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uh more Afterdeath headcanon:

  • Geno tends to get sick alot and Reaper is overly concerned all the time cuz Geno already has alot of caliphs problems
  • Geno doesn’t like wearing pants in his and Reaper’s house.
  • Reaper is very strongly pineapple on pizza and Geno is very strongly “i honestly dont really like pizza all that much but i do like pineapples”
  • Reaper is the type to roll off something while sleeping. he usually doesn’t wake up (unless the scent of carpet gets to him) and sometimes Geno will just lightly kick him and he’ll be mildly surprise but be all chill about it
  • Reaper likes cooking but he isnt too good at it. i mean, at least he hasn’t burned down the house yet.
  • Reaper also likes sewing alot. he can patch up clothes and junk but he also really likes sewing on random things on clothes. and you can always tell if Reaper added like extra sleeve or something to a shirt cuz its always in very unflattering fabric that doesnt go with any part of the outfit.
  • speaking of sewing, Reaper has probably turned a number of snuggies into things that go around your entire body
  • “Why didnt you just buy a robe?” “… i mean….”
  • Reaper sometimes forgets to cross t’s so they look like l’s and sometimes he’ll read stuff to himself, see the uncrossed t, mentally pronounces it as an l, and still thinks “yeah this is perfect.”
  • sometimes both of them talk in text speak to eachother
  • “i saw this stupid thing online” “lol”
  • “brb i gotta go to the bathroom” “k”
  • its really common for them to fall asleep on eachother. let them sleep. they deserve it.

feel free to add your own lol


I will only share summary to his stories and wont share the pictures he uploaded (he actually posted 2 posts before 03:41AM, and the posts are about him cycling at night)^^

03:41AM Post
he posted a picture something that he used to eat in middle school, and he was craving for that.

03:46AM Post

he said in the past if he had 500won (50 cent) he would buy a milk and mix it with Jeti (cereal(?)) (it’s 200won), and with his 300won he would buy an ice cream on the way back home after school. and if he didnt get money from his grandma, he would steal a ramen and eat it at school lol

04:02AM Post

he said if he brought jeti to school back then there must be kids who would ask him 100won during break time. and he said there people who used to tell him to take taekwondo class just to get coupons or toys, taehyung did what they told him and did taekwondo for 3 months >

04:07AM Post

he said he didnt know people know this or not, in his hometown geochang, there were people who giving chicken drumsticks for free (as promotion) and that’s really delicious, taehyung would change his clothes, wear glasses or hat just to get 5 of them (just to get more than one drumstick) lol

04:13AM Post

he said in elementary, on sport days there were people who sell chicks,  Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or laser toys, he begged his grandma to buy him chicks and ended up bought it BUT died 3 days later (LOL). he went to supermarket with his grandma and he bought something like food for chicks (not really understand lol) and he put it on bucket (where his chick was) and he would kick it and the chick moving like crazy. LOL

04:23AM Post

there is no yuju-cha/citron tea in vending machine right now, that was one of things he used to live with. on a vacation he would do something with his stuffs that he just bought so that he could ask for a refund LOOOOL he got 3000won (around USD3) for that and he would act like he was the richest guy the in the world. LOOOOOOOOOL

04:30AM Post

he said he thought that ‘why the chosen class president should buy hamburgers for the class?’ (maybe that was one of the cultures in kr back then?) he didnt want to become a class president but his friends recommended him to be a class president to make him buy them hamburgers.>

04:57AM Post

he said he wanted to say this before he going to sleep that he had 100 million won on animal farm game (i dont really get it on this part lol. he said he also has something on that game, it’s like to show he’s so rich on that game lol)

05:01AM Post

Taehyung’s elementary stories end~~

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