lol nice pose

Professor Lupin

This feeling, when you are a fifth Dragon and Dragon X Kumei Formation was created only for four people.

I wanted to finish it with linearts ect, but I love so much that silly Jack sketches, that I decided to send this gif like that.
Also I love that idea of ‘Jack is the fifth Dragon’ AU.

Jack Spicer & Others © Xiaolin Showdown
Gif © BeastKonoha <-it’s a me :’D
(Jack sketches from gif under ‘

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My lovely ladies are molting so I am up to my eyeballs in their feathers right now. 

I have hundreds of them in all shapes and sizes currently available here in my Etsy shop. They are great for costumes, jewelry, fly-tying, and all manner of other crafts. They’ve been washed too so they are nice and clean and ready for whatever project you have in mind! 

When you buy them just imagine yourself handing the girls some tasty treats like mealworms or grapes because the money goes right back to their care and upkeep. You’ll be their new best friend! :) 



I brought the camera along on our walk to take some pics of Nova by these yellow flowers, but they weren’t in bloom anymore. That’s when we found these pink ones which were equally as pretty!