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“But what, exactly, do I look like?”

Curio gazed into the reflective surface of the cabinet, but only saw the contours of the dim room behind him. His eyes darted to the hazy figure in the kitchen chair beyond where his reflection ought to have been. “Draw me again. It isn’t fair that you get to see me, but I can’t even see myself.”

The girl ran a hand through her tousled hair, disturbing the halo of cold moonlight being cast upon it through the window above the sink. 

She sighed and took in the odd figure before her. Curio had never been particularly well groomed, though she admitted inwardly that it’d be hard to keep oneself tidy without the ability to use a mirror. “I’ve drawn your portrait nearly every night for the past 3 months, and you always reject it. I’m also starting to run out of graphite,” she added, weakly.

Curio spun fluidly, trapping her with a pale glare. “I reject your portraits because they aren’t very good. Though I supposed they’re getting better.” His nostrils flared slightly as if his small compliment had taken a great amount of effort.

“Fine! Fine. But you’re letting me go back to sleep after this.” She rose to fetch her sketchbook, fully aware that she wouldn’t be allowed to return to bed until dawn chased the shadows away.


and the shortest speech award goes to.. our English Rapper Eric Alien Mun! 
Eric, if it was only “Thank you”, then Minwoo could’ve said it already xD
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EDIT: Cleaned up my sketch, enjoy!

inspired by this post of Voltron headcanons from @ironinkpen; specifically the one describing Keith as the cat that stares at u as he knocks something off the counter.

i’ll clean this up later. 


1st panel:

Lance: This doesn’t look good, there are too many Galra for us to take head on. We’re going to need to change plans.”


Johnny Depp: *is nominated for People’s Choice Award*

Johnny Depp: guys pls i know u love me ok i don’t need to win pls don’t make me get up on stage pls u know how awkward i am omg i am begging u

Deppheads: *rubs hands together* Challenge accepted.

People’s Choice Awards: 

Johnny Depp:


Part 2: “Nightmare”


I wanted to give it more of a brotherly vibe this time rather than make it romantic because… fluff… and… I’m not in a romantic mood hah;; It’s also a bit more serious than how it was planned but I can’t help it! … sorry for the long wait too // making it colored is way harder than I thought I feel so sorry for those who draw comics lol also speech bubbles are a pain forgive me

Next part might take a while but I’ll try to get it done asap