lol no i named him keith

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In honor of pidge's birthday can you share some headcanons

happy birthday tiny terror!!!

  • pidge starts bringing her bayard with her whenever she’s gonna use altean rosetta stone
    • coran notices one day and is like “??? you know i can turn the safety on for you right”
    • she knows. but she refuses to let this thing win
  • she and hunk are the “i told you so” duo
  • pidge: “name one difference between wii sports and real sports” keith: “…..running?” pidge: “shut the hell up i don’t have to listen to this”
  • shiro’s hand is as big as pidge’s whole face and that stresses him tf out
  • pidge’s laptop: [system error] pidge, mockingly: “system error”
  • allura has no idea what peanut butter is lol but it sounds like it makes pidge happy so that’s nice
  • lance and pidge operate on the sibling barter system
    • if you’ve got a sibling you know the one
    • “i’ll trade you healing pod duty for lion cleaning duty” “dude deal”
    • “if you cover for me i won’t tell shiro you were the one who swapped his shampoo out for hair dye” “it was an accident
    • “pidge. merciful pidge. my best and only friend-” “whatever this is about, just know in advance that you owe me big time” 
  • [scaling the kitchen counter to reach something on a high shelf] pidge, softly: “parkour”

Sometimes I think about things like “as many times as it takes” and “your friend desperately wants to see you” … or the sound of Shiro’s voice when he says Keith’s name and the way Shiro and Keith look at each other like the rest of the world doesn’t exist … or even just the little notes Keith and Shiro write about each other in the Official Guidebook (or “it’s killing me when you’re away”) … and I just think to myself, I’m pretty sure there are actual romantic pairings that are canon in other shows, movies, books who have less romantic moments than Keith/Shiro have, like COME ON GUYS even if the creators of Voltron say they meant for these two to be platonic, I don’t think there’s any way for me at this point to see their interactions as anything but romantic, even if they don’t end up being explicitly canon in the show.

… I think I’ve just reached Sheith enlightenment.


I think you broke him Shiro…

Its a little late but I wanted to do this for Shiro Loves You Baby/He’s Looking at Keith Day (we should really make a better name for that, lol)! Happy 2nd Sheith Day of the year guys! ♡♡♡

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I'm saying this from the perspective of a shipper I guess but looking at all these Sheith moments got me thinking.. Would it be possible that the creators themselves are actually planning for them to be canon at some point? But because of some complications..(not gonna name it) they decided to scrap it off? Do you think this is possible? Although Keith telling Shiro he is like a brother to him kinda made me sad? lol I have got so many questions so I can't wait to see more of this amazing series!

Hi anon! The thing is, writing and animation for shows like this are done way in advance. When season 1 came out, I imagine the plot up until seasons 3 or 4 was already set in stone. And Voltron, like most shows, works off a “TV Bible” that had all the major plot points outlined right when the series was first pitched so,, once you plan things out like that I think it’s difficult to make big changes to characters’ relationships.   

I think the writers have also made it clear that they are going to go ahead with their narrative rather than catering to popular fannon, particularly when they’ve told certain fans they don’t agree with their mentality at all. Even with things like how they mentioned Allura was a teenager like all the other paladins, a lot of people didn’t headcannon that, but the writers stood by it. It’s their own story after all, and I don’t see why they should change it. As for sheith, we know the writers have outright told people that harassing shippers isn’t okay and they’re completely against it. 

There are also plenty of writers, animators, and VAs who have liked clearly romantic sheith fanart, cosplay, or pro-sheith posts (and gotten backlash for it). So we know they’re certainly not opposed to shipping it. And I mean, whether it’s romantic or not, we know that the cast certainly seems invested in their dynamic. The fact that their relationship and character development is by far the most fleshed out is certainly apparent. Here’s also some stuff staff has drawn that shows they at least like Shiro and Keith’s bond: 

So anyway, despite how the fandom can be, I don’t think it would necessarily deter the writers or dissuade them from following through with major writing decisions. And given how supportive the staff has been of sheith, I don’t think they would suddenly just abandon whatever plans they had for their character development together. Under the hypothetical that they did make sheith canon, I think they would just maybe adjust how they went about it so that the fandom could kind of like, ease into it, and hopefully not be too mad about it. Though I have no doubt people would still harass the staff if sheith happened, which just…makes me feel really bad to be honest…

On the BOM line though anon, I don’t think it goes against sheith at all and here’s why:

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  • Keith: "It's good to see you safe Matt."
  • Matt: "Keith??"
  • Matt: "Is that you? Its been a long time, man. I haven't seen you since that emo phase of yours happened. Still going strong and as edgey as ever huh :D "
  • Pidge, wheezing with tears in her eyes: "Beautiful"
  • Hunk, red faced on the floor: "I trust him with my life"
  • Lance, gasping for air: "Pidgeon you were right y ou were f ucki n rig h t"
why black paladin keith is bad writing (in which i criticise a lot of writing choices)

So if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much I hate the unfortunate possibility that Keith will become Black Paladin and leader of Voltron in Shiro’s absence. And I have good reason, it’s multiple levels of bad writing. it shows really blatant writer favouritism and actually does a disservice to his character as well as those of the other main characters. I’m putting this under a readmore because its long but here we go

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aka, the terrible streamer au where Lance is an overwatch streamer who thinks he is the bestestest widow and one day there is this one Hanzo named Keith on the other team who keeps picking him off early in game and bc of that Lance gets demoted.

The chat ships them, Lance hates him.

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Oh big huge question. For the family AU does Shiro's twin, Kuro, exist there? Have he meet Keith and tries to flirt with him cause I love jealous Shiro lol.

[The Voltron Family] Shiro had a twin brother named Kuro, who was part of the airforce. He and Shiro were different but alike in some ways, especially with the fact that both of them were fond of Keith. 

The first time Kuro met Keith was when Shiro introduced Keith to the whole family during their first year of dating. After introductions, he took Shiro aside as Keith helped prepare dinner with their parents.

Kuro: You’re dating him? *frowns*
Shiro: *nervous* Yeah, I am. I realized that I don’t really care about gender when it comes to Keith and—
Kuro: *cuts him off* He’s so pretty.
Shiro: *blinks in confusion* *smiles* Well, yeah, I prefer to describe him as handsome but I do agree that he’s pretty physically. He’s really wonderful on the inside—
Kuro: *smirks* You really like him.
Shiro: *chuckles* *scratches his nape* Yeah, a little bit too much actually. 
Kuro: *stares at Shiro and then stares at Keith’s who was chatting with their parents* *smirks* I kinda get it. I mean, if I’d choose a guy too, it would probably look like him. He seems like the type who’d be good in bed and—
Shiro: *eyes widens* He’s asexual!
Kuro: *blinks in confusion as he looks at Shiro* A what?
Shiro: An asexual. He’s basically not into that. We don’t do that.
Kuro: Oh. Is it… by choice or?
Shiro: *shakes head* You don’t really choose to be ace, Kuro. Keith is just like that and I respect that. 
Kuro: Huh. Your first boyfriend and you can’t even touch him. What a pity.
Shiro: *shakes his head again* It really isn’t. *looks at Keith* If you get to know him, I’m sure you’ll get me. Keith is so much more than anyone I’ve slept with. So so so much more. *smiles fondly at Keith who’s very unaware*
Kuro: *eyes Shiro* You love him. You gonna marry him?
Shiro: *looks at Kuro* *shock* What? T-that’s too early! We just started dating!
Kuro: *snickers* But you DO wanna marry him.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Kuro, please.
Kuro: You owe me 500 bucks when I attend your wedding. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll try to get to know and bond with the future Mr. Shirogane. *winks*

Shiro paid Kuro 500 bucks on the day of their wedding and Kuro hadn’t laughed so hard in his life. Kuro got to know Keith and liked him an awful lot. He got to see what made Shiro choose him from all the other girls he had dated and why he stuck with Keith through all those years. 

Kuro had a crush on Shiro’s husband and Shiro knew that.

The kids loved their Uncle Kuro, so whenever he visited, the house turns into chaos because he would share “war stories” and the kids were always at awe that their great Uncle Kuro had defeated all the aliens.

Pidge: *sitting on Kuro’s lap* I knew aliens were real!!!!
Kuro: Of course they are, green bean. Who said they weren’t?!
Pidge: *pouts* Daddy Shiro said they weren’t real.
Kuro: Pffft. He’s a liar. They’re very real alright.
Lance: *sitting on Kuro’s other lap* Uncle Kuro! Can you tell us more when you piloted a warship?
Hunk: Yes!! And how you went BLAM BLAM BLAM!!! *giggles* 
Kuro: *laughs* Of course, so—

They got interrupted when the main door opened and Keith let himself in, finally home after a long day at work. The kids all ran towards him and gave him pecks on the lips as a greeting, welcoming him home.

Lance: Uncle Kuro’s here!! *points at Kuro in the living room*
Keith: *sees him* *smiles* Oh, you’re here early. I thought I was supposed to pick you up at 7pm?
Kuro: *stands up and walks towards Keith* Yeah. My br—
Shiro: *peeks out from the kitchen* I picked him up at the airport instead since I was free anyway.
Kuro: *rolls eyes* Yeah, that. 
Keith: *chuckles* Well, doesn’t matter. We’re preparing your favourite for dinner. So just gimme a few hours, I hope you’re not hungry yet?
Kuro: *smiles* *is touched* Awwww, Keith. *hugs Keith tight* You’ve always been my favourite person.

And to everyone’s shock, Kuro cupped Keith’s face and leaned in to give Keith a peck on the lips. The kids were just delighted that their Uncle Kuro gave their Daddy Keith a welcome home kiss too. Shiro, however, was just in complete utter shock.

Shiro: KURO!!!!!! *very very scandalized*
Kuro: *laughs* What? 
Shiro: That’s my husband that you just kissed on the lips!
Kuro: It was a dry welcome home peck on the lips, Shiro. Merely innocent. *rolls eyes fondly* The kids did it too! So I’m pretty sure Keith doesn’t mind. *looks at Keith with a huge smile*
Shiro: Well, that’s true I guess, but—
Keith: *laughs* *shakes his head as he looks at his husband* It’s fine, Shiro. No harm done. Plus, Kuro’s family.
Kuro: See? *smirks* *gives Keith another peck on the lips*
Shiro: KURO!!!!!
Kuro: *laughs even harder as he hugged Keith really tight* Ah, damn. My brother is so so so lucky to have you.
Keith: *hugs back* *chuckles* Don’t tell him that or his head is going to get big.
Kuro: *leans away to look at Keith fondly* I always knew you’d be so good to him, that’s why you’re my favourite. *kisses Keith’s forehead*
Shiro: *separates them* Alright, alright. Enough bonding time. We’ll have to prepare dinner now while you babysit the kids.

Shiro took Keith’s hand and they went to the kitchen.

Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *turns around to face Keith and pouts*
Keith: *pulls Shiro in and kisses him passionately* 
Shiro: *kisses back as he runs his hand through Keith’s hair*
Keith: *pulls away* You’re the only one who’s allowed to kiss me like that.
Shiro: *smiles and turns really red*
Keith: So relax will you? *smirks* Pecks are innocent kisses that can be shared within family, so no need to be jealous, big guy.
Shiro: *sighs* Okay. But that’s Kuro and he’s had a crush on you since then.
Keith: Yeah, I know. 
Shiro: *gapes* YOU KNEW?!!
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. It’s not a secret. He told me way back then.
Shiro: And you didn’t do anything about it?
Keith: It’s just a crush, Takashi. I told him I was in love with you and he even made fun of me how sappy we both are. *laughs* I paid him 500 bucks at the day of our wedding because he knew back then that we were going to get married after three weeks of dating.
Shiro: HE WHAT??!!!!!!!! HE DID THAT TO YOU TOO?!

Kuro gave Keith a third peck that night as a goodnight kiss and Shiro just rolled his eyes as he interlaced his fingers with Keith as they walked towards their bedroom. 

Kuro: *shouts from his room* USE PROTECTION, KIDS!!!!
Shiro: *smirks* Better wear earmuffs tonight, brother. The walls aren’t soundproof. *winks*
Kuro: *eyes widens in fear* *gasp* Kids these days!! Have you no shame?!! You have children on the same floor! Have some consideration! *closes his door*
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Really? You just had to do that? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *laughs* Have you seen his face? 
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* You silly goob. 

i hc that shiro is super confident about everything but his romantic feelings. like he’s the type to stare longingly from across the room and doodle his crush’s name on his notes, but be afraid to actually say anything and gets way too nervous. his friends have to hype him up to get him to do anything to initiate even if he knows the other person is interested. but even then it’s just a Gentle Shoulder Touch© and lance is in the bg screaming.

keith is just horrible at picking up on flirtation at all. someone staring at him and he’s like “they wanna fight me” and everyone is like “keith no”. he’s not used to connecting to people, so i feel like when he does he latches on to that person as his way of showing interest. keith has felt like he’s never been good with his words, but he expresses himself through his actions. so my point is…..sheith shoulder touches are Very Important

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imagine Keith calling Shiro 'Takashi' and he doesn't react, Keith is shooting him a dirty look and he's like 'oh yeah that's my actual name I forgot lol' because he's so used to being called Shiro by everyone (talking from personal experience)

matt: katie


pidge: oH RIGHT LOL

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I stand by my "Keith's cat is named cat" hc but him naming it ash would be hilArious because everyone would think it was some deep reference to his element or smth but it was actually a Sick Pokémon reference

If Keith named his cat Ash it would definitely be Pokémon reference 

Keith: “And the world shall turn to Ash”

Hunk: Man. That’s deep.  Is that why you named your cat Ash?

Keith: *thinking about Pokemon The Movie 2000* Yeah

this is just a short thing based on @kxlance ‘s post (this one) and it’s so awesome and i was just thinking about it for ages so i just got inspired to write this short thing lol (which does not do the idea from the post justice, but you know, here it is)

also the cover name’s in this are horrible as I’m really tired it’s 4am here and i got woken up early by my dad’s girlfriend’s dog and my dog jumping all over me (they are so cute! and it was a lovely way to wake up but I’m super tired now) and therefore I literally couldn’t think of any betters ones - pls let me know if you have any :) 


“Have you got my list of things I want you to get from the space mall with you, Lance?” Hunk asks, sitting on the edge of Lance’s bed, leaning back on his hands. “You don’t have to get everything on it - but a few of them would be good.”

“Yup,” Lance says, trying on a knitted hat, tilting it slight to left, before frowning and throwing it away; where it lands beautifully atop Pidge’s face. He grins at Hunk in the mirror, “And I’ll get you everything, you deserve it buddy.”

“Thanks, man,” Hunk smiles, “You excited?”  

“Yeah,” Pidge adds, “Are you excited to go on your date?” They smirk when Lance’s gaze flicks to them in the mirror. They’re sprawled out on the bedroom floor, arms behind their head; a collection of Lance’s tried on, and promptly discarded disguises have been flung on top of them (for other, frankly, uncalled for comments).

“It’s not a date,” Lance says, slipping his silver framed glasses onto his nose, and winking at himself in the mirror. He turns to Pidge, hand on hip, “And besides, even if it was a date - which it isn’t - it would be Demetrius the handsome on the date, not Lance.”

“I wouldn’t date a guy with a name like that,” Keith puts in from the doorway, where he’s been mostly silent; arms folded to his chest as he watches Lance get ready.

“Maybe you wouldn’t,” Lance says to Keith, “But Roger would.”

“I’m not using that cover name,” Keith says immediately.

“Fine,” Lance agrees easily, then smirks, “Roger the party pooper, then.”

Keith shakes his head, “No.” A small smile pulls at his lips, small enough to be missed, but Lance catches it and latches onto this moment between them with:

“But it suits you so well,” he pouts up at Keith, looking at him through his eyelashes and Keith rolls his eyes, his smile twitching at the corners.

“It really sort of does,” Hunk says consideringly, “The Roger, I mean.”

“No,” Pidge says, their eyes narrowed at Keith as they scrutinise him. “Our Keith is definitely more of a Nick.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Lance gasps, he points at Keith, “He’s a Roger - through and through.”

Keith huffs out a laugh,and Lance shoots a grin at him. “I’ll meet you by the pod, Lance,” Keith says, turning out of the room.

“I won’t be long, Roger!” Lance calls after him, and Keith walks away, shaking his head, a soft smile on his face. 

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Lol you do know it's kinda racist to assume Keith and shiro are related just because they're supposedly both Asian? Wtf like we don't even know if Keith is Asian or white but people are already head canoning him as shiro as brothers or whatever cause their last names are similar

…I’m not assuming they’re related because they’re both asian????

Literally just taking theories and small facts from the original Voltron and applying them to the show now since it’s pretty much a reboot??

And whenever I see a hc of them as brothers it’s usually adoptive siblings at most???

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I see people call Keith "Keef" and what does that mean? Where did it originate from and why? Lolol thank

hi!! hmm i know exactly what you mean but im actually not sure where it came from?! im not sure if its just people calling him that as an endearing term like it’s his name but mispronounced to sound cute orrrr if its supposed to sound like this other word (if yall know what im talking about im sorry lol i doubt its this but idk). do any of my followers know about this?😥 

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Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 

so about that lance motion comic…

while i’m annoyed that they decided not to include “jealousy, thy name is keith”, i’m also grateful that they didn’t include like…pretty much everything else that they omitted. the comic had very few redeeming moments. 

the bad: 

  • “Hunk, the lovable oaf…” (that’s your best buddy and you’re calling him a word used as a synonym for Neanderthal?) 
  • “but Lance supposed princesses were generally helpless by nature.” (say what? how many times has that helpless princess saved your ass?) 
  • “a tale of battle and woe such as theirs was no story for a lady.” (way to condescend to two essential members of your team, one of which is part of this tale)
  • “her reddened face betrayed the fact that Lance’s “beautiful” comment had touched her heart” (yikes please don’t assume she’s playing hard to get
  • “hush now, little lady.” (all the more awful considering allura was literally suffering in that moment but he made it all about his infatuation) 
  • the entire flirting sequence, honestly. (word-for-word from the comic, way farther than any of lance’s attempts in the show itself) 

the good:

  • allura laughing
  • “jealousy, thy name is keith.” 

aaaand some other lines to “look forward to” in the second half…

the bad:

  • “while the cowardly Pidge disappeared…” (EXCUSE ME WHAT) 
  • “not that it mattered to lance that she was beautiful. he appreciated young ladies for their brains and personality.” (his behavior in this issue contradicts that attitude, and he’s really just trying to make himself look better. it’s doubtful that he’s intended to be read as sincere here considering all the other things he’s said about himself up to that point.) 

the good:

  • “poor girl. you really seem like you’re dragon.” (which isn’t even that good, considering lance got annoyed at hunk for using a pun in the show itself. is he the only one allowed to use puns now?)
  • “this isn’t the first time an enraged princess has screamed at me.” “and it won’t be the last.” (still…not that great, since allura was screaming at him for making unwanted advances towards her while she was supposed to be on bedrest. but hey.) 
  • “stealing the princess is one thing, but you can’t have my scroll!” (again, not that great, since it implies ownership of the princess based on him “saving” her, but we do get the implication that the princess likes pidge instead lol.) 

so i mean, yeah, i’m annoyed about the lack of “jealousy, thy name is keith” but there wasn’t really any other line they omitted that would have made lance look better in this. not even the “not that it mattered to lance” thing because that was clearly bullshit. 

the whole issue came across as some episode of a terrible anime in which lance is the sexist creepy comic relief whom everyone laughs at because this is acceptable/tolerable for some reason. the whole thing is bad. there really was no way to salvage it. 

basically, the comic itself misrepresented lance, not the motion comic adaptation. 

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So in the Klance KnK AU, does Keith have a modelling side job like Mirai and does Lance take advantage of this by purchasing every photo he can?

asdkjahg i forgot all about that but now i can’t stop thinking about it?? keith’s complaining the whole time and lance is just. in heaven

  • pidge (mitsuki) and allura (ai) convince keith to do it and he needs a job so he’s just like. “fffffffiiiine”
  • keith, posing: i hate. everything
  • coran’s ayaka in this au which means he’s the one taking the pics in the first place lmao
  • coran gives keith a bunch of weird outfits like a red lion onesie and something that looks like an arusian and keith’s like “what the fuck are these even for”
    • coran: i can’t give out the client’s name, but his initials are “LM”
    • keith, allura, and pidge, not surprised at all: lance. mcclain.
    • that’s when lance and hunk walk in
  • lance loses his shit immediately
    • lance: this is the best day of my life
    • hunk: i’m sorry keith
  • hunk has to take lance’s wallet away to stop him from giving all his money to coran
    • lance, to coran: how much does it cost to get keith to tie his hair up?
    • coran’s about to answer but hunk’s already carrying lance out of the building

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Literally the only reason Matt has Super Stans despite having... one and a half lines... is bc he's a tall white Boy... seems the fandom go between fetishising the POC to "look at our important buff pure boy he's so beautiful" when a YT appears lolol

lmao exactly. like matt had only three scenes in the two seasons of the show and each individual time he got so much hype that hunk only got like once (and it was his BDAY lmao). like if matt wasnt a dude or white no one would give a shit abt him i guarantee it no one would even remember his name lol

and ur right tbh. either the characters of color get ignored by this fandom like hunk or allura, or they’re grossly fetishized like lance and shiro (and sometimes keith depending on how you hc him cause his ethnicity isnt stated explicitly in the show unfortunately) and only used for part of a ship. like, i see you white voltron fandom…..

vld band au
  • like i get how ppl want lance and keith to both be trumpet players and have that rivalry and that’s what i initially wanted to write down..but i want them to appreciate each other’s skill in different instruments. i think the saxophone is very fitting for lance (jazz for the soul) he’s so flowy and loves rhythmic music!!
  • in jazz band lance would totally fight with keith in getting solos bc “saxophones are GREAT we never have solos in symphonic band, it’s always the TRUMPETS” “there’s a reason why saxophones are support instruments lmao” 
  • keith plays the trumpet (they sound really pretty) his tone is really rich and steady and i would think he’s more comfortable with dynamic classical songs?? but he’s a good sight reader, he just needs to loosen up for jazzy songs
  • hunk would be a low brass kind of guy.. i could see him doing something really rich like a french horn/trombone, but he also knows how to play saxaphone to mess around w lance

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