lol my anger

for those of u who don’t know

today i shaved half my hair and today my brother got suspended from school for vandalising and fucking up some shit to the point the principle had a half hour talk with my dad. and my dad comes home and gets pissed at my for shaving my hair cos “girls shudnt do that” and my brother got off with no punishment and it was jsut brushed off as “boys will be boys” and yeah : ) i love life

“Why are you so angry?”
“I think she’s just an angry person.”
“God she has so much anger in her!”
“She doesn’t know how to control herself.”
“Angry girl! She’s so angry! She’s got no reasON TO BE SO ANGRY! ANGRY ANGRY

Come see the angry girl!
No one knows what sets her off,
don’t forget your peanuts!
Throwing them into her cage makes her SCREAM;

Come see the girl with
fire in her eyes!
It’s anger, she’s so angry,
we don’t know why she’s like this.

Come see the girl who cries
with fire blazing in her eyes;
she spits out blood when she gets pissed off
and you’ll never see it coming!

Our new main event! We found her
passed out on the sidewalk,
bloody palms pressed to her eyelids—
she / must / have / been / set / off / by / something / tiny—
go ahead, just try it! Call her names and
watch the fire fall to the charred ground,
her cheeks stained scar from the flame;
she’s a burn victim from that red hot rage.

Come see our angry girl!
Angry since she was small,
her mom and dad sat back and watched as she
screamed bloody murder shaking hard
on the shiny hardwood floor!

Come see the
angry girl spit out lava
when she’s filled with rage;
this girl is a straight up volcano. The lava pours out like vomit from deep inside,
it festers—and the red in the flame is her own thick blood.

Come see
our volcanic / hot / rage / filled / baby / faced / pain / engulfed
a / n / g / r / y / g / i / r / l.

ANGRY GIRL, (han hyland)


Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )


└ If this is how they like to play with contrasts, light and dark, I’m all 😍😍😍 

Cr: “未完” MV from 「Untitled」 album

social media summer vibes: going to the beach, stargazing, bonfires, 4 consecutive days of sleepovers with friends
irl summer vibes: complete isolation from everyone u know, dissociating, questioning whether or not anyone actually likes u, watching Netflix from the time u wake up to the time u go to sleep

Historical figures playing Mario kart!
  • Hamilton: Get the f*ck out of the way Jefferson!!!!!!
  • Jefferson: No way! I'm going to be in first place forever! HAHAHAHAHA
  • Washington: How do you play! Someone help me.
  • Eliza: Why do I have to be in last place?
  • Burr: This is stupid!
  • Laurens: YOU'RE STUPID
  • Lafayette: Guys calm down it's just a game!
  • Hamilton: it's a game, ITS JUST A GAME! LAFAYETTE HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!!!
  • King George: HA BEAT YOU ALL!!!!!
I’ll say it again...

Carylers fucking deserve Caryl. That’s just the way I see things. We’ve been strung along for seasons, years, because yes, TPTB have “projected” it as a will-they-won’t-they relationship, yes they have indicated that this is something that has potential to be romantic. We, as fans, have been led to believe that this relationship we have grown to love so much, has a very good chance of becoming romantic like we so want it to. We’ve been led to believe this for years. 

We are fucking entitled to Caryl. We fucking deserve it. But this show, and this network, and these writers, do not. 


or: Four Times Moana and Maui Surprised the Crowd, and One Time They Did Not

My first shot at a 4-and-1 type gig! I tried to keep these short, but you know my writing, that didn’t end up happening. I think this is like seven thousand words total. Look, my hand just slipped for four hours straight. 

Happy, happy birthday to my dear friend @paperjam-bipper! You’re so old now, you shmuck. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the gratuitous amounts of fluff I stuck in here, just for you. :) 

Fandom: Moana
Words: 7,400
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Summary: Four times Moana and Maui surprised the crowd, and one time they did not. 


It’s when the first wave breaks on the deck of their ship that Aronui decides, quite firmly, that she does not like storms.

Even shielded as she is from the worst of the rain by her mother’s sturdy legs and swollen belly, there pellets of water sting against her eyelids, and Aronui has to squint to see the deck of the boat mere feet in front of her. Her hairband was lost long ago to the frenzy of the wind, which whips her hair around her face. When Aronui spares a hand to try and tame it, she ends up nearly ripping off the right half of her head.

“Hard about to port!” shouts a familiar voice, commanding against the fury of the storm.

Aronui looks over to see Moana astride the canoe. Despite the writhing waves that tower around her Moana looks at ease, balanced perfectly atop the edge of her canoe while wrestling with the halyard in both hands. She’s planted at one end of her tiny craft, which sways dangerously in the water, and is somehow using the boat’s instability to clamber up the side and look intently at Kara.

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