lol my friend sent this to me

me: *says my ex’s bangs look like barcodes and makes  a small joke about it*

her loyal friend, messaging me at 2am in the fucking morning: You asshole. Don’t act fucking stupid you rt*rd. also here’s a screenshot of your blog without your consent that i clearly didn’t take someone sent it to me and i’m not going to tell you who it was! bye lol

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Idk if you got that other thing I sent you, but I just wanted to let you you know like I really thank you for encouraging me to hang out with that beautiful cancer girl some weeks ago. We're really good friends already and she lives only 30 mins away from me. She truly is a goddess and she hugs like a little koala. This weekend we're going ice skating and she is honestly so sweet and I do feel like I can trust her(that cancer vibe lol) she laughs at my bad puns so I am happy. Aquarius dude :)

 That is seriously amazing and oh my gosh, soooo sweet ! I’m happy you started talking, honestly <33 ice skating awwww. Good luck with that beautiful girl, i hope there will be something more going on between you two !


I have to make a post about this ♥

When 24K were on Sound K a few days ago my friend Maddie sent in a msg asking if Jeonguk could name my new kitten for me and when he read my name he started talking about how he knows who I am, he even remembered which country I’m from I was so surprised and I’m still so shocked about it
“Ah Jodie! I know Jodie”
He pronounces my name like Joodie haha I think it’s really cute though 

Anyway after a bit he chose the name Catuk lol he’s so precious he literally combined the word cat with his own name 

So I tweeted him to show him a pic of the kitten he named and he actually faved it ♥

Jeonguk is seriously my favourite person in the entire world, I love him soso much 

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Lol why is your tag for Jamie Benn "beautiful Canadian cow"? 🐄🐮🐄

Well. A long while back (when I was very new to the fandom), my friend sent me a link to a tumblr post, which I sadly didn’t reblog and have hunted for but can’t find. The post was a screencap of a tweet which read something along the lines of: ‘idk how to explain it, but Jamie Benn looks like a beautiful baby cow’, and an illustrative gif of his big dumb cow eyes.

Happy Cow:

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Concentrating Cow:

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Sad Cow:

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Bored Cow? Cow chewing the cud?

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I got super distracted in my search by his face, but basically if you squint he looks precisely like the most beautiful of baby cows.

twitter translation - thoughts on YOI ep.7

I found out about this tweet and noticed that it had quite a lot of retweets and likes, so I decided to try and understand the reason why it had become so popular. This is just my amateur translation, and English isn’t my first language, so please take that into consideration. :) 

Original tweet

“The reaction my friend sent me after watching episode 7 of Yuri on Ice was so good that I wanted to share it with everyone. Whether you take into consideration this point of view, I think it will change the impact of the emotions caused by the anime.

> You see, first, even though the skater who won gold medal in the junior league and who is called nothing but a genius in their home country appeared before him, and even though he himself won the world competition five times in a row…. the thing that made Viktor the happiest was seeing a Japanese boy whose skills and popularity were unknown to everyone, do his best performance with the program they both created by themselves… Isn’t Viktor just too precious ?

> As a skater who lost his inspiration and whose growth began to slow down, he who was stronger, more beautiful and who was driven to a corner more than anyone else… we are seeing the results of him and Yuuri growing up as he became his coach. When I realized that, I felt so moved and my feelings overflowed.

And to top off that, Yuri continued skating from his childhood, sacrificed quite a lot of things of his life in expense of him devoting his life to skating, and made a great effort to go up to the best ranks of the world you know? But even after going through all of that by himself, Yuuri decides to express in “Yuri On Ice” most of his experiences starting from the point when he met Viktor. Yuuri thought that the months he spent with Viktor were more meaningful than the several years of hard work he went through by himself. And also, the song of Yuri on Ice begins with a piano solo but in the middle, doesn’t the song become too complicated to play without four hands?

And also, at the last segment of the skating there’s a Quad Flip. It’s Viktor’s classic move. At the end of Yuuri’s skating life, Viktor is waiting for him.

> I’m sure that at the end of the Grand Prix Finals, he’ll be able to perform “Yuri on Ice” perfectly, or in other words, Yuuri’s “proof of love” will also be complete. But it also means that the end of the skating season is also the end of Yuuri’s life as a skater, probably.

> But to think that those two will keep skating together forever is really hard… Always being in their 23 and 27 year old selves, becoming in the midst of “forever” their “own purpose to work hard”, consequently both of them becoming their “purpose to work hard”, and believing that “something” deeper and wider than “romance” or “love” connects them… I also thought “don’t leave and stay by their side”… I’m tired.” **

**I’m not too sure about that last section of the translation, I’m open to receive any suggestions or comments 😘

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My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest it was beating so fast. Why though, I do admit that Evan was very handsome. ’Did I get the right number?’ Evan sent another text, drawing me out of my thoughts. ’Yes you did. Lol xD’ typing the quick response while hitting send. I took a quick breath and smiled to myself. The phone started to vibrate.

Oh lol if you’re busy then I can text back another time.’ I smiled at the screen and fell back onto my bed.

Nah I was just walking into my room so it took me a minute lolbut anyways whats up?’ I wonder if I can ask him about Tyler and Craig? Would he get mad? Does he even notice the glances between them? Craig and Evan are really go friends so he must know. Before I could really think about it any farther Evan had text back.

Just sitting around about to get cracking on some homework.’ I looked over at my bag and sighed.

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I'm so so happy for you! Don't push yourself writing too much and remember to enjoy yourself because when you're happy we're happy :D Congrats Mod Lapis and good luck!

This is the sweetest thing I have ever read with my own two eyes.. I love you and hope you have a good life. I hope you find 10 dollars (or whatever your currency might be) on the sidewalk, I hope you get a nice warm hug (if you want one), I just want you to be happy. Thank you for taking time out of your day to send me this?? This is so sweet. -Mod Lapis

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43? if so explaiiinnnn...

43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?

LOL I answered this one vaguely already but. Idk I’m super shy? And there have been so many guys who are waaay more forward than I am and I end up just like blushing or stuttering and pulling away? Which is embarrassing. I’ve talked before about texting a guy who was basically coming on to me (a big crush) and when I went to text my friend about it, I accidentally sent it to the crush instead!! I wanted to die. Of course he thought I was just adorable but like I curled into a ball of embarrassment.

I don’t think I’ve talked about this before? But…I was part of a dance company after/during gymnastics. Anyway, I had a crush on this choreographer lol and he was really big in the hip hop industry. He had done tours with famous singers like Christina Aguilera etc like..THAT big…anyway I was pretty good but the first class was so F A S T  I was dying. And he singled me out and was like “Kristan, how are you doing? Do you have it down?” so of course I fucking said yes???

And he said “alright. everyone sit down while she does this on her own.”

OH MY GOD. I’ve never been so red. I thought I would faint. So ya…embarrassing. To say the least.

I’m remaking cuz I live life on tumblr lol, you can ask for the url if you want it ♥

btw. if you stopped being friends with me/sent me anon hate because of my decision I want you to: remove all of my art/posts/selfies from your blog kthx

This is a request my best friend asked to me x3 We always think Eren would never get along with her lovebirds (yeah, those little deformed things are parrots), unlike Mikasa, whom seems to be loved by all of birds.

*sighs* I hope she’s asking me more requests in a future. I’m done with the requests my friend sent to me; I have to tell requests are fun, and I feel as if I owe my friends a lot, even more to her.

(I’d recommend you her blog, but she’s not active anymore lol pls bae come back)