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GSD (Get Shit Done)

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate aesthetics and whatnot, but sometimes I think the studyblr community around here focuses a little too much on that. 

Somedays, it’s just a GSD day. Don’t arrange everything prettily and take pictures and put it on social media to procrastinate (yes, that’s what I’m doing rn but “do as I say, not as I do” lol) (I mean you don’t have to do what I say either I’m not tryna tell y’all what to do) (I’m just referencing a cliche ok)

Some days, you just have to scrawl out all the shit you have to do in your tired, caffeine-addicted no-sleep handwriting while staring disdainfully at the code on your screen that refuses to work. 

Some days, you just have to pick the simplest, most low-tech, low maintenence method of remembering things, because you are tired and complicated systems are difficult to manage. 

Some weeks, you miss three days of your “bullet journal” or whatever and maybe the page numbering is messed up or you’ve wasted three days in your planner.

Guess what: iT’S TOTALLY FINE. 

Don’t try to go back to a system that isn’t working for you if you can’t perform it the same way when you’re really/stressed/busy/tired/etc. If you find that you just don’t have time to take extra notes and whatnot, just adapt to it. And don’t get a sort of tumblr imposter syndrome because everyone else’s studyblrs are prettier than yours for whatever reason–or even if IRL people’s notes and lives seem prettire or more put together than yours. Believe me, appearances are shallow, and also, you are you, and not someone else.  

At the end of the day, studying is about your head, not your notes and planners, or what they look like. It’s that time of year my friends–we’ll get through it together, as long as we remember to breathe, look out for one another, and perservere–even with messy handwriting and non-color-coded notes. 

:> Good Luck!!!