lol no this isnt art it is shit

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why have you lived in so many places?

sometimes …. people who are poor …… have to go unconventional routes to accomplish goals

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i was a larrie once, when my life was shitty and i had nothing going on for me. once i got a life, and things got better, i stopped carinh about that. like, no offense, but dont you wanna reach that stage? dont you wanna create a life for yourself in which the best option isnt being miserable and defensive about 2 guys you think are in love?

i was born with glass bones and paper skin. every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. at night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep. that’s the only time i’ll finally be free from my misery of and defensiveness of two guys i think are in love. believing in love?  A CRIME! we must all wake up from our shitty lives and see the truth. thank you, oh my lord and saviour anon, i now finally saw the light 

tfw your just a kid at the skate park and your dad makes you wear this really over-the-top obnoxious safety helmet and your just trying to be fairy-kei punk :\

Eyyy, guess who finally pulled their life together for once? Since I’ve been in a good mood lately, I’ve been doodling frequently and happened to change my style. Drew grew out his hair, so now he decided to show his age lol. Just a few practice sketches of mine, hopefully I can incorporate my new style into asks!

(ft. some of my favorite engies ^-^ @ask-pnk-engie @ask-engiepoop @ask-ex-engineer )

feels great to be back! 


This was supposed to be angsty shit from the season 4 finale, but I have this thing that doesnt allow me to do angst….its call my fucking brain. Stupid brain.

Anyways, hes comforting her, she isnt crying, yet. But after a long week, your gonna need some cuddles with your closest turtle.

Ill make more art angst! If my brain lets me lol!

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I sAW THE CATLAD AU ART YOU REBLOGGED AND HOLY SHIT YES BEST BATFAM AU! Do you have any reccs for it? I tried looking around but tagging isnt really consistent with that au lol (catlad/stray/etc. being only a few of the many names the AU'd kiddos are given lol)

Yessss totally an amazing AU, I love it so much. Um. You may have read these before, but  -


crave a different kind of buzz

Fancy meeting you here.

New Cat In Town

Just A Collector

In the Street Lights

Roads Untravelled

Catch the Cat

Stray Towards the Light

this isnt about me anymore but the way that art made by disabled people & people with mental illnesses is consumed by able/nt people is really nothing short of disgusting to me most of the time lol. its usually either this creepy af voyeuristic type shit, like theyre into it because its a spectacle or theyre extremely shitty and condescending about it like “wow, this artist made something i find enjoyable/palatable in spite of the fact that i see them as less human than me. truly inspiring”


here’s sam! (portrait styled)

i wasn’t going to color it but i went with it and idk it’s not the best but i still kinda like how it came out. of course i already see all the shit areas i could change but i guess its a good start at least!

surprisingly, his hair wasn’t as bad as his stupid jacket. i mean obviously his hair isnt perfect but im trash at clothes??? lol oh well!

thanks for the request!

This twitter is a wonderful place

also: don’t let me do comics without borders ever again

and now shes gone

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Omg please draw nebula with no. 5

5. standing in line at a busy Walmart for a single pack of gum

ms. impulse control problems would never actually wait in line for some GUM

the store staff is used to her doing this by now she always shows up an hour later with the money

(i hope the winona joke isnt in poor taste i thought it was funny lol)

ty for asking b <33

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Is like one of those stories where this person says holy shit i saw a house int he forrest legit guides them to the place and isnt there XD

It doesn’t like move lol 

It’s just really off the beaten path and like unless you know where you were going you would probably miss it. 

He just hasn’t told anyone where it is because he just doesn’t feel like it? And he likes his quiet solitude. 

All of his mail goes to his office instead of his house, he has a solar-powered generator as well.