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Can I have everyone’s attention please??

Thank you. Okay.

 Today as we all know is a very special day. 

We’re here witnessing the marriage of Emma Swan and Killian Jones, and I can hear a couple of you in the background saying “about bloody time” lol, well yeah. About time indeed.

Now we’ve all witnessed different parts of their journey; some have been there since the beanstalk, others got sucked in by their Neverland kiss- whether you’re a veteran or a relevantly new addition from s5 or 6, there was just something about these two dorks in love that drew us in and made us stay.

And today is the day we get to celebrate the unity of all those moments as we watch them finally start their happy beginning.

There’s been many moments that stick with us. Moments that will forever have an impact on our shipper lives. 

A shared drink below deck, Killian showing up in New York, The Captain Swan movie, their surprise hug at the ice wall, their first date, their first I love you, their moving in, the proposals- the list goes on and on.

Whatever your top moments may be, they’ve all lead to this day. 

Their wedding.

Now it hasn’t been an easy journey… there’s been denial, obstacles, secrets, trust issues, fights, and even death. But they’ve shown us again and again that these set backs only make them stronger, and in the end, true love is worth fighting for every single time. 

it’s real. It’s hard work, it’s not always pretty, but when done correctly, can be the most beautiful reward life can offer.

But the most important thing they’ve shown us is hope.

If a lost girl; an orphan, who’s been dealt nothing but hurt, disappointment and abandonment… and a lost boy; a villain, a man who’s lost everyone- including himself to darkness… 

If these two lost souls can find each other, and work together to find love, find happiness; that believe in each other and stand by each other to become the best versions of themselves- to become heroes…

 It gives us hope that we too can find love and happiness.

So if you could all raise your glasses… 

To the bride and groom

The princess and the pirate

The saviour and the survivor

To the heroes of Storybrooke

To the captain and the swan

To Emma and Killian

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Here’s to your happy beginning.

Just like @keru-the-green said



I just wanna thank:


u guys are my main motivations!!!

Also shoutout for timelessdubs and @tehrogue on youtube!
Thank you so much for dubbing my comics
u guys are awesome!!!!

Especially thank you for all those amazin fanarts u made guys!!!

It made my heart melt whenever i see one!
Im really glad u guys enjoy the au ≧▽≦




Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about Phillipa Soo in his Ars Nova Revolution speech. (x)

In honor of our Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton departure! I wish both of these wonderful people the absolute best!!!

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @someone-stole-my-shoes!!!!!!!

I sorry this is so very, very late but I wanted to make you something nice and special in hopes it will warm your heart and remind you you’re a wonderful person and deserve all things beautiful in the world. May your life be awesome and colourful, I hope you find lots of hapiness and lots of dorks to ship together and keep writing these amazing stories of yours  ♡ ♡

Speeches at desi weddings
  • Maid of Honor: “This girl is so sweet and beautiful, she have always been there for me. You're my sister. I’m so happy for you both.”
  • Best Man: “Yooooo remember our Vegas trip brooo??? this guy is wild lol *insert drake lyrics* yeaaahhh well anyway man so glad you found a nice girl”

dragonthorku  asked:

Hey there Jax-sensei I gotta question. Me and my Girl got into an Arguement recently and she thinks I don't care about her as much as I do. Honestly I love her, she's perfect. Funny, kind, smart beautiful and not gonna lie has a great rack. I love her so much, anyways we made up but I still have this feeling she's a bit cross at me. What can I do to show her I really care about her?

I dont know why people always ask me relationship questions lol but I’ll give it the old Jax try. 

Okay look dude what you wrote me is honestly really sweet and the fact you’re trying to rekindle things shows you’re a genuine guy. You told me you love her but how about her. You should tell her that everyday without being overbearing.

Why dont you Tell her just knowing she’s out there thinking about you, caring about you, makes you feel so at peace.
All your fears, all your yesterdays, wash away. And only hope remains in the promise of her embrace.

TELL HER “you make me THANK God for every mistake I ever made, because each one led me down the path that brought me to you. And when we finally come together, I want to hold you. Hold you all night.” 

Stroke her hair. Tell her she’s a woman, and show her your a man.
Until there is only now. You, and I, and now.

Or something like that. SOMETHIN PASSIONATE she’s the LOVE of YOUR LIFE so Treat like that. She’s a Dime, someone you’d fight ANY MONSTER FOR or any monster with because you dont care what physical pain anyone can bring you, losing her would be the worst form of suffering you could possibly endure.

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The best lovers are best friends so tell that and show her that.  and thats a relationship that cannot be matched.

SHOW her how much you care about her.
Don’t have unfinished business and if all your words are true and your love is pure best of luck to you!