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Time for a brand-new series, and one that I know *nothing* about!

Here comes the intro – let’s see what’s up.

We’ve got Scooby in a kitchen… and since I’m watching in historically-accurate Certified Late‘80s VHS-O-Vision™, certain frames look like–

–Scooby is some transcendent multi-dimensional being, phasing in and out of existence within our mortal realm.

Then again, how do we know he’s not?

A monster pops out of his food bowl, and Scooby does…

…uh… whatever this is.

Cut to Scoob alongside Tiny Daphne in a graveyard.

She then proceeds to phase the Scooby Snacks–

 –straight through his ear, because Tiny Daphne is magic, I guess.

At this point, the theme song specifies that:

When the ghosts and ghouls attack, Scooby eats a Scooby Snack!

but Tiny Daphne pours the whole box of ‘em down his throat, throwing the whole “*a* Scooby Snack” thing out the window.

Immediately after, Scooby does–


…he does… uh…

whatever this is? I guess?

And then, he… uh, he kinda…


becomes a rocket? Because reasons?

I don’t want to know what part of Scooby makes that exhaust port.

Scooby-rocket ascends into the heavens…

…up, up into the sunset sky…

Random Babby Velma walks in…

…and Scooby-rocket… wait, explodes into fireworks?

And then Random Tiny Velma makes her eye b–…




…oh. Ohhhh dear.

Well, that explains everything.

Get ready, folks, this show is gonna be a heck of a Scooby-rocket ride.

nina_bonina_brown: Me and Val back to our shenanigans hope everyone’s having a goodnight. She’s Selena I’m Yolanda’s spirit . And ps the shade of them trying to make me look salty when they showed blac chyna for shea when me and Jaymes were in the middle of a convo I knew they were going to do that lol petty.

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Hi, I love all of your stories. You are really talented. I noticed you had a banner for "The Art of Peeling Pearls", but I couldn't find that on your blog, and I don't remember reading it. Is it something knew you are working on?

Thanks for your sweet words, Anon! The banner you are referring to is for something I started a year ago, I think? Maybe longer, I don’t know. The Art of Peeling Pearls was meant to be a continuation/expansion of THIS.

My plan was to write the entire story before I started posting the rest of it, because I was having a hard time finishing literally ANYTHING at the time. I got about six chapters in and stalled anyways. Badly. Sooooooo badly, like five-seconds-away-from-deleting-the-whole-thing-at-any-given-moment-I-hate-everything-I-write stalled. Then I got distracted by Break and I just never got back to Peeling Pearls.

  • The wife: What are you up to?
  • Me: Writing
  • The wife:'re looking up how to make gazpacho
  • Me: Did you know tomatoes weren't added until the 19th century? Wild

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Quiet Me: Otayuri. Maybe Yuri is having a panic attack about something or.... lol yeah idk I just love comforting Otabek.

Quiet Me: with one character trying to calm another down

He wanted to be alone. He needed to be alone. His turn was coming up shortly and he needed to get a grip before performing. And it would only be made worse with people hovering over them. He just prayed that no one would come in right now. It wouldn’t be too long before Yakov would come to look for him.

So much was riding on this competition, but what else was new? There was no such thing as a minor competition for him. He had to perform often and perform well if he was going to be able to put food on his family’s table. He’d been doing this for so long, why was it getting to him now? His thoughts were racing miles per minute, more than he could process. Everything was blurry and the room was spinning.

‘No, not here…’

His chest began to tighten, his heart beating at all impossibly fast rate. This was it, he was going to have a heart attack right here. He could feel himself shaking and no matter how much he tried to stop himself from doing so, his body would not cooperate. Tears were already filling his eyes and falling uncontrollably. He tried to find somewhere to sit, but the room was spinning so much. He hit something, was that a bench? Oh, fuck it, did it matter?

He couldn’t stop himself from shaking and it felt like someone was reaching in and squeezing his lungs. His head was hurting and his body felt like it was on fire, was he coming down with a fever.

A sob escaped his lips, frustration and anxiety pouring out with it. Why couldn’t he stop? The better question was why were things still this stressful? He’d been pushed like this since he was 10, so why now?

He didn’t know how long it had been, but he felt like he was going to pass out. Just as his body was about to give out, he felt a pair of strong arms hold him up. He wanted to turn around, but with his head spinning, it would definitely be a terrible idea.

“Yura…” Otabek deep but soothing voice said, his arms securely fastened around him.

“Beka…” he choked out. He hated crying, he hated showing any form of weakness. But with Otabek, it was different. The sobs and cries began coming out uncontrollably. He didn’t know when he had turned around and began crying into Otabek’s chest, but the older boy’s fingers threading soothingly through his hair stopped him from caring.

A few minutes later, Yuri could feel his body relax, but tears were still flowing.

“Beka, I can’t…” he began, before stopping. Otabek was waiting for him to say it but Yuri wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to say. “I don’t know if I can…”

“Shhh,” Otabek soothed. “I know you can…if there’s anyone who can…it’s you.”

And there it was. It was rare that Yuri felt like he couldn’t compete. And coming from anyone else, it would’ve meant very little. But Otabek was different. His unwavering faith in him, his quiet understanding, and his ability to soothe him without much effort could make the worst things seem trivial. His heart rate was coming down to normal and he wasn’t trembling anymore.

Otabek pulled apart from him ever so slightly to grab a water bottle, which Yuri readily took.  

Afterwards, Yuri buried his face into Otabek’s chest again and Otabek, in turn, buried his face in Yuri’s hair.

“Beka?” he whispered, so quietly that it wouldn’t been impossible for anyone else to hear.

“Hm?” was the reply.

“Thank you…”

Based on the reveal that he provides for his family via government grants. Hope you enjoyed! 

Thank you

Today is Friday June 23rd 2017. As of today I have 10,418 followers. I like to thank everyone that follows I hope to get more followers since I have reached the 10,000 mark I will hopefully work on a new project and post it for you. Today I was going through some of the notes that are left on some of the photos and one note was left on a photo that was taken a few years back and they hearted it. when I looked at that photo it was when somebody called me a slut and I needed to get a boob job and liposuction ( the pictures where b4 the boob job lol) The caption was about being confident being sexy and owning my own curves and being on the thick side and I miss being that person. The reason why somebody hearted that photo is because the response I replied to the person who left the hateful comment. I want to go back to being that strong headed person and not letting all the negativity get to me. People call me fat I say I’m thick and curvy people call me ugly I say I’m beautiful. I am not what Society thinks is beautiful just cause my picture is not in a magazine like voge, elle, playboy or hustler doesn’t mean that I’m not beautiful. I know I put myself out here and people have the right to their own opinion, but people need to realize some of the things that they say just to be hateful can be hurtful, and they say it just to get a rise out of a person but they don’t know what that person is going through. that one rude hateful comment can make the person kill themselves so all, I ask is please people think before you post a rude or hateful comment. With all that being said everyone enjoy their Friday and there’s summer and check back on my blog and hopefully I’ll post something new of myself.. again thank you so much for following me without all of you following me I would be nothing.

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in the annie au, how would finn set jyn and cassian up? I NEED THIS

Anon 2: Hi! Didn’t know that you had an Annie plot! Do the head of security and the billionaire socialite realize that they like each other?

Anon 3: What were some tactics Finn and company used to get Cassian and Jyn together?

First, tell me the truth: Is this just one anon who loves the Annie AU or are there are bunch of you who are into this idea? lol.

Finn notices things, and he notices how Cassian smiles when Jyn’s around and she’s not looking. He notices how Jyn watches Cassian leave when usually her interests drops away completely when a conversation is done. And Finn is an optimist. Despite his hard life, he believes that if you just do something about your own fate you can change the trajectory of your lives. He sees how Jyn and Cassian have changed his life, so why not give them something in return? In this case, a little push toward one another.

The first time Finn “sets them up,” it’s not on purpose. Mr. Ren at the First Order Orphanage notices how billionaire Ms. Erso has taken a shine to him and thinks that maybe he can use Finn as leverage or as a trump card for himself. Snatching Finn off the street and dragging him back to the orphanage, Finn is able to escape again–this time with the help of a new kid there–one Poe Dameron. They “borrow” a moped and go for a crazy escape ride down the city streets and are picked up by the police. Detective Organa gives them both a side eye, but when Finn says his “parents” are Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, the savvy detective, who knows exactly who Jyn Erso is, calls his bluff and makes a call to both. But to her surprise, not only does Jyn show up, so does Cassian, but separately. They fuss over Finn who thinks, well, wouldn’t it be nice if they were actually my parents one day?

For @chrisdoof   ( ˘ ³˘) ☆…LMAO. Apparently i’ll be drawing all my old kylux/techienician buddies that tell me they like SWR now :’D! (Was it me? was it kallus?…who knows but the more the merrier :3!! )

Edit: Shit! i realized that Kallus is tall and i kinda made you tall too? Opps…i have no perspective when i draw ;v;!

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I love all your pollyagomy headcanons for The Voturi it's #1 of favourites so far! It make me curious Though TBH & I was wanting what the thought process was for that headcanon (I hope that makes sense I am bad at talking to amazing people like you lol XD)

[No, don’t worry, your question makes perfect sense!]

Right off the bat, I have to mention @alilaro, who talked about the coven being polyamorous first. (The post that started it all, I believe, is this one.) Anyway, I loved the headcanon and decided to adopt it. 

Also, I’m a multi-shipper. I will ship all kinds of characters in various combinations, and it took me forever to realize that there’s a name for that kind of dynamic and that it could be shipped without cheating or heartbreak. But, once I did figure that polyamory existed, I never looked back. 

And finally, the relationships that I imagine between the Volturi translate well to romance. They’re enmeshed and committed to one another and scarily close after so many years together and affectionate beneath it all. I didn’t have to rewrite/reimagine their characterization at all to make polyamory work.

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My mom loves DEH too. She sings Waving Through A Window with me in the car. One day I showed her the cast and she says Mike Faist looks old. 😅😂

Aw!! My mom can sing along to all of the songs but she usually doesnt lol. And my mom already knew what mike faist looked like cuz i am a Newsies Enthusiast™

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Tumblr can be weird sometimes. Like, I'll get push notifications on my phone from tumblr sometimes. And one of them was "Don't forget to vote in the American Presidential Election" and I'm just wondering why they would send me this, not being an American and all... I mean even if they don't ask for your location in the settings, you'd think they'd look at your IP address and be like "oh wait, this guy isn't from America and cannot vote here."

Yeah tumblr mobile is a wild ride lol

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hey D, I'm with my uncle Dd right now. I was on tumblr reading your posts and he's been looking and said "go tell him wesh safart" and I was like "lol no he will not understand what that means, I'll look stupid and I don't see why I would say that" and he said "okay if he knows what that means then I give you 5€" and I replied "deal" so here I am XD please tell me you know what that means and the meaning XD(if I loose I'll have to give one of my pizza slice and omg I don't want to, my pizzaa XD)

I do not know the meaning. 

Google translate says it’s arabic and is something like witch hunted. 

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Do you know that prank when woman texted to her husband that she adopted coyote? God I love it and I am just wondering if you can write a headcanons for Sasuke having a s/o who loves to prank him? Of course we suppose his s/o has super believable pranks so he can’t really always say „nah, too superficial, give me a break“ and it would be more like modern AU version of Sasuke and if you include that coyote prank it would be great (like maybe it was one of the pranks he can't forget :D) thank you!

I don’t know that prank actually lol. I had to look it up here. This is a tricky request so I hope these are decent!


•To be quite frank, I don’t see Sasuke tolerating pranks very much. Even in a modern AU. If they’re believable, that’s even worse. Because he gets all worked up only to find out it was just fake in the end. He probably won’t talk to his s/o for days afterward

•As for the coyote trick, Sasuke would sooner call the police on his s/o than let them bring a coyote into the house next to his kid. He’s not going to waste time texting his s/o angrily and bargaining with them. He’ll call animal control quick. He doesn’t play around and doesn’t entertain it. (Plus he’d be able to tell those pics were photoshopped lmao)

•And tbh, after the first time they play a prank on him (it probably spiraled into one big argument too. Sasuke has a sense of humor but only for certain things. Not pranks) he knows not to fall for them again. He may occasionally almost fall for something, but he knows better. He starts learning the signs. He’s good at deciphering when his s/o is lying

•If he somehow keeps falling for them because they are super believable, he’d probably get tired of them. He just really isn’t a guy who enjoys being pranked. Once or twice is enough. He’ll allow a s/o that. Anything more, and he you can see the frustration growing 

Today at work a client came to pick up her dog at the end of the day and I totally didn’t recognise her or her vehicle. I wasn’t there for drop offs in the morning so I had a hard time remembering the owners lol. She greeted me like she really knew me so I awkwardly went to the pen and saw this one labx looking SUPER excited so I was like ‘ah, that must be his owner’ and let him out and luckily it was. 

I def have guessed wrong before though and it was super awkward

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Heeey~ 😉 (this is flirty enough to get an answer?)

Wow I didn’t expect you to actually do it LoL

1. First impression: one of those senpai people with a lot of followers and draws stuff

2. Truth is: idk what to write here

3. How old do you look: like 18 or something

4. Have you ever made me laugh: yeh

5. Have you ever made me mad: don’t remember

6. Best feature: Idk you put up with my gay sht but then again you’re gayer than me

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: yeh bro

8. You’re my: uke, although I let you top

9. Name in my phone: your name

10. Should you post this too? Eh


Doesn’t feel any different. Still the first up with the kids today. Still had to deal with toddler attitude already, still had to clean up his spilled cereal lol.

BUT we are going to look at campers today. So maybe we will find one we like and get it! That would be a cool birthday gift. And then dinner tonight with our families.

My gun was my gift from Erik, his mom took me to his cousins to try on lularoe shirts and dresses and I picked one out. And my mom and dad gave me my grandmothers wedding band set that I wanted. Oh and Erik is buying me a tankini if I find one I like since we are going to the beach with our friends tmrw.

Hopefully I have a relaxing birthday. That’s all I want.

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Hey Zuzu! How would you rank Seventeen in terms of Selfie Talent? Who knows their lighting, glances, and most important, #angles? Who takes several frames with different backgrounds and costume changes? Who takes one and is done? (Apparently Wonwoo just takes the picture when he comes into frame lol)

Oh man I’m the worst person to answer this question because I literally consider none of that when taking or viewing a selfie, or really think there’s much talent or thought put into a selfie from their perspective. I feel like if anything, they try and capture a moment (for social media purposes) as opposed to “let’s take a nice selfie”. Location is more…idk it’s usually backstage at a music show I’ve noticed??? So that’s hard to pin. 

Vernon, Woozi, and Dino strike me the type to just take a picture and not fuss over it much. Wonu too, he admitted it lmfao.

Jeonghan, Coup and Joshua also seem like the type to not fuss much either but their criteria is “Do I look good? I could look better, let’s try again from this angle”. For Coup, after a bit of fussing he probably goes to his “selfie face” (scrunched face, puffed lips) when he’s not satisfied but needs to take a photo. Jeonghan always looks dead inside in his selfies or ducks his head to make his eyes look impossibly large and terrifying. Joshua is an angel. He always looks great, he doesn’t have to try.

Mingyu, DK, and Boo try to get that angle that’s really high up and probably move around a bit to make sure they look nice. Boo probably and DK probably shuffle through a lot of frames. Mingyu trusts his face so he just tries to get the angle and lighting right and then he’s done.

Minghao and Jun are probably the most diverse in selfies and care the most for sure. Out of the bunch they have the most angles and scenes. Jun will have the camera up in his face, angled downward. Or normal selfie stance. Or the elevated thing Mingyu, Boo and DK do. Or he’ll be lying down. Or that one shot where he’s sitting and it’s almost like you’re sitting on his leg. He’ll be everywhere too? In front of a window, in a hotel room, backstage somewhere. He look good? He takes a photo. Minghao goes from smiling to pulling a loose jawed sultry look. He’ll look like your brother’s shy friend to the boy your parents wont allow in your house ever. But he always looks GOOD. His shots differ in proximity as well. China Line are selfie Gods, basically.