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I’m your boyfriend, after all. // Haechan (Lee Donghyuck)

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Style: Drabble set

Genre: Fluuf, fluff and more fluff… so much fluff I almost made myself throw up

Warnings: None~

Words: 3.590

a/n: My bias ♥︎♥︎♥︎ I originally wasn’t going to post this since I ran out of ideas/the formatting is weird but then I saw all the rumours floating around him :’( Please try not to believe any of them until an official source says otherwise… he doesn’t deserve all the slander he’s getting!! Let’s all support him through this rough time! (also sorry for not updating frequently… school stuck a knife up my ass lol) 


what/who do I request?

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my son, he’s not a baby any more ;o;

ALSO, we get a better idea of how far along in the future RiD is set, since Cody doesn’t even look like a college-aged/teen yet.

…. which makes me MORE mad that none of the original kids have cropped up yet in RiD! Seriously, Bee?? You fly down on to the RB crew but HAVEN’T SEEN RAF YET?!? BEE!!!

(And lol, now the poor, poor RB squad doesn’t have to grieve over OP… when Bee was like “oh I guess that’s it” I was like THAT’S CERTAINLY QUITE A SHORT SUMMARY YOU GOT THERE.“)

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Argh! It makes me so angry that you have so many successful verses and I don't have a single original thought in my body! (Not that I'm mad at you, I love you!) I'm that anon from who mentioned 'Friendship Is Supernatural', which is my own non-pony MLP verse. I have so many verses but none of them are completely original! I have a Rosario + Vampire verse, TVD, and so many others, but none are original! Could you help me please? Thank you so much, and sorry I'm asking the same question twice.

I don’t really know what to say because I can’t put ideas into your head *lol*

But actually making verses is really easy. At least the start is.

What Supernatural character do you like? They’re now your main Point of View character.

Example: Let’s choose Dean, because Dean is awesome. The verse will focus on how he reacts in a new setting/ the new setting is created because something about him is changed. See: Naga!Dean verse. God!Dean verse. Etc. You just need to start somewhere, why not with a character?

Now try to think of a What If scenario: What if [favourite character] had a specific profession/ a character trait you identify with/ a hobby you like/ has magic/ has a special trait etc. (This can very well be based on some other media.) This is now your starting point for further ideas.

Example: I want Dean to be a mythological creature. What haven’t I done yet? What about Nagas? Yes. Dean is a warrior Naga, who is an artist in his spare time. He has snake like traits.

Example 2: I really liked the idea of Dean taking on Death’s job of being well… Death. Or a reaper. We haven’t seen enough of that. I will now make a verse in which Dean is a reaper, he’s good at it even though he’s far too compassionate, making Tessa clean up his messes from time to time. Dean especially likes the angel Castiel, he likes that Cas dies too often because that means they get to meet a lot, but he somehow can’t make Castiel’s death stick, so he always revives and then has to clean up cosmic consquences of his infatuation.

Example 3: I hated how Thorin died in The Hobbit. I’m going to do it better, but with SPN. Dean is a dwarf king, the hairy heir to the mighty dwarf kingdom, but I’m going to tell a story of how he does his “duty” to regain the kingdom, but he’ll be changed along the journey, so that he will end up going back to his Hobbit friend to live there, because found family is important too!

Once you have the faintest idea of what you’d like, you have to flesh it out. Where/ what are the other characters? What is the world they live in like? Are there restrictions for [main character] because of their [special traits]? What kind of story do you want to tell? A happy one? A sad one? Etc.

So, give it a shot! ;D

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how do you come up with ideas? I've been meaning to write a falsettos fic for a while but I can't seem to come up with any plot at all. Also: I can't seem to characterize Whizzer right and it's killing me. Any advice?

Tbh,I’m not that creative myself, lol. I usually take generic tropes (celebrities au, 30 day challenge, college au, etc) and add depth to the prompt and make it memorable through my execution rather than through original concept. The only creative thing I think I’ve ever really done was my soulmates au and I only created that weird universe after pouring through the other soul mate prompts and realizing that none of them would accomplish the overall mood and tone I had wanted for the story.

But really, you shouldn’t worry so much about ideas, you know? Esp for a new writer, you should just browse on one of the au prompt lists or maybe write something already established in canon (Marvin visiting Whizzer in the hospital, Trina and Mendel going on their second date and having trouble parking, Cordelia comforting Charlotte after long, miserable days at the hospital, etc) - these sound like vague, general ideas, but that’s the best, easiest option.

Like, take my college au, for example: my original idea was simple, “College Student Whizzer and College Student Marvin go from enemies-to-friends-with-benefits-to-lovers in their senior year of college, but their whole relationship is kept secret.” It’s a collection of tropes (college au, enemies-to-lovers, secret relationship) all mashed together. It was the execution of the idea that made the story memorable and popular - not the generic idea itself.

Ideas don’t matter, really - the execution of the idea matters.

If you spend so much time agonizing over what to write, you never allow yourself to just write. You’ll discourage yourself and keep putting off writing and then you’ll remain stagnant and miserable. So just - pick a cheesy, common trope/idea to start yourself off (maybe a high school au about home ec or pre-canon fic where Jason meets Whizzer for the first time or a fic exploring the development of friendship between Marvin and the lesbians) and start writing. But like,,, if you need ideas, just hmu in an ask and I’ll provide vague, generalized prompts that will help get you started, okay?

Any advice for writing Whizzer?

Yeah,,, he can be a pretty tricky character to write, and it takes a little time to truly get it somewhat right. The only advice that I have that I’ve seen other writers not doing: make him meaner. 

I’m not saying that he needs to be screaming all the time or every word out of his mouth needs to be an insult, but like,,, g u y s, he’s not an easily embarrassed, shy, overly kind person. The musical shows that Whizzer is abrasive and vain and has trouble with commitment and picks fights just as much as Marvin does. He’s not an innocent, helpless saint, you know??? Obviously, don’t only make him all those negative things listed above - the musical also shows him to be kind and friendly with Jason, and light-heartedly teasing and flirty with Marvin, and cordial and polite to Trina, and just all around grateful and compassionate to the tight-knit family around him.

Really, just look at Whizzer’s established personality: he loves to tease (this can be light-hearted teasing or sometimes cold mockery), he’s confident and unashamed of his identity, he’s a flirt, he’s funny, he’s very posh and vain, and he’s a little self-absorbed. 

You need to incorporate all aspects of his personality into your writing - not just the positive traits and not just the negative traits. The key to writing realistic characters is that they have flaws but those flaws should never be as over-exaggerated or over-prominent that they swallow/overshadow the likability and empathy for the characters. A very key part of my Whizzer narration is that even when he does do something selfish or bad, he’s aware of himself enough to feel a little bad about it or inwardly recognize his own immaturity/selfishness. In your writing, Whizzer needs to be realistic - sometimes he can be cruel like in a fight with Marvin or unabashedly being in a relationship with a still married man and having dinner with his family; other times, he can be sweet and comforting, like with Jason as Marvin and Trina are fighting or with Marvin as he’s obviously barely keeping it together after Whizzer’s diagnosis.

Whizzer is multi-dimensional - just as all the other characters in Falsettos. And the best piece of advice that I can give you is: don’t be afraid to make him a little bit of an asshole at times.

But yeah - hopefully that helped. Send me another ask if you want specific advice or clarification on a few points.

"Why Are You Watching Me?" Ponyboy Curtis imagine

Original idea 

@peaches-r-peachy was having Ponyboy feels so I figured I would help her out lol. 

Warnings: None 


The air was crisp as the summer started transitioning into fall, the trees were still green and full however, so it was the perfect weather for sitting under a tree with a good book.
So that’s what I did.
I was sat in the park under a beautiful tree, a book in my hands, while children ran about and couples walked around hand in hand. I would look up every once in a while to take in my surroundings and each time I would catch a boy looking at me from a nearby bench, before looking back down at the notebook in front of him. It was starting to worry me. Finally, I had had enough of the stranger’s staring and I looked right back at him with an eyebrow raised. He looked away quickly, a small blush forming on his cheeks. I got up from my spot and walked over to the boy, I intended to find out why he was watching me. He tried to avoid eye contact as I stood in front of him.
“Well?” I asked, crossing my arms.
He cleared his throat awkwardly, “Well what?” but he knew exactly what I was talking about. Seeing him up close you could tell he was a greaser, his platinum blonde hair slicked back and a small switch blade sticking out of his sweatshirt pocket. His green eyes met mine briefly before looking back down at his notebook.
I huffed as I shifted my wait to my other foot. I couldn’t deny that he was attractive, anybody could see that, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was watching me for the past hour from a far.
“Why are you watching me?” I clarified. He shifted uncomfortably.
“O-oh, well you see I was just-It’s not as bad as it it seems, I just…” He hesitantly turned his notebook around. On the open page was the beautiful scenery of the park, captured perfectly with a pencil. And in the middle was the tree I was sitting under. And under the tree was a perfectly drawn version of me, every last detail added. It was breath taking.
I looked back up at the boy’s face to see that his blush had darkened and his lips pursed as he, once again, avoided eye contact.
“You drew this?” I asked, sitting on the bench next to him.
His eyes snapped back over to mine.
“Uh, yeah. I-it’s not my best, I messed up on the fountain and your hair…”
“I think it looks amazing.” I stated, not able to tear my eyes away from the drawing that was now in my hands.
“Thanks… I, uh, I’m sorry if my staring made you feel uncomfortable.”
“No, no, it’s alright. Don’t worry about it.” I said, smiling at him.
He returned the smile and held out his hand.
“I’m Ponyboy Curtis.” I took his hand and shook it.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).”
We stayed sitting there for a while longer, him showing me his other drawings, talking about our favorite books, our family, and anything else we could think of until the sun was starting to go down and I had to go back home.
“It was nice talking to you Ponyboy, I had a lot of fun.”
“Yeah, me too. Do you think we could do this again sometime?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” I said, starting to walk away from the park bench. Once I was several feet away I looked back to see Ponyboy looking back down at his notebook, a grin still etched on his face as he finished his drawing.