lol no this world will always be shitty

fuck this i’ll stan every single character in check please and none of y'all can stop me

jack zimmermann? a comedic genius, an icon for the ages, biggest heart in the world

shitty knight? truly the definition of a bro, always has your back, while somehow managing to give off hot dad vibes

eric bittle? actually the softest boy to ever exist, sweeter than the pies he bakes

justin oluransi? ride or die, 10/10 would recommend being his friend, too beautiful to comprehend

adam birkholtz? terrible table manners, flawless manners in all other areas, jaw cut from marble

the zimmermanns? love their son unconditionally, are invested in his life, obviously learned from their past mistakes

larissa duan? no judgement ever, fully supportive, ring leader of the chaos that is samwell men’s hockey and somehow manages to be graceful while doing it