lol mind raping

Ai-senpai is cleaning Ren's ear
Ai Mikaze (CV: Aoi Shouta) & Ren Jinguji (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

AI: 42, 43. I’ll begin cleaning your ear, Start!
Not in this part? ah wrong? oh here?

REN: My heart can’t take it… Wa-wait… Aimi, stop it…

AI: Ren, Don’t move! If you keep moving, I might hurt your ear.

REN: Hurt you say? I wish you will not do something scary to me.

AI: Ah, this is? Target, lock-on! I will terminate it.

REN: Huh? What do you mean target? Uwaaa.. It really hurts… Help me…

AI: This is tough…

REN: Like I say, what are you-

AI: It’ll be fine. Just endure it and leave everything to me. I’ll be done soon.

REN: No, I can’t leave it to you… I’m at my limit… Aimi.. S-stop.. Uwaa… *LAUGHS HARD*

Note: Its from the drama where they have to do a recreation activity with their partner at the assigned place. In Ren and Ai’s case, One of them should clean their partner’s ear at the park. Since Ren has a weakness in his ear he ended up laughing while Ai is cleaning his ear.