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vlotron head canon prompt: 0g shenanigans?

hi anon !!!! these didn’t really turn out to be what u asked/what i wanted them to be but i’ve changed it around and am still not satisfied with the outcome :(( hope u like them tho !!

  • pidge: did anybody check to see if we’ve connected the giant purple evil crystal to the ship bc i sWEAR TO GOD
  • lance having a fucking BALL bc his limbs are so goddamn long; he can latch himself onto things and fling himself around the room and laugh at everybody else while he does
  • also takes a thousand selfies bc “this is a oncE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE, PIDGE, DON’T MOCK ME”
    • [floating past in a pinup pose] “draw me like one of ur french girls” / “look mom, no hands!” / “it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s superman!” 
  • allura then slams into him out of nowhere and sends his ass flying across the castle as he screams the whole way down the corridor 
    • i know ~Physics~ is Wrong but LISTEN allura sped through a goddamn atmosphere while holding onto what’s essentially half a motorcycle and didnt 1) burn up or 2) die so she can drop kick lance’s ass anywhere tbh
  • he ends up in the corner of the room doing the world’s slowest somersault & glaring at anybody who so much as looks in his general direction
  • pidge joins him eventually bc lance is a Dick and keith understands the Pain that comes from having ur hair betray you
  • hunk just. gives up. he’s done. he’s out. he’s been here before already. he’s walked this road; he knows where it goes, where it turns, where it starts, where it ends. he’s TRIED and failed and now he’s just resigned to living in midair for the rest of his life ..,,
  • shiro, obviously, is also in the Too Tired For This Castle’s Shit Club
  • he continues reading w/ no outward signs of distress while probably screaming on the inside bc hE DID NOT ESCAPE ZARKON’S GLADIATOR PRISON SHIP FOR THIS OH MY GOD.., , LET HIM REST OK. LET HIM SLEEP

i wasn’t hoping jasper would be entirely redeemed in this episode obviously?? no jasper fan was?? lol???? we just fucking want her to become something more than being just cast off at the end of each episode she’s in.

like oh shit, we want our fav buff woman to be treated like she’s going to be redeemed, which she will be by the way, like there’s no arguing against that anymore. lol. i guess that means we’re reaching because only the cute sweet skinny ones are allowed to be redeemed

i swear to god lapis and peridot and peal fans are all so annoying oh my God Lol

also steven was a jerk and out of character today. like. take off ya rose and skinny tinted glasses honey

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Favorite IU quotes?? Love your blog btw 💕 I hope you have a lovely day ✨

thank you for this! im never on and dont post so i wonder if anyone cares about my blog anymore LOL im glad you do! c:

but oh boy…. there’s too many! IU has such a way with words. The way she responds to controversy and expresses herself is just amazing. Let me just list a few:

  • It’s not something that great, but to be able to brighten up the lives of everyone or give everyone some strength, even if it’s just a little… just being able to bring about some kind of change makes me happy.
  • I just want to fill the hearts and minds of the people who listen to my music. 
  • Someone told me that he/she likes me. Reason being I’m clever in the way I behave. Because I’m clever and shrewd. The person likes me because I’m shrewd. Then someone else would say they like me. Reason being I don’t think too deeply and just say what I think. Then someone would say they don’t like me. Because I’m shrewd and manipulative. Then someone else would say they don’t like me because I’m dumb. So actually there’s no way for good and bad points to be in sync. I have no choice but to simply acknowledge that all of that seems to be me. If I want everyone to like me, how should I behave? That’s impossible, isn’t it?

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do u think zendaya's character michelle could be revamped version of mj?? i know you guys get these kinds of asks a lot but reading the sdcc footage description her dialogues gave me mj vibes although i'm not rlly big on the comic universe and since you know mj's character well i was wondering your opinion on this theory? keep in mind that zendaya describes her character like "her nose is always in a book" "brilliant" and whatnot

i’mma just link you to my reply on my personal because this theory bugs me so much and i don’t wanna respond to it anymore lol.

Ugh so gross

One of my friends on fb (lol not anymore tho - as of 10 seconds ago) posted one of those “instead of saying fuck the police, just stop breaking the fucking law” memes. And i just….. Do you….. NOT see anything? So all these innocent CHILDREN. Let me spell that out for u, c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n. That have been shot for doing nothing are breaking the law? All those people with their hands up doing nothing and also being innocent are breaking the law? Did u not just read the recent story of the caregiver shot while trying to prevent any shooting while doing his job? Like wtf is wrong with you? “Breaking the law”? Obviously youre just on the police side of believing being black is breaking the law. So fuck you. I cant take anyone seriously who actually believes any of this police brutality has to do with any transgressions.


[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 


BAEKHYUN IS ME. HAHAHAHA look at him all exicted