact, therefore they deserve to get more than everyone else.

And then, maybe you will understand why people have just had enough of Klaine.

Popularity and the level impact can be thought of as similar. But they are not the same.

Ransom and Holster have a good thing okay and adding March to that isn’t a bad thing because Holster thinks she is fantastic and gorgeous 

but he doesn’t really have a relationship with her yet so it just feels like he is losing Ransom time and not getting anything to replace it

cue Holster watching Sex and the City at seven on a saturday night with a couple of bottles of wine because Rans is staying with March tonight and that’s fine honestly but his bed is too empty 

he is pretty far into his planned moping schedule when there’s a knock at the door and he is far too petulant to get up for anyone because Rans never knocks and that’s the only person he wants to see right now

the door opens while he is making a pros/cons list on saying “come in” and it’s March? she just raises an eyebrow at his setup and pushes her way into his blanket fortress

Holster is so confused because she is meant to be with Ransom and if March is here than where is Ransom? is everything alright? did something bad happen?

“everything is fine Adam. Justin is fine. i just thought we needed some Adam and March time. Justin agrees.”

and okay maybe Holster’s only problem wasn’t just less Ransom and maybe he was feeling a little unwanted because March hadn’t shown much interest in him but that’s still a maybe

anyway they cuddle and bitch about Carrie and Big and drink wine and everything turns out okay