lol not really she looks weird


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–

a behind the scenes peek at my conversations with Ish
  • Ish: did i spell that right?
  • Camelot: nighean. you're right.
  • Ish: lol i was like wait... is that right?
  • Camelot: lol it always gets me too. it's one of those words i have to spell without looking at it.
  • Ish: that weird 'e' always gets me
  • Ish: i'm like WHERE DO YOU GO E
  • Camelot: ahahahaha omg. now THAT i'm putting in a chat post.

my wife @dunquirky tagged me again! I’m doing the Harrie thingy!

Favorite Look:

he looks like a fucking renaissance painting wtf.

fave tweet:

Fave interview and why: why? just look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

Fave stage moment:

Fave hair style:

Fave family member: uhhhhhmmm im not really into his personal life…just his stage life but if i had to pick i’d pick Gemma. Cuz she’s beauty and brains.

Fave celeb + Harry

Fave tattoo: the Late Late tat! 

Favorite quote: “no, i dont do anything weird”

Fave instagram:

Favorite music video: just cuz i was in Houston when they were filming LOL

Favorite another man pic: 


Name: Lauryn

Age: 21 

Where you live: San Antonio

Have you ever seen Harry live in concerts or met him? No :( And i got into 1D 2 DAYS after 1D came to my city. just my luck.

Favorite thing about harry: his security in his masculinity. He can be soft and flamboyant and he don’t give a fuck.

Favorite Harry lyric from a 1D song: “hEEeey angeeeeeeeeeeel” does anyone else cry during that part of hey angel?? only me? ok.

Song that reminds you most of harry: “Secrets” by Mary Lambert. so what, so-o-o what? i don’t caaare.” so harry. 

movie that reminds you of harry: Dunkirk. just cuz he’s in it LOL

How long have you been a harrie: 2 ½ years!

where were you when the first dunkirk trailer came out: sitting on my ass on tumblr like always LOL

What do you expect from HS1? i’m assuming this means his first album? I expected to be stabbed to death by his vocal chords. that’s what i’m expecting. I’ve accepted and come to terms with my impending doom. it was nice knowing yall.

what are your tags for harry on tumblr: i don’t have a tagging system. but if i do tag him, it’s usually something like, “perfect wheat bun.”

Who’s your fave harry blog: @dunquirky . her blog and puns make me laugh literally out loud sometimes. i was reading her blog in public one time and had to contain my laugh cuz she said something funny and a guy asked me if i was ok. so yeah, kelsey, thanks for that.

If harry could read this right now, what would you say: “thank you for saving my life.”

if you wanna do it, please do! <33333

Absolutely nothing will convince me that Alison and Bender didn’t know each other before the events of the movie. They had to at least had a semi-close-ish relationship. There’s just to many little things that point to that direction. But it’s weird because the first time he says to her “i’ve seen you you know” and smirks at her.

But then he knows that she doesn’t talk, knows what her looks/grunts (lol) mean, and can somehow throw her a coke and have her catch it without either of them looking. That speaks volumes that they REALLY know each other. She even takes his knife at one point. And I fully believe he knows she has it. And that she took it, not just because she’s a clepto, but because she was looking out for him. She didn’t want him, or Andrew for that matter, to have a weapon while they were fighting. 

I’d love some more answers on their relationship. Because the writing for it was so weird. It was a mash up of “i’ve only seen you around” and “i know you so well we move in sync”. It makes no damn sense. I know that most of the movie was just winged. And that Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy had played other parts together. Even one where they were actually together. So idk if that just bleed through or what. 

But I’d just really love some more answers on that…..

Cool Shades and An Instrument.

A/N: Sorry for it being really….uhh… not well lol. Just some drabble before bed! Haha.

          She followed the beat of the music, looking over to see Donnie jamming out on his keyboard, having his glasses and a tie on, having a big grin on his face. As he usually did when he was around her. She’s always noticed his antics, hard efforts in trying to get with her without being creepy about it. Well in the beginning it felt weird. But over time, it felt safe around her. A smile formed on her face as she thought about the first time they met till now. Her eyes glanced over at him before looking away. They have been through so much together. And she always thought he was cute. Adorable when just being himself. She felt herself turning to the mutant when he was shifting himself away from her. Before he could get far she grabbed his tie and pulled him to her. Their faces inches apart.    

He always wanted an answer. Maybe this was wrong, but she’ll deal with that later. Right now, she felt something right about this moment. She wanted to explore them, him, and everything that has to do with him. Screw normalcy. That ship has sailed. Literally when it left with her father. She bounced her eyebrows, trying to immitate those girls who she idolized on TV when she was younger. Heck even at sixteen. The green mutants face kept his gaze for a moment, really puzzled at the sudden actions of his red haired beauty, though he couldnt resist her. And if he was reading her signals right, she wanted something from him that only happened in his dreams. He stashed his instrument behind him letting it hang there, he whipped open his big arms and caught her as she leaped in them, holding her close his dream was finally happening. Meeting her soft human lips. They were warm, and her scent was intoxicating. He felt himself spinning around before finally ending up on the ground of the stage. 

He’d figure the kiss would break then, but it didnt, he didnt want it to. It was all he could of imagined. April lifted up his sunglasses, roaming his face, still feeling heated. She couldnt help herself. So much inside for so long. She never realized him right before her till now. The normalcy she was urning for overtook her and with that, she was blinded. Her heart was going a mile a minute. Her hand skimmed his plastron, feeling the texture, trying to keep it in her mind, even though she’s touched it so many times prior. Though never like this. She never experienced this, well she did experienced his lips before but not like this. Not with this much feelings like she is now. This time, she didnt wanna stop herself like she did their last kiss they shared. This time he didnt need reassurance. This time, she just wanted him, just like he has been wanting her. He wasnt normal. But someone told her, that somethings were just beyond ones control. The red haired broke the kiss, pulling away a little. Her face feeling hot and flushed. She gazed at the mutant turtle as he slowly sat up, looking very pleased with how this turned out. His eyes were in a daze as they were on her. With that olive green skin of his, she noticed a little hint of pink blended on his cheeks. She chuckled a little amused by his reaction. She scooted over to him closer. Sitting next to his side, leaning against his side. She laid her head on his shoulder. Taking everything in. 

It took a moment for the purple masked turtle to realize what was going on in his surroundings. He came back from his daze when he felt the beauty against him. He kept himself propped up with one hand behind him as he put his hand on the small of her back, letting her fall against him, like a perfect fit. He laid his cheek on the top of her head. The two both sat in silence, words didnt need to be exchanged from either of them. Both knowing how one felt about the other. The two just enjoyed the motions, the songs, and the time they were spending. Finally together.

Who knew all was needed was cool shades and a instrument.

                                        The End

@stealthnerddrawsshit / @sasster-blaster

Did I say FIGHT? I prolly meant fite. 

My one friend told me Sasster needed to go in the trash. Somehow Static and her weirdness obliged. Sorry for this terrible reply. I REALLY wanted to finish this and then of course I got hit by a stomach virus. FEEL MY SUFFERING WRATH U SASSY JERK <3

welp time for me Static to pay lol. @the-noise-maker hope you’re also enjoying this fiasco!

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I'm not attacking you here bc I love your blog but how the heck can you call Emma tinkerbelle when she's literally a murderer?? It's just a lil weird

haha well tinkerbelle is known for being very feisty and sulky and one day this scene happened and i could never look at emma without thinking of tink again

she’s tiny and feisty (and a murderer) and i really like her. i know she’s not a good person (she tries tho lol) but she’s a good character, and i enjoy her a LOT

Cold Hands, Warm Heart - Kyle Spencer X Reader

REQUEST: One with Kyle (not fully recovered) where Madison makes you feel like shit and you begin to cry in your room and he comes up and tries to comfort you with all he’s got? Thank u! xx — sent by anonymous

Hope I did a good job! This is fluffy fluffy fluffy and I cursed a lot. sorry in advance lol. Enjoy!

Being a witch was fucking weird. Like, you’d always known you were different. But being in a house with people who were like you was fucking bizarre. The first night you’d been dragged out to a party with your new room mates. One of who was Madison Montgomery. Madison fucking Montgomery. She was god awful. But she let you borrow one of her really nice really expensive dresses to wear. The other girl, Zoe, seemed nice enough, but she always had this look on her face like she was perpetually scared. You arrived at this frat house teeming with drunk college kids. You wandered off in search of a drink, which you found pretty easily, since they were located right next to this giant ice luge in the shape of the symbol for whatever frat house you were standing in. You looked around the crowd and spotted Zoe, talking to this amazingly good looking boy. She looked a little uncomfortable, which was probably because of her black widow stuff, so you decided to be nice and attempt to rescue her.

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Unpopular (?) opinion: I don't really think niylah is that hot? She looks way older than Clarke, and it's really weird, because I've seen the actress on other things and she doesn't look that old. But I just see people referring to her as hot and I ????

She looks like she could play clarkes mom lol

Mecha: Nonexistent. I really don’t care for birthdays…

((She doesn’t like birthdays for a few reasons… she’s past all the legal milestone birthdays, she’s richer than a lot of her friends so receiving gifts makes her feel guilty (doesn’t apply to Christmas bc everyone gets gifts), and she doesn’t like being reminded of her age. Oh, and Gumi birthdays are celebrated on v2′s release date, which makes v3′s like her feel awkward sometimes, lol.))

((There’s nothing really special or weird about Mecha’s lips. She hardly ever wears any sort of lipstick or gloss, opting for the natural look 99% of the time. Really, the only thing of note about them is that due to Mecha’s habit of touching her own face when she talks, they sometimes taste like motor oil or grease… much to Luka’s dismay.))

((I’m guessing you mean ✎ - taste in music/literature?))

Mecha: I like my music ROCKIN’! … And, uh, I read manuals and mechanic magazines, i guess…

((As a concert model, she’s programmed to not hate any music… but as a Power Extend, she prefers music that is… well, POWERFUL. And yeah, she’s not much of a reader when it comes to fiction or stories. Her practical side comes through in only reading stuff she might need for a job, or relating to her job… it’s her most boring aspect.))

@ask-fracture @frostbite338

((Ask Meme: Send a symbol for a description of the associated thing))

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I wanted to let you know that I think its the sweetest thing that you and teamdoofus are sisters. I can't even imagine being that close to my siblings and both running blogs about the same thing and well yeah I just think its so cute. Im glad shes back and I love seeing you guys interact lol hope that isn't too weird to say.

!!!!! this is so sweet!!! @teamdoofus look at how adorable this is!! yes, we are very close and have grown up playing nancy drew together so naturally these games still really bond us!!

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i think you're the first phoebe fan i've seen who, apart from me, doesn't really watch her show. its weird because i love phoebe and looking at modelling pics of her but the cw show that she's on just bored me to tears. i tried watching a few eps but found everything about it rather silly. i'd love to see her in better projects as well.

oh hiiiiiii!!!! yep it is pretty rare! it’s hard to talk to phoebe fans who love the originlas/the secret circle when all i want to talk about is her new matteau campaign lol i would also love to see her in great projects and see her be great in it in the future.

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Do you prefer the way she used to look, like around 2014? Thats what you seem to post more often than not on there

There are more photos from 2014 (and then 2012) than any other time, Idk why theres so little of 2013 and then 2015 and 2016 aren’t really throwbacky enough lol. 2014 is my favourite era, though. I loved her style and vibe then and she was always out and doing stuff like she was so much more weird and funny then, like a lot more chill? At least in the way she represented herself.

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Ask meme thing -- 6 (I just want to see your dogs again lmao), 11, 37, 39,

6. Pets? Here’s sort of three of them lol. With the weird one behind the curtain looking outside ⚆‿⚆

11. Tell us a secret 

       I’m scared of horror movies ( ̄Д ̄ )

37. Post a selfie - Selfies always make me feel weird 😂😭

39. Do you keep a journal?

I used to alooong time ago but not anymore.

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Okay I'm sorry I KNOW that it's a really low quality photo but every time I've seen ElaNOOO since she's been back her face looks so... weird. That girl got work done! And there is nothing wrong with that but there is something wrong with doing it with the money u got for a forcible closet on someone! She's really just one step up from Breep!

Yep. Nasties all look the same lol 

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(Shunk anon!) I'm so sorry, that sounded so confrontational and I did not mean it to. I simply meant it as people who ship Shidge when she's still a minor and Shiro is legally an adult. And I've met some really nice Shidge shippers (Like you~!) But it still kinda gives me a weird -not bad!- vibe so I don't ship it and I look at the shippers a bit harder than I would other shippers. I am so sorry and you're an excellent person! I love following you~<3 (Also that Shunk is *Good Shit Meme*)

Wooppss~ Real sorry lol. I have been on discourse mode for hours due to other reasons and I kinda pulled it over here. I get the whole “harder” feel to it. I tend to do that too when looking through people who want to join shidge safe spaces and stuff. I can provide better input of trends I notice among Shidge shippers like how most of us are short adults or are close with ones who are so having a strong female character who you can hc as an adult that is short and not just there for loli ™ like they are in those really bad harem anime renditions.

it is okay. I am sorry if I sounded rather harsh too and bringing my discourse mode here lol. Thanks~ Oh you jest, dear anon~ (Yes yes it is, Shunk is beautiful)

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1) Hey so I'm just gonna rant real quick I hope that's okay, I feel like this is a safe place so idk. I'm a closeted bi and it's been so frustrating bc i just want a gf so badly but I don't feel comfortable coming out yet. I think my mind has subconsciously started to pick up on this bc most of my dreams lately have had, I guess, imaginary girlfriends in them (that sounds so weird idk lol) I grew up in a really conservative area and there was literally one gay couple and they were always looked

2) at weirdly and my mom has kinda made jokes before like “if you ever came out as gay i don’t even know how your grandpa would react like he freaked out when he saw someone with blue hair at Disneyland” and like ik she doesn’t mean any harm with it and how would she even know that whoop I actually am gay (well kinda). It just still hurts a bit to have to sit there and laugh and be like hah yeah I bet

3) anyways.. I’m just kinda rambling now lol. I can’t wait until uni bc then I feel like I’ll be more comfortable with coming out bc you know like unis are normally pretty accepting and plus I’ll be away from family which will give me more opportunities to be myself so I’ll just have to hang on until then I guess💜ty for listening

You do what makes you happy, babe. If you’re bi then you’re bi. Please don’t let what others have to say get in the way. This is who you are. It’s your life. There is absolutely no shame in it. I hope one day you can come out when you are comfortable and able to find the right one <3

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This is so weird... and I'm totally aware it appears that Tara is in NY visiting friends of hers, coincidentally at the same time, but unrelated to the boys trip. But the brunette that's laughing in Greg's story is that the same girl who was holding the puppy earlier in Tara's story? She just looks really familiar but idk why/from where? Lol and Greg's video is too fast for me to tell for sure lol!

i have no idea. honestly i wasn’t even paying attention bc niall looked soooo cute! also they’re at a pub so there is bound to be tons of women around.