lol my musical taste is everywhere

Hi! My names Delilah (yes like the song) and I’m 14 soon to be 15 in october. I live in the US and im looking for someone to write to! (also text bc mail takes forever..)


My interests are:

photography, computer editing (i have a fan account lol), drawing, old things (retro), aesthetics, plants, writing, traveling, reading, memes,i love cats! +many more

movies/tv shows + music:

my favorite tv shows are shameless, gotham, bobs burgers, RuPauls drag race, ahs, twd, stranger things and shadowhunters. My favorite movies are perks of being a wallflower, all of the harry potter series, the craft, leon the professional, Jennifer’s body, most scary movies and most disney movies.

my music taste varies;

I like twenty one pilots, Melanie martinez, lana del rey, some of the 1975 and arctic monkeys, the neighborhood, drake (pls dont come @ me) and its just everywhere. i also get tired of some songs and go look for more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

my “perfect” pen pal would be:

some similar interests but other than that gender, sexuality or religion doesn’t matter to me. as long as you’re not racist or homophobic i’ll probably like you so reach out to me!

find me @:

kik: delilah_baca

insta: @clown_princessof_crime or my personal @wthdelilah

snap: shadow_1010 

anonymous asked:

For the uh anon date thing lol I'm 14 and non binary and have dark brown eyes and hair(boring ik). I'm usually drawing or reading with music in the background. SPEAKING of music my taste us sort of everywhere from musicals to Dodie Clark, Mystry skulls to P!ATD to Childish Gambino to Disney. It's a mess. Idk much about actual dates so probably lunch or a movie or shopping or something? Probably all of them

Id love to go on that date!!

Hey so I just remembered that I was tagged in a post a while back. @essentiallychaotic tagged me to make a playlist outta my url. So here goes nothing.

Also as a disclaimer I have a terrible memory so I’m using my ipod to help remind me of songs. Besides like 30 songs I haven’t updated this thing In years so my taste in music might be a little outdated. But hopefully they’re all good lol

S scars to your beautiful - Alessia cara

K kerosene kid - jimmy wayne

I I feel pretty - from west side story

T time warp - from Rocky horror picture show

T teenage dirtbag - wheatus

L life is beautiful - nikki sixx

E everywhere I go - Susan gibson

S sin wagon - dixie chicks


P people are strange - the doors

I in my car I’ll be the driver - Shania twain

X xt - ayabie

I in spite of ouselves - John prine & iris dement

E elm - clever girl

Yes there is country in there. But honestly all of these songs have a lot of memories and emotion attached to them….

I’m tagging @q-punk @standswithpotatos @chatterboxspeaks and honestly anybody else who wants to do this cause like i don’t even know who to tag any more…