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Some Sonamy sketches because yes and Bunnie and Nicole because they’re so pretty and I love to draw them
I made them like… A month ago… So they’re pretty horrible, I was trying to get used to the style again

Am I the only one who thinks how much Katara, Zuko, and Aang were like a family in that scene after Katara shows them Ozai’s baby pic thinking it was Zuko’s?

Aang starts off his with telling this crazy idea how to defeat the evil Fire Lord with a very sticky glue, like a child telling how school went during dinner…

Then Zuko gives his sarcastic dad reply.

Aang gets upset and started shouting…

And Katara was like “Don’t you dare raise your voice like that to your mom!”

Aang storms out. Katara was about to say something more but then Zuko being how much of a dad and husband he is, puts a hand on Katara’s shoulder and was like “Leave it, love. It’s something he needs to sort himself. Been through that phase too.”

  • -me when i was 5-
  • Mom: Serena, don't talk to strangers. It's dangerous.
  • Me: ok mami i promise i wont :)
  • -me now-
  • Mom: are you talking to strangers?
  • Me: no omg why would i do that
A nice guy like you - Bill Denbrough

This is going to be my first imagine to be posted on Tumblr, and it’s pretty shitty, but I hope you all enjoy. It’s based on a request that I gave @finnie-the-pooh but mine won’t be as good, probably, so go read that one when it’s up I guess. I take requests (not that anyone will request). Enjoy!

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Doctor Who references and mentions of people being uncomfortable with their sexuality

(Y/n) was sat in Bill’s room, her head rested on his lap. Bill was sat cross-legged, gazing down at his best friend. Richie sat in the office chair, which was a few feet away.

It was one of those nights. A night where (Y/n) had fallen for some asshole, again, and gotten her heart beaten to a pulp, again. The amount of plasters that were, metaphorically, placed over the wounds in her heart, to keep it from breaking again, were many. (Y/n) seemed to attract all the wrong guys, and her heart had been treated like a condom, used and then thrown away, so many times.

Bill hated to see his best friend fall for guy after guy, while he sat and watched. But to Bill (Y/n) wasn’t just his best friend. She was his long-term crush, and seeing her go though so much pain and abuse hurt his heart.

Unfortunately for (Y/n) & Bill, Bill never even thought he was an option. When he thought of you being with someone, he instantly thought of some amazingly talented, buff guy who reeked of confidence and cologne. Not anyone like Bill, and though the thought of it hurt him inside, he wasn’t going to sacrifice your happiness for his, in his eyes, you deserved only the best. So, even if it meant swallowing his major crush on you, he would do it.

And so he sat another night, letting you cry and complain about some guy who didn’t see you for your beautiful self. This is how they spent most nights.

“Oh, Bill,” (Y/n) began, “I thought he was the one, he was just so perfect. His eyes were beautiful, and oh my god, Bill, did you see his muscles (is it weird that I dislike muscles?) and he brought me flowers, Bill, Flowers!”

The things going through Bill’s head at that moment were few, but important: 1) How could someone be so blind as to not like (Y/n)? 2) Just flowers? Someone so lovely surely deserves the whole damn store and more.

“H-he’s nuh-not worth it, (Y/n),” Bill attempted to comfort you, his fingers gently pulling through her soft hair.

“I just want someone whose sweet, funny, talented, someone who gets me and my jokes. Someone who could lift me up when I feel down, or make me feel like every moment with them is the first, beautiful and insane. Someone who can be there to support me, someone with eyes you could get lost in, even with a map,” she sighed in fristration. Bill’s face dropped. Everything that he felt he was not. Richie remained quiet, “Y'know? A nice guy, like you,”

Bill’s stomach fell into a haze of emotions, happiness, confusion, excitement, if you could name it, Bill probably felt it in that moment.

“Luh-like me?” he asked.

She smiled, “Yeah, like you,” she chuckled to herself, “Oh Denbrough, why must all great guys be gay?”

That was when Bill’s stomach had made up it’s mind. One emotion. Confusion.

“What? Nuh-nice guys luh-like me?”

“Yeah, if only you liked girls, Bill,” she smiled and shook her head at herself.

“I-I’m not guh-gay,” he defended, completely and utterly confused at where she pulled this idea of him being gay from. (Y/n) lifted her head and sat up completely.

Turning her body to face him, she looked at him with a look of determination, “Oh, come on, Bill, you are so gay, there is nothing wrong with it,” she nudged him, “You know me, I’m cool with it,”

Bill shook his head, “(Y/n) I’m nuh-not gay,”

“Prove it,”


“Name one girl you’ve ever shown the slightest bit of interest in, ever,”

Bill was at a loss for words, was she that oblivious? He shook his head.

“See, I got you there,” she said, smiling that smile that made Bill weak at the knees. He stood up and went to the door.

“Bill? Where’re you going?”

“I juh-just gotta go,” he stated, exiting through the door.

The trashmouth, who hadn’t spoken throughout the whole conversation, purely because he knew you’d be over it come next week, as you always are, finally decided to speak.

“The penny’s in the air,” his words confused (Y/n). She sat there, trying to figure out what she had done wrong, while Richie gave her a look, that told her that he was waiting for her.

It struck her, the boy she had tried to get over for months now, was the very same boy who left because he couldn’t admit his feelings. She felt anger bubble up inside of her. Not anger at Bill, nor Richie, not even at the guys who had broken her. (Y/n) (L/n) was mad at herself. She put herself through this pain to push past this crush, and then got hurt, time after time, and everytime she would vent to Bill. Meanwhile Bill had a crush on her. She felt stupid for not realizing it, and she probably hurt Bill in the process.

Richie allowed a smirk to dance its way onto his smug face, “And the penny drops,”

(Y/n) shot him a glare before running down the halls, her bare feet aching, but for the first time, (Y/n) gave no fucks about the pain. She was free, and she felt the need to share this freedom with, her one and only, best friend.

“Bill! Wait,” she screamed, coming to a halt a few steps behind him. She keeled over and placed her hands on her knees, in order to catch her breath, which seemed to be quickly running away with her heart beat.

The green-eyed boy turned around to see his best friend, weak and broken, but oh so happy. She had finally, after and relentless battle, manage to get a hold of her breath and she stood up, confidently striding over to Bill, “Hello my heterosexual best friend,” she said with a smile. She then wrapped her arms around Bill. Bill returned the hug, confusedly.

“Honestly, this is going to sound bad, but I’m so glad you aren’t gay. I love gays, it’s okay to be gay because gay is the way, I’m cool with people being gay, just not you,”

Bill felt her smile into his shoulder, and he felt the smile creep onto his face as well. They stood there for minutes on end, tiny eternities that felt like seconds on that cold, January (embers) night.

“Hey, Bill?”

“Y-Yeah, (Y/n)?”

“I like you. Alot.”

Bill smiled and he felt his heart race a mile a minute.

“You’re uh-alright too, (L/n),” he joked, happy to have her there. The boy who thought that he was never good enough for the girl of his dreams, was the girl who he held in his arms for years after. The girl who spent nights crying over boys that meant nothing to her, now held the one that mattered. And the two were happy.

Obviously I want the “awesome facial hair bros” bit to happen when Tony and Strange come together on the screen but also? I really want the Cloak of Levitation to take one look at Tony and be like “sorry brb I have to do a thing”, and then flop on over to give Tony just the longest hug ever.