lol not really but it sure looks like it

Viktor Nikiforov is the dork we love.

My favourite Viktor moments are when he is an adorable idiot.

I love exploring Viktor’s character because despite being the most senior character among the skaters and being seen as the one to chase and look up to, this boy truly does a lot of stupid things. To be fair, 27 is still quite young. It’s a shitty age when everyone plus their dog seems to think you know what you are doing except you. I can tell you all the weird decisions and unnecessary drama people have and get into at 27, but then this post will never end.

Now, we know about the whole banquet fiasco and the whole impulsively flying to Japan arms open, dick out thing, not to mention the whole car park “let’s shatter his heart” shenanigans, but I also have these screencaps stewing for maybe a month in my phone because I remember I was rewatching the show and these just made me go, “Oh, Viktor.”

Okay, so we know Hot Springs on Ice all started with Viktor’s idea…

…to which Yurio gamely accepts the challenge and issues his own (while Yuuri adorably panics in the background like the puppy he is)…

…which Viktor also accepts.

Look at him all excited.

Here, though, is where Viktor gets himself in trouble:

He’s been riling Yurio up the entire morning that the kid just up and threw a tantrum and demanded this prize. But then, no problem, since it’s not like Viktor had to accept or anything–

Yuuri’s face when Viktor agreed, though.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

It seems that it’s not until later that Viktor realises the trouble he put himself in. At this point, we didn’t know yet just how invested Viktor was in Yuuri Katsuki (i.e., very invested and nursing a weird kind of crush, probably) and how important it is that he doesn’t coach just anyone, but Yuuri Katsuki only. How ever good Yuuri could potentially be, however, there was still a big chance that he could actually lose to Yurio. Yuuri sometimes choked during competition. Yurio, on the other hand, was the juniors gold medallist. There was a very real possibility that Yurio would win and Viktor to have to go back to Russia.

Having realised this, Viktor then began to sport this face:

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is Viktor during Yurio’s performance:

At this point, Viktor didn’t know yet that Yuuri had a breakthrough on his Eros performance. As far as he knew, Yurio was the one who found his Agape. While Yurio’s performance was not perfect, he was doing well enough. But Viktor does not want to go back to Russia. He wants to stay in Japan and get to know Yuuri Katsuki. He can choreograph for another skater, sure, but he does NOT want to be Yuri Plisetsky’s coach.

That, right there, is what Viktor Nikiforov looks like when he knows he is in very deep shit.

What’s interesting though is that these expressions were not really blatantly pointed out in the show. No one notices this, and Viktor just stands in his corner looking like that. With what knowledge we had at episode 3, we don’t know, maybe he just looks thoughtful because Viktor Nikiforov is just a mysterious character. Lol, but rewatching this after season 1 is over?

Yeah, Viktor. Because of you, for about an entire episode, we were in danger of never having the events that would lead to the kiss at the Cup of China, the exchange of rings in Barcelona, and the glorious masterpiece that is Yuuri’s record-breaking free skate. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor… sometimes just… *facepalm*

Thankfully, Yuuri DID find his Eros at the last minute, wins the competition, and consequently saves Viktor’s gorgeous but impulsive arse and gives us the wonderful events of season 1. Thank you, Yuuri! ♡

Lol, look at how happy and relieved this dork is:

There he is, ladies and gentlemen, our Viktor Nikiforov - king of impulsive decisions. For a long time we thought he was such a mysterious character. Now, we just… wtf, we know him better and we love him very much, but sometimes

Viktor, no. For fuck’s sake.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

Bonus: Viktor during Yuuri’s Eros performance. He probably realised he’s safe at this point, and I bet he was enthralled again, and possibly getting turned on by Yuuri Katsuki falling in love again.

Oh, Viktor.

               I’m here with you.I see you.You are my friend, M’gann M’orzz.You are forgiven


their initials spell bra for a reason. and now they’re all wearing one

aka i can’t draw dear god why did i try this what the fuck happened with reiner i have no idea what a lacy bra looks like and i’m scared to find out. 

also who knows where they got those bras i don’t think any of the girls would have ones like those because they need that proper boob support when they’re exercising all day.

[source of this shitty idea]

Chemists: We have a standardized and systematic naming convention overseen by an international body. Sure the names can get long and cumbersome but if you have the full IUPAC name you know exactly what the molecule looks like, including it’s spatial and 3D configuration, so ultimately our system is both helpful and informative

All other scientists: lol wouldn’t it be funny if i worked a pun into the name of this thing?


Full version of the piece I made for the Ohana gallery show yesterday! I wasn’t able to visit the gallery that long since I mostly stayed at my art table, but this one went over pretty well from what I’ve heard!

Yeah I did a really predictable disney crossover for the theme of the gallery lol. Hah I’m not really sure how well I translated Moana into 2d that well (its really hard translating 3d characters into 2d while still keeping the style the same, anyways |D) but I think she at least looks like herself xD

I do have a few (good quality without the watermark) prints of this left, so if ya want one, you can order one from my new Etsy shop here!:

3:50 pm

Every Friday at exactly 3:50 pm Draco makes sure to kiss Harry.

Every Friday. He hasn’t been late once either. Because Draco always drops everything he’s doing, no matter what he’s doing, to go and look for Harry. It’s not that easy sometimes. Harry has a job that, unlike Draco’s, requires him to actually leave the house. Whenever Draco shows up at his workplace, Harry’s face lightens up. He has never complained about Draco interrupting his work. Not once.

Even when they’re fighting and they’re both in a bad mood, they briefly forget about it when it’s 3:50 on a Friday. Like right now. They had an argument last night about Harry getting a motorcycle. Draco just doesn’t get why Harry would want to spend that much money on something that will probably kill him. They both fell asleep with a scowl on their face and they didn’t talk while eating breakfast. Harry left the house while Draco was reading the paper.

But now, as Draco stands in front of him, Harry is smiling at him fondly. Merlin, Draco just never tires of that smile. Even after all these years.

He glances at the clock and sees it’s 3:49. His eyes find Harry’s and they hold so much love, it makes Draco shudder. He takes Harry’s hands in his and pulls him closer. When his lips brush Harry’s, a familiar feeling washes over him. It’s warm and invigorating, reassuring and exhilarating. Kissing Harry will never fail to consume and mesmerize Draco.

Harry leans away again and brushes his thumb over Draco’s cheek.

“I still have a bit of work to do, but I’ll try to be home early, okay?”

“Okay,” Draco whispers, his eyes still closed.

He feels Harry kiss the tip of his nose and can’t help but grin. He pulls Harry back into a tight embrace and relishes the feeling of Harry’s body shaking against his, as Harry laughs out loud.

“I love our Friday afternoon kisses,” Harry murmurs.

“I love them, too.”

Draco really does. Because it was 3:50 pm on a Friday afternoon when Harry Potter said “I do” and kissed Draco for the first time as his husband.

Carry This Feeling

Authors: Awriterwrites and dimpled_halo


There’s something about Louis Tomlinson that makes Harry feel unhinged. It’s in the other man’s stare, in the way he looks at Harry like he knows he’s hiding something. Like he’s not really all he says he is.

Harry’s not so sure it’s fear he’s feeling. Maybe it’s something deeper. Ever since Louis walked into his house, he’s felt on edge. He’s just being himself after all, and that’s usually enough to get just about anyone to drop their pants. But…it’s clearly not working on Louis Tomlinson. It dredges up something oily and unpleasant inside Harry. He doesn’t like it.

He’s got to lock that shit down tight.

Harry knows, objectively, that he shouldn’t try to get his ghostwriter into bed. He knows. But…he finds it hard to resist temptation when Louis waltzes into his home and his life and turns everything upside down. And, as it turns out, Louis might just need a little turning upside down too.

Gifted to @juliusschmidt

You can listen to the playlist for this fic HERE

manip used with permission by @larryspineapple-nsfw

SHERLOCK - :Happy Pride Month 2017:
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

Bleh, I’m stupid late with this but better late than never, I suppose.

Have a cheesy Johnlock husbands pic for pride month (no seriously, I made them husbands look, rings! XD) :) It’s not fantastic and it took me 3 weeks to complete, but I love these two so effing much and I just really needed to put them together okay? And the idea for the shirts, I have no idea where it came from… I think it was on a google search for “cute couples” and a similar shirt came up in the images LOL. 

Slowly but surely getting the hang of this digital art thing. I love my marker brush so much. It emulates my traditional style nicely :D

Hope you all like it, and happy pride month everyone <3

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Dead Man {Kylo Ren x Reader}

Request~  I just thought of this and it sounds good in my head, but could u do a kylo imagine where the reader gets taken by the first order & is in the interrogation type room (like where Poe/Rey were) & reader is kinda scared bc ur preggos with kylos baby (u got pregnant when he was Ben or something) & he’s like who’s the father? And u say Ben Solo, but he’s gone now. And I don’t know where to go from there so u take it away lol. Wow sorry this is so lengthy

A/N~ Apologies for how long this took writing has been tough for me these past couple months. Anyways I’m not really sure how good this’ll be because I have no idea how to write pregnancy and its been a good minuet since I’ve written some thing long like this. Please ignore any mistakes (I’ll fix them later. For now I need to stop looking at this) hope ya’ll like it!

If the doctor back on base could see you now you assume she’d be furious. Three balanced meals a day, light exercise, and plenty of rest. It was good advice for a woman like yourself eight months pregnant, and you followed those directions perfectly except for one. Rest. You couldn’t sit idly while the resistance moved so quickly around you. 

Yellow Squadron denied every one of your requests or rather demands to let you join them on missions, but it never stopped you from asking one more time. Out of pure luck they’d finally said yes. The rebellion had received intel of unregistered spacecraft loitering in the outer rim. There was reason to believe The First Order was behind it. An organization that had been around for quite some time but only in the past few months had they really surfaced and become a threat. Yellow squadron’s job was to go out take a look around and come right back. A scouting mission is what they called it and they must have figured the mission would be easy enough for you to come along, for the ride if nothing else. It was supposed to be easy, it was supposed to be safe.

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anonymous asked:

How do you do the line thing (lol) where it's black lineart over a ryb or myc looking mother layer of line art and it makes the lines look somewhat blurred and like your looking at a 3D thing without glasses (I laughed while typing this bc ur getting anons asking about things ur not sure what they're talking about and it's not like something I need to know immediately. Thank )


OK THIS ONE I THINK I KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT LOL its called chromatic aberration! i use it modestly since it can strain the viewers eyes or it really just depends on my mood. there LOTS of ways to achieve this effect, but this is how ive been doing it for years0

go to the channels panel which is right next to the layers panel

select one of the channels, i usually like going bottom up

*i should mention i usually zoom really close into the canvas to do this step. the farther the distance you move the channels from each other, the stronger the 3d effect

*i blurred the edges of her hair, added a grain gradation from the left.

hopefully this helps!! (and was the right tutorial LOL)

Fuck Boy (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Ayyy it’s ya gorl, Ry, back at it again with those AUs. This time around I introduce you to Fuckboy Johnny, a backward hat wearing frat president on a personal vendetta to get your ass in his hands. viwevopwv jk or am I?? No I’m not lol Have fun kiddies!!!

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

You don’t really remember how you ended up in the shitty nice frat house, but here you were, pressed against the sticky wall by some boy who you met five minutes ago. You don’t even remember what his face looked like, your eyes are sealed shut and imagining it’s someone else. Maybe it was your subconscious making you forget everything, or all the Jungle Juice you’ve been chugging on top of the pregaming you’d done at a friend’s apartment. At this point your body was ninety percent alcohol and ten percent water, you weren’t even sure how you were still sweating from all the dancing.

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boyfriend! kang daniel
  • a shy peach
  • seongwoo was the ultimate wingman because daniel had no guts to confess
  • daniel: bro there’s no way they like me lol we’re just really good friends
  • seongwoo: bro i’ll literally shove this hamburger into your ears if you keep being delusional
  • eventually seongwoo and jisung set y'all up by using magic circles and hang outs in which those two just mysteriously disappear which would leave you and daniel alone
  • u figured a long time ago that he had a thing for u and lmao ofc u had one for him too bc like. how could you not???
  • he’s very gentlemanly it’s not even an act he just likes holding doors and letting you walk on the inside of the sidewalk and putting his jacket on you when it’s cold
  • he’s the sOFTEST and has these sparkles in his eyes whenever he talks about his cats 
  • daniel: omg they’re the cuTEST lemme show you some pictures
  • daniel: proceeds to show you 300 photos of the same image
  • daniel: look over here peter is staying still but then when he moves his paw over by six millimeters looney got scared LOL!!
  • he was vERY shy about skinship at first there was always this certain amount of space between the two of you bc he’s never sure if it’s really okay to touch you like what if you’re sensitive abt private space
  • but you just roll your eyes at that and smile while grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers together and daniel just. explodes on the inside a little bit
  • after he gets over that initial shock he makes that smile that could melt nine glaciers….and he just keeps smiling shyly like that for the rest of the day bc he enjoys hand holding so MUCH. like he loves the feeling of your hand when locked with his it makes him so happy!!
  • has a habit of rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand
  • afterwards he gets a lot more comfortable so that whenever you two are together you’re always connected in some way
  • like if you’re walking then your hands are always interlocked and if you’re sitting together he’ll have his arm around you
  • small kisses are like giving candy to a child bc daniel smiles after every peck you plant on his face and always kisses you back on the exact same place
  • he always smiles before and into a kiss like….just imagine your lips and his touching….and suddenly you feel his lips curling up like he just can’t hold his happiness in
  • chuckles a bit after a kiss as if he just made an accomplishment like I just kissed the love of my life for the 16th time today!!!!!!!!!
  • whenever he spots you in a crowd his face gets 4000 times brighter and he’ll push aside all his friends to get to you which is also the reason for seongwoo’s supposedly random sulking
  • it’s so easy getting jealous bc of how nice he is to EVERYBODY and while it’s nice having an angel for a boyfriend it’s like. pls pay attention to me
  • but what you don’t notice is that everything he does for others he always takes a step above just for you
  • he let someone borrow his umbrella? whenever you need an umbrella he makes sure he’s with you as you walk home and always tilts the umbrella more towards you so that you have a less chance of getting wet
  • literally never gets mad at you for anything but think it’s cute when you think he is
  • he makes the ಠ_ಠ face whenever you think you screwed up but after like two seconds he breaks out into a bright laughs and brings you in for a hug 
  • when it’s early in the morning or late at night or whenever he’s tired his voice lowkey gets deeper and straight up more sexy and you’re just. pls don’t do this i’m a good person
  • he has no idea what you were talking about at first but once your face gets red he starts laughing
  • and mind you his laugh at that point is a deep Benedict-Cumberbatch level chuckle
  • he never says “i love you” coolly it’s always more like “i love you~~~~~” with eye crinkles and a big rabbit smile :DD
  • whenever he smiles it’s like. the sun is up. your skin is clear. global warming has ceased. fairies are born.
  • says that if you don’t want kids in the future you can just adopt 30 cats with him
  • daniel: I mean if you don’t wanna have that many cats we can also just adopt woojin—

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Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 2

Awfully behind schedule due to my throat dying because of all the air conditioning at work and other stuff stealing my time, but here it is finally, the last part of the BD/DVD vol.2. Once again it’s a translation of the complete script. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo. This time it’s Yuri’s SP and Yuuri’s FS.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.

I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo.
Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
K: Ah, Kenji-sensei. It’s been a while.
M: It’s been a while.
K: Ok, today we are going to look back on the choreography of Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”. This time, for the first time, Kenji-sensei is not the one performing the choreography. But you created it, didn’t you?
M: Yes, I did.
K: This time, Yuri Plisetsky still has the body of a 15 years old boy, so you know, we thought that if possible we would like to ask someone else to perform it. The reason is that this footage is an important reference when translating the choreographies into animation, and changing Kenji-sensei’s body into that of a young boy would have required quite a lot of work.
M: Ah, so it was for that reason.
K: Yeah.
M: I see.
K: So basically we said that a girl, a girl of small build, would be nice, and we asked Kenji-sensei to look for a person like that.
M: Yes. Honoka Kawanishi-chan.
K: Yes. She’s a 20 years old university student, and she even participated in the university’s Miss Campus contest…
M: Really?
K: Well, isn’t she really pretty?
M: Yeah, she’s a beautiful girl.
K: I was like, nice job Kenji-sensei for bringing such a girl!
M: When she was still a competitive figure skater she impressed me because she could dance really well.
K: You didn’t do choreographies for her at that time?
M: No, I didn’t. This was the first time, but really, she learned the choreography very quickly.
K: That’s right.
M: Yeah.
K: He was creating the choreographies at night, we had very little time, and I guess, there are skaters who learn faster and skaters who are slower, right?
M: Yes, and also, I think she was moving very close to the way I was imagining the choreography, so we could go on very smoothly.
K: We also had that impression watching, like, she was absorbing everything so quickly and she danced very boldly, she was really amazing.
M: And this hairstyle, too.
K: Yes, we wanted to draw Yuri with flowing bobbed hair, so we asked her not to tie her hair, to let it loose when she was skating, and you know, skating with loose hair is something that you don’t see in tournaments, so it was really nice to watch~.
M: It’s nice, it looks very dynamic.
K: Thank you. Hah~. So this was Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”.

K: “Really nice to watch~”, I made a face like an old man (LOL). Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s free skating. The song is “Yuri on ICE”. Uh.. (LOL)
M: Everyone’s laughing at me (LOL).
K: This part, of course the ones who watched the anime know it already, but we asked Kenji-sensei to start from the point where Victor hugs Yuuri from behind..
M: Yes (LOL).
K: Sorry, it’s just somehow amusing (LOL).
M: When I turned around everyone was laughing.
K: (LOL). But actually, it became a really nice scene. Ok. Regarding this “Yuri on ICE”, when we were creating the story later on I decided the title and made it “Yuri on ICE”, but in fact, when we filmed this footage the title hadn’t been decided yet, we just had the song ready, and the story wasn’t finished either, so we just asked Kenji-sensei to do the choreography in the meantime. This time I couldn’t physically be there, but what instructions did the director give you?
M: I’d say, “director, what do you think about this?”, and she’d be like “yeah, that’s good”.
K: (LOL)
M: I said “And this, what about this?”, and she was like “yes, I think that’s nice”. No matter what I said she always replied “yes”.
K: In other words, you were also kind of anxious too.
M: Yes, I didn’t really understand the story completely, so..
K: Yeah.
M: But I was asked to create a program that could win in a tournament, a well done program, and when I listened to this song, this delicate music, I wanted to create a choreography that would look like an ink painting, like thin streaks that vanish as they stream.
K: Hearing this, you know, I’m not sure whether it’s actually connected, but the opening is really that way, like an ink painting, with colors that spread out as the song plays, and I thought that it looks like it’s connected.
M: I was very surprised when I watched it.
K: Ah!
M: I was like, “ah, so they made it like this”…
K: But seriously, this choreography is really… In the beginning, Yuuri Katsuki has just started figure skating and has many worries, then in the scene where he meets Victor the sounds become richer, and we asked to make the choreography so that it would leave a stronger impression too, but the way you glide in that smo~oth line is really nice. Even in the animation version it’s breathtakingly beautiful. And…
M: Today’s socks are lime green (LOL).
K: (LOL). Yeah, we have explained this in vol.1 too, but basically it’s not like Kenji-sensei fancies this kind of fashion, he wore different gloves and socks to make the left and right legs different. Normally he’s a fashionable person.
M: You don’t have to say that (LOL). But this, you know, I really used up a lot of stamina to skate it.
K: Ooh.
M: That axel after a forward counter is quite difficult.
K: (LOL). Indeed, we asked to create a FS that could win the Grand Prix Final, so the movements leading to jumps, and all the other elements, are all made so that you can get a high level. Kenji-sensei did a lot of things (LOL).
M: Yeah (LOL).
K: Sorry for saying it a bit vaguely.
M: That’s ok. This part too, it has an outside rocker cluster with combined movements of the upper body, though my foot touched the ground a little (LOL). It’s made to get level 4, I mean, I’m not sure one could get it, but it’s made so that it’s possible to get it.
K: I heard that some real figure skaters said they wanted to skate this.
M: Yes, that’s true. I was asked to make a choreography for this song, but I replied that it would be better to wait some more time. It’s quite popular actually.
K: I really want someone to skate it! Seriously, the song is a bit too short for a competitive program, but someone could like, make it a bit longer, edit it, and skate it.
M: (LOL).
K: Ah, yes, in the end, he looks in Victor’s direction, points his fingers at him, and the song is complete.
M: My hair is so flat (LOL).
K: Yeah, kind of…
M: It was night in the end.
K: Yeah, it was night. All the clocks visible in the footage are showing past 12:00, but that’s not 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, you know.
M: It was pitch black (LOL).
K: Yeah, it was. But really, now that I hear from Kenji-sensei that there are real skaters who are watching “Yuri on Ice” and want to skate this song… So is it popular?
M: Yeah, this song is popular, and, it’s a different story, but at the rink I went to the other day there was a boy who started skating after watching “Yuri on Ice”.
K: Great!!!!
M: When I told him that I was the one who made the choreographies, he was like “uwaaah”.
K: I’m so happy.
M: It’s nice to see things like this happen.
K: Yeah, I mean, of course grown-up women like this anime too, but I hope that young male skaters who are thinking of starting now or who are already skating, people from all over the world, can feel figure skating as something closer to themselves and continue it.
M: Yes.
K: You also said that you’d like people to feel figure skating as something closer, right?
M: Yeah, I think so.
K: You know, I’m really happy to hear that in some way, even just a little, this is becoming true.
M: I agree.
K: Ah, sorry, I’m wrapping it up a bit in a hurry. So, we have watched the choreographies of vol.2. Let’s meet again in vol.3! Please say something too (LOL).
M: (LOL).

So earlier today I got rather pissed off when some rude anon who has probably never made a GIF in their lives decided to attack my friend (and one of the best GIFmakers I know) for no reason telling them not to talk about GIFmaking like it’s a big deal since it’s just taking clips from existing video. I was hoping to forget about this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how many non-GIFmakers really do think that’s all GIFmaking is (including myself before I started making GIFs to some extent). Luckily, most people aren’t that rude about it and know not to insult content creators over a topic they actually don’t know much about…but I still feel the need to discuss some of the often lengthy effort that goes into making medium to high quality GIFs.

As a disclaimer, I’m NOT trying to be elitist and I honestly don’t consider myself one of the top tier GIFmakers. I also don’t think that GIFmakers HAVE to put in a lot of effort to alter GIFs from the original video frames if they don’t want to. It’s just a hobby where we try to capture/highlight cool moments using a severely limited and dying file format lol…so it’s really up to the individual how much they wanna put into it. However, the truth of the matter is that many GIF and graphics makers that contribute greatly to numerous fandoms DO put in a significant amount of effort to make their GIFs look different from and better than the original video.


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who’s who in radfem tumblr!

this is obviously not an exhaustive list and if you’re not on it, i promise it was not purposeful; there’s just so many of us! please shoot me a message if you’d like to be included on the next one i’ll make, and i’ll be sure to put you on it. 

not everybody on this list is a radfem – some are lesfems, some are marxist feminists, some are rad-leaning, some are womanists… – and some of these blogs aren’t even political – but we all prioritize women, so we’re all worth a look! 

i’m sorry it’s not alphabetical this time, i just really did not feel like going through and alphabetizing all these blogs lol.

enjoy!  – mod alicia

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Things Bioware need to fix in Mass Effect Andromeda: SPOILER FREE!!

Hey guys. I’ve been playing the game since release and I’ve decided to write a list of all the things I think Bioware should improve upon in future Mass Effect: Andromeda updates. These are things that I think are reasonable that Bioware could improve upon that aren’t super intensive like changes to story or anything like that. I think the game is great and I’m loving it, it just needs some work to bring it up to standard.


- Add the ability to change complexion, brows, eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape.
- Add more skin tones.
- Add more detail to the eye textures. Characters with paler eyes look fake or scared. Inquisition did this really well so I’m not sure why it didn’t translate.
- The same for hair colours, the dyed ones are too fake looking and its alarming seeing it on npcs as well. Colour wheel for hair suggested by neednerdiness (link to come when i know what I’m doing lol)
- If custom Ryder is selected, Alec’s appearance should also be adjustable (ability to change his features or select default Alec). If not, Alec’s features should change depending on the changes the player makes to Ryder, not on what the preset looks like before changes.
- Change the opacity slider for makeup (to go darker) and add one for tattoos.
(And less likely but add more variation in tattoos and make-up instead of just the geometric/tribal ones.)
- Have unique hairstyles separate from npc hairstyles. This is one Bethesda are at fault for as well, its really disappointing and quite frankly very lazy.
- This ones just for me. I need more outfits, I need a dress! Please Bioware make it happen, I will pay for more clothes.
- The ability to change your appearance!!!! This is so important, it doesn’t have to be canon, it could be a final confirmation like in Fallout 4, or something like the Black Emporium dlc.


- Shorten travel times when viewing planets in a solar system. This does conflict with the real time view you see from the windows on the Tempest but I doubt many people leave the galaxy map when just scanning planets. It is tedious having to wait to arrive at each planet. They could do this by having a quick select for the nexus, aya and outpost planets.
- When returning to the Tempest it should remain on the planet/Nexus/etc until you select a new location on the galaxy map. This is so emails and crew can be checked for any new quests at that location and you don’t have to leave the planet and fly straight back.
- Party banter (and any other dialogue when travelling) frequently gets cut off when other dialogue is triggered to play. This needs to be changed so that one plays after the other to avoid overlapping or missing the first conversation altogether. Uncharted 4 does this really well.
- Every time you open the mining interface, SAM repeats the same dialogue about how you can mine in that area. Its annoying and unnecessary.
- When accepting rewards at the AVP Status Control, multiple awards should be condensed into one menu to save time.
- More skills for your squad! I’m on my first playthrough at 78% completion and my squad are maxed out.
- More Nexus levels! I’m at lvl 20 with -1,666 A.V.P. It would be great if I could unlock the rest of the pods.
- Remove already selected topics from the dialogue wheel. Suggested by stepp3nwolf.
- Better organisation of completed quests.
- Clearer way to compare armor and weapon stats to the ones currently equipped. Suggested by n7biotic.


- Asari faces need more variation, currently it seems they all have the same face model as Lexi. Suggested by citadelsavior.
- The ability to skip the opening cutscenes.

I’ll be frequently updating this!