lol no puns intended really

  • friend: you should watch this show you know it's great!!
  • me: really? does it involve this unsociable gay character with, it turns out, terrible sense of self-worth who is only redeemed when he meets a closeted bisexual person and there's a lot of unspoken feelings between them but then the bi character gets married to someone else and there's lots of heartbreak and drama and dying and coming back to life for each other and also his wife turns out to be a trained assassin and everyone's under this antagonist's thumb but in the end, gay love saves the day?
  • friend: um..... i guess..... probably not i guess....
  • me: then i'll skip thanks

one thing (pun intended lol) that makes me really suspicious of briana is that she literally must’ve painted her nails during labour. there’s that picture of her that ashley jessica or whoever the fuck posted where she has pink nails (at the beginning of the labour i think) and then the pic briana posted with freddie where her nails are blue. like who the fuck paints their fucking nails while/just after giving birth.