lol morty is just so done


Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia

Morticia’s Honesty Hour Story


Excuses if this one is a bit sloppy. I’m just, so done with it lol. I’ve grown impatient with this particular one. Next update has already been sketched out on Storyboard pro. Thanks for being so patient. This girl has not had a proper update in two months. ;-;

Thanks to my British friend for helping me rewrite this! Also thanks to others that helped give me ideas for this one. c:


Since episode 1 of season 3 has aired already, I’m following suit and adding some stuff I worked on to my portfolio! Now there were tons of gromflamites I helped turn and tons of stuff I helped clean but couldn’t remember exactly what. It just dawned on me that all the robot special poses that were done, I helped clean alot of them and I didn’t grab those lol oh well. 

Anyway, here are some turns I remember doing and some special poses I remember designing. I left the boards on low opacity so you all could see what I had to design on top of the boards. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the season! I shall post more of my stuff then!

so when i watched this hilarious clip i immediately honed in on the adorable laugh (around 8:30-8:36) that sort of fades into justin’s voice and i’ve listened to it over and over like twenty times

i cant help it it’s so cute?????
here’s morty dying over rick being cute for once

Edit: oh my god!!!!!!!!! i have never gotten this many notes on a post before thank you guys so much

So I’ve done a thing. >w<

I don’t even like wafers but I walked past this box on a shelf in the market and backed up. First of all, I love mint-blue and this damn container was so aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, of course Simple Rick came to mind…. so…. there you have it lol. Now I can come home to the impossible flavor of my own completion.

Btw, It’s a great gift idea for R&M lovers! Just use the interwebs to find a Simple Rick logo, print it, cut it out and put it on a box or bag of wafers :). This one has a bunch of individual packs inside so if you want to be extra, you can print a bunch of little ones for every pack. ^_~

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hi! i was just wondering which fanfic website you prefer (fanfiction. n e t, wattpad, ao3, deviantart etc) for me (not that it matters lol) i prefer ao3 for bnha because the quality of the work is so much higher compared to wattpad or fanfiction.n e t but you can easily end up in the weird rick and morty smut zone if you're not too careful lol. I dunno if this is just something coincidental, but i've noticed that on wattpad, the fics are just horrible

I prefer AO3 as of rn. I used to only write on DA… but I’m leaving the site by the time Entangle is done. Just had enough of it. Wattpad isn’t my cup of tea either nor fan So the only place I post my fics are on AO3 or here on tumblr. :D

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Holy shit, I feel kind of bad y'all were flooded with the trick or treat requests lol. I just wanted to say this blog is really neat and have a great halloween! I'm sure people will understand that you can't get them all done. you don't have to do mine if you don't get to it. Oddly enough, one of my other kintypes was requested for the trick or treat thing so I feel like I already got one lol! Anyway sorry for rambling. Happy halloween! -Morty

no no it’s okay!! it was really just more surprising than anything! they’ve been a blast to do, so we’re excited to keep doing them— we just feel kind of bad that we might not get them all out!

i hope you have a good halloween too tho, morty!! <: -mod atom

Heya guys! So next reblog is an artist who wishes to draw a little fan-comic of [my] Morticia’s past with her old Rick! Now, once you see the username I know red flags are gonna be going up everywhere. I went like 

when I first saw the username myself lol. Anyways, @rickxmortyforever was so kind to message me and ask if they could make a comic for Morticia’s life before her current Rick! Now let’s get things straight here, I don’t do ships. Yeah, Yeah, I’ve drawn a romantic pic for Breezy and Robin or like, done two or three of Jessica and Morty but I’m NOT active about shipping. ((In fact the “romantic” pictures I’ve drawn are neither sexual and/or are [foreseen] to be canon. ie Breezy and Robin are real people. And are dating.)) Cause I find romance to be the biggest pain in the ass lol. Just as Rick said “ Rise above. Focus on Science”. 

*cough* ANYWAYS, I’m here to just reassure that this comic will not be romantic in any way, shape or form. Their username does make you go “!!!” but I’ve checked with them and they said that it will not be. They know when to lay the anchor and when to let the sail go. So its totally cool with me that they make a fancomic! And I’m totally cool with you guys if you make some thing on your own accord. But if its shipping, like I’m not trying to sound mean but I’ll pass lol. And if you make your own Morticia, yo dawg, good on you! I hover in the Morticia Smith tag so I see all the Morticia!

For a safe way to look through their comics that they draw, I’m going to put a “MASTER POST HERE” of them! Please check them out! Good stuff. c: ((Also English is their second language so sometimes the words might be a bit mixed)).

Rick and Mermaid Morty (Funny)

Evil Grown up Morty & Doofus Tiny Rick (Sad? Kinda… mean? lol idk)

Rick who makes up a zillion Pocket Mortys names (Funny, sweet)

Morty playing a modified Roy Game (Sad, Suicide TW)

Rick’s Eyebrow is a Caterpillar (Funny)

What if Morty stayed in Cronenberg Universe (Sad/Gore)

Cool Poster for a Comic (I just liked this a lot okay lol)

Rick and Morty in Hoodies (Funny)

Rick watching a VR of his “Fake Family” (Sad)

Doofus Rick and Morty chill for a day (Sweet, Wise advice about Rick(?))

And if you want to see the other things, just scroll. You do what you want. And now, how did I find all these pieces? Well you see. I’ve learned this awesome technique called “Passing over things I don’t like” lol.

Also I know all of you nerds should be adults. You watch Rick and Morty and read the weird adult jokes I make in Morticia’s stories! I had Rick make a freakin’ penis with his name yesterday. You should all be responsible enough!