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WHAT IF T6T was literally an episode of Business Killer, or the tall tale that was enacted for the episode in the episode?

    • Like they mention John’s blog a LOT.
    • Sherlock CONSTANTLY says his full name.
    • They’re rehashing a case from John’s blog and adding ridiculous details to “het it up”
    • John’s “blog” is a graphic (which Arwel KNOWS about) and the “blog before baby”
    • They’re literally “giving the public what it asked for” and it “failed” because it doesn’t feel right.
    • The fucking camera in the fucking frame!!
    • The REALLY OOC letter from Mary to John
    • John’s cheating is thrown in as a soap opera element
    • The constant repeating of scenes, like they’re doing “another take” and the repeat of narration
    • Product placement??
    • Mary just suddenly appearing at Craig’s.
    • The disappearing policemen at the end.
    • The “pull at your heartstrings” moments at the end.
    • The overdramatic Mary arc.
    • The repeat of music and lines from past episodes
    • The literal word-for-word AGRA definition from Wikipedia

TOTAL CRACK THEORY, but I’m putting it out there anyway. Like it’s ALSO the Alibi theory, but what if it’s being “acted out” and exposed as a lie?

Sorry if someone else wrote this, please link me to it!  Add your own inconsistencies that could prove it. 


Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )

skysolo headcanon #3

Luke totally stands on chairs during arguments with to make himself look taller…but when they have huge fights, Luke actually lifts himself up with the force as he gets more and more angry.
Han tries, he really tries, but he just CAN’T keep a straight face when his boyfriend is slowly floating towards the ceiling like a balloon of rage, no I will NOT CALM DOWN HAN SOLO, and a WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE LAUGHING AT, and when Luke notices he turns bright red and tries to float down all casual like, which almost always ends in Han giving him a bear hug because dAMN Luke is adorable. And Luke buries his face into Han’s shoulder and whispers “shut up”, his cheeks still burning.


another story ‘bout the cape because you know I lOVE the cape. 

meet Handy’s cyborg captain and fearless leader, Peo!

she had a large portion of her left side blown apart in a mechanical accident, including her hand, lower leg, eye, and a number of teeth and bones. so she built herself robotic replacements (including an eye with rotating lenses, each with a different function, controlled by the touchscreen on her head)

I’m pretty happy with how the crew is coming along! :D

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Self-Knowledge Questionnaire

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Galen Lavellan


Being affirmed and nurtured by others is a central requirement for you to feel safe. This means you can be slow to warm up to other people, which is difficult because what you most need from them is their warmth. Yet you know how to be vulnerable: to let down your defenses and accept that you need another person. This lack of pretense is a valuable trait, and ultimately more endearing than the macho efforts others make to deny their childlike sides.


You don’t set out to be different for its own sake; you are more easily guided by what interests and moves you. You are more concerned about what is right for you than about the pressure to fit in. In sex you are more aware than others of impulses which are not entirely conventional. You know the value of selective irresponsibility, of forgetting occasionally about being ‘good’.


One part of your character is anger in all its forms: frustration, outrage – and when anger is suppressed – bitterness, grumpiness, and bodily aches. Fundamentally, frustration comes from hope: you get upset because you expect your life will be more than a valley of tears. One way to deny aggression is to direct it inwards, as self-criticism. But you’re at your best when you acknowledge anger, and act it out clearly and in a focused way, with honor.

Make a wish || Hoseok || Oneshot

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Word Count: 1903

Genre: fluff, tiny-angst, oneshot

A/N: this was my personal experience today. however i didn’t have a sweetheart to quell my anger lol a few things said are true but some aren’t. however the over all situation was real

“And then you guys wait here until they tell you to come up. Is that okay?”

You nodded. “Yeah I think…that’s good.”

You stood there, sighing as the orchestra director walked back to the stage. You glanced over to your section. You were tired and you honestly didn’t understand why you had to be here right now. It wasn’t until you stepped into the orchestra room that you suddenly felt a heavy weight on your shoulders and you honestly did not have the patience.

“Are you feeling okay?” Chaewon asked, nudging her elbow against your arm.

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