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Star Wars + Heights*

edit: *heights were taken from wookieepedia and might not be the actors actual heights  except poe cause i couldnt find his

seriously there was NOT enough ciri/yen interactions in tw3. they have such a strong, special relationship in the books like…..they LITERALLY call each other daughter/mother and ciri wanted to be called cirilla of vengerberg………..and to see that kinda sidelined so that the geralt/ciri relationship was highlighted was so sad. like i GET it that geralt and ciri’s relationship had to be shown as much as it was for plot purposes but it didn’t have to be at the expense of yennefer. ciri says that yennefer has “plans for her” and lowkey implies at one point that she trusts avallac'h more than her, which is so not true at all. such a missed opportunity on cdpr’s part, imo, and one i feel is seen a lot throughout yen’s character in the game.

tl:dr yennefer is too important to me for this bs


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galacticlod  asked:

how would you suggest drawing male faces? ive drawn girls my whole life and now that im finally starting to want to draw guy characters (guzma, link, ect) i just can't do it and can't break my habit of drawing femininely. help??

Hi there! Sorry I’m so late! ToT

I made a thingy, and I hope it helps! At least a little bit cuz idk what art is and I never did this before Lol

PLEASE EXCUSE MY TRASH HANDWRITING so I’ll type the writing here:

(from left to right)

1) I usually make the male’s head longer and more angular than females. I also give them a wider neck. Another thing I like to do is make the eyes smaller, add the bridge of the nose, indicate the lower lip, and putting a line under the corner of the eye.

2) Even if the character is younger (or appears that way), I apply most of the “rules” as opposed to how I draw females. (If that makes sense lol).

3) For profiles, I make the male’s jaw sharp. The same “rule” of making the eyes smaller applies here too. I also don’t make the nose as soft, small, or too rounded from the side.

4) Facial hair is always a cool way to make the face more masculine lol



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Just to be clear:

  • November 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance.
  • March 31st is (International) Trans Day of Visibility.
  • Both are very important dates.
  • TDoR was founded in 1998 to remember the murder of Rita Hester (and the fact that we know about her death is due to the diligent work of her community, that is, Black trans women: discussion here), and thus memorialize trans people who have fallen victim to attacks and raise awareness of continuing violence.
  • TDoV was founded much later, in 2009, by Rachel Crandall as a celebration of trans people, specifically citing that the sole holiday for trans people at the time was TDoR, a more somber day.
  • Both serve to educate and raise awareness, but come from different historical contexts.