lol my whole life is ruined by this book

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⭐️As much as I enjoy fanfiction (yours especially), the "Wonder Bread" thing you reposted makes me cringe a little. I realized a few months ago that I was reading a ton of fanfiction and nothing else. Everything else seemed bland and mainstream, so I just didn't bother with it anymore. Then, someone I respect pointed out that reading only fanfiction was like living on a diet of nothing but vodka and Oreos; it's tasty and addictive, but it would ruin my taste for "real" food. I was missing out.

I think (and I’m not attacking YOU here, but … maybe your friend a little LOL) that the whole “real” food (ie: real writing) is so offensive. Fanfic writers are real writers. Fanfics are real stories. And it’s perfectly fine if someone only wants to read fanfic. It’s perfectly fine to love a story/world so much that you never want to leave it. It’s just a person’s preference. Just because someone only wants to watch comedies, doesn’t mean they’re having their tastes ruined for action or romance films. It’s just their preference. 

As someone who rarely used to read fiction (I literally have less than 100 read books on my GoodReads account) in her whole life, fanfiction has helped me learn to appreciate writing more. I occasionally read published works, and I do sometimes have a “Oh, this is just like…” or a “Oh, I wish they would have…” in connection with fanfic, but no more than I did before I started reading/writing fanfic. I do the same thing with movies and tv shows I watch. Hell, I do it with the food I eat. “Oh, I love this pasta at this restaraunt, but do you remember that one place we went to that did a spin on … ?”

I’ll stick with my vodka and oreos. ;) 

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