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Do you know fics where Dean starts dating Cas because of a bet and then Cas find out?

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I know I’ve read many fics where Dean makes a bet to date/sleep with Cas and drama ensues, but I can’t remember which ones they are and my notes don’t help me at all. So here’s the few fics I can remember at this time.Iif you guys want to add something to the list please send links to us in our SUBMIT box, and I’ll make a part 2 for this post! I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help! - Admin A

Title: The Bet

Author: CreateWriteInspire

Rating: Mature

Words: 81,254 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Lol I think the summary says it all. I mean these types of fics have been around forever and I’ve read way too many of these in different fandoms over the years to really get excited about the drama that’s bound to come. But anyway, this was an okay fic with a lot of feels and drama, so if that’s your thing then this is perfect for you!

Summary: Dean thinks he’s irresistible & bets Meg that he can get the strange kid, Castiel to get into bed with him. Dean’s feelings start to change as he gets to know Cas.

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Title: Honey and Butter

Author: Morethancupcake

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,319 – 4 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I know I keep reccing this but I love this verse. Spoiler alert! The bet happens in the second part so don’t skip this only after reading the first part of the verse!

Summary:  "Castiel collects things. Flower petals he finds on his bedroom floor, probably brought by the wind. Pictures of trees, plants, mushrooms he sees during his walks in the forest. Different teas in beautiful old tins. John Winchester’s words, out of Dean’s mouth, like thorns in his heart.“

Castiel is different. But between his bees, his pictures and his friend Sam, he’s happy. Then comes Dean. Dean who’s loud, and mean, but so beautiful.

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Title: The Bet and The End

Author: raiseyourpinky

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 61,722 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I hadn’t read this fic before getting this ask so for the first time since forever I actually got to read something while researching fics for an ask. I read so much that I usually have answers ready no matter what you guys throw at us, so yeah this was pretty good even though it was a little cliché.

Summary: When Dean asks Castiel out to win a bet, he never counts on the consequences. It turns out Castiel isn’t as ordinary as he presumed. And Dean isn’t as heartless as he thought.

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Title: Cruel Dares and Twisted Truths

Author: destielshipper

Rating: Mature

Words: 57,780 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: So this is one of those stories where Dean makes a bet to deflower the resident nerd Castiel. And I think we can all safely say that nothing good ever comes with bets like these :’D So be prepared for misunderstandings, heartbreaks and a lot of tears. Enjoy!

Summary: From the moment they met in freshman year aged fourteen years old, complete opposites, and stuck together in the beginning of the high school they hated each other. Dean Winchester was boisterous, loud and a troublemaker with popularity around school that made him shine, Dean had his own little gang and had a kind of friend with everyone in his year apart from one. Castiel Milton was quiet, clever and secluded in his own world; he had a small group of friends and refused to give one minute of his time to one particular boy. Castiel hated Dean, Dean hated Castiel. Their feud was never ending, never changing, and continued well up to senior year. Their lives were on completely different paths with Dean stuck in a problem he couldn’t escape and Castiel in an endless nightmare. It was senior year when everything started to change and mould into the future they were meant to share.

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Little Knight

So eh, i made a thing. and that’s a girl just so you know. and uh yeah, so hard to explain cuz i don’t think you guys would care. but like this is akane, yuu’s daughter and she train to become a fighter since the age of 6. and it’s bc she wants to make mommy proud. that is all.


WARNINGS: fluff. i mean, come on. language and fluff should always be expected with my stuff lol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: ANON, thank you so much! you’re amaaaazing! .xx hope you enjoy it!

It was New York Fashion Week and you were nervous. This would be your first fashion week runaway. You had been on the modeling scene for about two years and most of the modeling you did was for magazines and such. 

That’s how you met Sebastian. 

He had a photo shoot where they wanted him to pose with a model and your modeling company chose you to pose with him for the magazine spread. He was humble and funny, never inappropriate towards you unlike other celebrities you had worked with before. 

That day you two goofed around and went out to get lunch together. He even paid for it even though you insisted on buying your own food. Once the photo shoot ended you felt your heart drop. Who knew when you would see him again. And if you ever did, would he remember you? 

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Do you mind me asking for a young Sirius black Drabble with 27,28,32 and 34 from the Drabble list possibly please ?

27. “I love you, you asshole” and 28. “You did this for me?” and 32. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend” and 34. “The way you flirt is shameful” with Sirius as a strapping young lad!!!

Also, I listened to this song while writing this. Just as a side note lol

Tall and lean with amazing hair, Sirius was a teenage heart throb. All the girls were head over heels for that uppity idiot, and, well, you weren’t blind. You knew he was handsome. If you could describe anyone with the archaic word handsome, it would be him.

You didn’t really expect him to pay you much attention, because not only was he handsome, but also conveniently clever. He didn’t need to try when it came to school, which was infuriating sometimes for you, since anything technical was usually the death of you and you had to work hard to stay in the running. But he, somehow, had no difficulty getting constant O’s in all his classes while maintaining playful conversations with the giggling throng of girls the table over.

“The way you flirt is shameful,” you told him as you left class by his side, referencing his attempt to charm Professor Sprout to get out of detention.

“Are you jealous, darlin’?” he wiggled his eyebrows at you, nudging you with his arm, but you just rolled your eyes and punched his arm hard enough to bruise. You didn’t hold back when it came to punching a bitch, especially one with a weak ass like his.

But he did seem to like spending time with you. Sometimes he would kidnap you from the library or the common room and take you on a venture by the Lake, or go on a stroll through the forest (he knew it like the back of his hand). He would smoke and you would talk. Overall, it was a good time.

Something was different this time around, though.

You were sitting in one of the armchairs, a rare opportunity you were happy to take advantage of by settling with a blanket and a good book. You were reading something Lily had lent you (Something by that muggle bloke, Scott Fitzgerald) when Sirius appeared.

Being an annoying twat, he took the liberty of sitting on your armrest (practically on top of you) and stole a kiss, right from your warm cheek. You grimaced and rubbed the kiss off with your palm, looking at him crossly.

“What the fuck, Black?” you demanded, “You ruined my immersion! Gatsby was getting passionate.”

“You and your immersion,” he laughed, “let’s go have some fun.”

“I’m already having fun,” you huffed, pouting crossly and returning your angry gaze to your book.

“I meant real fun,” he drawled, tickling you in the spot just by your ear he had discovered a while ago when his hair had tickled your chin as the two of you lied down next to each other by the Lake one lazy Sunday.

You squealed and pushed him off the armchair, which made him fumble and fall gracefully to the floor. You gasped and started laughing really hard, smacking your knee, so he took the opportunity to snatch your book from your hands and hop onto the couch, right over the bemused onlookers who yelled in surprise.

“Give it back, Black!” you shouted, hopping after him over the people, who continued to yell.

“Say you’ll go out with me!”

“I thought that was Potter’s line to Evans!” you yelled, letting a giggle escape as you played monkey, the table between the two of you as the prefects who were studying for their NEWTS shushed the both of you angrily.

Sirius let out a horrendous laugh as well, before skipping over to the fire and holding the book over the open flame.

“You wouldn’t,” you gasped, when he dangled it dangerously from his long fingers.

“Say you’ll go out with me.”

“It’s past curfew!”

“As if that ever stopped us before.”

You narrowed your eyes and crossed your arms.

“Is this how you ask girls out on a date regularly, Sirius? ‘Cause if so I feel sorry for the poor sod who ends up with you.”

Date? Who said anything about a date?” he teased, making you bite your tongue.

“Come off it, you prick! Fine, I’ll come, just – give the book back, I borrowed it from Evans.”

“Deal,” he tossed the book back to you. You knew he wouldn’t have actually done it, but you were up, and someone had already stolen your armchair in all the ruckus.

Sirius then strutted around the couch of the first years who had been watching the argument like the Quidditch match and grabbed your hand.

“Let me get my coat, first!”

“You’ll be fine. If you aren’t I can think of some things we can do to warm up,” he winked in your direction, which just made you groan and the fourth years by the door snicker.

The night was chilly. Early spring brought with it breezes from the top of the distant mountains, filtered through the Forbidden Forest so that it smelled of pine and dirt and pale moonlight.

Sirius quickly lit a cigarette and began smoking it with a casual elegance you would say only James Dean would nail. The smoke rose to the sky in furls, and you were anxious that the smoke or the trail of embers he left in his wake would get the two of you in trouble, but he didn’t seem to be too concerned.

He turned his head upwards and blew out a steady trail of grey, closing his eyes and hissing softly. You were a little enamoured at the sight, despite the fact that you knew how bad it had to be for him. It was a radical view, even in the magical world, but you had never really gotten into smoking yourself, if it wasn’t social. You preferred sugar quills to rolling up a doozie.

“Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout, baby?” Sirius pondered, mimicking a smoldering deep Elvis voice that made you roll your eyes. You rolled your eyes a lot around him.

“Nothing much, just how tarnished my reputation has become since I admitted to being your goddamn friend,” you grumbled, “also how much of a fire hazard smoking is in a forest.”

“Aw, is my baby grumpy ‘cause I made her go outside for a change?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

He threw his head back and laughed, coughing a little. You shook your head.

“How you manage to be an all-star athlete and still maintain a smoking habit, I’ll never know.”

“Hey, I don’t smoke that much! I’m no Blondie.”

“Blondie or not, I don’t want that smoke in my face. Put it out.”

“Fine, Professor.

He put it out then threw an arm around you and pulled you close, making you squirm.

“Whatcha doin’, huh?”

“You’re cold.”

So you let him. It’s not like you didn’t want his arm around you, it was just… hard to admit. Just like how you didn’t want to admit that you had felt flurries of something stupid when he had asked you to accompany him in the dead of night.

You made an inclination to take the usual route to the left, but he pulled you the other way, making you trip a little.

“Nu-uh. We’re going the right way tonight, sweet heart.”

“Whatever,” you muttered, as he pulled out his wand from the back pocket of his black bell bottoms and retracting his arm just to push back the sleeves of his leather jacket.

He had the kind of style that teenagers would call very ‘Alex Turner’ in the future, but for now his style was too reminiscent of a fifties bad boy to fit in to the post-Beatles style which he deemed to seem too ‘pedophile-y’. 

Although he did pull off his United Jack shirt really well. He shared good taste with Mick Jagger, for sure.

“Stand back,” he told you, before casting a powerful Lumos spell without a word. Then he made the rather overgrown path ahead neater by waving his wand in a sweeping motion, the tree branches drawing to the side like stage curtains.

He smirked in your direction and offered his arm to you. You were wearing a skeptical expression, but you locked your jaw and followed him anyway, trusting him despite the promise you had made to never trust Sirius Black.

You gasped when you saw what was beyond you, though, and Sirius was delighted to see the wide eyed wonder you displayed when you saw it.

In a small clearing between two birch trees was a full out picnic, set with pillows and authentic lamps. He had even draped a curtain just a little over the blanket on the leafy soft ground to provide some cover, open enough to see the stars sneaking some glittery winks between the tree branches which canopied the setting beautifully.

“Sirius, what is this?”

“I meant to do this a while ago, but the atmosphere was never quite… right,” he told you, although his tone of voice had lost its edge and you noticed that now, it was just Sirius, talking.

“What for, huh?” you inquired, “you planning on bringing a girl over here and getting lucky or something?”


His gaze followed the trunks of the trees upwards to the sky.

“What is it, then –?”

Then in a softer voice, he answered.


You paused, then raised a hand to rest over your heart.

“You did this for me?” you breathed. His brown eyes traveled back to your face.


His long lanky hair floated a little as another soft breeze carried through the scene. You breathed in deeply.

“What did you score to eat? I’m starving.”

His guarded smile grew into a much bigger toothier one, his eyes looking glassy in the flickering wand light. He took your hand gently, which you squeezed to let him know you were down for it, then led you towards the blanket.

“I nicked these from the kitchen,” he opened the basket and pulled out two clear containers, both of which having a full chicken inside. You gasped before laughing in delight.

“Well they aren’t actually chickens,” he told you, to which you returned a quizzical expression, “barbecue tofu. The real chickens are being saved for Easter, according to the elves.”

“Alright. Tofu it is,” you took one eagerly and opened it up, “let’s just hope the creatures of this forest don’t smell this and come to eat us when they realize it’s just stinky tofu.”

You stuck your tongue at him to let him now it was a joke, both of you laughing before digging in.

After finishing your tofu chickens (followed by lemonade and treacle tart), the two of you fell into easy conversation, lying on the blanket next to each other and pointed at various stars, making plans to travel to the sky and discover the worlds beyond the round faced moon. You talked about the war that was coming, and how scared you were. He didn’t say it at first, but he admitted how scared he was as well.

“I just… I don’t wanna kill anyone,” he muttered with his arm crossed behind his head, staring blankly at the sky. You heart broke a little bit more, just like when he had told you how terrible his mother was, or how anxious for Regulus he was.

He noticed how cold you still were so he pulled off his leather jacket and threw it on you like a blanket. When you protested, saying that his weak lungs wouldn’t handle catching a cold, he silenced you by getting under the jacket with you, pressing his body against yours to fit. You snuggled with your heads together, and you could have easily fallen asleep in the warmth of his body. His jacket smelled like smoke and magic, which masked what he was really like. He really smelled sweet, like musky cologne and cedar wine.

“Hey,” he whispered, when your eyes fluttered shut. Midnight had passed like a cloud overhead.


“I gotta tell you something.”


“I don’t fancy you.”

You punched his arm under the jacket, which made him laugh breathily.

“You’re stupid,” you murmured, your eyes still closed as you snuggled in closer again.

“Well, I suppose that’s what I get,” he muttered back, his jubilance making his voice tremble a little, “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

You cracked open one of your eyes and peered at him.

“I thought James and Remus and Peter were your best friends.”

“Nah, they’re my brothers,” he told you easily, “if I had to choose a best friend, though, it would be you.”

Heat creeped up into your cheeks, and you closed your eyes again. You then grumbled something under your breath, muffled by your hands which were cupped together by your mouth.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“I love you too, you asshole,” you answered more clearly, still not opening your eyes. You heard him laugh softly, before you felt his cold lips being pressed to your forehead.

Just as well.

You opened your eyes slowly, staring at him. He returned your stare with hooded eyes.

You raised your head slightly and kissed him on the lips, tasting the lemonade, and the mint gum he had chewed. You moved slowly, experimentally against each other. You opened your eyes and saw that his eyebrows had furrowed slightly, but otherwise he looked like he had entered a state of ecstasy. You couldn’t say much different for yourself.

“If I could do this instead of smoking I’d quit in a heartbeat,” he purred, making you moan so softly he wouldn’t have known had he not felt it vibrate against his lips, “I’d quit quicker than a cat on fire.”

“…Strange expression.”

“Shut up, I’m on a high.”

Sirius Black, more than just a bad bad Leroy Brown. He was James Dean with a personality. A soft spoken guy with sweet words and a sweeter taste.

He was the nicest asshole you had the fortune to meet.

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With my good friend lol! Take note he requested me to have pic and post it not me. I’m very discreet with any guy I’ve met ☺️😍 #alyssaluxor #Seattle #transsexual #ladyboy #shemale


This is so fucking scary. I knew a few of these things but some of this is literally just trash and disgusting and vile. Ladies!! READ THIS. There are guys in the replies asking him why he’s snitching and revealing their secrets, and then the girls are just like, “lol NOTED”

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After too many hours, here’s my piano cover of BTS’ “House of Cards (Full Version).” This time around, the arrangement is very simple and easy to play since I wanted the emphasis to mainly be on the bass chords. To be honest, it’s not my favorite original rendition, musicality wise but oh well! Again, the quality of the audio isn’t the greatest, but since it’s the only camera and mic I have for now, I hope you won’t mind too much ~ Please enjoy! ❤