lol not very happy with these idk

Solangelo will always have a special place in my heart, not because they were well developed or because they’re perfect together, but because they were literally the first gay couple I’d ever seen depicted in a ya novel. At that point I didn’t even really know there was queer media so I just read what everyone else read: Harry Potter, pjo, the hunger games trilogy, etc. but hoo and toa were the first time I’d read about a gay boy/relationship in ya fiction and I immediately clung onto it bc holy shit they’re gay!! They’re literally gay right there in front of my eyes in this series that I’ve loved since I was nine!! This series that I adore has someone, a happy couple, like me! It was groundbreaking and even though I barely had any connection to will solace and they’re relationship was sprung out of nothing, I clung onto it like it gave me oxygen, even when everyone shit on it for being rushed and underdeveloped (funny how they’re the main target for that particular criticism when it’s true of literally EVERY ship except percabeth in hoo) and idk I just couldn’t forget about solangelo or ever possibly hate it bc it’s a part of me now. A very very happy and giddy part.

Its the middle of September who’s stoked for Halloween?! I am…. even if i cant properly celebrate it this year TvT

Dusclops one of my friends fav Pokemon and Bewear is a big fav of mine, so i was super happy to see him in that costume in the new Halloween plushies :D Now they match! So its kinda dedicated to my friend haha

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Ok so I read the anon tag but it's all so vague I can't piece it together. Do you mind recapping it for me everything they've said and if any came true? They said don't be upset but like Elounor pics came out that day so was that suppose to be happy lol? Idk sorry to bug you but could you describe everything so far ://

for the most part, my anon warns about stunt related things, like articles and pap pics. i started getting them at the end of february, and they’ve been fairly consistent with sending them. going through every anon they’ve sent and fact-checking with articles and such would take a very long time.. so here’s a timeline of some of the main things they’ve said and what came true about it:

February 27th: “March 3rd. Be ready :) x”

this was the day we got elounor pap pics at the airport, showcasing them as a couple and confirming the rumors flying around about them getting back together

March 6th: “The contract is ending :) x”

this anon still confuses me a bit.. it’s regarding louis, as they sent me another anon saying “Louis’ . That’s why they are trying to ruin his name. It’s a smear campaign against him.” or i think it was them? this is before we had a system so i could distinguish the fake anons from the real ones

we don’t know specifically what contract it pertains to and if it came true yet. however, this anon was sent just a few hours before we got pap pics of ann marie thompson, head of media at syco, along with a few other lawyers entering louis’ la house. may be related? we probably need to wait on this one a bit

March 6th: “Keep an eye out :) x after tomorrow”

this was send 2 days before the music video for jho. march 7th we found out the music video would be dropping, and then it came out on march 8th. this was sent by a follow up anon saying “Music video :) x” on march 7th and then on march 8th, an anon saying “Did you like it ? :) x”

March 8th: “Its not too much for her. Articles. :) x”

this was the day eleanor left la and was papped. an article that day came out about the incident and how the girl was pressing charges. the next day, we got the article about eleanor leaving la and they used the pap pics. this was

March 9th: “Articles. :) x” and “Briana. :) x”

pap pics (obviously staged) came out of briana and ashley at the park with freddie. pics were used in an article that talked about the airport incident and louis getting back together with eleanor

March 12th: “Trying to make you believe. :) x”

this was sent on the week harry resurfaced in new york. a few days later, harry followed zoe kravitz on instagram so people speculated them being a thing (x), obviously still trying to enforce a womanizer image on him. this is what i think the anon was referring to, but it could mean something else

March 15th: “WTWCD. Third line. :) x” and “Pics :) x”

i received some song recommendations earlier on anon (the 14th), all of them being rolling stones songs. one of the songs was ‘when the whip comes down.’ the third line of that song is “i was a gay in new york.” later that night, harry took fan pictures at a restaurant in new york. this happened at like 1-2 am on the 15th

March 15th: “Pics. :) x” and “Sunglasses. :) x”

a few hours after getting these anons, harry was papped at an airport in new york, heading back to LA. the previous night he wasn’t wearing his sunglasses on the top of his head, but that night he brought them back

March 16th: “Gym. :) x”

fans spotted harry going to the gym later that morning in london. he did not take any fan pics

March 20th: “Girl. x”

the next day, eleanor and louis papped at james arthur concert. fan pics taken as well and there were rumors that louis and eleanor were kissing

March 21st: “Articles. :) x”

articles come out on the 22nd using the pap pics taken at the james arthur concert

March 22nd: “Buckle up, love x”

harry announces on march 25th his first single to be released on april 7th. ad for it is dropped, theme on twitter is changed, and he posts 3 white squares on instagram. website linked in bio on twitter

April 3rd: “Don’t be upset, Friday. x”

this can be interpreted two different ways.. one of which being, don’t be upset because harry is releasing his music on friday. one of the lines after all is “just stop your crying.” but it could also mean shit’s gonna happen, don’t be upset though. we did get pap pics of elounor at louis’ house so it could be this as well

April 9th: “A.K.J.Z. :) x”

so i was confused what this meant at first but then i figured out that it meant alicia keys jay z… they sing the song empire state of mind, which is about new york. i got this anon late on april 9th and then on april 10th, harry flew into new york city and we got pics of it on april 11th

hopefully this helps. i tried to be as specific as i could but i haven’t really kept track up to this point so i may have left a few things out. smiley anon is pretty helpful, wouldn’t you say so? :)

Palette #19 with my togruta oc Phira! Requested by @floa12 ,thank you!
here’s the last time i drew her, back in February


As usual, I am always late to post my drawings for special occasions like these…*sigh* (but as my bestie says, “Hey! Why break tradition!”) Just wanted to draw my precious baby with the flowers that perfectly reflects his personality, SUNFLOWERS! Warm and happy~ ENJOY! @sawamuraweek


Miyuki approves with Kuramochi’s annoyance

(P.S. Miyuki’s flower crown consists of blue hydrangeas and pink carnations. Blue hydrangeas has many meanings such as heartfelt emotions and gratitude; however, its negative meaning could be depicted as heartlessness. Since the meaning behind this flower is quite complicated I thought it fit Miyuki’s personality nicely. (Specifically how others tend to view Miyuki’s intentions) You can look up the meaning behind the pink carnations ;) I’ll be exploring it’s meaning more in a future drawing idea that I HOPE to post by the end of this week. Look out for it~ Mochi has a little hyacinth flower on his ear. (sorry you can’t see it too well) It symbolizes playfulness and a sporty attitude in the language of flowers. Very perfect for Mochi~ 

Honestly I’m not sure why I focused so much on flowers… IDK. I just wanted to draw my baseball babies with flower crowns and whatnot ok lol.)

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Ok. First time asking, long time reader. How about some headcannons where Asahi, Ushijima and Kuroo see a pretty girl and want to ask for her number? I know Asahi and Toshi would NEVER do it. Maybe their teams are there to push them?

Sorry, it’s been a while! Life and motivations are hectic af lol

I’m trying to focus on the headcanons in my pile to move things along faster so that I can make some room for the Omegaverse AU :P


~Admin Kay


  • Karasuno had decided to meet up at the mall for some “team bonding” (aka shopping)
  • After an hour or so of impulse buys (“Tsukki! You already have a fuckton of dinosaur stuff we need to GO”) they decide to stop by the food court for a break.
  • It’s at that point, while waiting in line to order with Suga and Daichi, that Asahi spots you, arguably the cutest girl in the whole mall, making you way over to the restaurant next to them.
  • Asahi’s first instinct is to turn around and run walk until he’s out of the mall, but his two tormentors friends already have his wrists in deadly grips
  • “Where do you think you’re going?” “Asahi, that girl is cute! You should get her number!” Daichi’s and Suga’s voices are half encouraging and half terrifying (I’ll let you guess which)
  • Honestly, it’s kinda sad how hard Asahi is shaking, whether that’s from fear, anxiety, or he’s struggling to get away, at this point the ace looks less like an ace and more like a scared puppy.
  • Before he can struggle out of their grips, though, he’s already thrust forward so hard that he almost tackles you (poor girl)
  • After a moment of unadulterated fear and fervent apologies (both from Asahi), he miraculously strikes up a conversation with you about your interests. Apparently, you two have a lot in common.
  • Swallowing his fear, he musters up the courage to ask you for your number. Face flushing, you write it on his hand and remind him to text you later
  • Asahi walks back to the traitors, and what do you know, Suga and Daichi’s faces are smug af. We all know that on the inside they’re proud parents.


  • It’s an all intensive summer camp for the Shiratorizawa volleybaes, and the coach had the team run with Ushijima down his usual route (extremely difficult in and of itself)
  • All of the boys were halfway dying already (with the exception of Ushijima), so they decided to take a short break in your neighborhood’s park to chill in the shade and drink water.
  • Meanwhile, you were reading a book on a nearby bench (let’s be real tho, you were also checking out that ushi-booty).
  • While you were staring glancing not paying attention to Ushijima at all, a certain intuitive blocker happened to notice your (not) staring.
  • “Oi, I think that girl over there likes you.” Tendou nudged Ushijima and nodded towards you, “She’s cute~. Why don’t you get her number~?”
  • Ushijima turned his attention your way, meeting your stare with a piercing gaze (scaring you partially out of your skin) and got up to walk towards the bench you’re sitting at.
  • Shiratorizawa is sh00k “he’s…not actually going to do it is he?”
  • The team watched as Ushijima politely greeted you and sat down on the bench. In a feat they never thought they’d ever see in their lifetimes, Ushijima managed to actually converse with you and was his smile always this adorable???
  • The team’s collective jaw dropped when they see you take out a spare bookmark, write something on it, and hand it to Ushijima. In a move that practically gave every person in the park an aneurysm, Ushijima said something again and gently kissed your hand in a sweet, albeit traditional, gesture. (Rip Reader, I’d be ded™ after that)
  • When Ushijima jogged back to the team, they asked him how/what/why did he do that? His answer was simple “She had a great taste in literature”
  • Shiratorizawa is STILL SH00K

(I always like to headcanon Ushijima as a classic guy who likes literature..idk why but like…it makes me really happy. So this was also kinda self-indulgent lol ~Kay)


  • After a long day of practice, Kenma dragged Kuroo to the local game store to try to grab a new game that he’d heard about. Of course this means that Kuroo had to help him look (it’s time for hell). He didn’t really know why, Kenma usually preferred getting his games online.
  • Apparently this was a very popular game because there weren’t any left, at least for Kenma’s console.
  • What seemed like hours of searching and scanning for some kind of sign (of that game), Kuroo finally spots it!
  • As soon as Kuroo closed his hand around the accursed game, he feels a tug of resistance from the bottom half of it. He looked down, to find you holding on to the other half, a stubborn pout painted across your features. Who is this cute, angry lady-child? he thought.
  • You were prepared to throw down for this game, he could see it in your eyes, but Kuroo looked like he was waiting for an opportunity like this (…besides, he can’t afford to have his ass handed to him over a video game, best friend or not)
  • He used his superior height to tug the game out of your grip, and leaned down to whisper “I’ll let you have this game…if you give me your number.”
  • To be quite honest, you weren’t expecting a fight over a game to “end” so civilly…heck, you didn’t even expect to be hit on when you walked out of the house this evening. Eh what the heck, he’s cute as hell, and he was willing to give you the game. It was a win-win situation.
  • “Alright fine, let me see your phone” you quickly typed your name and number into his contacts, embellishing it with a couple of cute emojis, and motioned for the game.
  • The deal was done. He handed you your prize, with a charming smile and a quick wink “My name’s Kuroo, I’ll text you later! If I live after this…”
  • After paying for the game, you could hear Kenma’s enraged screeches from the other side of the store. You decided not to hang around too long for the aftermath.
Phan Elf AU drabble

“It’s not fair,” Phil mumbled quietly, red-faced.

Dan leaned in closer, trying to catch what his friend was saying. “What’s not fair?” 

“I have such an… obvious sign of - of how I feel about you, about all my emotions, and you - you get to-”

Quickly Dan gripped Phil’s wrists hard, tugging the man’s attention to him, needing to stop whatever silly thoughts were going through the elf’s head. “Phil, can’t you see? Isn’t it obvious how much I - I like you too? I’ve never smiled this much around anyone before.” He let that love show on his face now, needing Phil to see. “Hell, my face actually is sore from all the smiling.” The grip he held on his friend’s wrists loosened and his face softened. “And… I love that I can see your flower. It makes you a bit easier to read. I’ve never been good at reading people. It’s… really nice.” 

Phil’s eyes lowered and he smiled in happy embarrassment. 

Dan leaned in closer. “And… I think it’s really very pretty on you.” 

The forest elf chuckled. “Oh shut up,” he said in a laugh. 


Pairing: BTS Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Angst

Warning: very very small mention of smut

Word Count: 1742

A/N heyyy this is going to be a – kinda – long series I guess? Well I always plan them to be long and then they come out short af, but I think this one will be up to 10 parts? Idk, don’t quote me on that lol. Thanks to the anon for requesting this and giving me a shot at another series 😊 <3

Breaking up with Jungkook wasn’t going to be easy. The arrangement was all so sudden, hauled towards you like a load of bricks. While your relationship with him had been happy, lively and all you had hoped it’d be, the pain to end it was unbearable, and you wondered whether you’d manage to scrape your way out from underneath the rubble.

Walking up the flights of stairs towards their dance studio felt like you were climbing up a mountain – you were rendered free of oxygen and gasping for air. While your knees shook as you took each step and your heart seemed to be beating erratically in your ears, you wished you could have been anywhere but getting closer to the shared tragedy. Choosing against taking the lift, you had decided the steps would allow you more time to prepare yourself for what was going to be one of the most difficult things you’d done. It was a form of procrastination; you’d taken the longest routes possible to the studio.

It wasn’t long before you heard the familiar echoey BTS music floating from the room. As you neared the studio, you rubbed your lips together nervously and began tapping your fingers against one another. Wearing tight denim jeans, a plain white top and a black cap, you continued down the hallway. Soon, laughter and shoe squeaks from the studio escaped, and you stood before the ugly metal door.

Through the small circular window, Jimin, who was sitting cross legged against the wall, spotted you. His smile widened and he pointed towards you delicately, rising to his feet. You swallowed, looking down at the handle and placing your hand on it.

You opened the door to a sweaty Jungkook, jogging over to you with a wide grin adorning his face. It made your heart ache. His eyes looked bright, hair messy in a similar cap to yours – facing backwards – and a large red hoodie. Your eyes traced the shapes his lips made when they pulled back to reveal his teeth, allowing yourself to memorise his smile. It was going to be the final time he smiled like that. Until someone else could make him do it instead.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, the smile that made him look innocent and full of youth only making your stomach twist further with guilt. “Come in!” He beckoned you inside, the rest of the boys smiling and waving politely.

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lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha

Things I really enjoyed about the new Spiderman move

Some spoilers ahead:

  • First off that opening.  I mean, that was just…that was perfect.  It was so teenager it hurt.
  • Tom Holland.  I just…boy’s got talent.
  • Ned.  Guy in the chair.
  • ZENDAYA.  Queen.  I think every time she was on screen was my favorite moment.
  • The fact that the “romance” was such a subplot half the time I forgot it was even happening.  If you could call it a romance.  I don’t think they even kissed lol
  • The fucking Captain America videos.
  • THE GYM TEACHER.  Oh my god his entire disdain for everything was excellent.
  • How completely oblivious the decathalon teacher was to like everything.
  • Karen.
  • The action and how Peter would make mistakes but try his darndest to fix them.
  • How he had SO MANY CHANCES to be a typical teenager and skip out on his duties as a superhero, but how he always put being a superhero first.  And how that when Tony took the suit back and he had to become basically a regular teenager again, he kind of became happier, or happy again, and I’m so glad that that sunk in and he realized he wasn’t ready to be a full-time Avenger.  Not yet anyway.
  • Aunt Mae.  And the way the movie ended.  That was beautiful.
  • Also I am totally convinced that MJ has a crush on Peter.  And not just the part where she knew what he’d already quit and said she was “very observant” I’m talking about a small look she gave him at the end of the movie that had me going “oh”.  Idk.  
  • Speaking of “I want to get in some mild protesting” lol queen.
  • AND THE DETENTION.  OMG THAT WAS GREAT.  “I just like coming here to draw people in crisis.” I just love her
  • Like I just love this characterization of MJ.  She’s got snark.  So sarcastic.  So much deadpan.  So many great lines.  The finger she gave Peter at the dance.  Just….so much love.
His Cinnamon Roll

Originally posted by ciutae

His Cinnamon Roll

Hoseok x reader

AU: Thicc girl x jhope

Warnings: Mentions of self hatred, depression,18+ material

Subject: Angst, Romance, Smut? (maybe idk yet lol )

Parts: 1 / ?

Next Part


You hated yourself…

well more like your body…

You hated how you had to wear shirts three times other girls sizes just so you could feel comfortable but then it would be very clear that you were bigger than others. You hated how your thighs flattened like large pancakes when you sat anywhere, how they chaffed so easily in shorts…  

You watched as your friends experienced love all around you. Smiling and cheering them on for being happy while you silently knew you would never be loved because of your size.

But when your walking home one day you meet a mysterious guy asleep under front yard tree, hat covering his identity as the wind blew autumn leaves down over his body.

Jung Hoseok was his name…

a name you came to love…

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How are you even doing that? Stop it.

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Exciting!!! How about a T rated version of 17? :) Thank you!!

From this prompt list-

17. Hungry kisses on every bit of newly visible skin as clothing is slowly peeled away

Ok so I feel like I kind of tweaked this a bit. The whole “slowly peeled away” part…yeah I changed that lol. Idk, this scenario was just the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at that prompt, so hopely you enjoy it despite the fact that what I wrote is probably different pacing than the prompt actually calls for. *shrug* I went with the inspiration haha! 

Welcome Home

Sherlock barely saw it coming. The second he’d walked into the flat, Molly collided with him at enough speed to shove him backward against the door he’d just shut.

“Molly, you’re still up- mmph!”

His words were drowned instantly as she grasped his face between her palms and lifted up on tiptoes to passionately consume his mouth. He was actually a bit dazed by the time she pulled away.

“Hi,” she breathed out, eyes roving excitedly over his face.

“Well…hello,” Sherlock answered with a little chuckle.

“You were gone so long,” she groaned through clenched teeth, running her palms firmly over his shoulders, chest, and arms as if she were trying to get every bit of what she’d been missing so desperately.

“Yes, it was an incredibly long and taxing week, and I’m relieved to be home now that the case is solved,” he said with a weary little sigh. “And I’ve also been in the air for almost eight hours, so I desperately need to wash up.”

Molly’s eyes lit up even brighter as she took his hand and dragged him, almost too hastily for him to kick his shoes off.

“Oh you’re right, you should have a nice hot shower!” She practically skipped into the bathroom, pulling him in before shutting the door and then turning on the tap.

“Darling, no need to worry about me. I’ll be fine,” Sherlock said kindly as he shrugged off his suit jacket and hung it on the door. “It’s almost one in the morning. Why don’t you get some rest and as soon as I’m-”

Sherlock’s back hit the bathroom wall as Molly pinned him with unexpected strength, fisting some hair on the back of his head to bring his mouth down to hers again. She used her lips to easily part his and kissed him deep enough to make his tired body simultaneously melt and come alive.

She pulled away again, both of them now breathing hard as she started working at his shirt buttons.

“You were gone,” she gasped, “for too long.”

He heard some little pops as a couple innocent button were sacrificed in the process of her whipping the dress shirt back and off his shoulders.

“A-apparently,” he choked out as she began covering his chest with very appreciative kisses.

He could swear she wasn’t missing one single muscle, as if she were counting them off along the way.

Well, it was Molly. So it was possible.

“Never…leave me for that long…again. I don’t care…if the case…is a twenty!” she practically growled.

The anger in her verbal chastising at his absence was somewhat muted seeing as every few words were punctuated with the warm touch of her lips. She paused a split second to throw her own dressing gown off almost angrily before returning her enthusiastic attention to his skin, moving upward and pressing kisses all along his shoulders and neck.

By that point, especially with the occasional addition of her teeth and tongue, Sherlock could barely think clearly enough to do anything besides hold onto her tightly, burying his fingers in her hair as he basked in the euphoria that only her touch and her lips could offer. Yes, he silently agreed with his wife, he had been gone too long. He’d missed her far more than he realized.

Still happily sighing into Sherlock’s neck, Molly reached over blindly to push the shower curtain aside before finally lifting her head.

“Come on, let’s get in,” she commanded breathlessly with an accompanying tug at his belt.

Sherlock chuckled low as he took her hint and continued with the rest of his undressing, though he went at a more leisurely pace while taking the opportunity to tease just a bit.

“You know, I was wondering if this would happen. I had my doubts and thought that it could be a bit of a myth, so decided to reserve my judgement. But it seems you have indeed turned the corner since my departure for the case. This is what now? Almost fourteen weeks? Mm, yes the timing would make sense. Suppose it’s true what they say then…about the second trimester.” He gave her a little wink.

Molly’s lips twisted in mild amusement, though she was also clearly still oozing impatience as she gestured aggressively toward the shower.

“Are we going to stand here and discuss my hormones or are you shutting up, getting naked, and getting in the shower with me?!”

The fact that she then discarded her sleep shirt and gave him a pointed look while stepping behind the curtain definitely ensured that his choice was to very happily follow her lead. There was quite honestly nowhere else he’d rather be.

Though, he did make a mental note to record the latest findings on his pregnancy spreadsheet in the morning.


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Can you recommend me some bl movies/series? It could be thai, chinese, Korean or japanese. I've watched Addicted(Heroin), Uncontrolled Love and Ghost Boyfriend (which I cried when I watched it btw). Thank you!

Hello :) sorry for replying late, it took me more than I expected. I have too many things to recommend so this is gonna be long ^^”


- Lovesick the series + Lovesick Season 2 (is it enough if I say that it is my favorite ♥ ? series and novel too)

- Yandaixiejie n. 10 (among my faves as well, highly recommended, and the same goes for the novel ♥)

- Counterattack (nice and funny and totally worth watching because of QingYu, even though they compressed a lot of things from the novel so if you want to fully enjoy the story I really recommend to read it)

- Make It Right the series (I haven’t liked it that much to be honest so this is a recommendation based on the popularity it has, you may like it ^^)

- Mr X and I + Mr X and I season 2 (both seasons are bittersweet and touching; the 3rd season is gonna be out soon too)

- Diary of Tootsies (super funny and out of mind; it’ll have a 2nd season too)

- Club Friday 5 (this is gonna have a continuation as well, it’s gonna be out on August 17)

- GayOkBangkok (something more adult; 2nd season incoming too)

- Grey Rainbow (something more adult and deep too, even though not everyone appreciated the end ^^” I heard that also this is gonna have a 2nd season, though, so let’s see)

- Renai Shindan Tsubasa (I really liked it, maybe because it has twists and other stuff that it’s like a telenovela lol)

Other series in which the BL story is secondary but are worth watching: 

Hormones | Room Alone 401-410 | Puppy Honey | The Lover

About Ghost Boyfriend, if you liked the movie, you can try the series, this should be the uncut version (I still have to watch it though ^^).


- Love of Siam (my favorite, it’s really a must watch movie)

- Eternal Summer (too beautiful and intense, but tears alert)

- My Bromance (tears alert as well, but it’s another must-see)

- Antique Bakery (the BL content is not the predominant theme but the whole movie is awesome, among my faves of all time)

- Love’s Coming (something thai, cute and funny, among my faves as well - really it seems I have a lot of favorite stuff lol)

- Udagawachou de Mattete yo (I watched it some weeks ago and loved it, it’s the classic sweet japanese bl that warms your heart up)

- Doushitemo Furetakunai (same as above, but also heartwarming)

- Junjou Pure Heart (same as above lol)

- Seven Days (super sweet, if you find the 1st movie a little slow remember to give a try to the second, though, it’s the one I appreciated the most)

- Takumi kun 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (Takumi is Takumi, super saccharine but it’s something that should be watched; Pure, the 4th one, is different from the others, though, and it’s absolutely my favorite - sorry Takumi, sorry Gii ^^”)

- Boys Love 1 | Boys Love 2 (these are basically the first BL movies I watched, so I had to include them lol; tragic content alert, though)

- Waterboyy (here I’m biased since I love the two leading actors, but the whole movie is enjoyable)

- Red Wine in the Dark Night (I watched it recently and I’m still deciding if I liked it or not; it’s pretty peculiar, but if you like vampires, loneliness, hot scenes and shocking contents you can give it a try)

- Night Flight (very dramatic and psychologically intense)

- No regret (very dramatic as well)

- Lost in Paradise (among my favorite vietnamese movies, it’s very realistic yet delicate)

- Like Love + Like Love 2 (another thing I’m gonna recommend because of its popularity, since I’m still deciding if I liked it or not; it’s cute and everything, but… well, idk ^^” but you may like it ^^)

I stop here, otherwise I would go on forever >.< 

For other stuff in case you may take a look at this list, I mainly did it for my italian pals (so ignore my comments lol) but it has links for the english subbed versions too; the titles with the star () are the ones I liked ^^

Have a happy watching ♥