lol my hands ;a;

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My man Pete in B1 and/or my girl Nina in A3!!! you don't gotta do both tho only if you want

hey!!! this is actually super late but im trying to catch up on all these requests rn!

i didn’t get around to doing pete but i might do him later when i don’t have like 7 requests waiting around lol

but here’s the Nap Queen nina rosario!!

look! at! her!


a blessed fancam.

shiro, after holding allura’s hand: yeah, i held her hand. i was pretty smooth if i say so myself

keith: shut up before i kick you

shiro: you’re just jealous because you haven’t held lance’s hand. oh wait -

keith: don’t you dare say it!

shiro: he doesn’t remember 

keith: you’re dead to me shirogane

Killua needs more hugs!!


someday, someone will come along who will tear down those walls you’ve built around your heart. // insp.
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everyone’s already posted gifsets of this scene and i’m like the last one lol
the small text shown above (in the book pages) are snippets from an actual malec love story - specifically, this gem by @abloodneed! thank you izsak for lending your lovely prose to this gifset and for entertaining me with talk of malec fic woes while i slaved over it ❤

Dunno if i should do more of those…

One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.