lol no justification


Did you remark—setting Electrical Powers and Galvanic Impulses aside for the moment—how shy we are one with another? […] We pass the time of day—and the Time of the Universe has a brief stop at our fingers’ touch.

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lol bro how much money are you making to afford all these drugs?

A lil over 124k a year, and that’s how much I make LEGALLY lol. Money is justification for a higher education. My jobs are listed on my blog description of you were wondering what I do for a living.

so according to Chris Simms, this panel was okay because the issue was written by a woman and it was about sexual politics and superhero escapism in cheap thrills etc etc

yeah well the only way this panel would be okay with me

is if this woman’s superpower was that her spine was made of jello or she wasn’t real or something and even then what.

i don’t care what the panel was about SHE WOULD BREAK HER FUCKING BACK doing that

and a woman may have written it but A MAN DREW IT


i mean i burst out laughing when i saw this.

I don’t care about your bullshit justification I’m tired of seeing this shit and I never want to see it again i don’t care the context IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. 

I was a reader of this company for five years. I’m not anymore. For a lot of reasons. And this pathetic, embarrassing stuff that clearly says “hey baby we don’t care about the basics of female anatomy as long as it means tits plus ass at the same time” is a big one. 

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It baffles me how people can see upstate in a positive light for rilucas. once again, maya's steering the wheel for rilucas, and lucas is shown to be bummed out when she decides that he chose riley, as opposed to one second ago when he was smiling at maya saying ''I did''. Shouldn't he be visibly relieved that maya's out of the way if he never liked her and wanted riley all along like people have been claiming? and why would he be insisting on asking maya what she wants after she gave him riley?

Yeah, I don’t get it at all. I’ve seen quite a few of them say things along the lines of:

“He was obviously going to choose Riley. That’s why he said those nice things to Maya’s mom.”


“The only reason he wasn’t more happy when Maya said that he chose Riley was because he didn’t get to say it himself and he was annoyed at her for cutting him off.”

Which, just….no.

The first one is basically insinuating he was buttering up Maya’s mom because he was about to potentially break her daughter’s heart. For people that honestly believe that that was what he was doing, what does that say about Lucas as a character? Also, that (UNPROVOKED) parallel between Shawn’s “I care about your mother” to Maya and Lucas’ “I care about your daughter” to Katy.

Come on now…

And lol at the second justification. If it was Riley and he was annoyed at Maya for stealing his moment, then why in the world did he ask her what she wanted to do, instead of…ya know, taking advantage of Maya’s out of jail free card, acknowledging Riley, and telling her that he chose her. Legit. That last reason makes zero logical sense. It doesn’t add up.

Not to reiterate the point, but why is he asking MAYA what SHE wants to do when she’s handed him over to Riley. If Riley was his choice, there was no reason to ask Maya what she wanted to do. 

But yep. You’re right. Once again, Maya has taken the wheel. She’s steering the ship, just like she’s done countless times before (and will continue to do so). Like I said a while ago, Maya has far more control over this situation than she realizes (or that certain people are willing to acknowledge).

I would actually legitimately be curious to see why rilucas shippers think this episode is a good thing for that relationship, beyond the reasons stated above.

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lol "states rights" just another justification for flying a flag that makes many many black people extremely uncomfortable. you might as well be flying a swastika, not even exaggerating.

One has nothing to do with the other. I repeat: there was a black man holding the flag. There is a book called “Lies My Teacher Told Me.” It’s worth reading. Most of what we were taught in American history classes is extremely biased and inaccurate.