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@petchricor no coffee is actually featured in this because i’m too lazy to draw a coffee maker, but it’s implied, so…does that count?

also another random headcanon: whenever dark gets more than three hours of sleep, his body just stays in sleep mode for the entire morning. one time wilford had to stop him from brushing his teeth with the hair trimmer.

Finally had time will power to finish a doodle I did when the last “bomb” happened :3

I already shared my thoughts about it on Twitter and I’m lazy to repeat myself so here, have this~

Whenever tumblr notifies me that I reblogged my own post, I feel like it’s mocking my intelligence. 

Tumblr: So I just want to make sure you know you reblogged and commented on something on your own blog.

Me: … I’m not an idiot.

Tumblr: I meeeeeaann you kind of aaaareeeee

This is why I only have online friends
  • Someone who wants to know me: So what are you doing on a daily basis?
  • Me: *nervously sweating*
  • Me: *thinking about the 3 coffee and 10 energy drinks I had*
  • Me: *thinking about all the fanfic and fanart I look on and read*
  • Me: *thinking about all the nights I cry trough watcing Markiplier's videos*
  • Me: *thinking about my crippling depression*
  • Me: Uhm...42?

Taking my usual break between VLD seasons to catch up on things I’ve put on the backburner to watch~ My friend suggested this series a long time ago and I never got around to reading/watching it until now. 

I marathoned this whole series in a week HAHAA. Ofc I love Todoroki the most!!! He’s so precious T_T Plz save him……my new son…….


“More than anything, I believe we all have love in ourselves.” // 170912 Happy birthday to the most precious bean, our dearest leader, Namjoon! Thank you for everything you have done (and still doing) for BTS and music. You’re an inspiration and I hope you know you’re loved as much love as you share. ♡

[credits: xxinsp]

IIf Netflix or any studio should learn something is that Percy Jackson and The Olympians is where the money is right now. The fandom is starving for a loyal adaptation, we don’t care if it’s a movie, a show or a cartoon, we want something. The Lighting Thief musical proved that betting on this fandom will not be a mistake, the recording of the musical (an off-broadway musical) broke records in pre-sales (in a record company that has records of very successful musical) not only that but the day it was released they reached #1 in musicals beating Hamilton and Moana and even managed to be on the top 10 on Itunes, the success of the musical was so big it’s actually going on tour next year. 

There is already a loyal fanbase, I’m talking about people who are from 15 years old to over 30 years old and grew with the books and would support it as long as is a loyal adaptation (and are starving for official merchandise). The saga is intended for kids so that only means the fandom would grow even more with the new fans. The saga has been a best seller for over 440 weeks, last time I check it was beating Harry Potter over how long it was on the best-seller list. 

And if they think that shows with kids as leads would not do well Netflix already has very successful shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events (who also has Joe Tracz as a writer who also worked on the scrip of the Lighting Thief Musical), there is also The Worst Witch and while Stranger Things might not be a kids show is absolutely proof that you can find kids who are absolutely better actors than most of the actors playing teenagers in tv shows.

Is absolutely disappointing that Fox fucked up what could have been a saga as huge (or even bigger because it has more books) than Harry Potter and that nobody is talking about reboots (when almost all the current movies or shows are reboots)


Here’s my simblreen gift for y’all!! sorry for the hassle guys :+(

  • 30 swatches from citrontart‘s palette
  • YOU NEED THE MESH (u need city living) @simsexpo
  • Please don’t steal/reupload/credit as yours
  • Comes with custom catalogue thumbnail



Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)



I found out that when I said “I couldn’t wait for him to be taller” I really couldn’t.