lol mot

Ive had internet only in my living room for 3-4 years.. the last few months it started failing on me even when i sat next to the router.. today we switched it out with another one and I HAVE INTERNET IN MY BEDROOM??? I CAN WIFI ON THE LOO??? I’M ABLE WATCH VIDEOS WHILE COOKIN??? What a new world this is! my 7 integrstion is exited to the max, what an adventure!


My book @skybooth showing the fawk awfff lol #Mot

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A Touch Is Just The Beginning || Mianite Fanfic (possible 1/2)

Words: 430
Summary: “And maybe that’s a good thing, right? Finding people adorable? Maybe it’s time for Mot to find interests in other people?”
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sparklez/Mot, Mot/Dianite.
A/N: I used a random name generator because I’m a nerd. I also wanted to mention this was inspired by mandarinorangetans amazing art, and this post made by me. Yes, I got inspired by myself. Deal with it. Uhh, that’s it I guess. Let me know what you think, and if you want there to be a second part.

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