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This is a slightly overdue sketch for one of the best hyur gals i know!! She’s hella great and always helps me out whenever i need it!! I hope you like it Iggy!!

Also halfway through the sketch i realized it looked a lot like a certain classic meme and just decided to go all out with it LOL

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Thought you should know that Dean wore a We Bare Bears shirt at the summerslam meet and greet!! Lol

Thought you should know that the WBB bros saw it and fully support Dean and hope he kicks butt tonight!!!

Btw, thank you anon, @zombie-lyzi, @ladymoxley, and @lchimelightgoddess for showing me that video of Dean lol He’s doing God’s work.

handwriting challenge

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K-Pop Tag

I got tagged by literally no one but I saw @darlingkihyun do it and thought why not? I use every chance to talk about my faves lol


first group you listened to? Exo, good ol’ Exo

first group you actually knew the members’ names of? also Exo, and considering they were my first group ever and they also used to have 12 members, I did surprisingly well

first bias ever? Chanyeol~ Ahh I used to be so in love with him lol

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first song to make you emotional? I might be wrong but I think it was Light by The Ark and everyone who’s seen that MV knows why


top 3 fav male groups? Right now it’s B.A.P, SHINee and VIXX but except for B.A.P it changes a lot depending on my mood and whose members I’m currently obsessed with

top 3 fav female groups? At the moment it’s Blackpink, Red Velvet and Gfriend. If we’re talking classics it would be 2NE1, SNSD, Wonder Girls.. but yeah… rip

top 3 solo artists? I must confess I don’t really pay that much attention to solo artists so this is a really vague ranking: Taemin, Lee Hi and.. Tiffany?

top 3 artists i want to see go solo: Onew, Jungkook and Zelo ;_; I want this so muchh

top 3 favorite songs of all time? This is really unfair… I can’t possibly choose just three songs for this ugghh… 

  1. 2NE1 - I Love You
  2. iKon - What’s Wrong
  3. Kara - Step 

top 3 biases? Since this and my favorite groups are interconnected it’s not really a big surprise to reveal this.
First is sassy and otherwise very dorky Yoo Youngjae also known as my number one soft spot and weakness

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Second is the father of my children loving and charismatic Cha Hakyeon

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Third would be genuine and natural Jennie who is also the girl of my dreams

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but i’m starting to get wrecked by joy and yeri ngl

top 3 fandoms you’re a part of? I don’t really know what criteria you’d have to meet in order to consider yourself a real part of a fandom. I try to keep up with all the groups I like by following different blogs and occasionally reading articles on soompi but when it comes to daily dedication I really only check in on BAP.

top 3 choreographies? Among many of my favorites are Shinee’s Evil because wow I mean try dancing blindfolded jeez. Next would be Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb because it’s a lot of fun to dance and just generally looks very cool. Taemin’s Sayonara Hitori is A+ as well.

I feel like I’m mentioning the same groups again and again whoops ;_;


ultimate bias group? After all this time and through all the obsession it’s still B.A.P ♥ Even though it really takes a lot for them to make my heart flutter now because I’ve simply been with them for so long, they are very special to me and love wins over lust and momentary attraction, I’m sorry lol. 

ultimate male bias? Yoo Youngjae. King of not being overthrown and having the honor of annoying me for the rest of my K-Pop life, I guess.

ultimate female bias? Kim Jennie since I admire her a lot and I generally can relate to her awkwardness. It was love at first sight. 2Jen is sailing, guys.

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K-pop tag thingy

Soooo I was tagged my @be-the-piano and since I always appreciate it I gladly made one (if I won’t forget it… which is quite usual)


first group you listened to? B.A.P

first group you actually knew the members’ names of? Well… of course that B.A.P

first bias ever? The guy who actually dragged me into k-pop

Moon Jongup ^^^

first song to make you emotional? This is kinda hard question but I think it was Bigbang’s Loser


top 3 fav male groups?

1.      B.A.P

2.      Monsta X (but if History didn’t disband they would prolly be second)

3.      VIXX

(but EXO was for a long time as third, but since I got into VIXX like two or three weeks ago and fell in love with them so… sorry boys xD)

top 3 fav female groups?

1.      Red Velvet

And then I stanned only groups which already disbanded (4minute, 2ne1)

top 3 solo artists? Well… now it is not going to be k-pop in general but more like Korean artists

1.      Dean

2.      JJY (Jung Joon Young)

3.      Tablo (can we count him as a solo artist?)

top 3 artists I want to see go solo: ehhhh… that is quite a hard question too… prolly Yoo Youngjae, Na Dokyun (from History, because his voice is so nice) and of course Jongup

top 3 favorite songs of all time? Fuck those questions it’s seriously really hard! I will totally forget some song I love so much

1.      BTOB – I’ll be your man

2.      DMTN – Safety zone

3.      EXO – Monster

But there is like a shitton of other songs I love so much and crying over them (like all B.A.P and MX songs)…

top 3 biases?

1.      B.A.P – Moon Jongup

2.      VIXX – Kim Wonshik aka Ravi

3.      here I go changing it because I just remembered my babe Key from Shinee. So sorry Shownu (my bf) but you are fourth (even though I stan MX more than Shinee… Shinee will ever have my special place in heart and especially Key <3 )

(4.      Monsta X – now it is for more than a month Shownu, but basically OT7)

top 3 fandoms you’re a part of? Well… I feel like I am a BABY, Monbebe and well… in some way Storia (but since I could never support them as a group, because I never experienced any comeback and so on, I don’t feel like I can claim this ”title”)

top 3 choreographies?

1.      HISTORY – WHAT AM I TO YOU (this choreo is so different that I love it so much… Might just die choreo is also good not only because of the abs)

2.      VIXX – Fantasy (I am digging the song and the choreo… well and now I also realized I love Shangri-la… well… I like every VIXX choero… )

3.      Red Velvet – Dumb dumb dumb (I was struggling with the third choreo… well actually it’s 5th I mentioned here… and decided to pick RV, because their choreos – also with Russian roulette – are crazy)


ultimate bias group?  B.A.P

ultimate male bias? MOON JONGUP

ultimate female bias? I dunno if I have any UB female bias? But if I should pick someone it would be prolly Seulgi

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warm down drawing of welkin and derek. i really needed to get something solid, clean, and cute out of my system..

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4: 404 - basecamp

O: over ft. 6lack - syd

S: second 2 none ft. christine and the queens - mura masa

I: i don’t wanna love you ft. krystal - june one kim

E: empire ants ft. little dragon - gorillaz

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what is your gender: young god
how do you feel: not afraid anymore
if you could go anywhere: heaven in hiding
favourite mode of transportation: drive
your best friend: angel on fire
favourite time of the day: roman holiday
if your life was a tv show: now or never
relationship status: alone
your fear: devil in me

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… So now you’ve done a little wrong and you need to be forgiven …

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Felandrin Lavellan

Animal: deer, halla
Color: green, beige, brown, earth colors
Month: march 
Number: 7
Day or night: day
Plant: felandaris (just kidding, something nice <3) and elfroot obviously ;D
Smell: wild flowers probably
Gemstone: amber
Season: spring
Place: The Emerald Graves, Skyhold
Food: something not too sweet I guess, dalish deep forest comfort (from WoT 2)
Drink: water, herbal tea
Astrological sign: aquarius 
Element: air

Nameless Sorcerer (he doesn’t have a name yet, because I’m bad with names oops;;) 

Animal: snake
Color: black, dark purple, blue, white
Month: november
Number: 1
Day or night: night
Plant: something with thorns 
Smell: blood mostly ahaha
Gemstone: hematite, amethyst 
Season: winter
Place: Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Painted World of Ariandel 
Food: estus soup :’D
Drink: ashen estus (lol) and something strong, siegbrau
Astrological sign: gemini 
Element: air or water

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i just read the entire series today and i fell in love so fucking fast that i decided to make a post dedicated to me gushing over it

anyways guys for the love of god PLEASE read this series, volumes are being sold at Barnes and Noble and its also online! its so good and i cant believe people are sleeping on it

@evilmarguerite i hope i did ur amazing series justice!!